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15 April 2021
  » arxiv » cond-mat/0109194

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First-Order Pairing Transition and Single-Particle Spectral Function in the Attractive Hubbard Model
M. Capone ; C. Castellani ; M. Grilli ;
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Date 11 Sep 2001
Journal Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 126403 (2002)
Subject Strongly Correlated Electrons; Superconductivity | cond-mat.str-el cond-mat.supr-con
AbstractA Dynamical Mean Field Theory analysis of the attractive Hubbard model is carried out. We focus on the normal state upon restricting to solutions where superconducting order is not allowed. Nevertheless a clear first-order pairing transition as a function of the coupling takes place at all the electron densities out of half-filling. The transition occurs between a Fermi liquid, stable for $U < U_c$, and an insulating bound pairs phase for $U > U_c$. The spectral function in the Fermi liquid phase is constituted by a low energy structure around the Fermi level (similar to the Kondo resonance of the repulsive half-filled model), which disappears discontinuously at $U=U_c$, and two high energy features (lower and upper Hubbard bands), which persist in the insulating phase.
Source arXiv, cond-mat/0109194
Other source [GID 79905] pmid11909485
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Review title: Question about the first order transition
Reviewer: reviewer20
Date: 23 September 2005 at 14:02 GMT.
Comment: My main problem concerning this article is about the existence of the first-order transition. Since it is well-known that first order transitions may reveal the failure of self-consistent or mean-field approaches. One can doubt about the fact that the pairing transition is first order since DMFT is a mean-field theory. It would nice to have a confirmation of simulations or other methods. Maybe someone could mention some references in the forum section.

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