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25 September 2022
  » arxiv » hep-ph/0108188

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Quark-gluonium content of the scalar-isoscalar states f_0(980), f_0(1300), f_0(1500), f_0(1750), f_0(1420 ^{+150}_{- 70}) from hadronic decays
V. V. Anisovich ; V. A. Nikonov ; A. V. Sarantsev ;
Date 23 Aug 2001
Journal Phys.Atom.Nucl. 66 (2003) 741-754; Yad.Fiz. 66 (2003) 772-785
Subject hep-ph
AbstractOn the basis of the decay couplings f_0 -> pipi, Kar K, etaeta, etaeta’, which had been found before, in the study of analytical (IJ^{PC}=00^{++})-amplitude in the mass range 450-1900 MeV, we analyse the quark-gluonium content of resonances f_0(980), f_0(1300), f_0(1500), f_0(1750) and the broad state f_0(1420 ^{+ 150}_{-70}). The K-matrix technique used in the analysis makes it possible to evaluate the quark-gluonium content both for the states with switched-off decay channels (bare states, f^{bare}_0) and the real resonances. We observe significant change of the quark-gluonium composition in the evolution from bare states to real resonances, that is due to the mixing of states in the transitions f_0(m_1)-> real mesons-> f_0(m_2) responsible for the decay processes as well. For the f_0(980), the analysis confirmed the dominance of qar q component thus proving the nar n/sar s composition found in the study of the radiative decays. For the mesons f_0(1300), f_0(1500) and f_0(1750), the hadronic decays do not allow one to determine uniquely the nar n, sar s and gluonium components providing relative pecentage only. The analysis shows that the broad state f_0(1420 ^{+ 150}_{-70}) can mix with the flavour singlet qar q component only, that is consistent with gluonium origin of the broad resonance.
Source arXiv, hep-ph/0108188
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