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09 July 2020
  » arxiv » hep-th/0112154

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An Exact Holographic RG Flow Between 2d Conformal Fixed Points
Marcus Berg ; Henning Samtleben ;
Date 18 Dec 2001
Journal JHEP 0205 (2002) 006
Subject hep-th
AbstractWe describe a supersymmetric RG flow between conformal fixed points of a two-dimensional quantum field theory as an analytic domain wall solution of the three-dimensional SO(4) x SO(4) gauged supergravity. Its ultraviolet fixed point is an N=(4,4) superconformal field theory related, through the double D1-D5 system, to theories modeling the statistical mechanics of black holes. The flow is driven by a relevant operator of conformal dimension Delta=3/2 which breaks conformal symmetry and breaks supersymmetry down to N=(1,1), and sends the theory to an infrared conformal fixed point with half the central charge. Using the supergravity description, we compute counterterms, one-point functions and fluctuation equations for inert scalars and vector fields, providing the complete framework to compute two-point correlation functions of the corresponding operators throughout the flow in the two-dimensional quantum field theory. This produces a toy model for flows of N=4 super Yang-Mills theory in 3+1 dimensions, where conformal-to-conformal flows have resisted analytical solution.
Source arXiv, hep-th/0112154
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