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19 August 2022
  » pubmed » pmid16090166

 Article overview

Observation of in-medium modifications of the omega meson
D Trnka ; G Anton ; J C S Bacelar ; O Bartholomy ; D Bayadilov ; Y A Beloglazov ; R Bogendörfer ; R Castelijns ; V Crede ; H Dutz ; A Ehmanns ; D Elsner ; R Ewald ; I Fabry ; M Fuchs ; K Essig ; Ch Funke ; R Gothe ; R Gregor ; A B Gridnev ; E Gutz ; S Höffgen ; P Hoffmeister ; I Horn ; J Hössl ; I Jaegle ; J Junkersfeld ; H Kalinowsky ; Frank Klein ; Fritz Klein ; E Klempt ; M Konrad ; B Kopf ; M Kotulla ; B Krusche ; J Langheinrich ; H Löhner ; I V Lopatin ; J Lotz ; S Lugert ; D Menze ; J G Messchendorp ; T Mertens ; V Metag ; C Morales ; M Nanova ; R Novotny ; M Ostrick ; L M Pant ; H van Pee ; M Pfeiffer ; A Roy ; A Radkov ; S Schadm ; Ch Schmidt ; H Schmieden ; B Schoch ; S Shende ; G Suft ; V V Sumachev ; T Szczepanek ; A Süle ; U Thoma ; R Varma ; D Walther ; Ch Weinheimer ; Ch Wendel ; ;
Date 20 May 2005
Journal Phys Rev Lett, 94 (19), 192303
AbstractThe photoproduction of omega mesons on nuclei has been investigated using the Crystal Barrel/TAPS experiment at the ELSA tagged photon facility in Bonn. The aim is to study possible in-medium modifications of the omega meson via the reaction gamma + A --> omega + X --> pi(0)gamma + X(’). Results obtained for Nb are compared to a reference measurement on a LH2 target. While for recoiling, long-lived mesons (pi(0), eta, and eta;(’)), which decay outside of the nucleus, a difference in the line shape for the two data samples is not observed, we find a significant enhancement towards lower masses for omega mesons produced on the Nb target. For momenta less than 500 MeV/c an in-medium omega meson mass of M(medium) = [722(+4)(-4)(stat)+35-5(syst)] MeV/c(2) has been deduced at an estimated average nuclear density of 0.6rho(0).
Source PubMed, pmid16090166
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