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31 March 2023
  » pubmed » pmid14683175

 Article overview

Diquarks and exotic spectroscopy
Robert Jaffe ; Frank Wilczek ;
Date 5 Dec 2003
Journal Phys Rev Lett, 91 (23), 232003
AbstractWe propose that the recently discovered Theta(+) baryon is a bound state of four quarks and an antiquark, containing two highly correlated ud pairs. If so, the theta(+) has positive parity, and it lies in an near-ideally mixed SU(3)(f) 10;(f) plus sign in circle 8(f). The Roper resonance and the P11(1710) fit naturally into this classification. We predict an isospin 3/2 multiplet of Xi’s (S=-2) with J(Pi)=1 / 2(+) around 1750 MeV. A search for manifestly exotic Xi(+) and Xi(--) in this mass range could provide a sharp test of our proposal. We predict that charm and bottom analogs of the Theta(+) may be stable against strong decays.
Source PubMed, pmid14683175
Other source [GID 1010726] hep-ph/0307341
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