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04 December 2021
  » arxiv » gr-qc/9510032

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Quantum Origin of the Early Universe and the Energy Scale of Inflation
A.O.Barvinsky ; A.Yu.Kamenshchik ;
Date 17 Oct 1995
Journal Int.J.Mod.Phys. D5 (1996) 825-844
Subject gr-qc
AbstractQuantum origin of the early inflationary Universe from the no-boundary and tunnelling quantum states is considered in the one-loop approximation of quantum cosmology. A universal effective action algorithm for the distribution function of chaotic inflationary cosmologies is derived for both of these states.The energy scale of inflation is calculated by finding a sharp probability peak in this distribution function for a tunnelling model driven by the inflaton field with large negative constant $xi$ of nonminimal interaction. The sub-Planckian parameters of this peak (the mean value of the corresponding Hubble constant ${mbox{oldmath $H$}}simeq 10^{-5}m_P$, its quantum width $Delta{mbox{oldmath $H$}}/{mbox{oldmath $H$}}simeq 10^{-5}$ and the number of inflationary e-foldings ${mbox{oldmath $N$}}simeq 60$) are found to be in good correspondence with the observational status of inflation theory, provided the coupling constants of the theory are constrained by a condition which is likely to be enforced by the (quasi) supersymmetric nature of the sub-Planckian particle physics model.
Source arXiv, gr-qc/9510032
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