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25 September 2020
  » arxiv » 0712.1934

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Facilitated spin models: recent and new results
Nicoletta Cancrini ; Fabio Martinelli ; Cyril Roberto ; Cristina Toninelli ;
Date 12 Dec 2007
AbstractFacilitated or kinetically constrained spin models (KCSM) are a class of interacting particle systems reversible w.r.t. to a simple product measure. Each dynamical variable (spin) is re-sampled from its equilibrium distribution only if the surrounding configuration fulfills a simple local constraint which emph{does not involve} the chosen variable itself. Such simple models are quite popular in the glass community since they display some of the peculiar features of glassy dynamics, in particular they can undergo a dynamical arrest reminiscent of the liquid/glass transitiom. Due to the fact that the jumps rates of the Markov process can be zero, the whole analysis of the long time behavior becomes quite delicate and, until recently, KCSM have escaped a rigorous analysis with the notable exception of the East model. In these notes we will mainly review several recent mathematical results which, besides being applicable to a wide class of KCSM, have contributed to settle some debated questions arising in numerical simulations made by physicists. We will also provide some interesting new extensions. In particular we will show how to deal with interacting models reversible w.r.t. to a high temperature Gibbs measure and we will provide a detailed analysis of the so called one spin facilitated model on a general connected graph.
Source arXiv, 0712.1934
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