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02 July 2020
  » arxiv » 1101.1834

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Theory of Elastic Interaction of the Colloidal Particles in the Nematic Liquid Crystal Near One Wall and in the Nematic Cell
S. B. Chernyshuk ; B. I. Lev ;
Date 10 Jan 2011
AbstractWe apply the method developed in Ref. [S.B.Chernyshuk and B.I.Lev, Phys.Rev.E, extbf{81}, 041701 (2010)] for theoretical investigation of colloidal elastic interactions between axially symmetric particles in the confined nematic liquid crystal (NLC) near one wall and in the nematic cell with thickness $L$. Both cases of homeotropic and planar director orientations are considered. Particularly dipole-dipole, dipole-quadrupole and quadrupole-quadrupole interactions of the extit{one} particle with the wall and within the nematic cell are found as well as corresponding extit{two particle} elastic interactions. A set of new results has been predicted: the effective power of repulsion between two dipole particles at height $h$ near the homeotropic wall is reduced gradually from inverse 3 to 5 with an increase of dimensionless distance $r/h$; near the planar wall - the effect of dipole-dipole extit{isotropic attraction} is predicted for large distances $r>r_{dd}=4.76 h$; maps of attraction and repulsion zones are crucially changed for all interactions near the planar wall and in the planar cell; one dipole particle in the homeotropic nematic cell was found to be shifted by the distance $delta_{eq}$ from the center of the cell extit{independent} of the thickness $L$ of the cell. The proposed theory fits very well with experimental data for the confinement effect of elastic interaction between spheres in the homeotropic cell taken from [M.Vilfan et al. Phys.Rev.Lett. {f 101}, 237801, (2008)] in the range $1div1000 kT$.
Source arXiv, 1101.1834
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