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09 July 2020
  » arxiv » 1307.1653

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Observation of a narrow baryon resonance with positive strangeness formed in $K^+$Xe collisions
DIANA Collaboration ; V.V. Barmin ; A.E. Asratyan ; V.S. Borisov ; C. Curceanu ; G.V. Davidenko ; A.G. Dolgolenko ; C. Guaraldo ; M.A. Kubantsev ; I.F. Larin ; V.A. Matveev ; V.A. Shebanov ; N.N. Shishov ; L.I. Sokolov ; V.V. Tarasov ; G.K. Tumanov ; V.S. Verebryusov ;
Date 5 Jul 2013
AbstractThe data on the charge-exchange reaction K^+ Xe --> K^0 p Xe’, obtained with the Xenon bubble chamber DIANA, are reanalyzed using increased statistics and modified selections. The distribution of the pK^0 effective mass shows a prominent enhancement near 1538 MeV whose width is consistent with being entirely due to experimental resolution. A corresponding enhancement at m(pK^0) simeq 1538 MeV and p(K^+)simeq 490 MeV is observed in the m(pK^0)--p(K^+) scatter plot. Using a simulation of K^+ Xe collisions that includes the development of the intranuclear cascade, we show that the observed enhancement is not a spurious structure created by the selections. The statistical significance of the signal, estimated as sqrt{2DeltalnL}, reaches 6.3 standard deviations. We interpret this observation as strong evidence for formation of a pentaquark baryon with positive strangeness, Theta^+(uuddar{s}), in the charge-exchange reaction K^+ p --> K^0 n on a bound neutron. The mass of the Theta^+ baryon is measured as m = 1538+-2 MeV. Using the ratio between the numbers of resonant and non-resonant charge-exchange events in the peak region, the intrinsic width of this baryon resonance has been determined as Gamma(Theta^+) = 0.36+-0.11 MeV.
Source arXiv, 1307.1653
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