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26 May 2020
  » arxiv » 1308.5375

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Exclusive charmonium production from $e^+ e^-$ annihilation round the $Z^0$ peak
Gu Chen ; Xing-Gang Wu ; Zhan Sun ; Sheng-Quan Wang ; Jian-Ming Shen ;
Date 25 Aug 2013
AbstractWe make a comparative and comprehensive study on the charmonium exclusive productions at the $e^+e^-$ collider with the collision energy either around the $Z^0$-boson mass for a super $Z$ factory or equals to 10.6 GeV for the $B$ factories as Belle and BABAR. We study the total cross sections for the charmonium production via the exclusive processes $e^+e^- o gamma^*/Z^0 o H_{1}+H_{2}$ and $e^+e^- o gamma^*/Z^0 o H_{1} +gamma$, where $H_{1}$ and $H_{2}$ represent the dominant color-singlet $S$-wave and $P$-wave charmonium states respectively. Total cross sections versus the $e^+e^-$ collision energy $sqrt{s}$, together with their uncertainties, are presented, which clearly show the relative importance of these channels. At the $B$ factory, the production channels via the virtual $gamma^*$ propagator are dominant over the channels via the $Z^0$ propagator by about four orders. While, at the super $Z$ factory, due to the $Z^0$-boson resonance effect, the $Z^0$ boson channels shall provide sizable or even dominant contributions in comparison to the channels via the $gamma^*$ propagator. Sizable exclusive charmonium events can be produced at the super $Z$ factory with high luminocity up to $10^{36}{ m cm}^{-2}{ m s}^{-1}$, especially for the channel of $e^+e^- o Z^0 o H_{1} +gamma$, e.g. by taking $m_c=1.50pm0.20$ GeV, we shall have $(5.0^{+0.8}_{-0.6}) imes10^4$ $J/psi$, $(7.5^{+1.1}_{-0.9}) imes10^3$ $eta_c$, $(6.2^{+3.3}_{-1.9}) imes10^3$ $h_{c}$, $(3.1^{+1.7}_{-0.9}) imes10^2$ $chi_{c0}$, $(2.2^{+1.0}_{-0.4}) imes10^3$ $chi_{c1}$, and $(7.7^{+4.1}_{-2.4}) imes10^2$ $chi_{c2}$ events by one operation year. Thus, in addition to the $B$ factories as BABAR and Belle, such a super $Z$ factory shall provide another useful platform for studying the heavy quarkonium properties and for testing QCD theories.
Source arXiv, 1308.5375
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