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18 January 2022
  » arxiv » 1707.5339

 Article overview

Quantum nonlocality does not demand all-out randomness in measurement choice
Manik Banik ; Samir Kunkri ; Avijit Misra ; Some Sankar Bhattacharya ; Arup Roy ; Amit Mukherjee ; Sibasish Ghosh ; Guruprasad Kar ;
Date 17 Jul 2017
AbstractNonlocality is the most characteristic feature of quantum mechanics. John Bell, in his seminal 1964 work, proved that local-realism imposes a bound on the correlations among the measurement statistics of distant observers. Surpassing this bound rules out local-realistic description of microscopic phenomena, establishing the presence of nonlocal correlation. To manifest nonlocality, it requires, in the simplest scenario, two measurements performed randomly by each of two distant observers. In this work, we propose a novel framework where three measurements, two on Alice’s side and one on Bob’s side, suffice to reveal quantum nonlocality and hence does not require all-out randomness in measurement choice. Our method relies on a very naive operational task in quantum information theory, namely, the minimal error state discrimination. As a practical implication this method constitutes an economical entanglement detection scheme, which uses a less number of entangled states compared to all such existing schemes. Moreover, the method applies to class of generalized probability theories containing quantum theory as a special example.
Source arXiv, 1707.5339
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