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11 April 2021
  » arxiv » 2007.14985

 Article overview

Comparison of recoil polarization in the $^{12}{ m C}(vec{e},{e}'vec{p})$ process for protons extracted from $s$ and $p$ shell
T. Kolar ; S. Paul ; T. Brecelj ; P. Achenbach ; R. Böhm ; D. Bosnar ; E.O. Cohen ; M.O. Distler ; A. Esser ; C. Giusti ; M. Hoek ; D. Izraeli ; S. Kegel ; Y. Kohl ; I. Korover ; J. Lichtenstadt ; I. Mardor ; H. Merkel ; M. Mihovilovič ; J. Müller ; U. Müller ; M. Olivenboim ; E. Piasetzky ; J. Pochodzalla ; B.S. Schlimme ; C. Sfienti ; S. Širca ; R. Spreckels ; S. Štajner ; M. Thiel ; A. Weber ; I. Yaron ; A1 Collaboration ;
Date 29 Jul 2020
AbstractWe present first measurements of the double ratio of the polarization transfer components $(P^{prime}_{!x} !/ P^{prime}_{!z} )_p/ (P^{prime}_{!x} !/ P^{prime}_{!z} )_s$ for knock-out protons from $s$ and $p$ shells in $^{12}{ m C}$ measured by the $^{12}{ m C}(vec{e},{e}’vec{p},)$ reaction in quasi-elastic kinematics. The data are compared to theoretical predictions in relativistic distorted-wave impulse approximation. Our results show that differences between $s$- and $p$-shell protons, observed when compared at the same initial momentum (missing momentum) largely disappear when the comparison is done at the same proton virtuality. We observe no density-dependent medium modifications for protons from $s$ and $p$ shells with the same virtuality in spite of the large differences in the respective nuclear densities.
Source arXiv, 2007.14985
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