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06 May 2021
  » arxiv » hep-th/0404124

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Higher Spin Superalgebras in any Dimension and their Representations
M.A.Vasiliev ;
Date 19 Apr 2004
Journal JHEP 0412 (2004) 046
Subject hep-th
AbstractFock module realization for the unitary singleton representations of the $d-1$ dimensional conformal algebra $o(d-1,2)$, which correspond to the spaces of one-particle states of massless scalar and spinor in $d-1$ dimensions, is given. The pattern of the tensor product of a pair of singletons is analyzed in any dimension. It is shown that for $d>3$ the tensor product of two boson singletons decomposes into a sum of all integer spin totally symmetric massless representations in $AdS_d$, the tensor product of boson and fermion singletons gives a sum of all half-integer spin symmetric massless representations in $AdS_d$, and the tensor product of two fermion singletons in $d>4$ gives rise to massless fields of mixed symmetry types in $AdS_d$ depicted by Young tableaux with one row and one column together with certain totally antisymmetric massive fields. In the special case of $o(2,2)$, tensor products of 2d massless scalar and/or spinor modules contain infinite sets of 2d massless conformal fields of different spins. The obtained results extend the 4d result of Flato and Fronsdal cite{FF} to any dimension and provide a nontrivial consistency check for the recently proposed higher spin model in $AdS_d$ cite{d}. We define a class of higher spin superalgebras which act on the supersingleton and higher spin states in any dimension. For the cases of $AdS_3$, $AdS_4$, and $AdS_5$ the isomorphisms with the higher spin superalgebras defined earlier in terms of spinor generating elements are established.
Source arXiv, hep-th/0404124
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