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01 June 2023
  » arxiv » 2203.16583

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Substructure of Multiquark Hadrons (Snowmass 2021 White Paper)
Nora Brambilla ; Hua-Xing Chen ; Angelo Esposito ; Jacopo Ferretti ; Anthony Francis ; Feng-Kun Guo ; Christoph Hanhart ; Atsushi Hosaka ; Robert L. Jaffe ; Marek Karliner ; Richard Lebed ; Randy Lewis ; Luciano Maiani ; Nilmani Mathur ; Ulf-G. Meißner ; Alessandro Pilloni ; Antonio Davide Polosa ; Sasa Prelovsek ; Jean-Marc Richard ; Veronica Riquer ; Mitja Rosina ; Jonathan L. Rosner ; Elena Santopinto ; Eric S. Swanson ; Adam P. Szczepaniak ; Sachiko Takeuchi ; Makoto Takizawa ; Frank Wilczek ; Yasuhiro Yamaguchi ; Bing-Song Zou ;
Date 30 Mar 2022
AbstractIn recent years there has been a rapidly growing body of experimental evidence for existence of exotic, multiquark hadrons, i.e. mesons which contain additional quarks, beyond the usual quark-antiquark pair and baryons which consist of more than three quarks. In all cases with robust evidence they contain at least one heavy quark Q=c or b, the majority including two heavy quarks. Two key theoretical questions have been triggered by these discoveries: (a) how are quarks organized inside these multiquark states -- as compact objects with all quarks within one confinement volume, interacting via color forces, perhaps with an important role played by diquarks, or as deuteron-like hadronic molecules, bound by light-meson exchange? (b) what other multiquark states should we expect? The two questions are tightly intertwined. Each of the interpretations provides a natural explanation of parts of the data, but neither explains all of the data. It is quite possible that both kinds of structures appear in Nature. It may also be the case that certain states are superpositions of the compact and molecular configurations. This Whitepaper brings together contributions from many leading practitioners in the field, representing a wide spectrum of theoretical interpretations. We discuss the importance of future experimental and phenomenological work, which will lead to better understandingof multiquark phenomena in QCD.
Source arXiv, 2203.16583
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