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26 November 2020
  » arxiv » quant-ph/9812019

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The 1/N-expansion, quantum-classical correspondence and nonclassical states generation in dissipative higher-order anharmonic oscillators
Kirill N. Alekseev ; Jan Perina ;
Date 9 Dec 1998
Journal Physica Scripta 61(1) (2000) 7-16
Subject Quantum Physics; Optics; Chaotic Dynamics | quant-ph chao-dyn nlin.CD physics.optics
AbstractWe develop a method for the determination of thecdynamics of dissipative quantum systems in the limit of large number of quanta N, based on the 1/N-expansion of Heidmann et al. [ Opt. Commun. 54, 189 (1985) ] and the quantum-classical correspondence. Using this method, we find analytically the dynamics of nonclassical states generation in the higher-order anharmonic dissipative oscillators for an arbitrary temperature of a reservoir. We show that the quantum correction to the classical motion increases with time quadratically up to some maximal value, which is dependent on the degree of nonlinearity and a damping constant, and then it decreases. Similarities and differences with the corresponding behavior of the quantum corrections to the classical motion in the Hamiltonian chaotic systems are discussed. We also compare our results obtained for some limiting cases with the results obtained by using other semiclassical tools and discuss the conditions for validity of our approach.
Source arXiv, quant-ph/9812019
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