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06 August 2020
  » arxiv » astro-ph/0012194

 Article overview

Accretion onto nearby supermassive black holes: Chandra constraints on the dominant cluster galaxy NGC 6166
T. Di Matteo ; R.M. Johnstone ; S.W. Allen ; A.C. Fabian ;
Date 9 Dec 2000
Subject astro-ph
AffiliationHarvard), R.M. Johnstone, S.W. Allen, A.C. Fabian (IoA
AbstractChandra observations of low-luminosity supermassive black holes in nearby elliptical galaxies provide tight limits on both their nuclear luminosities and on their Bondi accretion rates. We examine Chandra constraints on NGC 6166, the dominant galaxy in the cluster Abell 2199, which hosts a sim 10^9 Msun black hole. We measure a nuclear X-ray luminosity L_{x} sim 10^{40} erg/s and show that the density and temperature profiles of the hot interstellar medium imply a Bondi accretion rate of Mdot_{Bondi} sim 3 10^{-2} Msun/yr. This accretion rate predicts a nuclear luminosity of sim 10^{44} erg/s for a canonical radiative efficiency of 10%. Unless the Bondi estimate is inappropriate and/or the accretion rate onto the black hole is significantly reduced, the observed nuclear flux constrains the radiative efficiency of the accretion flow to be eta sim 10^{-5}. We show that low-radiative efficiency accretion flows with radial density profiles ho approxpropto r^{-3/2} (and not significantly flatter) can explain the observed nuclear X-ray luminosity but that the power output from the jets in NGC 6166 is also important to the energetics of the system.
Source arXiv, astro-ph/0012194
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