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24 January 2022
  » arxiv » 0904.1698

 Article overview

Asymptotic freedom in inflationary cosmology with a non-minimally coupled Higgs field
A.O. Barvinsky ; A.Yu. Kamenshchik ; C. Kiefer ; A.A. Starobinsky ; C. Steinwachs ;
Date 10 Apr 2009
AbstractWe consider the renormalization group improvement in the theory of the Standard Model Higgs boson playing the role of an inflaton with a strong non-minimal coupling to gravity. It suggests the range of the Higgs mass $124 { m GeV} lesssim M_Hlesssim 180 { m GeV}$ compatible with the current CMB data (the upper WMAP bound on $n_s$), which is very close to a widely accepted range dictated by the known electroweak vacuum stability and perturbation theory bounds. We find the phenomenon of asymptotic freedom induced by this non-minimal curvature coupling, which brings the theory to the weak coupling domain everywhere except the lower boundary of this range, adjacent to the instability threshold of the theory. The renormalization group running of a basic quantity ${oldmath $A$}$ -- the anomalous scaling in the non-minimally coupled Standard Model, which analytically determines all characteristics of the CMB spectrum -- brings ${oldmath $A$}$ to small positive values at the inflation scale. This property is crucial for the above results and also might underlie the formation of initial conditions for the inflationary dynamics in quantum cosmology.
Source arXiv, 0904.1698
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