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24 June 2024
  » arxiv » 2302.00182

 Article overview

Fractional focusing peaks and collective dynamics in two-dimensional Fermi liquids
Adbhut Gupta ; Gitansh Kataria ; Mani Chandra ; Siddhardh C. Morampudi ; Saeed Fallahi ; Geoff C. Gardner ; Michael J. Manfra ; Ravishankar Sundararaman ; Jean J. Heremans ;
Date 1 Feb 2023
AbstractCarrier transport in materials is often diffusive due to momentum-relaxing scattering with phonons and defects. Suppression of momentum-relaxing scattering can lead to the ballistic and hydrodynamic transport regimes, wherein complex non-Ohmic current flow patterns, including current vortices, can emerge. In the ballistic regime addressed here, transverse magnetic focusing is habitually understood in a familiar single-particle picture of carriers injected from a source, following ballistic cyclotron orbits and reaching a detector. We report on a distinctive nonlocal magnetoresistance phenomenon exclusive to fermions, in an enclosed mesoscopic geometry wherein transverse focusing magnetoresistance peaks also occur at values of the cyclotron diameter that are incommensurate with the distance between the source and detector. In low-temperature experiments and simulations using GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures with high electron mobility, we show that the peaks occur independently of the location of the detector, and only depend on the source-drain separation. We reproduce the experimental findings using simulations of ballistic transport in both semiclassical and quantum-coherent transport models. The periodicity of magnetic field at which the peaks occur is matched to the lithographically defined device scale. It is found that, unlike in transverse magnetic focusing, the magnetoresistance structure cannot be attributed to any set of ordered single-particle trajectories but instead requires accounting for the collective dynamics of the fermion distribution and of all particle trajectories. The magnetoresistance is further associated with current flow vorticity, a collective phenomenon.
Source arXiv, 2302.00182
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