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24 June 2024
  » arxiv » 2302.00314

 Article overview

Suppression of the antiferromagnetic order by Zn doping in a possible Kitaev material Na$_2$Co$_2$TeO$_6$
Zhongtuo Fu ; Ruokai Xu ; Song Bao ; Yanyan Shangguan ; Xin Liu ; Zijuan Lu ; Yingqi Chen ; Shuhan Zheng ; Yongjun Zhang ; Meifeng Liu ; Xiuzhang Wang ; Hong Li ; Huiqian Luo ; Jun-Ming Liu ; Zhen Ma ; Jinsheng Wen ;
Date 1 Feb 2023
AbstractVery recently, a 3$d$ based honeycomb cobaltate Na$_2$Co$_2$TeO$_6$ has garnered tremendous attention due to the proposed proximity to the Kitaev spin-liquid state as its 4$d$/5$d$ counterparts. Here, we use Zn to substitute Co in a broad range and perform systematic studies on Na$_2$Co$_{2-x}$Zn$_x$TeO$_6$ by structural, magnetic, and thermodynamic measurements, and track the doping evolution of its magnetic ground states. Due to the extremely close radii of Zn$^{2+}$ and high-spin Co$^{2+}$ ions, the substitution can be easily achieved. X-ray diffractions reveal no structural transition but only minor changes on the lattice parameter $c$ over a wide substitution range $0 leq x leq 1.5$. Magnetic susceptibility and specific heat measurements both suggest an antiferromagnetic ground state which is gradually suppressed with doping. It can survive with $x$ up to $sim1.0$. Then it evolves into a spin-glass phase with short-range order that is rapidly supplanted by a magnetically disordered state when $x geq 1.3$. By summarizing all these data, we construct a magnetic phase diagram of Na$_2$Co$_{2-x}$Zn$_x$TeO$_6$. Our results demonstrate that the Zn doping can effectively suppress the magnetic order and induce a possibe quantum paramagnetic state. These may serve as a platform to investigate the Kitaev physics in this system.
Source arXiv, 2302.00314
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