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14 June 2024
  » arxiv » 2302.00336

 Article overview

Measurement of the production of a $W$ boson in association with a charmed hadron in $pp$ collisions at $sqrt{s} = 13,mathrm{TeV}$ with the ATLAS detector
ATLAS Collaboration ;
Date 1 Feb 2023
AbstractThe production of a $W$ boson in association with a single charm quark is studied using 140 $mathrm{fb}^{-1}$ of $sqrt{s} = 13,mathrm{TeV}$ proton-proton collision data collected with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. The charm quark is tagged by a charmed hadron, reconstructed with a secondary-vertex fit. The $W$ boson is reconstructed from an electron/muon decay and the missing transverse momentum. The mesons reconstructed are $D^{pm} o K^mp pi^pm pi^pm$ and $D^{*pm} o D^{0} pi^pm o (K^mp pi^pm) pi^pm$, where $p_{ ext{T}}(e, mu) > 30,mathrm{GeV}$, $|eta(e, mu)| < 2.5$, $p_{ ext{T}}(D) > 8,mathrm{GeV}$, and $|eta(D)| < 2.2$. The integrated and normalized differential cross-sections as a function of the pseudorapidity of the lepton from the $W$ boson decay, and of the transverse momentum of the meson, are extracted from the data using a profile likelihood fit. The measured fiducial cross-sections are $sigma^{mathrm{OS-SS}}_{mathrm{fid}}(W^{-}{+}D^{+}) = 50.2pm0.2,mathrm{(stat.)},^{+2.4}_{-2.3},mathrm{(syst.)},mathrm{pb}$, $sigma^{mathrm{OS-SS}}_{mathrm{fid}}(W^{+}{+}D^{-}) = 48.5pm0.2,mathrm{(stat.)},^{+2.3}_{-2.2},mathrm{(syst.)},mathrm{pb}$, $sigma^{mathrm{OS-SS}}_{mathrm{fid}}(W^{-}{+}D^{*+}) = 51.1pm0.4,mathrm{(stat.)},^{+1.9}_{-1.8},mathrm{(syst.)},mathrm{pb}$, and $sigma^{mathrm{OS-SS}}_{mathrm{fid}}(W^{+}{+}D^{*-}) = 50.0pm0.4,mathrm{(stat.)},^{+1.9}_{-1.8},mathrm{(syst.)},mathrm{pb}$. Results are compared with the predictions of next-to-leading-order quantum chromodynamics calculations performed using state-of-the-art parton distribution functions. The ratio of charm to anti-charm production cross-sections is studied to probe the $s$-$ar{s}$ quark asymmetry and is found to be $R_c^pm = 0.971pm0.006,mathrm{(stat.)}pm0.011,mathrm{(syst.)}$.
Source arXiv, 2302.00336
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