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20 November 2017
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arxiv cond-mat 2006 June

Entries for June 2006

[cond-mat/0606001] Electronic states near a quantum fluctuating point vortex in a d-wave superconductor: Dirac fermion theory
Predrag Nikolic ; Subir Sachdev ; Lorenz Bartosch

[cond-mat/0606002] Magnetic spectral response and lattice properties in mixed-valence Sm1-x Yx S solid solutions studied with x-ray diffraction, x-ray absorption spectroscopy, and inelastic neutron scattering
P. A. Alekseev ; J.-M. Mignot ; E. V. Nefeodova ; K. S. Nemkovski ; V. N. Lazukov ; N. N. Tiden ; A. P. Menushenkov ; R. V. Chernikov ; K. V. Klementiev ; A. Ochiai ; A. V. Golubkov ; R. I. Bewley ; A. V. Rybina ; I. P. Sadikov

[cond-mat/0606003] The Pairing Interaction in the 2D Hubbard Model
T.A. Maier ; M. Jarrell ; D.J. Scalapino

[cond-mat/0606004] Phases of granular segregation in a binary mixture
Pedro M. Reis ; Tim Sykes ; Tom Mullin

[cond-mat/0606005] Ensemble Optimization Techniques for the Simulation of Slowly Equilibrating Systems
S. Trebst ; D.A. Huse ; E. Gull ; H.G. Katzgraber ; U.H.E. Hansmann ; M. Troyer

[cond-mat/0606006] Spin- and time-resolved photoemission studies of thin Co2FeSi Heusler alloy films
J.-P. Wüstenberg ; M. Cinchetti ; M. Sánchez Albaneda ; M. Bauer ; M. Aeschlimann

[cond-mat/0606007] Spin relaxation in $n$-type GaAs quantum wells from a full microscopic many-body approach
J. Zhou ; J. L. Cheng ; M. W. Wu

[cond-mat/0606008] Density and conformation with relaxed substrate, bulk, and interface electrophoretic deposition of polymer chains
Frank W. Bentrem ; Jun Xie ; R.B. Pandey

[cond-mat/0606009] Ferroelectricity and Charge Ordering in Quasi One-Dimensional Organic Conductors
Serguei Brazovskii

[cond-mat/0606010] Checkerboard and stripe inhomogeneities in cuprates
G. Seibold ; J. Lorenzana ; M. Grilli

[cond-mat/0606011] Lattice Boltzmann simulations of phase separation in chemically reactive binary fluids
K.Furtado ; J.M.Yeomans

[cond-mat/0606012] Non-thermal origin of nonlinear transport across magnetically induced superconductor-metal-insulator transition
Y. Seo ; Y. Qin ; C. L. Vicente ; K. S. Choi ; Jongsoo Yoon

[cond-mat/0606013] Spin injection from perpendicular magnetized ferromagnetic $delta$-MnGa into (Al,Ga)As heterostructures
C. Adelmann ; X. Lou ; H.-S. Chiang ; J.L. Hilton ; B.D. Schultz ; S. McKernan ; P.A. Crowell ; C.J. Palmstrom

[cond-mat/0606014] Cluster assimilation and collisional filtering on metal-oxide surfaces
Daniel A. Freedman ; T.A. Arias

[cond-mat/0606015] Experimental study of the transport of coherent interacting matter-waves in a 1D random potential induced by laser speckle
David Clément ; Andrès F. Varòn ; Jocelyn A. Retter ; Laurent Sanchez-Palencia ; Alain Aspect ; Philippe Bouyer ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606016] Multiple crossovers in interacting quantum wires
M. Kindermann ; P. W. Brouwer

[cond-mat/0606017] A Potts model for the distortion transition in LaMnO$_3$
Mahrous R. Ahmed ; G. A. Gehring

[cond-mat/0606018] Methods for Time Dependence in DMRG
U. Schollwoeck ; S. R. White ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606019] Aluminium and carbon doped MgB2: band filling, band shift, and anisotropy loss
Sabina Ruiz-Chavarria ; Gustavo Tavizon ; Pablo de la Mora ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606020] Resolving Paradoxes of Classical Nucleation Theory
Yossi Farjoun ; John C. Neu ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606021] Peierls distorted chain as a quantum data bus for quantum state transfer
M.X. Huo ; Ying Li ; Z. Song ; C.P. Sun

[cond-mat/0606022] Quantum-based Mechanical Force Realization in Pico-Newton Range
Jae-Hyuk Choi ; Min-Seok Kim ; Yon-Kyu Park ; Mahn-Soo Choi

[cond-mat/0606023] Elasticity of a system with non-central potentials
Michael Murat ; Yacov Kantor

[cond-mat/0606024] Structure peculiarities of cementite and their influence on the magnetic characteristics
A. K. Arzhnikov ; L. V. Dobysheva

[cond-mat/0606025] Advances in structure prediction of inorganic compounds
Armel Le Bail

[cond-mat/0606026] Independent particle descriptions of tunneling from a many-body perspective
Giorgos Fagas ; Paul Delaney ; James C. Greer

[cond-mat/0606027] High temperature memory in (Pb/La)(Zr/Ti)O_3 as intrinsic of the relaxor state rather than due to defect relaxation
F. Cordero ; F. Craciun ; A. Franco ; C. Galassi

[cond-mat/0606028] A path-integral molecular dynamics simulation of diamond
Rafael Ramirez ; Carlos P. Herrero ; Eduardo R. Hernandez

[cond-mat/0606029] Effect of Dynamics on Finite Systems in Thermal Equilibrium
Shyamal Biswas

[cond-mat/0606030] Quantitative modeling of laser speckle imaging
P.Zakharov ; A.C. Voelker ; A. Buck ; B. Weber ; F. Scheffold

[cond-mat/0606031] Microstructural characterization and kinetics modelization of vermicular cast irons
Karina Laneri ; Pere Bruna ; Daniel Crespo

[cond-mat/0606032] Scaling relations in quasi-two-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnet
Antoine Praz Christopher Mudry Matthew Hastings

[cond-mat/0606033] Density-functional theory investigation of oxygen adsorption at Pd(11N)(N=3,5,7) vicinal surfaces
Yongsheng Zhang ; Jutta Rogal ; Karsten Reuter

[cond-mat/0606034] Entanglement and Bell States in Superconducting Flux Qubits
Mun Dae Kim ; Sam Young Cho

[cond-mat/0606035] Spin-Hall Conductivity in Electron-Phonon Coupled Systems
C. Grimaldi ; E. Cappelluti ; F. Marsiglio

[cond-mat/0606036] The "crab" bipolaron as a possible route to room temperature superconductivity
J.P.Hague ; P.E.Kornilovitch ; J.H.Samson ; A.S.Alexandrov

[cond-mat/0606037] The Fractional Quantum Hall States of Dirac Electrons in Graphene
Vadim M. Apalkov Tapash Chakraborty ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606038] q-generalization of symmetric alpha-stable distributions. Part I
Sabir Umarov ; Constantino Tsallis ; Murray Gell-Mann ; Stanly Steinberg

[cond-mat/0606039] Broken parity and a chiral ground state in the frustrated magnet CdCr$_2$O$_4$
Gia-Wei Chern ; C. J. Fennie ; O. Tchernyshyov

[cond-mat/0606040] q-generalization of symmetric alpha-stable distributions. Part II
Sabir Umarov ; Constantino Tsallis ; Murray Gell-Mann ; Stanly Steinberg

[cond-mat/0606041] Effective Potential and Thermodynamics for a Coupled Two-Field Bose Gas Model
Marcus Benghi Pinto ; Rudnei O. Ramos ; Frederico F. de Souza Cruz

[cond-mat/0606042] Dimensional reduction at a quantum critical point
S. E. Sebastian ; N. Harrison ; C. D. Batista ; L. Balicas ; M. Jaime ; P. A. Sharma ; N. Kawashima ; I. R. Fisher

[cond-mat/0606043] Zero Temperature Thermodynamics of Asymmetric Fermi Gases at Unitarity
Aurel Bulgac ; Michael McNeil Forbes

[cond-mat/0606044] Model for the free-volume distributions of equilibrium fluids
William P. Krekelberg ; Venkat Ganesan ; Thomas M. Truskett

[cond-mat/0606045] Theory of microphase separation on Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymers with flexible spacers
Marcela Hernandez ; Harry Westfahl Junior

[cond-mat/0606046] Magnetically tuned spin dynamics resonance
J. Kronjäger ; C. Becker ; P. Navez ; K. Bongs ; K. Sengstock ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606047] Tunable Resonant Raman Scattering from Singly Resonant Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Y. Yin ; A. G. Walsh ; A. N. Vamivakas ; S. Cronin ; A. M. Stolyarov ; M. Tinkham ; W. Bacsa ; M. S. Unlu ; B. B. Goldberg ; A. K. Swan ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606048] Synchronization transition of heterogeneously coupled oscillators on scale-free networks
E. Oh ; D.-S. Lee ; B. Kahng ; D. Kim

[cond-mat/0606049] First order phase transition in the frustrated triangular antiferromagnet CsNiCl3
G. Quirion ; X. Han ; M.L. Plumer ; M. Poirier

[cond-mat/0606050] Finite temperature Drude weight of an integrable Bose chain
Michael Bortz

[cond-mat/0606051] Length scale dependence of dynamical heterogeneity in a colloidal fractal gel
Agnes Duri ; Luca Cipelletti ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606052] Molecular Dynamics Study of Polarizable Ion Models for Molten AgBr
J. Trullas ; V. Bitrian

[cond-mat/0606053] The study of nearest- and next-nearest-neighbor magnetic interactions in seven tetragonal compounds V(IV) containing linear chains and square lattices
L.M. Volkova ; S.A. Polyshchuk

[cond-mat/0606054] Parametric instability of homogeneous precession of spin in the superfluid 3He-B
E.V. Surovtsev ; I.A. Fomin

[cond-mat/0606055] Exchange distortion and spin Jahn-Teller effect for triangular and tetrahedral spin clusters of spin-1/2
Kiyosi Terao ; Ikumi Honda

[cond-mat/0606056] Universality of the metal-insulator transition in three-dimensional disordered systems
J. Brndiar ; P. Markos ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606057] Electronic transport through a quantum dot with a magnetic impurity using the equation of motion
Mugurel Tolea ; Bogdan R. Bulka

[cond-mat/0606058] Local dynamics and primitive path analysis for a model polymer melt near a surface
Mihail Vladkov ; J.-L. Barrat ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606059] Interplay between incommensurate phases in the cuprates
Marcin Raczkowski ; Raymond Fresard ; Andrzej M. Oles

[cond-mat/0606060] The Coupled Cluster Method Applied to the {it XXZ} Model on the Square Lattice
D.J.J. Farnell ; R.F. Bishop

[cond-mat/0606061] Electronic structure of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors $Ga_{1-x}Mn_{x}N$ and $Ga_{1-x}Cr_{x}N$
Nandan Tandon ; G P Das ; Anjali Kshirsagar

[cond-mat/0606062] Hydrogen and muonium in diamond: A path-integral molecular dynamics simulation
Carlos P. Herrero ; Rafael Ramirez ; Eduardo R. Hernandez

[cond-mat/0606063] Importance of the Electron-Phonon Interaction with the Forward Scattering Peak for Superconducting Pairing in Cuprates
Miodrag L. Kulic

[cond-mat/0606064] Landau model for the elastic properties of the ferroelastic crystal Rb4LiH3(SO4)4
G. Quirion ; W. Wu ; J. Rideout ; B. Mroz

[cond-mat/0606065] Temperature and magnetic field dependences of the elastic constants of Ni-Mn-Al magnetic Heusler alloys
Xavier Moya ; Lluis Manosa ; Antoni Planes ; Thorsten Krenke ; Mehmet Acet ; Michel Morin ; J.L. Zarestky ; T.A. Lograsso

[cond-mat/0606066] Effects of spin-phonon interaction on the properties of in high-T$_C$ superconductors
T. Jarlborg

[cond-mat/0606067] Critical Current Oscillations in Strong Ferromagnetic Pi-Junctions
J. W. A. Robinson ; S. Piano ; G. Burnell ; C. Bell ; M. G. Blamire

[cond-mat/0606068] Exact asymptotic expansions for the cylindrical Poisson-Boltzmann equation
G. Tellez ; E. Trizac ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606069] Three-fermion problems in optical lattices
T. Luu ; A. Schwenk

[cond-mat/0606070] Special relativity description of the heat propagation in Minkowski spacetime
J.Marciak-Kozlowska ; M.kozlowski

[cond-mat/0606071] High-mobility AlAs quantum wells with out-of-plane valley occupation
K. Vakili ; Y. P. Shkolnikov ; E. Tutuc ; E. P. De Poortere ; M. Padmanabhan ; M. Shayegan

[cond-mat/0606072] Dependence of persistent gaps at Landau level crossings on relative spin
K. Vakili ; T. Gokmen ; O. Gunawan ; Y. P. Shkolnikov ; E. P. De Poortere ; M. Shayegan

[cond-mat/0606073] Critical behavior and synchronization of discrete stochastic phase coupled oscillators
Kevin Wood ; C. Van den Broeck ; R. Kawai ; Katja Lindenberg ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606074] Wither the sliding Luttinger liquid phase in the planar pyrochlore
Marcelo Arlego ; Wolfram Brenig

[cond-mat/0606075] Klein spin model ground states on general lattices
Zohar Nussinov

[cond-mat/0606076] Critical phenomena in atmospheric precipitation
Ole Peters ; J. David Neelin

[cond-mat/0606077] Quantitative calculations of the excitonic energy spectra of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes within a $pi$-electron model
Zhendong Wang ; Hongbo Zhao ; Sumit Mazumdar

[cond-mat/0606078] Theory of measurement crosstalk in superconducting phase qubits
A.G. Kofman ; Q. Zhang ; J.M. Martinis ; A.N. Korotkov

[cond-mat/0606079] Higgs mechanism and superconductivity in U(1) lattice gauge theory with dual gauge fields
Tomoyoshi Ono ; Yuki Moribe ; Shunsuke Takashima ; Ikuo Ichinose ; Tetsuo Matsui ; Kazuhiko Sakakibara

[cond-mat/0606080] Anomalous Bias Dependence of Spin Torque in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Ioannis Theodonis ; Nicholas Kioussis ; Alan Kalitsov ; Mairbek Chshiev ; William Butler

[cond-mat/0606081] Quasiparticle band structure of infinite hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride chains
Christian Buth

[cond-mat/0606082] Light emitting single electron transistors
David M.-T. Kuo ; Yia-chung Chang

[cond-mat/0606083] Normal Transport Behavior in Finite One-Dimensional Chaotic Quantum Systems
Robin Steinigeweg ; Jochen Gemmer ; Mathias Michel

[cond-mat/0606084] Supersymmetry and Unconventional Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene
Motohiko Ezawa

[cond-mat/0606085] Macroscopic description of the diffusion of interstitial impurity atoms considering the influence of elastic stress on the drift of interstitial species
O. I. Velichko

[cond-mat/0606086] Multiscale Modeling of a Nanoelectromechanical Shuttle
C. Huldt ; J.M. Kinaret

[cond-mat/0606087] Band-Contact Lines in Electron Energy Spectrum of Graphite
G. P. Mikitik ; Yu. V. Sharlai

[cond-mat/0606088] Number of cliques in random scale-free network ensembles
Ginestra Bianconi ; Matteo Marsili

[cond-mat/0606089] Sign changes and resonance of intrinsic spin hall effect in two dimensional hole gas
Tianxing Ma ; Qin Liu

[cond-mat/0606090] Nearly Ferromagnetic Superconductors
Qi Li ; D. Belitz ; T.R. Kirkpatrick

[cond-mat/0606091] Non-linear response of single-molecule magnets: field-tuned quantum-to-classical crossovers
R. Lopez-Ruiz ; F. Luis ; A. Millan ; C. Rillo ; D. Zueco ; J.L. Garcia-Palacios

[cond-mat/0606092] Dynamical evolution of a doubly-quantized vortex imprinted in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
A. Muñoz Mateo ; V. Delgado

[cond-mat/0606093] Unlayered graphenes in red-giant starsmoke
Eric Mandell ; Nathaniel Hunton ; P. Fraundorf

[cond-mat/0606094] In-plane anisotropy of the electronic structure for the charge/orbital-ordered state in half-doped manganite with layered structure
Y.S. Lee ; S. Onoda ; T. Arima ; Y. Tokunaga ; J.P. He ; Y. Kaneko ; N. Nagaosa ; Y. Tokura

[cond-mat/0606095] Some Remarks on Stability of Formation of Large Bipolaron
Masao Hirokawa

[cond-mat/0606096] Su(1,2) Algebraic Structure of the XYZ Antiferromagnetic Model in Linear Spin-Wave Frame
Shuo Jin ; Bing-Hao Xie ; Hong-Biao Zhang ; Jing-Min Hou ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606097] Exact solutions of the cuprate superconductors model based on the analogy with atomic nuclei related to su(3) Lie algebra
Shuo Jin ; Bing-Hao Xie ; Feng Pan ; Joseph L. Birman ; Mo-Lin Ge ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606098] Squeezed number eigenstate of XYZ Heisenberg antiferromagnetics under an magnetic field
Bing-Hao Xie ; Shuo Jin ; Wei-Xian Yan ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606099] Spontaneous spin textures in dipolar spinor condensates
S. Yi ; H. Pu

[cond-mat/0606100] Excitonic BCS-BEC crossover at finite temperature: Effects of repulsion and electron-hole mass difference
Yuh Tomio ; Kotaro Honda ; Tetsuo Ogawa

[cond-mat/0606101] Exact solution of a biological evolution model
Clement Sire ; Satya N. Majumdar ; David S. Dean

[cond-mat/0606102] Phenomenological theory of current driven exchange switching in ferromagnetic nanojunctions
E. M. Epshtein ; Yu. V. Gulyaev ; P. E. Zilberman

[cond-mat/0606103] On the Origin of the Metallic and Anisotropic Magnetic Properties of Na_xCoO_2 (x~~0.75)
M.-H. Whangbo ; D. Dai ; R. K. Kremer

[cond-mat/0606104] Self-similar power transforms in extrapolation problems
S. Gluzman ; V.I. Yukalov

[cond-mat/0606105] Condensed Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Super Fibers
Zhiping Xu ; Lifeng Wang ; Quanshui Zheng ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606106] Can the Landau-Lifshitz equation explain the spin-wave instability in ferromagnetic thin films for parallel pumping?
Kazue Kudo ; Katsuhiro Nakamura

[cond-mat/0606107] Anomalous Nernst Effect in the Vortex-Liquid Phase of High-Temperature Superconductors by Layer Decoupling
J.P. Rodriguez

[cond-mat/0606108] Properties of the quaternary half-metal-type Heusler alloy Co$_2$Mn$_{1-x}$Fe$_x$Si
Benjamin Balke ; Gerhard H. Fecher ; Hem C. Kandpal ; Claudia Felser ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606109] Tunable pinning of a superconducting vortex a by a magnetic vortex
Gilson Carneiro

[cond-mat/0606110] Vortex lines in the high-Tc superconductivity in presence of lattice distortions
Teresa Lenkowska-Czerwinska ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606111] Disorder mediated splitting of the cyclotron resonance in two-dimensional electron systems
E. A. Henriksen ; S. Syed ; Y.-J. Wang ; H. L. Stormer ; L. N. Pfeiffer ; K. W. West

[cond-mat/0606112] Nonequilibrium Green’s Function Approach to Phonon Transport in Defective Carbon Nanotubes
Takahiro Yamamoto ; Kazuyuki Watanabe

[cond-mat/0606113] Dynamical and mosaic length scales in a Kac glass model
Silvio Franz ; Andrea Montanari

[cond-mat/0606114] Dispersion relation of lipid membrane shape fluctuations by neutron spin-echo spectrometry
Maikel C. Rheinstadter ; Wolfgang Haussler ; Tim Salditt ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606115] Multireference Correlation in Long Molecules with the Quadratic Scaling Density Matrix Renormalization Group
Johannes Hachmann ; Wim Cardoen ; Garnet Kin-Lic Chan

[cond-mat/0606116] Dichotomous Markov Noise: Exact results for out-of-equilibrium systems (a brief overview)
Ioana Bena

[cond-mat/0606117] Fermions at unitarity and Haldane Exclusion Statistics
R.K. Bhaduri ; M.V.N. Murthy ; M.K. Srivastava

[cond-mat/0606118] Can we predict how big will be the next earthquake?
Filippo Caruso ; Alessandro Pluchino ; Vito Latora ; Sergio Vinciguerra ; Andrea Rapisarda

[cond-mat/0606119] Comment on ’’Field-Enhanced Diamagnetism in the Pseudogap State of the Cuprate Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta Superconductor in an Intense Magnetic Field’’
L. Cabo ; J. Mosqueira ; F. Vidal

[cond-mat/0606120] Zeeman splitting of interacting two-dimensional electrons with two effective masses
K. Vakili ; E. Tutuc ; M. Shayegan

[cond-mat/0606121] Transmission of light through quasiperiodic arrays of subwavelength holes
J. Bravo-Abad ; F.J. Garcia-Vidal ; L. Martin-Moreno

[cond-mat/0606122] Characterizing the dynamical importance of network nodes and links
J. G. Restrepo ; E. Ott ; B. R. Hunt

[cond-mat/0606123] Investigation of the oxohalogenide Cu4Te5O12Cl4 with weakly coupled Cu(II) tetrahedra
Rie Takagi ; Mats Johnsson ; Vladimir Gnezdilov ; Reinhard K. Kremer ; Wolfram Brenig ; Peter Lemmens

[cond-mat/0606124] Wigner supersolid of excitons in electron-hole bilayers
Yogesh N. Joglekar ; Alexander V. Balatsky ; S. Das Sarma

[cond-mat/0606125] Microscopic activity patterns in the Naming Game
Luca Dall’Asta ; Andrea Baronchelli

[cond-mat/0606126] Diverging Length Scale, Scaling, and Universality of Entanglement Near a Quantum Phase Transition
Han-Dong Chen

[cond-mat/0606127] Structure and dynamics of colloidal depletion gels: coincidence of transitions and heterogeneity
C. J. Dibble ; M. Kogan ; M. J. Solomon

[cond-mat/0606128] Simplifying Random Satisfiability Problem by Removing Frustrating Interactions
A. Ramezanpour ; S. Moghimi-Araghi

[cond-mat/0606129] Dynamics of rotating Bose-Einstein condensates probed by Bragg scattering
S. R. Muniz ; D. S. Naik ; M. Bhattacharya ; C. Raman

[cond-mat/0606130] Temperature dependent surface relaxation for Al(110) and Mg(10-10) studied by orbital free ab initio molecular dynamics
Luis E. Gonzalez ; David J. Gonzalez

[cond-mat/0606131] Resistance noise in spin valves
Jorn Foros ; Arne Brataas ; Gerrit E. W. Bauer ; Yaroslav Tserkovnyak

[cond-mat/0606132] Numerical study of the directed polymer in a 1+3 dimensional random medium
Cecile Monthus ; Thomas Garel

[cond-mat/0606133] Millimeter wave analysis of the dielectric properties of oil shales
John A. Scales ; Michael Batzle

[cond-mat/0606134] InAs/InP single quantum wire formation and emission at 1.5 microns
B. Alén ; D. Fuster ; Y. González ; L. González ; J. Martínez-Pastor ; M. U. González ; J. M. García

[cond-mat/0606135] Frenkel-Kontorova model with cold trapped ions
I. Garcia-Mata ; O. V. Zhirov ; D. L. Shepelyansky

[cond-mat/0606136] Pumping in a mesoscopic ring with Ahronov-Casher effect
R. Citro ; F. Romeo

[cond-mat/0606137] Infinite-range Ising ferromagnet in time-dependent transverse field: dynamics near quantum critical point
Arnab Das ; K. Sengupta ; Diptiman Sen ; Bikas K. Chakrabarti

[cond-mat/0606138] Phase transitions in Ising model on a Euclidean network
Arnab Chatterjee ; Parongama Sen

[cond-mat/0606139] Introduction to renormalization

[cond-mat/0606140] On the relation between decoherence and spontaneous symmetry breaking
Jasper van Wezel ; Jan Zaanen ; Jeroen van den Brink

[cond-mat/0606141] Fluctuation theorem for the effusion of an ideal gas
B. Cleuren ; C. Van den Broeck ; R. Kawai

[cond-mat/0606142] Rare-gas solids under pressure: A path-integral Monte Carlo simulation
Carlos P. Herrero ; Rafael Ramirez

[cond-mat/0606143] Variational Mote Carlo Study of Flat Band Ferromagnetism -- Application to CeRh_3 B_2
Hiroshi Kono ; Yoshio Kuramoto

[cond-mat/0606144] X-ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering : Polarisation Dependence in the non-spherical case
Alessandro Mirone ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606145] Probability distribution of the maximum of a smooth temporal signal
Clément Sire

[cond-mat/0606146] Dynamics of active membranes with internal noise
D. Lacoste ; A.W.C. Lau

[cond-mat/0606147] Size effects in IR-optical properties of ultrathin Pb quantized films
M Stró.zak ; V Hnatyuk ; M Jal{}ochowski

[cond-mat/0606148] Transport properties of a Luttinger liquid in the presence of several time-dependent impurities
D. Makogon ; V. Juricic ; C. Morais Smith

[cond-mat/0606149] Magnetic field dependence of the superconducting gap node topology in non-centrosymmetric CePt$_3$Si
I. Eremin ; J.F. Annett

[cond-mat/0606150] Quenching of the Haldane gap in LiVSi2O6 and related compounds
B. Pedrini ; S. Wessel ; J. L. Gavilano ; H. R. Ott ; S. M. Kazakov ; J. Karpinski

[cond-mat/0606151] Structure of vortices in rotating Bose-Einstein condensates
Gentaro Watanabe ; S. Andrew Gifford ; Gordon Baym ; C. J. Pethick

[cond-mat/0606152] Non-ergodic dynamics of the extended anisotropic Heisenberg chain
Evgeny Plekhanov ; Adolfo Avella ; Ferdinando Mancini

[cond-mat/0606153] Phonon Band Structure and Thermal Transport Correlation in a Layered Diatomic Crystal
A. J. H. McGaughey ; M. I. Hussein ; E. S. Landry ; M. Kaviany ; G. M. Hulbert

[cond-mat/0606154] Quantum phase transitions of the diluted O(3) rotor model
Thomas Vojta ; Rastko Sknepnek

[cond-mat/0606155] Coherent matter waves emerging from Mott-insulators
K. Rodriguez ; S.R. Manmana ; M. Rigol ; R.M. Noack ; A. Muramatsu

[cond-mat/0606156] Kardar-Parisi-Zhang interfaces bounded by long-ranged potentials
Omar Al Hammal ; Francisco de los Santos ; Miguel A. Munoz ; Margarida M. Telo da Gama

[cond-mat/0606157] Hole dynamics in canted antiferromagnets
I. J. Hamad ; L. O. Manuel ; G. Martinez ; A. E. Trumper

[cond-mat/0606158] Two-dimensional electrons occupying multiple valleys in AlAs
M. Shayegan ; E. P. De Poortere ; O. Gunawan ; Y. P. Shkolnikov ; E. Tutuc ; K. Vakili

[cond-mat/0606159] Low-energy dynamics of the two-dimensional S=1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on percolating clusters
Ling Wang ; Anders W. Sandvik

[cond-mat/0606160] Measuring functional renormalization group fixed-point functions for pinned manifolds
A. Alan Middleton ; Pierre Le Doussal ; Kay Joerg Wiese

[cond-mat/0606161] Remarks on the Nyquist and Callen-Welton Theorems
S.A. Trigger ; G.J.F. van Heijst ; A.A. Rukhadze ; P.P.J.M. Schram

[cond-mat/0606162] Estimation in a fluctuating medium and power-law distributions
C. Vignat ; A. Plastino

[cond-mat/0606163] Magnetic field induced rotation of the d-vector in Sr_2RuO_4
J. F. Annett ; G. Litak ; B.L. Gyorffy ; K.I. Wysokinski

[cond-mat/0606164] Routes to chaos, universality and glass formation
Fulvio Baldovin

[cond-mat/0606165] An exact study of charge-spin separation, pairing fluctuations and pseudogaps in four-site Hubbard clusters
Armen N. Kocharian ; Gayanath W. Fernando ; Kalum Palandage ; James W. Davenport

[cond-mat/0606166] Transport in Bilayer Graphene: Calculations within a self-consistent Born approximation
Mikito Koshino ; Tsuneya Ando

[cond-mat/0606167] Computer Simulation of Particle Suspensions
Jens Harting ; Martin Hecht ; Hans J. Herrmann ; Sean McNamara

[cond-mat/0606168] Hall plateau diagram for the Hofstadter butterfly energy spectrum
Mikito Koshino ; Tsuneya Ando

[cond-mat/0606169] Colloidal particles at a nematic-isotropic interface: effects of confinement
J. L. West ; K. Zhang ; A. Glushchenko ; D. Andrienko ; M. Tasinkevych ; Y. Reznikov

[cond-mat/0606170] Self-consistent Ornstein-Zernike approximation for molecules with soft cores
J. S. Hoye ; A. Reiner ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606171] Surface structure in simple liquid metals. An orbital free first principles study
David J. Gonzalez Luis E. Gonzalez ; Malcolm J. Stott

[cond-mat/0606172] Quantum Annealing Effect on Entropic Slowing Down in Frustrated Decorated Bond System
Shu Tanaka ; Seiji Miyashita

[cond-mat/0606173] Pauli blockade of the electron spin flip in bulk GaAs
A. Amo ; L. Vina ; P. Lugli ; A. I. Toropov ; K. S. Zhuravlev

[cond-mat/0606174] Thermal expansion of the quasi two-dimensional magnetic layered compound BaNi$_{2}$V$_{2}$O$_{8}$ under magnetic fields along c-axis
W. Knafo ; C. Meingast ; K. Grube ; S. Drobnik ; P. Popovich ; P. Schweiss ; Th. Wolf ; H. v. Loehneysen

[cond-mat/0606175] Evidence for complex order parameter in La_{1.83}Sr_{0.17}CuO_4
R. Khasanov ; A. Shengelaya ; A. Maisuradze ; F.La Mattina ; A. Bussmann-Holder ; H. Keller ; K.A. Müller

[cond-mat/0606176] Pseudogap enhancement due to magnetic impurities in d-density waves
Balázs Dóra ; Kazumi Maki ; Attila Virosztek ; András Ványolos

[cond-mat/0606177] Pairing Mechanism and Charge Stripes in La$_{2-x}$Sr$_{x}$CuO$_{4}$: A Real Space Approach
X. Q. Huang

[cond-mat/0606178] Scalable superconducting qubit circuits using dressed states
Yu-xi Liu ; C. P. Sun ; Franco Nori

[cond-mat/0606179] Random field Ising model on networks with inhomogeneous connections
Sang Hoon Lee ; Hawoong Jeong ; Jae Dong Noh

[cond-mat/0606180] Temperature and Disorder Chaos in three-dimensional Ising Spin Glasses
Helmut G. Katzgraber ; Florent Krzakala

[cond-mat/0606181] Dynamic crossover in the spin-glass phase
Tota Nakamura

[cond-mat/0606182] Origin and Perspectives of High Mobility in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Structures
G. Herranz ; M. Basletic ; M. Bibes ; C. Carretero ; E. Tafra ; E. Jacquet ; K. Bouzehouane ; C. Deranlot ; J.-L. Maurice ; A. Hamzic ; J.-P. Contour ; A. Barthelemy ; A. Fert

[cond-mat/0606183] Non-resonant Raman response of inhomogeneous structures in the electron doped $t-t’$ Hubbard model
Belén Valenzuela

[cond-mat/0606184] Quantum-coupling between closely-spaced surfaces via transverse photons
K. P. Sinha ; A. Meulenberg ; P. L. Hagelstein

[cond-mat/0606185] Generation of spin current by Coulomb drag
M. Pustilnik ; E.G. Mishchenko ; O.A. Starykh ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606186] Ab initio study of the atomic motion in liquid metal surfaces: comparison with Lennard-Jones systems
Luis E. Gonzalez ; David J. Gonzalez

[cond-mat/0606187] Room-Temperature Superconductivity
A. Mourachkine

[cond-mat/0606188] A phenomenological model of the superconducting state of the Bechgaard salts
B. J. Powell

[cond-mat/0606189] Planar and cagelike structures of gold clusters: Density-functional pseudopotential calculations
Eva M. Fernandez ; Jose M. Soler ; L. C. Balbas

[cond-mat/0606190] An elliptic current operator for the 8 vertex model
Klaus Fabricius ; Barry M. McCoy

[cond-mat/0606191] Gapless superconductivity in CeCoIn5?
Victor Barzykin ; L.P. Gor’kov

[cond-mat/0606192] Evidence for mass renormalization in LaNiO$"" sub 3_: an in situ soft x-ray photoemission study of epitaxial films
K. Horiba ; R. Eguchi ; M. Taguchi ; A. Chainani ; A. Kikkawa ; Y. Senba ; H. Ohashi ; S. Shin

[cond-mat/0606193] Detection of current-induced spins by ferromagnetic contacts
Inanc Adagideli ; Gerrit E.W. Bauer ; Bertrand I. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606194] Spin-Orbital Entanglement and Phase Diagram of Spin-orbital Chain with $SU(2) imes SU(2)$ Symmetry
Yan Chen ; Z. D. Wang ; Y. Q. Li ; F. C. Zhang

[cond-mat/0606195] Interactions and phase transitions on graphene’s honeycomb lattice
Igor F. Herbut

[cond-mat/0606196] An Exact SU(2) Symmetry and Persistent Spin Helix in a Spin-Orbit Coupled System
B. Andrei Bernevig ; J. Orenstein ; Shou-Cheng Zhang

[cond-mat/0606197] Ferromagnetic relaxation by magnon-induced currents
A. Misra ; R. H. Victora

[cond-mat/0606198] Critical exponents in metastable decay via quantum activation
M.I. Dykman ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606199] Delocalisation transition in quasi-1D models with correlated disorder
L. Tessieri ; F. M. Izrailev

[cond-mat/0606200] Modulation Doping near Mott-Insulator Heterojunctions
Wei-Cheng Lee ; A.H. MacDonald

[cond-mat/0606201] Quantum limits to bosonic center-of-mass measurements
Timothy Vaughan ; Peter Drummond ; Gerd Leuchs

[cond-mat/0606202] Periodic Oscillations of Josephson-Vortex Flow Resistance in Oxygen-Deficient Y1Ba2Cu3Ox
M. Nagao ; S. Urayama ; S. M. Kim ; H. B. Wang ; K. S. Yun ; Y. Takano ; T. Hatano ; I. Iguchi ; T. Yamashita ; M. Tachiki ; H. Maeda ; M. Sato

[cond-mat/0606203] Entropy of solid He4: the possible role of a dislocation glass
A. V. Balatsky ; M. J. Graf ; Z. Nussinov ; S. A. Trugman

[cond-mat/0606204] Solid helium at high pressure: A path-integral Monte Carlo simulation
Carlos P. Herrero

[cond-mat/0606205] Very large Magneto-impedance in amorphous Fe73.5Nb3Cu1Si13.5B9 ribbon
B. Kaviraj ; S.K. Ghatak

[cond-mat/0606206] Self-organized critical earthquake model with moving boundary
S. S. Manna ; K. Bhattacharya

[cond-mat/0606207] Liquid-liquid phase transition of water in hydrophobic and hydrophilic pores
Ivan Brovchenko ; Alla Oleinikova

[cond-mat/0606208] Andreev bound states in rounded corners of d-wave superconductors
C. Iniotakis ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606209] Spin relaxation in narrow wires of a two-dimensional electron gas
Peter Schwab ; Michael Dzierzawa ; Cosimo Gorini ; Roberto Raimondi

[cond-mat/0606210] Spectral formulation and WKB approximation for rare-event statistics in reaction systems
Michael Assaf ; Baruch Meerson

[cond-mat/0606211] Thermodynamic formalism for systems with Markov dynamics
Vivien Lecomte ; Cécile Appert-Rolland ; Frédéric van Wijland ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606212] Unconventional Superconductivity Induced by Quantum Critical Fluctuations in Hydrate Cobaltate Na$_{x}$(H$_3$O)$_{z}$CoO$_{x}cdot$ $y$H$_{2}$O -- Relationship between Magnetic Fluctuations and the Superconductivity Revealed by a Co Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance --
Y.Ihara ; H.Takeya ; K.Ishida ; H.Ikeda ; C.Michioka ; K.Yoshimura ; K.Takada ; T.Sasaki ; H.Sakurai ; E.Takaayama-Muromachi

[cond-mat/0606213] Photonic crystal optical waveguides for on-chip Bose-Einstein condensates
J. Bravo-Abad ; M. Ibanescu ; J.D. Joannopoulos ; M. Soljacic

[cond-mat/0606214] Non-Fermi liquid behavior in transport across carbon nanotube quantum dots
Leonhard Mayrhofer ; Milena Grifoni

[cond-mat/0606215] Weak localization correction to the anomalous Hall effect in polycrystalline Fe films
P. Mitra ; A. F. Hebard ; K. A. Muttalib ; P. Woelfle

[cond-mat/0606216] The Mott insulator transition in two dimensions
I. B. Spielman ; W. D. Phillips ; J. V. Porto ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606217] Wavefunctions for topological quantum registers
Eddy Ardonne ; Kareljan Schoutens

[cond-mat/0606218] Quantum dot dephasing by fractional quantum Hall edge states
Thi Kim Thanh Nguyen ; Adeline Crepieux ; Thibaut Jonckheere ; Ai Viet Nguyen ; Yeoshua Levinson ; Thierry Martin ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606219] An ab-initio theory for the temperature dependence of magnetic anisotropy
J.B.Staunton ; L.Szunyogh ; A.Buruzs ; B.L.Gyorffy ; S.Ostanin ; L.Udvardi

[cond-mat/0606220] When are networks truly modular?
Joerg Reichardt ; Stefan Bornholdt ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606221] An Experimental Investigation of the Scaling of Columnar Joints
Lucas Goehring ; Zhenquan Lin ; Stephen W. Morris

[cond-mat/0606222] Hydrogen dynamics and light-induced structural changes in hydrogenated amorphous silicon
T. A. Abtew ; D. A. Drabold

[cond-mat/0606223] Fluctuating Cu-O-Cu Bond model of high temperature superconductivity in cuprates
D.M. Newns ; C.C. Tsuei ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606224] Understanding the Frequency Distribution of Mechanically Stable Disk Packings
Guo-Jie Gao ; Jerzy Blawzdziewicz ; Corey S. O’Hern

[cond-mat/0606225] Monte Carlo study of the antiferromagnetic three-state Potts model with staggered polarization field on the square lattice
Yutaka Okabe ; Hiromi Otsuka

[cond-mat/0606226] Josephson effect and quantum merging of two Bose superfluids
Hongwei Xiong ; Shujuan Liu ; Mingsheng Zhan

[cond-mat/0606227] Spontaneous superconductivity and optical properties of high-Tc cuprates
M.N. Chernodub

[cond-mat/0606228] First-principles study on the intermediate compounds of LiBH$_4$
N. Ohba ; K. Miwa ; M. Aoki ; T. Noritake ; S-i. Towata ; Y. Nakamori ; S-i. Orimo ; A. Züttel

[cond-mat/0606229] Incommensurate magnetic order in Ag$_{2}$NiO$_{2}$
J. Sugiyama ; Y. Ikedo ; K. Mukai ; J. H. Brewer ; E. J. Ansaldo ; G. D. Morris ; K. H. Chow ; H. Yoshida ; Z. Hiroi

[cond-mat/0606230] Isotope effects in multiband superconductors
N.Kristoffel ; P.Rubin

[cond-mat/0606231] Theory of the proximity effect in junctions with unconventional superconductors
Y. Tanaka ; A. A. Golubov

[cond-mat/0606232] The magnetotransport properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/BaTiO3 superlattices grown by pulsed laser deposition technique
P. Murugavel ; W. Prellier

[cond-mat/0606233] Memory in nanomagnetic systems: Superparamagnetism versus Spinglass behavior
Malay Bandyopadhyay ; Sushanta Dattagupta

[cond-mat/0606234] Rotational dynamics and friction in double-walled carbon nanotubes
J. Servantie ; P. Gaspard

[cond-mat/0606235] Spin wave dynamics and the determination of intrinsic Gilbert damping in locally-excited Permalloy thin films
Zhigang Liu ; Fabian Giesen ; Xiaobin Zhu ; Richard D. Sydora ; Mark R. Freeman

[cond-mat/0606236] The Luttinger model following a sudden interaction switch-on
M. A. Cazalilla

[cond-mat/0606237] On the flexibility of complex systems
Ginestra Bianconi ; Roberto Mulet

[cond-mat/0606238] Current spinon-holon description of the one-dimensional charge-transfer insulator SrCuO2: Angle-resolved photoemission measurements
A. Koitzsch ; S. V. Borisenko ; J. Geck ; V. B. Zabolotnyy ; M. Knupfer ; J. Fink ; P. Ribeiro ; B. Buechner ; R. Follath

[cond-mat/0606239] Electron Scattering in Thin GaAs Quantum Wires
Dmitry Pozdnyakov ; Vadim Galenchik ; Andrei Borzdov

[cond-mat/0606240] Minigap, Parity Effect and Persistent Currents in SNS Nanorings
Mikhail S. Kalenkov ; Harald Kloos ; Andrei D. Zaikin

[cond-mat/0606241] Experimental study of the competition between Kondo and RKKY interactions for Mn spins in a model alloy system
J.J. Prejean ; E. Lhotel ; A. Sulpice ; F. Hippert

[cond-mat/0606242] Magnetic phase diagrams of the generalized spin-one-half Falicov-Kimball model
Martin Zonda

[cond-mat/0606243] A ’Wheel’ and ’Axle’ description of the Bogoliubov-Anderson phonon in the BEC/BCS crossover
Da-Shin Lee ; Chi-Yong Lin ; Ray J. Rivers

[cond-mat/0606244] Role of anisotropy in the spin-dimer compound BaCuSi$_2$O$_6$
Suchitra E. Sebastian ; P. Tanedo ; P. A. Goddard ; S.-C. Lee ; A. Wilson ; S. Kim ; S. Cox ; R. D. McDonald ; S. Hill ; N. Harrison ; C.D. Batista ; I. R. Fisher

[cond-mat/0606245] Characterization of the fundamental spin-wave modes in submicron NiFe disk
G. De Loubens ; V. V. Naletov ; Olivier Klein ; J. Ben Youssef ; F. Boust ; N. Vukadinovic ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606246] One-step replica symmetry breaking solution for fermionic Ising spin glass in a transverse field
F.M. Zimmer ; S.G. Magalhaes

[cond-mat/0606247] Permeability up-scaling using Haar wavelets
V. Pancaldi ; K. Christensen ; P.R. King

[cond-mat/0606248] Experiments using high-Tc/low-Tc Josephson contacts
Ariando ; H.J.H. Smilde ; C.J.M. Verwijs ; G. Rijnders ; D.H.A. Blank ; H. Rogalla ; J.R. Kirtley ; C.C. Tsuei ; H. Hilgenkamp

[cond-mat/0606249] Random particle packing with large particle size variations using reduced-dimension algorithms
M. D. Webb ; I. L. Davis

[cond-mat/0606250] Wannier-based definition of layer polarizations in perovskite superlattices
Xifan Wu ; Oswaldo Diéguez ; Karin M. Rabe ; David Vanderbilt ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606251] Zener tunneling in two-dimensional photonic lattices
V. S. Shchesnovich ; S. B. Cavalcanti ; J. M. Hickmann ; Yu. S. Kivshar

[cond-mat/0606252] Limitations of the Giant Spin Hamiltonian in Explaining Magnetization Tunneling in a Single-Molecule Magnet
A. Wilson ; J. Lawrence ; E-C. Yang ; M. Nakano ; D. N. Hendrickson ; S. Hill

[cond-mat/0606253] Non-local coherent screening in the bandwidth controlled Ca1-xSrxVO3 series
R.J.O. Mossanek ; M. Abbate ; A. Fujimori ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606254] Force dependent fragility in RNA hairpins
M. Manosas ; D. Collin ; F. Ritort

[cond-mat/0606255] Bose-Fermi mixtures in 1D optical superlattices
F. Schmitt ; M. Hild ; R. Roth

[cond-mat/0606256] Lattice Model of Sweeping Interface for Drying Process in Water-Granule Mixture
Hiizu Nakanishi ; Ryo Yamamoto ; Yumino Hayase ; Namiko Mitarai

[cond-mat/0606257] Competing Orders and Quantum Phase Fluctuations on the Low-Energy Excitations and Pseudogap Phenomena of Cuprate Superconductors
C.-T. Chen ; A. D. Beyer ; N.-C. Yeh

[cond-mat/0606258] Carbon nanotube peapods: observations of Kondo physics
C. H. L. Quay ; John Cumings ; S. J. Gamble ; A. Yazdani ; R. de Picciotto ; H. Kataura ; D. Goldhaber-Gordon

[cond-mat/0606259] Nonequilibrium Steady States and MacLennan-Zubarev Ensembles in a Quantum Junction System
Shuichi Tasaki ; Junko Takahashi

[cond-mat/0606260] Microscopic Filamentary Theory of Electronic Intermediate Phases
J. C. Phillips ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606261] Segregation in the desiccated sessile drops of the biological fluids
Yuri Yu. Tarasevich ; Dina M. Pravoslavnova

[cond-mat/0606262] One-dimensional description of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a rotating closed-loop waveguide
S. Schwartz ; M. Cozzini ; C. Menotti ; I. Carusotto ; P. Bouyer ; S. Stringari ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606263] Topological solitons in highly anisotropic two dimensional ferromagnets
B. A. Ivanov ; A. Yu. Merkulov ; V. A. Stephanovich ; C.E. Zaspel

[cond-mat/0606264] Current instability and single-mode THz generation in ungated two-dimensional electron gas
M.V.Cheremisin ; G.G.Samsonidze

[cond-mat/0606265] Spinful bosons in an optical lattice
Sara Bergkvist ; Ian McCulloch ; Anders Rosengren

[cond-mat/0606266] Resonance-like piezoelectric electron-phonon interaction in layered structures
B.A.Glavin ; V.A.Kochelap ; T.L.Linnik ; A.J.Kent ; N.M.Stanton ; M.Henini

[cond-mat/0606267] Lagrangian dynamics and statistical geometric structure of turbulence
L. Chevillard ; C. Meneveau

[cond-mat/0606268] Many-body studies on atomic quantum systems
Jordi Mur-Petit

[cond-mat/0606269] Order from Disorder in the Two-Dimensional Kondo-Necklace
Wolfram Brenig

[cond-mat/0606270] Quantum Phase Transition in the Multi-mode Dicke model
Denis Tolkunov ; Dmitry Solenov

[cond-mat/0606271] Coherent Quasiclassical Dynamics of a Persistent Current Qubit
D.M. Berns ; W.D. Oliver ; S.O. Valenzuela ; A.V. Shytov ; K.K. Berggren ; L.S. Levitov ; T.P. Orlando

[cond-mat/0606272] Quantized conductance in an AlAs 2D electron system quantum point contact
O. Gunawan ; B. Habib ; E. P. De Poortere ; M. Shayegan

[cond-mat/0606273] Phonon runaway in nanotube quantum dots
L. Siddiqui ; A. W. Ghosh ; S. Datta

[cond-mat/0606274] Exact solution of the one-dimensional spin-$frac32$ Ising model in magnetic field
A.Avella ; F.Mancini ; 10.1140/epjb/e2006-00177-x ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606275] Quantum-tomography of entangled photon pairs by quantum-dot cascade decay
F. Troiani ; J.I. Perea ; C. Tejedor ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606276] Apparent giant dielectric constants, dielectric relaxation, and ac-conductivity of hexagonal perovskites La1.2Sr2.7BO7.33 (B = Ru, Ir)
P. Lunkenheimer ; T. Götzfried ; R. Fichtl ; S. Weber ; T. Rudolf ; A. Loidl ; A. Reller ; S.G. Ebbinghaus

[cond-mat/0606277] The effect of detachment and attachment to a kink motion in the asymmetric simple exclusion process
Tetsuya Mitsudo ; Hisao Hayakawa

[cond-mat/0606278] Direct measurement of penetration length in ultra-thin and/or mesoscopic superconducting structures
L.Hao ; J.C.Macfarlane ; J.C.Gallop ; S.K.H.Lam

[cond-mat/0606279] Pressure dependence of the exchange interaction in the dimeric single-molecule magnet [Mn4O3Cl4(O2CEt)3(py)3]2 from inelastic neutron scattering
A. Sieber ; D. Foguet-Albiol ; O. Waldmann ; S. T. Ochsenbein ; G. Carver ; H. Mutka ; F. Fernandez-Alonso ; M. Mezouar ; H. P. Weber ; G. Christou ; H. U. Güdel

[cond-mat/0606280] Resonating bipolarons
J. Ranninger ; A. Romano

[cond-mat/0606281] A Primary Noise Thermometer for Ultracold Bose Gases
R. Gati ; J. Esteve ; B. Hemmerling ; T. B. Ottenstein ; J. Appmeier ; A. Weller ; M. K. Oberthaler

[cond-mat/0606282] Phase ordering and symmetries of the Potts model
Miguel Ibanez de Berganza ; Vittorio Loreto ; Alberto Petri

[cond-mat/0606283] Continuous phase transitions with a convex dip in the microcanonical entropy
Hans Behringer ; Michel Pleimling

[cond-mat/0606284] The Raman Fingerprint of Graphene
A. C. Ferrari ; J. C. Meyer ; V. Scardaci ; C. Casiraghi ; Michele Lazzeri ; Francesco Mauri ; S. Piscanec ; Da Jiang ; K. S. Novoselov ; S. Roth ; A. K. Geim ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606285] LDA+DMFT computation of the electronic spectrum of NiO
X. Ren ; I. Leonov ; G. Keller ; M. Kollar ; I. Nekrasov ; D. Vollhardt

[cond-mat/0606286] Defects in CrAs and related compounds: a route to half-metallic ferrimagnetism
I. Galanakis ; K. Ozdogan ; E. Sasioglu ; B. Aktas ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606287] Fermi-liquid versus non-Fermi-liquid behavior in triple quantum dots
Rok Zitko ; Janez Bonca

[cond-mat/0606288] Spontaneous Circulation in Ground-State Spinor Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates
Yuki Kawaguchi ; Hiroki Saito ; Masahito Ueda

[cond-mat/0606289] Resonant Rayleigh scattering from quantum phases of cold electrons in semiconductor heterostructures
S. Luin ; V. Pellegrini ; A. Pinczuk ; B.S. Dennis ; L.N. Pfeiffer ; K.W. West ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606290] Bistable phase control via rocking in a nonlinear electronic oscillator
Javier M. Buldu ; K. Staliunas ; J.A. Casals ; Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo

[cond-mat/0606291] Phase transition and phase diagram at a general filling in the spinless one-dimensional Holstein Model
Sanjoy Datta ; Sudhakar Yarlagadda

[cond-mat/0606292] Bidimensional intermittent search processes: an alternative to Levy flights strategies
O. Benichou ; C. Loverdo ; M. Moreau ; R. Voituriez ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606293] Electrostatic attraction between cationic-anionic assemblies with surface compositional heterogeneities
Y. S. Velichko ; M. Olvera de la Cruz

[cond-mat/0606294] Energy distribution and effective temperatures in a driven dissipative model
Yair Shokef ; Dov Levine ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606295] Partitioning and modularity of graphs with arbitrary degree distribution
Joerg Reichardt ; Stefan Bornholdt ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606296] Instabilities in droplets spreading on gels
Karen E. Daniels ; Shomeek Mukhopadhyay ; Robert P. Behringer ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606297] Unconventional superconducting pairing symmetry induced by phonons
I. Schnell ; I. I. Mazin ; Amy Y. Liu

[cond-mat/0606298] Granular contact forces: proof of "self-ergodicity" by generalizing Boltzmann’s {em stosszahlansatz} and $H$ theorem
Philip T. Metzger

[cond-mat/0606299] Transition from Multifractal to Pure Fractal Spectrum in a Quasiperiodic Hamiltonian
Gerardo G. Naumis ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606300] Interpretation of low-temperature nuclear quadrupole resonance spectra in La(1.875)Ba(0.125)CuO(4) in terms of two-dimensional spin superstructure
Boris V. Fine

[cond-mat/0606301] Q-Dependent Susceptibilities in Ferromagnetic Quasiperiodic Z-Invariant Ising Models
Helen Au-Yang ; Jacques H.H. Perk

[cond-mat/0606302] Nanomachines driven by thermal bath
Zhiping Xu ; Quanshui Zheng ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606303] A Review of the Properties of Nb3Sn and Their Variation with A15 Composition, Morphology and Strain State
A. Godeke

[cond-mat/0606304] Stripes in quasi two dimensional rare-earth tritellurides
Hong Yao ; John A. Robertson ; Eun-Ah Kim ; Steven A. Kivelson

[cond-mat/0606305] Rectifying effect of RF current in single magnetic nanowire
A. Yamaguchi ; T. Ono ; Y. Suzuki ; S. Yuasa ; A. Tulapurkar ; Y. Nakatani

[cond-mat/0606306] Drastic improvement of surface structure and current-carrying ability in YBa2Cu3O7 films by introducing multilayered structure
Alexey V. Pan ; Serhiy Pysarenko ; Shi X. Dou

[cond-mat/0606307] Phase Separation and the Phase Diagram in Cuprates Superconductors
E. V. L. de Mello ; D. H. N. Dias ; Otton Teixeira da Silveira Filho

[cond-mat/0606308] Strong-Coupling Gauge Theory of Nodal Spinons and Antiferromagnetic Phase Transitions
Ikuo Ichinose

[cond-mat/0606309] Hyperfine Interactions in the Heavy Fermion CeMIn_5 Systems
N. J. Curro

[cond-mat/0606310] Realistic, quantitative descriptions of electron-transfer reactions: diabatic free-energy surfaces from first-principles molecular dynamics
P. H.-L. Sit ; Matteo Cococcioni ; Nicola Marzari

[cond-mat/0606311] Photoconductiviy of 2D Rashba system in the perpendicular AC magnetic field
I. I. Lyapilin ; A. E. Patrakov

[cond-mat/0606312] Strong disorder fixed points in the two-dimensional random-bond Ising model
Marco Picco ; Andreas Honecker ; Pierre Pujol ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606313] Kondo screening of a high-spin Nagaoka state in a triangular quantum dot
Akira Oguri ; Yunori Nisikawa ; Yoshihide Tanaka

[cond-mat/0606314] Effective field theory with a $ heta$-vacua structure for 2d spin systems
Akihiro Tanaka ; Xiao Hu

[cond-mat/0606315] Asymptotic and effective coarsening exponents in surface growth models
Paolo Politi ; Alessandro Torcini

[cond-mat/0606316] Transport theory for interacting electrons connected to reservoirs
Akira Oguri

[cond-mat/0606317] Fermi-liquid instabilities at magnetic quantum phase transitions
Hilbert v. Löhneysen ; Achim Rosch ; Matthias Vojta ; Peter Wölfle

[cond-mat/0606318] Intrinsic fluctuations in random lasers
Karen L. van der Molen ; Allard P. Mosk ; Ad Lagendijk

[cond-mat/0606319] Off-diagonal correlations of lattice impenetrable bosons in one dimension
D.M. Gangardt ; G.V. Shlyapnikov

[cond-mat/0606320] High-temperature series for the bond-diluted Ising model in 3, 4 and 5 dimensions
Meik Hellmund ; Wolfhard Janke

[cond-mat/0606321] The conductance of the gated Aharonov - Bohm ring touching a quantum wire
I.A. Shelykh ; N.G. Galkin ; N.T. Bagraev

[cond-mat/0606322] Finite Temperature Phase Diagram of a Two-Component Fermi Gas with Density Imbalance
Lianyi He ; Meng Jin ; Pengfei Zhuang

[cond-mat/0606323] Return times for Gaussian processes with power-law scaling
Piero Olla

[cond-mat/0606324] Peculiar behavior of the electrical resistivity of MnSi at the ferromagnetic phase transition
Alla E. Petrova ; Eric Bauer ; V. Krasnorussky ; Sergei M. Stishov ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606325] Quantum Phase Transitions in the Bosonic Single-Impurity Anderson Model
Hyun-Jung Lee ; Ralf Bulla

[cond-mat/0606326] Coarse Molecular-Dynamics Determination of the Onset of Structural Transitions: Melting of Crystalline Solids
Miguel A. Amat ; Ioannis G. Kevrekidis ; Dimitrios Maroudas

[cond-mat/0606327] Single quantum realization of a collision of two Bose--Einstein condensates
J. Chwedenczuk ; P. Zin ; K. Rzazewski ; M. Trippenbach

[cond-mat/0606328] Electron Dephasing Time in A Two-Dimensional Spin-Polarized System with Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction
D.C. Marinescu ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606329] Numerical entropy and phason elastic constants of plane random tilings with any 2D-fold symmetry
Nicolas Destainville

[cond-mat/0606330] Sarma Phase in Trapped Unbalanced Fermi Gases
K. B. Gubbels ; M. W. J. Romans ; H. T. C. Stoof

[cond-mat/0606331] Comparison of Process of Diffusion of Interstitial Oxygen Atoms and Interstitial Hydrogen Molecules in Silicon and Germanium Crystals: Quantumchemical Simulation
Vasilii Gusakov

[cond-mat/0606332] Internal transitions of quasi-2D charged magneto-excitons in the presence of weak lateral confining potentials
C. J. Meining ; V. R. Whiteside ; B. D. McCombe ; A. B. Dzyubenko ; J. G. Tischler ; A. S. Bracker ; D. Gammon

[cond-mat/0606333] Excited state dynamics in DNA double helices
Eric R. Bittner

[cond-mat/0606334] Incidence of nonextensive thermodynamics in temporal scaling at Feigenbaum points
A. Robledo

[cond-mat/0606335] Mixed state of a lattice d-wave superconductor
Ashot Melikyan ; Zlatko Tesanovic

[cond-mat/0606336] Time Reversal Polarization and a Z_2 Adiabatic Spin Pump
Liang Fu ; C.L. Kane

[cond-mat/0606337] Multipartite Entanglement Signature of Quantum Phase Transitions
Thiago R. de Oliveira ; Gustavo Rigolin ; Marcos C. de Oliveira ; Eduardo Miranda

[cond-mat/0606338] A Review on Optimal Path and Minimal Spanning Trees in Random Weighted Networks
L. A. Braunstein ; Z. Wu ; Y. Chen ; S. V. Buldyrev ; S. Sreenivasan ; T. Kalisky ; R. Cohen ; E. Lopez ; S. Havlin ; H. E. Stanley

[cond-mat/0606339] Magneto-optical investigation of the field-induced spin-glass insulator to ferromagnetic metallic transition of the bilayer manganite (La$_{0.4}$Pr$_{0.6}$)$_{1.2}$Sr$_{1.8}$Mn$_2$O$_7$
J. Cao ; J. T. Haraldsen ; R. C. Rai ; S. Brown ; J. L. Musfeldt ; Y. J. Wang ; X. Wei ; M. Apostu ; R. Suryanarayanan ; A. Revcolevschi

[cond-mat/0606340] Structural and dielectric properties of amorphous ZrO2 and HfO2
Davide Ceresoli ; David Vanderbilt

[cond-mat/0606341] Universal Scaling of the Neel Temperature of Near-Quantum-Critical Quasi-Two-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnets
D. X. Yao ; A. W. Sandvik

[cond-mat/0606342] Interface relaxation in electrophoretic deposition of polymer chains: Effects of segmental dynamics, molecular weight, and field
Frank W. Bentrem ; Jun Xie ; R. B. Pandey

[cond-mat/0606343] A Mechanism for Photoinduced Effects In Tetracyanoethylene-Based Organic Magnets
Serkan Erdin ; Michel van Veenendaal

[cond-mat/0606344] Vortex Chain States in a Ferromagnet/Superconductor Bilayer
Serkan Erdin

[cond-mat/0606345] First-principles quantum simulations of dissociation of molecular condensates: Atom correlations in momentum space
C.M. Savage ; P. Schwenn ; K.V. Kheruntsyan

[cond-mat/0606346] Dynamic Response Functions from Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectra
U. Chatterjee ; D. K. Morr ; M. R. Norman ; M. Randeria ; A. Kanigel ; M. Shi ; E. Rossi ; A. Kaminski ; H. M. Fretwell ; S. Rosenkranz ; K. Kadowaki ; J. C. Campuzano

[cond-mat/0606347] Study of HgBa$_2$CuO$_{4+delta}$ by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
W.S. Lee ; T. Yoshida ; W. Meevasana ; K.M. Shen ; D.H. Lu ; W.L. Yang ; X.J. Zhou ; X. Zhao ; G. Yu ; Y. Cho ; M. Greven ; Z. Hussain ; Z.-X. Shen

[cond-mat/0606348] A non-Hermitian critical point and the correlation length of strongly correlated quantum systems
Yuichi Nakamura ; Naomichi Hatano

[cond-mat/0606349] Elasticity from the Force Network Ensemble in Granular Media
Srdjan Ostojic ; Debabrata Panja

[cond-mat/0606350] Spin-orbit gap of graphene
Yugui Yao ; Fei Ye ; Xiao-Liang Qi ; Shou-Cheng Zhang ; Zhong Fang

[cond-mat/0606351] On boundary conditions for spin diffusion equations with Rashba spin-orbit interaction
O. Bleibaum

[cond-mat/0606352] Lane reduction in driven 2d-colloidal systems through microchannels
M. Köppl ; P. Henseler ; A. Erbe ; P. Nielaba ; P. Leiderer

[cond-mat/0606353] Generalized exclusion statistics and degenerate signature of strongly interacting anyons
M T Batchelor ; X W Guan

[cond-mat/0606354] Linear magnetization dependence of the intrinsic anomalous Hall effect
Changgan Zeng ; Yugui Yao ; Qian Niu ; Hanno H. Weitering ; 10.1103/PhysRevLett.96.037204

[cond-mat/0606355] Observation of a Transition from BCS to HTSC-like Superconductivity in Ba_{1-x}K_xBiO_3 Single Crystals
G.E.Tsydynzhapov ; A.F.Shevchun ; M.R.Trunin ; V.N.Zverev ; D.V.Shovkun ; N.V.Barkovskiy ; L.A.Klinkova

[cond-mat/0606356] Chemical potential shift and spectral weight transfer in Pr$_{1-x}$Ca$_x$MnO$_3$ revealed by photoemission spectroscopy
K. Ebata ; H. Wadati ; M. Takizawa ; A. Fujimori ; A. Chikamatsu ; H. Kumigashira ; M. Oshima ; Y. Tomioka ; Y. Tokura

[cond-mat/0606357] Adhesion of microcapsules
Peter Graf ; Reimar Finken ; Udo Seifert

[cond-mat/0606358] On the problem of the relation between phason elasticity and phason dynamics in quasicrystals
Gerrit Coddens

[cond-mat/0606359] Theory of Light Emission in Sonoluminescence as Thermal Radiation
Wang-Kong Tse ; P.T. Leung

[cond-mat/0606360] The spin-Peierls chain revisited
Georg Hager ; Alexander Weisse ; Gerhard Wellein ; Eric Jeckelmann ; Holger Fehske

[cond-mat/0606361] Thermodynamics for single-molecule stretching experiments
J.M. Rubi ; D. Bedeaux ; S. Kjelstrup

[cond-mat/0606362] Spin filtering through excited states in double quantum dot pumps
Rafael Sánchez ; Ernesto Cota ; Ramón Aguado ; Gloria Platero

[cond-mat/0606363] Nonequivalent operator representations for Bose-condensed systems
V.I. Yukalov

[cond-mat/0606364] On the convergence of multiplicative branching processes in dynamics of fluid flows
D. Volchenkov ; R. Lima

[cond-mat/0606365] Degree distribution of complex networks from statistical mechanics principles
Ginestra Bianconi

[cond-mat/0606366] Role of degeneracy for current hysteresis (switching) of molecular junctions
A. S. Alexandrov ; A.M. Bratkovsky

[cond-mat/0606367] Aging dynamics and the topology of inhomogenous networks
R. Burioni ; D. Cassi ; F. Corberi ; A. Vezzani

[cond-mat/0606368] On in-plane current distribution producing a given axisymmetric distribution of normal-to-plane magnetic field
Yuriy E. Kuzovlev

[cond-mat/0606369] On the Fulde-Ferrell State in Spatially Isotropic Superconductors
Yoji Ohashi

[cond-mat/0606370] Monte Carlo study of the hull distribution for the q=1 Brauer model
Wouter Kager ; Bernard Nienhuis

[cond-mat/0606371] Ferromagnetic ground state by perturbing robust charge ordered manganite: a study on Al-substituted Pr(0.5)Ca(0.5)MnO3
A. Banerjee ; K. Mukherjee ; Kranti Kumar ; P. Chaddah

[cond-mat/0606372] Possibility of superconductivity in graphite intercalated with alkaline earths investigated with density functional theory
Matteo Calandra ; Francesco Mauri

[cond-mat/0606373] Fermi level alignment in molecular nanojunctions and its relation to charge transfer
R. Stadler ; K. W. Jacobsen

[cond-mat/0606374] A single wall carbon nanotube double quantum dot
H. I. Jørgensen ; K. Grove-Rasmussen ; J. R. Hauptmann ; P. E. Lindelof

[cond-mat/0606375] Observation of magnetism in Au thin films
S. Reich ; G. Leitus ; Y. Feldman

[cond-mat/0606376] Qubit measurements with a double-dot detector
T. Gilad ; S.A. Gurvitz

[cond-mat/0606377] A double-dot quantum ratchet driven by an independently biased quantum point contact
V.S. Khrapai ; S. Ludwig ; J.P. Kotthaus ; W. Wegscheider

[cond-mat/0606378] Complex noise in diffusion-limited reactions of replicating and competing species
David Hochberg ; M.-P. Zorzano ; Federico Moran

[cond-mat/0606379] Electronic structure and transport for a laser-field-irradiated quantum wire with Rashba spin-orbit coupling
Guanghui Zhou ; Wenhu Liao

[cond-mat/0606380] Finite Energy Electronic Correlations in Low-Dimensional Systems
D Bozi

[cond-mat/0606381] Resonance eigenstates of the SQUID-qubit system
Alec Maassen van den Brink

[cond-mat/0606382] Localization of evanescent Andreev pairs in a charge density wave
S. Duhot ; R. Mélin

[cond-mat/0606383] Coherent impurity motion in a strongly correlated hard-core boson quantum solid
Efstratios Manousakis

[cond-mat/0606384] Towards a semiclassical justification of the `effective random matrix theory’ for transport through ballistic chaotic quantum dots
Piet W. Brouwer ; Saar Rahav

[cond-mat/0606385] Theory of quantum impurities in spin liquids
Alexei Kolezhuk ; Subir Sachdev ; Rudro R. Biswas ; Peiqiu Chen

[cond-mat/0606386] Quantum Critical Spinon Deconfinement
Zaira Nazario ; David I. Santiago

[cond-mat/0606387] The electron lifetime in Luttinger liquids
Karyn Le Hur

[cond-mat/0606388] On the role of confinement on solidification in pure materials and binary alloys
Badrinarayan P. Athreya ; Jonathan A. Dantzig ; Shan Liu ; Rohit Trivedi

[cond-mat/0606389] Temperature dependence of the spin susceptibility of a clean Fermi gas with repulsion
G. Schwiete ; K. B. Efetov

[cond-mat/0606390] Anisotropy of heat capacity in Pauli limited unconventional superconductors
A. Vorontsov ; I. Vekhter

[cond-mat/0606391] Critical behavior of repulsive linear $k$-mers on triangular lattices
P. M. Pasinetti ; F. Roma ; J. L. Riccardo ; A. J. Ramirez-Pastor

[cond-mat/0606392] D-symmetry Charge Density Waves and Pseudogap in High-$T_{c}$ Cuprates
Jian-Xin Li ; Chang-Qin Wu ; Dung-Hai Lee

[cond-mat/0606393] Effect of disorder on the NMR relaxation rate in two-band superconductors
B. Mitrovic ; K. V. Samokhin

[cond-mat/0606394] Feedback Control and Characterization of a Microcantilever Using Optical Radiation Pressure
D. M. Weld ; A. Kapitulnik

[cond-mat/0606395] Zero valley splitting at zero magnetic field for strained Si/SiGe quantum wells grown on tilted substrates
Paul von Allmen ; Seungwon Lee

[cond-mat/0606396] Coherent Lattice Vibrations in Carbon Nanotubes
Y. S. Lim ; K. J. Yee ; J. H. Kim ; J. Shaver ; E. H. Haroz ; J. Kono ; S. K. Doorn ; R. H. Hauge ; R. E. Smalley

[cond-mat/0606397] Self-assembly of DNA-coded nanoclusters
Nicholas A. Licata ; Alexei V. Tkachenko

[cond-mat/0606398] Landau damping: instability mechanism of superfluid Bose gases moving in optical lattices
Kiyohito Iigaya ; Satoru Konabe ; Ippei Danshita ; Tetsuro Nikuni

[cond-mat/0606399] Statistical Mechanics of DNA-Mediated Colloidal Aggregation
Nicholas A. Licata ; Alexei V. Tkachenko

[cond-mat/0606400] Crystalline-Electric-Field Effect on the Resistivity of Ce-based Heavy Fermion Systems
Yasutaka Nishida ; Atsushi Tsuruta ; Kazumasa Miyake

[cond-mat/0606401] Exact eigenstates of highly frustrated spin lattices probed in high fields
J. Schnack ; H.-J. Schmidt ; A. Honecker ; J. Schulenburg ; J. Richter

[cond-mat/0606402] Revisiting and modeling the magnetism of hole-doped CuO_2 spin chains in Sr{14-x}Ca_xCu_{24}O_{41}
J. Schnack ; R. Klingeler ; V. Kataev ; B. Buechner

[cond-mat/0606403] Interplay between phase defects and spin polarization in the specific heat of the spin density wave compound (TMTTF)_2Br in a magnetic field
R. Mélin ; J.C. Lasjaunias ; S. Sahling ; G. Remenyi ; K. Biljakovic

[cond-mat/0606404] Unresolved problems in superconductivity of CaC6
I. I. Mazin ; L. Boeri ; O.V. Dolgov ; A.A. Golubov ; G.B. Bachelet ; M. Giantomassi ; O.K.Andersen

[cond-mat/0606405] Exploring conformational energy landscape of glassy disaccharides by CPMAS 13C NMR and DFT/GIAO simulations. I. Methodological aspects
Ronan Lefort ; Patrice Bordat ; Attilio Cesaro ; Marc Descamps

[cond-mat/0606406] Quantum criticality in the cubic heavy-fermion system CeIn_{3-x}Sn_x
R. Kuechler ; P. Gegenwart ; J. Custers ; O. Stockert ; N. Caroca-Canales ; C. Geibel ; J.G. Sereni ; F. Steglich

[cond-mat/0606407] Coulomb blockade of Cooper pair tunneling and parity effects in the Cooper pair transistor
S. Corlevi ; W. Guichard ; F.W.J. Hekking ; D.B. Haviland

[cond-mat/0606408] Exploring conformational energy landscape of glassy disaccharides by CPMAS 13C NMR and DFT/GIAO simulations. II. Enhanced molecular flexibility in amorphous trehalose
Ronan Lefort ; Patrice Bordat ; Attilio Cesaro ; Marc Descamps

[cond-mat/0606409] Ground State of a System of N Hard Core Quantum Particles in 1D Box
Yatendra S Jain

[cond-mat/0606410] Effects of Disorder and Momentum Relaxation on the Intertube Transport of Incommensurate Carbon Nanotube Ropes and Multiwall Nanotubes
M. A. Tunney ; N. R. Cooper

[cond-mat/0606411] Unified description of charge and spin excitations of stripes in cuprates
J. Lorenzana ; G. Seibold

[cond-mat/0606412] Soliton like wave packets in quantum wires
P. Singha Deo

[cond-mat/0606413] Electronic Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer for multi-mode entanglement detection
Vittorio Giovannetti ; Diego Frustaglia ; Fabio Taddei ; Rosario Fazio

[cond-mat/0606414] Multiple transitions of the spin configuration in quantum dots
M. C. Rogge ; C. Fuhner ; R. J. Haug

[cond-mat/0606415] Charge-dependent migration pathways for the Ga vacancy in GaAs
Fedwa El-Mellouhi ; Normand Mousseau

[cond-mat/0606416] Mixing of ultracold atomic clouds by merging of two magnetic traps
Jesper Fevre Bertelsen ; Henrik Kjaer Andersen ; Sune Mai ; Michael Budde

[cond-mat/0606417] Valency Configuration of Transition Metal Impurities in ZnO
L. Petit ; T.C. Schulthess ; A. Svane ; W.M. Temmerman ; Z. Szotek ; A. Janotti

[cond-mat/0606418] Microscopic Reversibility, Space-Filling, and Internal Stress in Strong Glasses
J. C. Phillips

[cond-mat/0606419] Optical spin pumping of modulation doped electrons probed by a two-color Kerr rotation technique
H. Hoffmann ; G. V. Astakhov ; T. Kiessling ; W. Ossau ; G. Karczewski ; T. Wojtowicz ; J. Kossut ; L. W. Molenkamp

[cond-mat/0606420] Ferromagnetic -spin glass transition induced by pressure in Gd$_2$Mo$_2$O$_7$
I. Mirebeau ; A. Apetrei ; I. Goncharenko ; D. Andreica ; P. Bonville ; J. P. Sanchez ; A. Amato ; E. Suard ; W. A. Crichton

[cond-mat/0606421] The mixed-valent manganese [3 x 3] grid [Mn(III)4Mn(II)5(2poap-2H)6](ClO4)10.10H2O, a mesoscopic spin-1/2 cluster
O. Waldmann ; H. U. Güdel ; T. L. Kelly ; L. K. Thompson

[cond-mat/0606422] Supramolecular Co(II)-[2 x 2] grids: Metamagnetic behavior in a single molecule
O. Waldmann ; M. Ruben ; U. Ziener ; P. Müller ; J. M. Lehn

[cond-mat/0606423] Elastically Relaxed Free-standing Strained-Si Nanomembranes
Michelle M. Roberts ; Levente J. Klein ; Don E. Savage ; Keith A. Slinker ; Mark Friesen ; George Celler ; Mark A. Eriksson ; Max G. Lagally

[cond-mat/0606424] Angle-resolved photoemission study of cobalt oxide superconductor NaxCoO2.yH2O : Observation of the Fermi surface
T. Shimojima ; K. Ishizaka ; S. Tsuda ; T. Kiss ; T. Yokoya ; A. Chainani ; S. Shin ; P. Badica ; K. Yamada ; K. Togano

[cond-mat/0606425] On Equilibrium Dynamics of Spin-Glass Systems
A. Crisanti ; L. Leuzzi

[cond-mat/0606426] Large enhancement of the thermopower in Na$_x$CoO$_2$ at high Na doping
Minhyea Lee ; Liliana Viciu ; Lu Li ; Yayu Wang ; M. L. Foo ; S. Watauchi ; R. A. Pascal Jr. ; R. J. Cava ; N. P. Ong

[cond-mat/0606427] Low temperature photoluminescence imaging and time-resolved spectroscopy of single CdS nanowires
L.V. Titova ; Thang Ba Hoang ; H.E. Jackson ; L.M. Smith ; J.M. Yarrison-Rice ; J.L. Lensch ; L.J. Lauhon

[cond-mat/0606428] Temperature dependent photoluminescence of single CdS nanowires
Thang Ba Hoang ; L.V. Titova ; H.E. Jackson ; L.M. Smith ; J. M. Yarrison-Rice ; J.L. Lensch ; L.J. Lauhon

[cond-mat/0606429] Two New Vortex Liquids
Philip W Anderson

[cond-mat/0606430] Continuous and Pulsed Quantum Zeno Effect
Erik W. Streed ; Jongchul Mun ; Micah Boyd ; Gretchen K. Campbell ; Patrick Medley ; Wolfgang Ketterle ; David E. Pritchard

[cond-mat/0606431] Competing ferromagnetism in high temperature copper oxide superconductors
Angela Kopp ; Amit Ghosal ; Sudip Chakravarty

[cond-mat/0606432] Observation of Phase Separation in a Strongly-Interacting Imbalanced Fermi Gas
Y. Shin ; M. W. Zwierlein ; C. H. Schunck ; A. Schirotzek ; W. Ketterle

[cond-mat/0606433] Classical Ring-exchange Processes on the Triangular Lattice
June Seo Kim ; Jung Hoon Han

[cond-mat/0606434] Theory of Four-dimensional Fractional Quantum Hall States
Chyh-Hong Chern ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606435] About the relation between the quasiparticle Green’s function in cuprates obtained from ARPES data and the magnetic susceptibility
D. S. Inosov ; S. V. Borisenko ; I. Eremin ; A. A. Kordyuk ; V.B. Zabolotnyy ; J. Geck ; A. Koitzsch ; J. Fink ; M. Knupfer ; B. Büchner

[cond-mat/0606436] Entanglement entropy beyond the free case
T. Barthel ; S. Dusuel ; J. Vidal

[cond-mat/0606437] Electronic Aharonov-Bohm Effect Induced by Quantum Vibrations
R. I. Shekhter ; L. Y. Gorelik ; L. I. Glazman ; M. Jonson

[cond-mat/0606438] Electronic states of laterally coupled quantum rings
J. Planelles ; F. Rajadell ; J.I. Climente ; M. Royo ; J.L. Movilla

[cond-mat/0606439] An efficient sampling algorithm for Variational Monte Carlo
Anthony Scemama ; Tony Lelièvre ; Gabriel Stoltz ; Eric Cancès ; Michel Caffarel

[cond-mat/0606440] Effect of Ga doping on magnetotransport properties in collosal magnetoresistive La0.7Ca0.3Mn1-xGaxO3 (0 < x < 0.1)
Marek Pekala ; Jan Mucha ; Benedicte Vertruyen ; Rudi Cloots ; Marcel Ausloos

[cond-mat/0606441] Unravelling the origin of the controversial magnetic properties of BiFeO3 thin films
Helene Bea ; Manuel Bibes ; Eric Jacquet ; Karsten Rode ; Peter Bencok ; Agnes Barthelemy

[cond-mat/0606442] Tsallis nonextensive statistical mechanics of El Nino Southern Oscillation Index
M. Ausloos ; F. Petroni

[cond-mat/0606443] Crossover from reptation to Rouse dynamics in a one-dimensional model
Andrzej Drzewinski ; J. M. J. van Leeuwen

[cond-mat/0606444] Multiferroic tunnel junctions
Martin Gajek ; Manuel Bibes ; Stephane Fusil ; Karim Bouzehouane ; Josep Fontcuberta ; Agnes Barthelemy ; Albert Fert ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606445] Orbitally driven spin-singlet dimerization in $S$=1 La$_{4}$Ru$_{2}$O$_{10}$
Hua Wu ; Z. Hu ; T. Burnus ; J. D. Denlinger ; P. G. Khalifah ; D. Mandrus ; L.-Y. Jang ; H. H. Hsieh ; A. Tanaka ; K. S. Liang ; J. W. Allen ; R. J. Cava ; D. I. Khomskii ; L. H. Tjeng

[cond-mat/0606446] Transition of memory in paste : Its visualization as crack pattern
Akio Nakahara ; Yousuke Matsuo

[cond-mat/0606447] On the surface critical behaviour in Ising strips: density-matrix renormalization-group study
A. Drzewinski ; A. Maciolek ; K. Szota

[cond-mat/0606448] Generating functional analysis of batch minority games with arbitrary strategy numbers
N. Shayeghi ; A.C.C. Coolen

[cond-mat/0606449] Nonlocal vortex motion in mesoscopic amorphous Nb0.7Ge0.3 structures
A. Helzel ; I. Kokanovic ; D. Babic ; L. V. Litvin ; F. Rohlfing ; F. Otto ; C. Surgers ; C. Strunk

[cond-mat/0606450] Contact processes with long-range interactions
F. Ginelli ; H. Hinrichsen ; R. Livi ; D. Mukamel ; A. Torcini

[cond-mat/0606451] Chemical pressure and hidden one-dimensional behavior in rare earth tri-telluride charge density wave compounds
A. Sacchetti ; L. Degiorgi ; T. Giamarchi ; N. Ru ; I.R. Fisher

[cond-mat/0606452] An iron(III) phosphonate cluster containing a nonanuclear ring
H. C. Yao ; J. J. Wang ; Y. S. Ma ; O. Waldmann ; W. X. Du ; Y. Song ; Y. Z. Li ; L. M. Zheng ; S. Decurtins ; X. Q. Xin

[cond-mat/0606453] Universal scaling behavior of the single electron box in the strong tunneling limit
Sergei L. Lukyanov ; Philipp Werner ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606454] Random walks, Avalanches and branching processes
J. C. Kimball ; H.L. Frisch

[cond-mat/0606455] Cluster Formation of Clay-like Colloids in Shear Flow
Martin Hecht ; Jens Harting ; Hans J. Herrmann

[cond-mat/0606456] Remanence and switching sensitivity in nanodot magnetic arrays
Przemyslaw Gawronski ; Krzysztof Kulakowski

[cond-mat/0606457] Coulomb blockade effects in driven electron transport
Franz J. Kaiser ; Peter Hänggi ; Sigmund Kohler

[cond-mat/0606458] On the Use of Local Diffusion Models for Path Ensemble Averaging in Potential of Mean Force Computations
Christopher P. Calderon

[cond-mat/0606459] Phase transition in a static granular system
Matthias Schröter ; Sibylle Nägle ; Charles Radin ; Harry L. Swinney

[cond-mat/0606460] Orbitally quantized density-wave states perturbed from equilibrium
N. Harrison ; R. D. McDonald ; J. Singleton

[cond-mat/0606461] Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene
Csaba Toke ; Paul E. Lammert ; Jainendra K. Jain ; Vincent H. Crespi ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606462] Spin transfer in an antiferromagnet
Z. Wei ; A. Sharma ; A. S. Nunez ; P. M. Haney ; R. A. Duine ; J. Bass ; A. H. MacDonald ; M. Tsoi

[cond-mat/0606463] Elastomeric carbon nanotube circuits for local strain sensing
H. Maune ; M. Bockrath ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606464] The thermally activated motion of vortex bundles and the anomalous Hall effect in type-II conventional and hgihg-Tc superconductors
Wei Yeu Chen ; Ming Ju Chou

[cond-mat/0606465] Heat transport in harmonic lattices
Abhishek Dhar ; Dibyendu Roy

[cond-mat/0606466] Slow dynamics, aging, and glassy rheology in soft and living matter
Ranjini Bandyopadhyay ; Dennis Liang ; James L. Harden ; Robert L. Leheny

[cond-mat/0606467] The effect of electron-electron interactions on the conditions of surface state existence
Jaroslaw Klos

[cond-mat/0606468] Electron states in the quantum wire with periodic serial structure
Jaroslaw Klos

[cond-mat/0606469] Collective Coordinate Control of Density Distributions
Obioma Uche ; Salvatore Torquato ; Frank Stillinger

[cond-mat/0606470] Superconductivity on the honeycomb lattice: Semimetal-to-superconductor transition and BCS-BEC crossover
Erhai Zhao ; Arun Paramekanti

[cond-mat/0606471] Studies of bosons in optical lattices in a harmonic potential
R. Ramakumar ; A. N. Das ; S. Sil

[cond-mat/0606472] Anomalous Hall Effect in non-commutative mechanics
P. A. Horvathy

[cond-mat/0606473] Cotunneling and one-dimensional localization in individual single-wall carbon nanotubes
B. Gao ; D.C. Glattli ; B. Placais ; A. Bachtold

[cond-mat/0606474] Diameter and Chirality Dependence of Exciton Properties in Carbon Nanotubes
Rodrigo B. Capaz ; Catalin D. Spataru ; Sohrab Ismail-Beigi ; Steven G. Louie ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606475] In-plane hole density in Ca(0.1)La(0.9)Ba(1.65)La(0.35)Cu(3)O(y) ; nuclear resonance study over the full doping range
Amit Kanigel ; Amit Keren

[cond-mat/0606476] A photonic bandgap resonator to facilitate GHz frequency conductivity experiments in pulsed magnetic fields
R.D. McDonald ; J. Singleton ; P.A. Goddard ; N. Harrison ; C.H. Mielke

[cond-mat/0606477] Entropy, Nonequilibrium, Chaos and Infinitesimals
Giovanni Gallavotti

[cond-mat/0606478] Properties of the Nearly Free Electron Superconductor Ag5Pb2O6 Inferred from Fermi Surface Measurements
P. D. A. Mann ; M. Sutherland ; C. Bergemann ; S. Yonezawa ; Y. Maeno

[cond-mat/0606479] Ginzburg-Landau equation and vortex liquid phase of Fermi liquid superconductors
Tai-Kai Ng ; Wai-Tak Tse

[cond-mat/0606480] Magnetotransport in a double quantum wire
Vidar Gudmundsson ; Chi-Shung Tang

[cond-mat/0606481] Decoherence of flux qubits due to 1/f flux noise
F. Yoshihara ; K. Harrabi ; A. O. Niskanen ; Y. Nakamura ; J. S. Tsai ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606482] Twist angle effects on the dynamic response of in-plane-switching liquid crystal displays
Yubao Sun ; Hongmei Ma ; Zhidong Zhang ; Xinyu Zhu ; Shin-Tson Wu

[cond-mat/0606483] Exchange bias and asymmetric hysteresis loops from a microscopic model of core/shell nanoparticles
Oscar Iglesias ; Xavier Batlle ; Amilcar Labarta

[cond-mat/0606484] Gapless Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Approximation for Bose Gases
V.I. Yukalov ; H. Kleinert

[cond-mat/0606485] Magnetic phase diagram of the Kondo lattice model with quantum localized spins
J. Kienert ; W. Nolting

[cond-mat/0606486] Temperature induced phase averaging in mesoscopic systems
Severin Jakobs ; Volker Meden ; Herbert Schoeller ; Tilman Enss

[cond-mat/0606487] One-dimensional nonrelativistic and relativistic Brownian motions: A microscopic collision model
Jörn Dunkel ; Peter Hänggi

[cond-mat/0606488] Antisite effect on ferromagnetism in (Ga,Mn)As
R. C. Myers ; B. L. Sheu ; A. W. Jackson ; A. C. Gossard ; P. Schiffer ; N. Samarth ; D. D. Awschalom

[cond-mat/0606489] Point-like spin-dependent interaction in calculations of self-energy ladder diagrams
I. A. Nechaev ; I. Nagy ; P. M. Echenique ; E. V. Chulkov

[cond-mat/0606490] Spin Diffusion in Trapped Gases: Anisotropy in Dipole and Quadrupole Modes
W. J. Mullin ; R. J. Ragan

[cond-mat/0606491] Effect of the four-sheet Fermi surface on magnetoresistivity of MgB2
I. Pallecchi ; M. Monni ; C.Ferdeghini ; V.Ferrando ; M.Putti ; C.Tarantini ; E. Galleani D’Agliano

[cond-mat/0606492] High-field magnetoresistive effects in reduced-dimensionality organic metals and superconductors
J. Singleton ; R.D. McDonald ; N. Harrison

[cond-mat/0606493] Metallic State in Cubic FeGe beyond its Quantum Phase Transition
P. Pedrazzini ; H. Wilhelm ; D. Jaccard ; T. Jarlborg ; M. Schmidt ; M. Hanfland ; L. Akselrud ; H. Q. Yuan ; U. Schwarz ; Yu. Grin ; F. Steglich

[cond-mat/0606494] Hot Electron Bolometer Development for a Submillimeter Heterodyne Array Camera
Matthew O. Reese ; Daniel F. Santavicca ; Luigi Frunzio ; Daniel E. Prober

[cond-mat/0606495] On the number of clusters for planar graphs
Jean-Michel Billiot ; Franck Corset ; Eric Fontenas

[cond-mat/0606496] High-frequency effects in the FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron model
David Cubero ; José Pablo Baltanás ; Jesús Casado-Pascual

[cond-mat/0606497] Time-convolutionless master equation for mesoscopic electron-phonon systems
Andrey Pereverzev ; Eric R. Bittner ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606498] Giant current-driven domain wall mobility in (Ga,Mn)As
Anh Kiet Nguyen ; Hans Joakim Skadsem ; Arne Brataas ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606499] Magnetic Excitations of the 2-D Sm Spin Layers in Sm(La,Sr)CuO4
F. Ronning ; C. Capan ; N.O. Moreno ; J.D. Thompson ; L.N. Bulaevskii ; R. Movshovich ; D. van der Marel

[cond-mat/0606500] Spin-Orbit Coupling and Tunneling Current in a Parabolic Quantum Dot
Hong-Yi Chen ; Vadim Apalkov ; Tapash Chakraborty ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606501] Necklace-Cloverleaf Transition in Associating RNA-like Diblock Copolymers
M.V. Tamm ; S.K. Nechaev

[cond-mat/0606502] Fabrication of stable Pd nanowire assisted by hydrogen in solution
Manabu Kiguchi ; Kei Murakoshi

[cond-mat/0606503] Giant tunnel magnetoresistance and high annealing stability in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions with synthetic pinned layer
Young Min Lee ; Jun Hayakawa ; Shoji Ikeda ; Fumihiro Matsukura ; Hideo Ohno

[cond-mat/0606504] Intrinsic and Rashba Spin-orbit Interactions in Graphene Sheets
Hongki Min ; J.E. Hill ; N.A. Sinitsyn ; B.R. Sahu ; Lenonard Kleinman ; A.H. MacDonald

[cond-mat/0606505] Photon-assisted electron transport in graphene
B. Trauzettel ; Ya. M. Blanter ; A. F. Morpurgo

[cond-mat/0606506] The status of the quantum dissipation-fluctuation relation and Langevin equation
J. C. Taylor

[cond-mat/0606507] Relevant components in critical random Boolean networks
V. Kaufman ; B. Drossel

[cond-mat/0606508] Dilution dependence of blocking temperature distribution in the exchange bias system CoO(111)/Co(111)
M. R. Ghadimi ; M. Fecioru-Morariu ; B. Beschoten ; G. Guentherodt

[cond-mat/0606509] Thermodynamics of traffic flow
R. Mahnke ; J. Kaupuzs ; J. Hinkel ; H. Weber

[cond-mat/0606510] Localization properties of driven disordered one-dimensional systems
Dario F. Martinez ; Rafael A. Molina

[cond-mat/0606511] A Thermostat for Molecular Dynamics of Complex Fluids
Michael P. Allen ; Friederike Schmid

[cond-mat/0606512] Theory of the Franck-Condon blockade
Jens Koch ; Felix von Oppen ; A. V. Andreev

[cond-mat/0606513] The 0 and the pi phase Josephson coupling through an insulating barrier with magnetic impurities
O. Vavra ; S. Gazi ; D. S. Golubovic ; I. Vavra ; J. Derer ; J. Verbeeck ; G. Van Tendeloo ; V. V. Moshchalkov

[cond-mat/0606514] Magnetic-field-induced binding of few-electron systems in shallow quantum dots
B. Szafran ; S. Bednarek ; F.M. Peeters ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606515] Real-space renormalisation group approach to driven diffusive systems
T. Hanney ; R. B. Stinchcombe

[cond-mat/0606516] Polymer packaging and ejection in viral capsids: shape matters
I. Ali ; D. Marenduzzo ; J. M. Yeomans

[cond-mat/0606517] Phase study of oscillatory resistances in high mobility GaAs/AlGaAs devices: Indications of a new class of integral quantum Hall effect
R. G. Mani ; W. B. Johnson ; V. Umansky ; V. Narayanamurti ; K. Ploog ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606518] X-ray absorption spectroscopy on layered cobaltates Na_xCoO_2
T. Kroll ; M. Knupfer ; J. Geck ; C. Hess ; T. Schwieger ; G. Krabbes ; C. Sekar ; D.R. Batchelor ; H. Berger ; B. Buechner

[cond-mat/0606519] Effect of the pseudogap on the uniform magnetic susceptibility of Y1-xCaxBa2Cu3O7-d
S. H. Naqib ; J. R. Cooper

[cond-mat/0606520] Magnetic field dependence of the temperature derivative of resistivity: a probe for distinguishing the effects of pseudogap and superconducting fluctuations in cuprates
S. H. Naqib ; J. R. Cooper ; R. S. Islam

[cond-mat/0606521] Layered superconductors with long-range Josephson couplings
M.Sztyren ; cond-mat/0312673 ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606522] Conductivity in glass phases of disordered granular superconductors in magnetic fields
Ryusuke Ikeda

[cond-mat/0606523] Comparison between ab-initio and phenomenological modeling of the exchange couplings in diluted magnetic semiconductors: the case of $Zn_{1-x}Cr_{x}Te$
Georges ~Bouzerar ; Richard Bouzerar ; Josef ~Kudrnovský ; Timothy Ziman

[cond-mat/0606524] Orthorhombic to tetragonal phase transition and superconductivity in the Ba2Cu3O4Cl2 compound
M. S. da Luz ; C. A. M. dos Santos ; B. Ferreira ; A. J. S. Machado

[cond-mat/0606525] Compensation, interstitial defects and ferromagnetism in diluted semiconductors
Georges ~Bouzerar ; Timothy Ziman ; Josef Kudrnovský ; 10.1103/PhysRevB.72.125207 ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606526] Relevance of initial and final conditions for the Fluctuation Relation in Markov processes
Andrea Puglisi ; Lamberto Rondoni ; Angelo Vulpiani

[cond-mat/0606527] Experimental Investigations of Elastic Tail Propulsion at Low Reynolds Number
Tony S. Yu ; Eric Lauga ; A. E. Hosoi ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606528] Comment on ’’Superconducting decay length in a ferromagnetic metal’’
A.F. Volkov ; F.S. Bergeret ; K.B.Efetov ; cond-mat/0605137 ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606529] Superconductivity in Cu_xTiSe_2
E. Morosan ; H. W. Zandbergen ; B. S. Dennis ; J. W. G. Bos ; Y. Onose ; T. Klimczuk ; A. P. Ramirez ; N. P. Ong ; R. J. Cava

[cond-mat/0606530] Calculations of the dynamical critical exponent using the asymptotic series summation method
V. V. Prudnikov ; P. V. Prudnikov ; A. S. Krinitsyn

[cond-mat/0606531] Resonant Tunneling Magneto Resistance in Coupled Quantum Wells
Christian Ertler ; Jaroslav Fabian

[cond-mat/0606532] Magnetic Percolation and the Phase Diagram of the Disordered RKKY model
D. J. Priour Jr. ; S. Das Sarma

[cond-mat/0606533] Ab initio study of the influence of adsorbed atoms on vacancy-induced magnetic moments in graphene sheets
Rodrigo Yoshikawa Oeiras ; Marcos Veríssimo-Alves ; Fernando M. Araújo-Moreira ; Ricardo Faccio ; Helena Pardo ; Alvaro W. Mombrú

[cond-mat/0606534] A new challenge for time-dependent density-functional theory
Meta van Faassen ; Kieron Burke

[cond-mat/0606535] Andreev reflection spectroscopy of the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn$_5$ along three different crystallographic orientations
Wan Kyu Park ; Laura H. Greene ; John L. Sarrao ; Joe D. Thompson

[cond-mat/0606536] Polarization dependence of x-ray absorption spectra in Na_xCoO_2
T. Kroll ; A.A. Aligia ; G.A. Sawatzky

[cond-mat/0606537] Origin of Strong Coupling in Lithium under Pressure
Deepa Kasinathan ; K. Koepernik ; J. Kunes ; H. Rosner ; W.E. Pickett

[cond-mat/0606538] Strong Electron-Phonon Coupling in Yttrium under Pressure
Z. P. Yin ; S. Y. Savrasov ; W. E. Pickett

[cond-mat/0606539] Glasslike vs. crystalline thermal conductivity in carrier-tuned Ba8Ga16X30 clathrates (X = Ge, Sn)
M. A. Avila ; K. Suekuni ; K. Umeo ; H. Fukuoka ; S. Yamanaka ; T. Takabatake

[cond-mat/0606540] Axicon Lens for Coherent Matter Waves
S. R. Muniz ; S. D. Jenkins ; T. A. B. Kennedy ; D. S. Naik ; C. Raman

[cond-mat/0606541] First-Principles Study on Electron-Conduction Properties of C$_{60}$ Chains
Tomoya Ono ; Kikuji Hirose

[cond-mat/0606542] Magnetic anisotropies and magnetization reversal of the Co$_2$Cr$_{0.6}$Fe$_{0.4}$Al Heusler compound
J. Hamrle ; S. Blomeier ; O. Gaier ; B. Hillebrands ; R. Schafer ; M. Jourdan

[cond-mat/0606543] Superfluidity versus localization in bulk 4He at zero temperature
C. Cazorla ; J. Boronat

[cond-mat/0606544] Molecular Self-Assembly of Jointed Molecules on a Metallic Substrate: From Single Molecule to Monolayer
T. Zambelli ; S. Goudeau ; J. Lagoute ; A. Gourdon ; X. Bouju ; S. Gauthier ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606545] Microscopic model for multiple flux transitions in mesoscopic superconducting loops
D. Y. Vodolazov ; F. M. Peeters ; T. T. Hongisto ; A. Yu. Arutyunov

[cond-mat/0606546] Transient magnetoconductivity of photoexcited electrons
O.E. Raichev ; F.T. Vasko

[cond-mat/0606547] Current-excited magnetization dynamics in narrow ferromagnetic wires
Yoshihiko Togawa ; Takashi Kimura ; Ken Harada ; Tetsuya Akashi ; Tsuyoshi Matsuda ; Akira Tonomura ; Yoshichika Otani

[cond-mat/0606548] Phonon Squeezing in a Superconducting Molecular Transistor
A. Zazunov ; D. Feinberg ; Thierry Martin ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606549] Quantum Dynamics of Spin Wave Propagation Through Domain Walls
S. Yuan ; H. De Raedt ; S. Miyashita ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606550] Quantum computing with spins in solids
W. A. Coish ; Daniel Loss

[cond-mat/0606551] Spin Glass and ferromagnetism in disordered Cerium compounds
S. G. Magalhaes ; F. M. Zimmer ; P. R. Krebs ; B. Coqblin

[cond-mat/0606552] Evidence of s-Wave Subdominant Order Parameter in YBCO from Break Junction Tunneling Spectra
A.I.Akimenko ; F.Bobba ; F.Giubileo ; V.Gudimenko ; A.Scarfato ; A.M.Cucolo

[cond-mat/0606553] Antiferromagnetic Ising spin glass competing with BCS pairing interaction in a transverse field
S.G. Magalhaes ; F.M. Zimmer ; C.J. Kipper ; E.J. Callegari

[cond-mat/0606554] Input-output theory of cavities in the ultra-strong coupling regime: the case of a time-independent vacuum Rabi frequency
Cristiano Ciuti ; Iacopo Carusotto ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606555] Signal Amplification in NbN Superconducting Resonators via Stochastic Resonance
Baleegh Abdo ; Eran Arbel-Segev ; Oleg Shtempluck ; Eyal Buks

[cond-mat/0606556] Death of linear response and field-induced dispersion in subdiffusion
I.M. Sokolov ; J. Klafter

[cond-mat/0606557] Electronic spectrum in cuprates within p-d Hubbard model
N. Plakida ; V. Oudovenko

[cond-mat/0606558] Confined states and direction-dependent transmission in graphene quantum wells
J. Milton Pereira Jr. ; V. Mlinar ; F. M. Peeters ; P. Vasilopoulos

[cond-mat/0606559] Modeling of Self-Healing Polymer Composites Reinforced with Nanoporous Glass Fibers
Vladimir Privman ; Alexander Dementsov ; Igor Sokolov

[cond-mat/0606560] Phase-slip avalanches in the superflow of $^4$He through arrays of nanopores
David Pekker ; Roman Barankov ; Paul M. Goldbart

[cond-mat/0606561] Circuit theory of crossed Andreev reflection
Jan Petter Morten ; Arne Brataas ; Wolfgang Belzig

[cond-mat/0606562] Effect of field dependent core size on reversible magnetization of high-$kappa$ superconductors
V. G. Kogan ; R. Prozorov ; S. L. Bud’ko ; P. C. Canfield ; J. R. Thompson ; J. Karpinski ; N. D. Zhigadlo ; P. Miranovi’c ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606563] Lattice dynamics study in PbWO4 under high pressure
F.J. Manjon ; D. Errandonea ; N. Garro ; J. Pellicer-Porres ; J. Lopez-Solano ; P. Rodriguez-Hernandez ; S. Radescu ; A. Mujica ; A. Munoz

[cond-mat/0606564] MgB2 thick film with TC = 40.2 K deposited on sapphire substrate
Kaicheng Zhang ; Li-li Ding ; Cheng-gang Zhuang ; Li-ping Chen ; Chinping. Chen* ; Qing-rong Feng

[cond-mat/0606565] Enhanced low field magnetoresistance of Fe3O4 nano-sphere compact
P.Y. Song ; J.F. Wang ; C.P. Chen ; H. Deng ; Y.D. Li

[cond-mat/0606566] Giant suppression of the Drude conductivity due to quantum interference in disordered two-dimensional systems
G.M. Minkov ; A.V. Germanenko ; O.E. Rut ; A.A. Sherstobitov ; B.N. Zvonkov

[cond-mat/0606567] Peierls Instability and Electron-Phonon Coupling in a One-dimensional Sodium Wire
Prasenjit Sen ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606568] High-pressure synthesis and superconductivity of Ca2-xNaxCuO2Cl2
N.D. Zhigadlo ; J. Karpinski

[cond-mat/0606569] Critical Temperature of a Chromium Condensate
Konstantin Glaum ; Axel Pelster ; Hagen Kleinert ; Tilman Pfau ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606570] Multiscale Monte Carlo for simple fluids
A. C. Maggs

[cond-mat/0606571] Macro-orbitals and microscopic theory of a system of interacting bosons
Yatendra S. Jain

[cond-mat/0606572] Fermi-liquid effects in the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state of two-dimensional d-wave superconductors
Anton B. Vorontsov ; Matthias J. Graf

[cond-mat/0606573] Metal-insulator transition in Nd$_{1-x}$Eu$_{x}$NiO$_{3}$ compounds
M. T. Escote ; V. B. Barbeta ; R. F. Jardim ; J. Campo

[cond-mat/0606574] Crossover from stationary to aging regime in glassy dynamics
Alexey Andreanov ; Alexandre Lefèvre

[cond-mat/0606575] Better synchronizability predicted by a new coupling method
Ming Zhao ; Tao Zhou ; Bing-Hong Wang ; Qing Ou ; Jie Ren

[cond-mat/0606576] Effects of Weak Links in the Nonlinear Microwave Response of MgB2 Superconductor
A. Agliolo Gallitto ; G. Bonsignore ; G. Giunchi ; M. Li Vigni

[cond-mat/0606577] Necessary Conditions on Realizable Two-Point Correlation Functions of Random Media
Salvatore Torquato

[cond-mat/0606578] Impurity scattering in unconventional density waves: non-crossing approximation for arbitrary scattering rate
Andras Vanyolos ; Balazs Dora ; Kazumi Maki ; Attila Virosztek

[cond-mat/0606579] Coexistence diameter in two-dimensional colloid-polymer mixtures
R.L.C.Vink ; H.H. Wensink

[cond-mat/0606580] Spin-orbit coupling in curved graphene, fullerenes, nanotubes, and nanotube caps
D. Huertas-Hernando ; F. Guinea ; A. Brataas

[cond-mat/0606581] Kondo effect in an asymmetric Josephson coupling through a quantum dot
Yoshihide Tanaka ; Akira Oguri ; A. C. Hewson

[cond-mat/0606582] Quantum phases of correlated electrons in artificial molecules under magnetic fields
Devis Bellucci ; Massimo Rontani ; Guido Goldoni ; Elisa Molinari

[cond-mat/0606583] Scanned gate microscopy of a one-dimensional quantum dot
Lingfeng M. Zhang ; Michael M. Fogler

[cond-mat/0606584] On Irregular Interconnect Fabrics for Self-Assembled Nanoscale Electronics
Christof Teuscher

[cond-mat/0606585] Inclusion of phonon exchange in a nuclear matrix element
Irfan Chaudhary ; Peter Hagelstein

[cond-mat/0606586] Nano-wires with surface disorder: Giant localization lengths and quantum-to-classical crossover
J. Feist ; A. Bäcker ; R. Ketzmerick ; S. Rotter ; B. Huckestein ; J. Burgdörfer

[cond-mat/0606587] The voltage-controlled superconducting flux qubit
Luca Chirolli ; Guido Burkard

[cond-mat/0606588] Contact of Single Asperities with Varying Adhesion: Comparing Continuum Mechanics to Atomistic Simulations
Binquan Luan ; Mark O. Robbins ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606589] Quantum transport of massless Dirac fermions in graphene
Kentaro Nomura ; A.H. MacDonald

[cond-mat/0606590] Semiconductor-metal nanoparticle molecules: hybrid excitons and non-linear Fano effect
Wei Zhang ; Alexander O. Govorov ; Garnett W. Bryant

[cond-mat/0606591] Stochastic dynamics of adhesion catch-slip bond cluster
Fei Liu ; Zhong-can Ou-Yang

[cond-mat/0606592] Formation of spatial shell structures in the superfluid to Mott insulator transition
Simon Foelling ; Artur Widera ; Torben Mueller ; Fabrice Gerbier ; Immanuel Bloch ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606593] Raman scattering from high frequency phonons in supported n-graphene layer films
Awnish Gupta ; Gugang Chen ; P. Joshi ; S. Tadigadapa ; P.C. Eklund

[cond-mat/0606594] Planar hole-doping concentration and effective three-dimensional hole-doping concentration for single-layer high-$T_c$ superconductors
Tatsuya Honma ; Pei Herng Hor

[cond-mat/0606595] Scaling approach to related disordered stochastic and free-fermion models
R. J. Harris ; R. B. Stinchcombe

[cond-mat/0606596] Resonant X-ray diffraction studies on the charge ordering in magnetite
E. Nazarenko ; J.E. Lorenzo ; Y. Joly ; J.L. Hodeau ; D. Mannix ; C. Marin

[cond-mat/0606597] Magnetic fullerenes inside single-wall carbon nanotubes
F. Simon ; H. Kuzmany ; B. Nafradi ; T. Feher ; L. Forro ; F. Fulop ; A. Janossy ; L. Korecz ; A. Rockenbauer ; F. Hauke ; A. Hirsch ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606598] Dynamical spin chirality and spin anisotropy in gapped S=1/2 quantum systems
J.E. Lorenzo ; C. Boullier ; L.P. Regnault ; U. Ammerahl ; A. Revcolevschi

[cond-mat/0606599] The fundamental role of superconducting quasiparticle coherence in cuprate superconductors
Shiping Feng ; Huaiming Guo

[cond-mat/0606600] Electronic transport in Si nanowires: Role of bulk and surface disorder
Troels Markussen ; Riccardo Rurali ; Mads Brandbyge ; Antti-Pekka Jauho

[cond-mat/0606601] Effective phonons in anharmonic lattices: anomalous vs normal heat conduction
Nianbei Li ; Peiqing Tong ; Baowen Li

[cond-mat/0606602] EPR spectrum via entangled states for an Exchange-Coupled Dimer of Single-Molecule Magnets
Xu Chang-Tan ; Liang J-Q

[cond-mat/0606603] Mesoscopic Charge Relaxation
Simon E. Nigg ; Rosa Lopez ; Markus Buttiker

[cond-mat/0606604] NiO - from first principles
R. J. Radwanski ; Z. Ropka

[cond-mat/0606605] Elimination of the linearization error in GW calculations based on the linearized augmented-plane-wave method
Christoph Friedrich ; Arno Schindlmayr ; Stefan Blügel ; Takao Kotani

[cond-mat/0606606] Role of interband scattering in neutron irradiated MgB$_2$ thin films by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy measurements
R. Di Capua ; H. U. Aebersold ; C. Ferdeghini ; V. Ferrando ; P. Orgiani ; M. Putti ; M. Salluzzo ; R. Vaglio ; X. X. Xi

[cond-mat/0606607] Effect of pressure on the polarized infrared optical response of quasi-one-dimensional LaTiO$_{3.41}$
S. Frank ; C. A. Kuntscher ; I. Loa ; K. Syassen ; F. Lichtenberg

[cond-mat/0606608] Measuring the squared magnetisation of a molecule
Björn Michaelis

[cond-mat/0606609] Quantum dynamics of Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonians beyond Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov: The Bogoliubov backreaction approximation
I. Tikhonenkov ; J. R. Anglin ; A. Vardi

[cond-mat/0606610] Understanding the 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall Effect without the Pfaffian Wave Function
Csaba Toke ; Jainendra K. Jain ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606611] Minimal conductivity in bilayer graphene
M. I. Katsnelson

[cond-mat/0606612] Scaling in a general class of critical random Boolean networks
Tamara Mihaljev ; Barbara Drossel

[cond-mat/0606613] Influence of Annealing Conditions on Structure and Optical Properties of Copper Nanoparticles Embedded in Silica Matrix
Oleg A. Yeshchenko ; Igor. M. Dmitruk ; Andriy M. Dmytruk ; Alexandr A. Alexeenko ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606614] Angular dependence of domain wall resistivity in artificial magnetic domain structures
A. Aziz ; S. J. Bending ; H. G. Roberts ; S. Crampin ; P. J. Heard ; C. H. Marrows

[cond-mat/0606615] High temperature ferromagnetism in GdFe2Zn20: large, local moments embedded in the nearly ferromagnetic Fermi liquid compound YFe2Zn20
S. Jia ; S. L. Bud’ko ; G.D. Samolyuk ; P. C. Canfield ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606616] Microwave losses of bulk CaC6
G. Cifariello ; E. Di Gennaro ; G. Lamura ; A. Andreone ; N. Emery ; C. Herold ; J. F. Mareche ; P. Lagrange

[cond-mat/0606617] Spatial Correlation Functions of one-dimensional Bose gases at Equilibrium
N.P. Proukakis ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606618] Slow dynamics in a primitive tetrahedral network model
C. De Michele ; P. Tartaglia ; F. Sciortino

[cond-mat/0606619] Novel hydrodynamic phenomena in superfluid 3He
A. P. Finne ; V. B. Eltsov ; R. Hanninen ; N. B. Kopnin ; J. Kopu ; M. Krusius ; M. Tsubota ; G. E. Volovik

[cond-mat/0606620] Quantum dots in graphene
P.G.Silvestrov ; K.B.Efetov

[cond-mat/0606621] Metallic interface at the boundary between band and Mott insulators
S. S. Kancharla ; E. Dagotto ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606622] Local constitutive parameters of metamaterials
Constantin R. Simovski ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606623] Effect of Short-ranged Order on the electronic structure and optical properties of the CuZn alloy : an augmented space approach
Kartick Tarafder ; Atisdipankar Chakrabarti ; Kamal Krishna Saha ; Abhijit Mookerjee

[cond-mat/0606624] Asymmetric two-component Fermi gas with unequal masses
M. Iskin ; C. A. R. Sa de Melo

[cond-mat/0606625] Atomtronics: ultracold atom analogs of electronic devices
B. T. Seaman ; M. Kraemer ; D. Z. Anderson ; M. J. Holland ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606626] Stability of the Gd Magnetic Moment to the 500 GPa Regime
Z. P. Yin ; W. E. Pickett

[cond-mat/0606627] Universal quantum computing with correlated spin-charge states
Jordan Kyriakidis ; Guido Burkard

[cond-mat/0606628] Dynamic correlations in stochastic rotation dynamics
Erkan Tuzel ; Thomas Ihle ; Daniel M. Kroll

[cond-mat/0606629] Three dimensionality of pulsed second-sound waves in He II
P. Zhang ; M. Murakami

[cond-mat/0606630] Magnetoconductivity in the presence of Bychkov-Rashba spin-orbit interaction
Alexander Punnoose ; 10.1063/1.2216027 ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606631] Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite (CoFe2O4) Nanoparticles Prepared by Wet Chemical Route
K.Maaz ; Arif Mumtaz ; S.K. Hasanain ; Abdullah Ceylan

[cond-mat/0606632] Deducing Local Rules for Solving Global Tasks with Random Boolean Networks
Bertrand Mesot ; Christof Teuscher

[cond-mat/0606633] Spectral Weights, d-wave Pairing Amplitudes, and Particle-hole Tunneling Asymmetry of a Strongly Correlated Superconductor
Chung-Pin Chou ; T. K. Lee ; Chang-Ming Ho

[cond-mat/0606634] Reversible self-assembly of patchy particles into monodisperse clusters
Alex W. Wilber ; Jonathan P. K. Doye ; Ard A. Louis ; Eva G. Noya ; Mark A. Miller ; Pauline Wong

[cond-mat/0606635] Quantum chaos and fluctuations in isolated nuclear spin systems
J. A. Ludlow ; O. P. Sushkov

[cond-mat/0606636] Inductive Detection of Magnetostrictive Resonance
Jang-ik Park ; SangGap Lee ; Insuk Yu ; Yongho Seo

[cond-mat/0606637] Structure of Polymer Brushes in Cylindrical Tubes: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Dimitar I. Dimitrov ; Andrey Milchev ; Kurt Binder ; Dieter W. Heermann

[cond-mat/0606638] A Degenerate Bose-Fermi Mixture of Metastable Atoms
J. M. McNamara ; T. Jeltes ; A. S. Tychkov ; W. Hogervorst ; W. Vassen

[cond-mat/0606639] Excitonic Superfluid to solid transition in bilayer quantum Hall systems
Jinwu Ye

[cond-mat/0606640] Renormalization of Molecular Electronic Levels at Metal-Molecule Interfaces
J. B. Neaton ; Mark S. Hybertsen ; Steven G. Louie

[cond-mat/0606641] Pressure dependence of the magnetization of URu2Si2
C. Pfleiderer ; J. A. Mydosh ; M. Vojta ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606642] Imaging the Mott Insulator Shells using Atomic Clock Shifts
Gretchen K. Campbell ; Jongchul Mun ; Micah Boyd ; Patrick Medley ; Aaron E. Leanhardt ; Luis Marcassa ; David E. Pritchard ; Wolfgang Ketterle ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606643] Opening of a pseudogap in a quasi-two dimensional superconductor due to critical thermal fluctuations
Fusayoshi J. Ohkawa

[cond-mat/0606644] Mott metal-insulator transition in the Hubbard model
Fusayoshi J. Ohkawa ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606645] Onset of boson mode at superconducting critical point of underdoped YBa2Cu3Oy
Nicolas Doiron-Leyraud ; Mike Sutherland ; S.Y. Li ; Louis Taillefer ; Ruixing Liang ; D.A. Bonn ; W.N. Hardy ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606646] Origin and roles of a strong electron-phonon interaction in cuprate oxide superconductors
Fusayoshi J. Ohkawa ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606647] Collective fluorescence and decoherence of a few nearly identical quantum dots
Anna Sitek ; Pawel Machnikowski

[cond-mat/0606648] Self Consistent NEGF-LLG Model for Spin-Torque Based Devices
Sayeef Salahuddin ; Supriyo Datta ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606649] Correlated electron current and temperature dependence of the conductance of a quantum point contact
C. Sloggett ; A. I. Milstein ; O. P. Sushkov

[cond-mat/0606650] Experimental Test of Universal Conductance Fluctuations by means of Wave-Chaotic Microwave Cavities
Sameer Hemmady ; James Hart ; Xing Zheng ; Thomas M. Antonsen Jr. ; Edward Ott ; Steven M. Anlage

[cond-mat/0606651] Pseudogap behaviour in Bi2212: Results of Generalized DMFT Approach
E.Z.Kuchinskii ; I.A.Nekrasov ; Z.V.Pchelkina ; M.V.Sadovskii

[cond-mat/0606652] Sticky grains do not change the universality class of isotropic sandpiles
Juan A. Bonachela ; Jose J. Ramasco ; Hugues Chate ; Ivan Dornic ; Miguel A. Munoz

[cond-mat/0606653] Temperature dependent electronic correlation effects in GdN
A.Sharma ; W.Nolting

[cond-mat/0606654] Nonequilibrium Bose systems and nonground-state Bose-Einstein condensates
V.I. Yukalov

[cond-mat/0606655] Statistics of 3-dimensional Lagrangian turbulence
Christian Beck

[cond-mat/0606656] From Cooper-pairs to resonating bipolarons
Julius Ranninger

[cond-mat/0606657] Disappearing stacking fault in hard-sphere crystal under gravity demonstrated by Monte Carlo simulation
Atsushi Mori ; Yoshihisa Suzuki ; Shin-ichiro Yanagiya ; Tsutomu Sawada ; Kensaku Ito

[cond-mat/0606658] Density functional theory for hard-sphere mixtures: the White-Bear version Mark II
Hendrik Hansen-Goos ; Roland Roth

[cond-mat/0606659] Finite compressibility in the low-doping region of the two-dimensional $t{-}J$ model
Massimo Lugas ; Leonardo Spanu ; Federico Becca ; Sandro Sorella

[cond-mat/0606660] Coulomb Interactions and Nanoscale Electronic Inhomogeneities in Manganites
Vijay B. Shenoy ; Tribikram Gupta ; H. R. Krishnamurthy ; T. V. Ramakrishnan

[cond-mat/0606661] Shot noise of a multiwalled carbon nanotube field effect transistor
F. Wu ; T. Tsuneta ; R. Tarkiainen ; D. Gunnarsson ; T. H. Wang ; P. J. Hakonen

[cond-mat/0606662] From the Hubbard Model to a Systematic Low-Energy Effective Field Theory for Magnons and Holes in an Antiferromagnet
C. Brügger ; F. Kämpfer ; M. Moser ; M. Pepe ; U.-J. Wiese

[cond-mat/0606663] Work functions of self-assembled monolayers on metal surfaces
Paul C. Rusu ; Geert Brocks

[cond-mat/0606664] Magnetic and electric phase control in epitaxial EuTiO$_3$ from first principles
Craig J. Fennie ; Karin M. Rabe ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606665] Introduction to polaron physics: Basic Concepts and Models
Julius Ranninger

[cond-mat/0606666] Epitaxial film growth and magnetic properties of Co_2FeSi
H. Schneider ; G. Jakob ; M. Kallmayer ; H. J. Elmers ; M. Cinchetti ; B. Balke ; S. Wurmehl ; C. Felser ; M. Aeschlimann ; H. Adrian

[cond-mat/0606667] Flux-flow resistivity anisotropy in the instability regime in the a-b plane of epitaxial YBCO thin films
B. Kalisky ; P. Aronov ; G. Koren ; A. Shaulov ; Y. Yeshurun ; R. P. Huebener

[cond-mat/0606668] Electron orbital valves made of multiply connected carbon nanotubes
Gunn Kim ; Sang Bong Lee ; Hoon-Kyung Lee ; Jisoon Ihm

[cond-mat/0606669] Excitation Chains at the Glass Transition
J.S. Langer

[cond-mat/0606670] Surface states, Friedel oscillations, and spin accumulation in p-doped semiconductors
Tudor D. Stanescu ; Victor Galitski

[cond-mat/0606671] Multidomain states in perpendicularly polarized multilayer structures
Alexei N. Bogdanov ; Ulrich K. Roessler

[cond-mat/0606672] Shot noise of amplitude of interference between independent atomic systems
Anatoli Polkovnikov

[cond-mat/0606673] Admittance of planar two-terminal quantum systems
U. Wulf ; P. N. Racec ; E. R. Racec

[cond-mat/0606674] Self-assembly of the simple cubic lattice with an isotropic potential
Mikael C. Rechtsman ; Frank H. Stillinger ; Salvatore Torquato

[cond-mat/0606675] Scaling of Spinodal Turbulence between Viscous and Inertial Hydrodynamic Regimes
R. V. R. Pandya ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606676] Qubit feedback and control with kicked quantum nondemolition measurements: A quantum Bayesian analysis
Andrew N. Jordan ; Alexander N. Korotkov

[cond-mat/0606677] Response of Bose gases in time-dependent optical superlattices
M. Hild ; F. Schmitt ; R. Roth

[cond-mat/0606678] Phase structure of intrinsic curvature models on dynamically triangulated disk with fixed boundary length
H. Koibuchi

[cond-mat/0606679] Destruction of Neel order and local spin spirals in insulating La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4
Andreas Luscher ; Alexander I. Milstein ; Oleg P. Sushkov

[cond-mat/0606680] Contact Instability in Adhesion and Debonding of Thin Elastic Films
Manoj Gonuguntla ; Ashutosh Sharma ; Jayati Sarkar ; Subash A. Subramanian ; Moniraj Ghosh ; Vijay Shenoy

[cond-mat/0606681] Theoretical limit of the minimal magnetization switching field and the optimal field pulse for Stoner particles
Z. Z. Sun ; X. R. Wang

[cond-mat/0606682] Electric Field Induced Collapse of Charge-Ordered Phase in Manganites
S. Dong ; C. Zhu ; Y. Wang ; F. Yuan ; K.F. Wang ; J.-M. Liu

[cond-mat/0606683] Coherence Length of Cold Exciton Gases in Coupled Quantum Wells
Sen Yang ; A.T. Hammack ; M.M. Fogler ; L.V. Butov ; A.C. Gossard

[cond-mat/0606684] Boojums in Rotating Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates
Hiromitsu Takeuchi ; Makoto Tsubota

[cond-mat/0606685] Signatures of modulated pair interaction in cuprate superconductors
Tamara S. Nunner ; P.J. Hirschfeld ; Brian M. Andersen ; Ashot Melikyan ; K. McElroy

[cond-mat/0606686] Universal temperature dependence of optical excitation life-time and band-gap in chirality assigned semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes
Ferenc Simon ; Rudolf Pfeiffer ; Hans Kuzmany ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606687] Gas-liquid critical point in ionic fluids
O. Patsahan ; I. Mryglod ; T. Patsahan

[cond-mat/0606688] Intraband Optical Spectral Weight in the presence of a van Hove singularity: application to Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+delta}$
F. Marsiglio ; F. Carbone ; A. Kuzmenko ; D. van der Marel

[cond-mat/0606689] First-principles derivation of density functional formalism for quenched-annealed systems
Luis Lafuente ; Jose A. Cuesta

[cond-mat/0606690] Entropy, Thermostats and Chaotic Hypothesis
Giovanni Gallavotti

[cond-mat/0606691] Competing Orders and Hidden Duality Symmetries in Two-leg Spin Ladder Systems
P. Lecheminant ; K. Totsuka

[cond-mat/0606692] Polymer size in dilute solutions in the good-solvent regime
Sergio Caracciolo ; Bortolo Matteo Mognetti ; Andrea Pelissetto

[cond-mat/0606693] Room temperature ballistic transport in graphene nanostrips
D. Gunlycke ; H. M. Lawler ; C. T. White

[cond-mat/0606694] Analysis of the Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Images of the Charge Density Wave Phase in Quasi-one-dimensional Rb0.3MoO3
E. Machado-Charry ; P. Ordejon ; E. Canadell ; C. Brun ; Z. Z. Wang

[cond-mat/0606695] A magnetic analog of the isotope effect in cuprates
Rinat Ofer ; Galina Bazalitsky ; Amit Kanigel ; Amit Keren ; Assa Auerbach ; James S. Lord ; Alex Amato

[cond-mat/0606696] Statistical mechanics of error exponents for error-correcting codes
Thierry Mora ; Olivier Rivoire

[cond-mat/0606697] Fermionic atoms trapped in one-dimensional optical superlattice with harmonic confinement
Takanori Yamashita ; Norio Kawakami ; Makoto Yamashita

[cond-mat/0606698] Two-loop Functional Renormalization Group of the Random Field and Random Anisotropy O(N) Models
Matthieu Tissier ; Gilles Tarjus

[cond-mat/0606699] Magnetic Susceptibility of the Double-Exchange Model in the RKKY Limit
Randy S. Fishman

[cond-mat/0606700] Magnetization reversal and anomalous coercive field temperature dependence in MnAs epilayers grown on GaAs(100) and GaAs(111)B
L.B. Steren ; J. Milano ; V. Garcia ; M. Marangolo ; M. Eddrief ; V.H. Etgens

[cond-mat/0606701] Acoustic Spectroscopy of Superfluid 3He in Aerogel
J.P. Davis ; H. Choi ; J. Pollanen ; W.P. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606702] Compressed Silica Aerogels for the Study of Superfluid 3He
J. Pollanen ; H. Choi ; J.P. Davis ; S. Blinstein ; T.M. Lippman ; L.B. Lurio ; N. Mulders ; W.P. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606703] The ground state of a quantum critical system
Wouter Montfrooij ; Jagat Lamsal ; Meigan Aronson ; Marcus Bennett ; Anne de Visser ; Huang Ying Kai ; Nguyen Thanh Huy ; Mohana Yethiraj ; Mark Lumsden ; Yiming Qiu

[cond-mat/0606704] Graphane: a two-dimensional hydrocarbon
Jorge O. Sofo ; Ajay S. Chaudhari ; Greg D. Barber ; PDF only

[cond-mat/0606705] Impurity Entanglement Entropy and the Kondo Screening Cloud
Erik S. Sørensen ; Ming-Shyang Chang ; Nicolas Laflorencie ; Ian Affleck

[cond-mat/0606706] Superfluidity and non-monogamous pairing at unitarity
Dean Lee

[cond-mat/0606707] Fe adatoms along Bi lines on H/Si(001): Patterning atomic magnetic chains
W. Orellana ; R.H. Miwa

[cond-mat/0606708] Endohedral terthiophene in zigzag carbon nanotubes: Density functional calculations
W. Orellana ; S.O. Vasquez

[cond-mat/0606709] Absence of Fragmentation in Two-Dimensional Bose-Einstein Condensation
Juan Pablo Fernández ; William J. Mullin

[cond-mat/0606710] Path-integral Monte Carlo and the squeezed trapped Bose-Einstein gas
Juan Pablo Fernández ; William J. Mullin

[cond-mat/0606711] Dissipation in Single-Crystal 3C-SiC Ultra-High Frequency Nanomechanical Resonators
X. L. Feng ; C. A. Zorman ; M. Mehregany ; M. L. Roukes

[cond-mat/0606712] Near-field Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy of Laterally Coupled Quantum Dots: Bonding and Antibonding States
Young-Jun Yu ; Haneol Noh ; Gun Sang Jeon ; Yasuhiko Arakawa ; Wonho Jhe

[cond-mat/0606713] Undoing a weak quantum measurement of a solid-state qubit
Alexander N. Korotkov ; Andrew N. Jordan

[cond-mat/0606714] Magnetoelectric effects of nanoparticulate Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3-NiFe2O4 composite films
Hyejin Ryu ; P. Murugavel ; J. H. Lee ; S. C. Chae ; T. W. Noh ; Yoon Seok Oh ; Hyung Jin Kim ; Kee Hoon Kim ; Jae Hyuck Jang ; Miyoung Kim ; C. Bae ; J.-G. Park

[cond-mat/0606715] Conductance distributions of 1D-disordered wires at finite temperature and bias voltage
F. Foieri ; M. J. Sanchez ; L. Arrachea ; V. A. Gopar

[cond-mat/0606716] Spin ordering: two different scenarios for the single and double layer structures in the fractional and integer quantum Hall effect regimes
V.T. Dolgopolov ; E.V. Deviatov ; V.S. Khrapai ; D. Reuter ; A.D. Wieck ; A. Wixforth ; K.L. Campman ; A.C. Gossard

[cond-mat/0606717] Extended Gutzwiller wavefunction for the Hubbard-Holstein model
P. Barone ; R. Raimondi ; M. Capone ; C. Castellani ; M. Fabrizio

[cond-mat/0606718] Screening in Yukawa fluid mixtures
A.J. Archer ; P. Hopkins ; R. Evans

[cond-mat/0606719] Unconventional pairing in bipolaronic theories
J.P.Hague ; P.E.Kornilovitch ; A.S.Alexandrov ; J.H.Samson

[cond-mat/0606720] Computer simulation of three dimensional shearing of granular materials: Formation of shear bands
S. Fazekas ; J. Török ; J. Kertész ; D. E. Wolf ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606721] Chiral symmetry restoration in (2+1)-dimensional $QED$ with a Maxwell-Chern-Simons term at finite temperature
Raoul Dillenschneider ; Jean Richert

[cond-mat/0606722] Nanostructure of a cold drawn tempered martensitic steel
Xavier Sauvage ; Xavier Quelennec ; Jean-Jacques Malandain ; Philippe Pareige

[cond-mat/0606723] Mechanical alloying of Cu and Fe induced by severe plastic deformation of a Cu-Fe composite
Xavier Sauvage ; Florian Wetscher ; Philippe Pareige

[cond-mat/0606724] Local scale invariance in the parity conserving nonequilibrium kinetic Ising model
Geza Odor

[cond-mat/0606725] Ultrafast extrinsic spin-Hall currents
E. Ya. Sherman ; Ali Najmaie ; H.M. van Driel ; Arthur L. Smirl ; J.E. Sipe

[cond-mat/0606726] Exponential localization of Wannier functions in insulators
Christian Brouder ; Gianluca Panati ; Matteo Calandra ; Christophe Mourougane ; Nicola Marzari

[cond-mat/0606727] Metropolis Monte Carlo algorithm based on the reparametrization invariance
L. Velazquez ; J. C. Castro Palacio

[cond-mat/0606728] The random-anisotropy model in the strong-anisotropy limit
Francesco Parisen Toldin ; Andrea Pelissetto ; Ettore Vicari

[cond-mat/0606729] Carrier dynamics and coherent acoustic phonons in nitride heterostructures
G. D. Sanders ; C. J. Stanton

[cond-mat/0606730] Evolution of superconductivity in Pr$_{1-x}$La$_{x}$Os$_{4}$Sb$_{12}$: Upper critical field measurements
C.R. Rotundu ; H. Tsujii ; P. Kumar ; B. Andraka ; H. Sugawara ; Y. Aoki ; H. Sato ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606731] Dielectric anomaly at the orbital order-disorder transition in LaMnO_(3+delta)
Parthasarathi Mondal ; Dipten Bhattacharya ; Pranab Choudhury

[cond-mat/0606732] Separation of suspended particles by arrays of obstacles in microfluidic devices
Zhigang Li ; German Drazer ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606733] Moment inequalities and high-energy tails for electron distribution function of the Boltzmann transport equation in semiconductors
Orazio Muscato

[cond-mat/0606734] Does cavity damping enhance or reduce dispersive measurement backaction?
I. Serban ; E. Solano ; F.K. Wilhelm

[cond-mat/0606735] Particle-size dependence of orbital order-disorder transition in LaMnO3
Nandini Das ; Parthasarathi Mondal ; Dipten Bhattacharya

[cond-mat/0606736] General flux to a trap in one and three dimensions
Robert M. Ziff ; Satya N. Majumdar ; Alain Comtet

[cond-mat/0606737] The study of electronic and magnetic properties of the partially disordered pseudo-Heusler alloy Co2Fe0.4Cr0.6Al : an augmented space approach
1.Monodeep Chakraborty 2.Atisdipankar Chakrabarti 3.Abhijit Mookerjee

[cond-mat/0606738] Rhythmic cluster generation in strongly driven colloidal dispersions
H. H. Wensink ; H. Löwen

[cond-mat/0606739] Effect of Inhomogeneity in Translocation of Polymers through Nanopores
Stanislav Kotsev ; Anatoly B. Kolomeisky

[cond-mat/0606740] Influence of Random Bulk Inhomogeneities on Quasi-Optical Cavity Resonator Spectrum
E.M. Ganapolskii ; Z.E. Eremenko ; Yu.V. Tarasov ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606741] Transport across the incompressible stripe at the sample edge in the fractional quantum Hall effect regime at high imbalance
E.V. Deviatov ; A.A. Kapustin ; V.T. Dolgopolov ; A. Lorke ; D. Reuter ; A.D. Wieck

[cond-mat/0606742] Transport in the Laughlin quasiparticle interferometer: Evidence for topological protection in an anyonic qubit
F. E. Camino ; W. Zhou ; V. J. Goldman

[cond-mat/0606743] Predicted quantum stripe ordering in optical lattices
Congjun Wu ; W. Vincent Liu ; Joel Moore ; Sankar Das Sarma

[cond-mat/0606744] Origin of the 60 degree and 90 degree dislocations and their role in strain relief in lattice-mismatched heteroepitaxy of fcc materials
Atul Konkar

[cond-mat/0606745] An efficient method to calculate the anharmonicity free energy
Zhongqing Wu ; Renata M. Wentzcovitch

[cond-mat/0606746] Anisotropic thermal expansion and magnetostriction of YNi$_2$B$_2$C single crystals
S.L. Bud’ko ; G.M. Schmiedeshoff ; G. Lapertot ; P.C. Canfield ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606747] Bounds on the yield stress of cohesionless granular matter
Wouter G. Ellenbroek ; Jacco H. Snoeijer

[cond-mat/0606748] Spin and charge dynamics of the one-dimensional extended Hubbard model
H. Benthien ; E. Jeckelmann

[cond-mat/0606749] Devil’s Staircase and Disordering Transitions in Sliding Vortices and Wigner Crystals on Random Substrates with Transverse Driving
C. Reichhardt ; C.J. Olson Reichhardt

[cond-mat/0606750] Determining the underlying Fermi surface of strongly correlated superconductors
Claudius Gros ; Bernhard Edegger ; V.N. Muthukumar ; P.W. Anderson ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606751] Macroscopic quantum tunneling in high-$T_c$ superconductors: the role of collective charge oscillations
M. V. Fistul

[cond-mat/0606752] Optical Aharonov-Bohm effect in stacked type-II quantum dots
Igor L Kuskovsky ; W. MacDonald ; A. O. Govorov ; L. Muroukh ; X. Wei ; M. C. Tamargo ; M. Tadic ; F. M. Peeters

[cond-mat/0606753] A mean-field theory for strongly disordered non-frustrated antiferromagnets
Heidrun Weber ; Matthias Vojta

[cond-mat/0606754] Exactly solvable models of adaptive networks
Olivier Rivoire ; Julien Barré

[cond-mat/0606755] The Goldstone mode of planar optical parametric oscillators
Michiel Wouters ; Iacopo Carusotto ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606756] Vibronic effects on resonant electron conduction through single molecule junctions
C. Benesh ; M. Thoss ; W. Domcke ; M. Cizek

[cond-mat/0606757] Control of the interaction in a Fermi-Bose mixture
M. Zaccanti ; C. D’Errico ; F. Ferlaino ; G.Roati ; M. Inguscio ; G. Modugno

[cond-mat/0606758] Adiabatic Process and Chern Numbers
Jun Goryo ; Mahito Kohmoto

[cond-mat/0606759] Transitions between electron-molecule states in electrostatic quantum dots
P. A. Maksym ; H. Aoki

[cond-mat/0606760] Comment on "Solution of the problem of catastrophic relaxation of homogenious spin precession in superfluid 3He-B"
I.A. Fomin

[cond-mat/0606761] High resolution superconducting single flux quantum comparator for sub kelvin temperatures
A.M. Savin ; J.P. Pekola ; T. Holmqvist ; J. Hassel ; L. Grönberg ; P. Helistö ; A. Kidiyarova-Shevchenko

[cond-mat/0606762] Relevance of quantum fluctuations in the Anderson-Kondo model
Robert Peters ; Thomas Pruschke ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606763] Dynamics of molecular nanomagnets in time-dependent external magnetic fields: Beyond the Landau-Zener-St"{u}ckelberg model
P. Foldi ; M. G. Benedict ; J. M. Pereira ; F. M. Peeters

[cond-mat/0606764] Anomalous inter-layer atomic transport and the low-temperature amplification of surface instability in Al(111)
Péter Süle

[cond-mat/0606765] On the connected-charges Thomson problem
Anze Slosar ; Rudolf Podgornik

[cond-mat/0606766] Two-Hole Bound States from a Systematic Low-Energy Effective Field Theory for Magnons and Holes in an Antiferromagnet
C. Brügger ; F. Kämpfer ; M. Moser ; M. Pepe ; U.-J. Wiese

[cond-mat/0606767] Ab-initio investigation of phonon dispersion and anomalies in palladium
Derek A. Stewart

[cond-mat/0606768] Power-law random walks
C. Vignat ; A. Plastino

[cond-mat/0606769] Fluctuation induced first-order phase transitions in a dipolar Ising ferromagnet slab
Rafael M. Fernandes ; Harry Westfahl Jr

[cond-mat/0606770] The quenching of compressible edge states around antidots
S. Ihnatsenka ; I. V. Zozoulenko

[cond-mat/0606771] Ultracold atomic gases in optical lattices: Mimicking condensed matter physics and beyond
Maciej Lewenstein ; Anna Sanpera ; Veronica Ahufinger ; Bogdan Damski ; Aditi Sen De ; Ujjwal Sen

[cond-mat/0606772] Wavevector analysis of the jellium exchange-correlation surface energy in the random-phase approximation: detailed support for nonempirical density functionals
J. M. Pitarke ; L. Constantin ; J. P. Perdew

[cond-mat/0606773] Study of the one dimensional Holstein model using the augmented space approach
Atisdipankar Chakrabarti ; Monodeep Chakraborty ; Abhijit Mookerjee

[cond-mat/0606774] Kinetics of the Wako-Saito-Munoz-Eaton Model of Protein Folding
Marco Zamparo ; Alessandro Pelizzola

[cond-mat/0606775] Frequency dispersion of photon-assisted shot noise in mesoscopic conductors
D. Bagrets ; F. Pistolesi

[cond-mat/0606776] Plaquette valence bond solid in the frustrated Heisenberg quantum antiferromagnet on the square lattice
M. Mambrini ; A. Laeuchli ; D. Poilblanc ; F. Mila

[cond-mat/0606777] Selection Rules for One- and Two-Photon Absorption by Excitons in Carbon Nanotubes
Eduardo B. Barros ; Rodrigo. B. Capaz ; Ado Jorio ; Georgii G. Samsonidze ; Antonio G. Souza Filho ; Sohrab Ismail-Beigi ; Catalin D. Spataru ; Steven G. Louie ; Gene Dresselhaus ; Mildred S. Dresselhaus

[cond-mat/0606778] Quantum Shock Waves - the case for non-linear effects in dynamics of electronic liquids
Eldad Bettelheim ; Alexander G. Abanov ; Paul Wiegmann ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606779] First-order Reversal Curve Analysis of Phase Transitions in Electrochemical Adsorption: A New Experimental Technique Suggested by Computer Simulations
I. Abou Hamad ; D.T. Robb ; P.A. Rikvold

[cond-mat/0606780] Exotic phenomena in doped quantum magnets
D. Poilblanc ; M. Mambrini ; A. Laeuchli ; F. Mila

[cond-mat/0606781] Vacancy clustering and diffusion in silicon: Kinetic lattice Monte Carlo simulations
Benjamin P. Haley ; Keith M. Beardmore ; Niels Grønbech-Jensen

[cond-mat/0606782] Measurement, control, and decay of quantum-dot spins
W. A. Coish ; Vitaly N. Golovach ; J. Carlos Egues ; Daniel Loss

[cond-mat/0606783] Imaginary Squashing Mode Spectroscopy of Helium Three B
J.P. Davis ; H. Choi ; J. Pollanen ; W.P. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606784] Anisotropic Aerogels for Studying Superfluid $^3$He
J. Pollanen ; S. Blinstein ; H. Choi ; J.P. Davis ; T.M. Lippman ; L.B. Lurio ; W.P. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606785] Specific Heat of Disordered $^{3}$He
H. Choi ; J.P. Davis ; J. Pollanen ; N. Mulders ; W.P. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606786] Analysis of Strong-Coupling Parameters for Superfluid 3He
H. Choi ; J.P. Davis ; J. Pollanen ; T.M. Haard ; W.P. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606787] Coupled macroscopic quantum resonators: entanglement and squeezed state
L. Tian ; R. W. Simmonds

[cond-mat/0606788] Quantum master equation scheme of time-dependent density functional theory to time-dependent transport in nano-electronic devices
Xin-Qi Li ; YiJing Yan

[cond-mat/0606789] Size effects and dislocation patterning in two-dimensional bending
N. Scott Weingarten ; Robin L. B. Selinger

[cond-mat/0606790] Universal Reduction of Effective Coordination Number in the Quasi-One-Dimensional Ising Model
Synge Todo

[cond-mat/0606791] Room-temperature delayed giant magnetodielectric effects observed in Bi4Fe2TiO12 film
L.J. Qiao ; J. Lu ; F. Xu ; W.Y. Chu ; X.Q. Ma

[cond-mat/0606792] Feasibility of Large Free-standing Liquid Films in Space
Rui Zheng ; Thomas A. Witten

[cond-mat/0606793] Synthesis of VO_2 Nanowire and Observation of the Metal-Insulator Transition
Sungyoul Choi ; Bong-Jun Kim ; Yong-Wook Lee ; Sun Jin Yun ; Hyun-Tak Kim

[cond-mat/0606794] Oscillations of 2D Rashba system spin polarization in quantizing magnetic field
I. I. Lyapilin ; A. E. Patrakov

[cond-mat/0606795] Role of Interchain Hopping in the Magnetic Susceptibility of Quasi-One-Dimensional Electron Systems
Yuki Fuseya ; Masahisa Tsuchiizu ; Yoshikazu Suzumura ; Claude Bourbonnais

[cond-mat/0606796] Relation between directed polymers in random media and random bond dimer models
Ying Jiang ; Thorsten Emig

[cond-mat/0606797] Nonlinear Diffusion Through Large Complex Networks Containing Regular Subgraphs
D. Volchenkov ; Ph. Blanchard

[cond-mat/0606798] The cooperative effect of load and disorder in thermally activated rupture of a two-dimensional random fuse network
Alessio Guarino ; Loïc Vanel ; Riccardo Scorretti ; Sergio Ciliberto ; 10.1088/1742-5468/2006/06/P06020 ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606799] Interplay of paramagnetic, orbital and impurity effects on the phase transition of a normal metal to superconducting state
M. Houzet ; V. P. Mineev

[cond-mat/0606800] Space-time dispersion of graphene conductivity
L. A. Falkovsky ; A. A. Varlamov

[cond-mat/0606801] Slow Relaxation Process in Ising like Heisenberg Kagome Antiferromagnets due to Macroscopic Degeneracy in the Ordered State
Shu Tanaka ; Seiji Miyashita

[cond-mat/0606802] Spin accumulation probed in multiterminal lateral all-metallic devices
M. V. Costache ; M. Zaffalon ; B. J. van Wees ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606803] Multicritical Behaviours in One-Dimensional Traffic Flow
Abdelaziz Mhirech ; Hamid Ez-Zahraouy ; Assia Alaoui Ismaili ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606804] Comment on "Equilibrium correlations in charged fluids coupled to the radiation field"

[cond-mat/0606805] Temperature in complex networks
Diego Garlaschelli ; Sebastian E. Ahnert ; Thomas M. A. Fink ; Guido Caldarelli

[cond-mat/0606806] Finite-temperature order-disorder phase transition in a frustrated bilayer quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet in strong magnetic fields
Johannes Richter ; Oleg Derzhko ; Taras Krokhmalskii ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606807] Pseudogap and Amplitude Fluctuations in High Temperature Superconductors
Philippe Curty ; Hans Beck

[cond-mat/0606808] (A note on) self-similarity in granular media
Lautaro Vergara ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606809] Influence of local carrying capacity restrictions on stochastic predator-prey models
M.J. Washenberger ; M. Mobilia ; U.C. Tauber

[cond-mat/0606810] Extreme values of Poisson’s ratio and other engineering moduli in anisotropic materials
Andrew N. Norris

[cond-mat/0606811] NMR evidence for Friedel-like oscillations in the CuO chains of ortho-II YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{6.5}$
Z. Yamani ; B. W. Statt ; W. A. MacFarlane ; Ruixing Liang ; D. A. Bonn ; W. N. Hardy

[cond-mat/0606812] Delayed Scattering of Solitary Waves from Interfaces in a Granular Container
Lautaro Vergara

[cond-mat/0606813] A variational coupled-cluster study of magnon-density-wave excitations in quantum antiferromagnets
Y. Xian

[cond-mat/0606814] Spin-Wave Lifetimes Throughout the Brillouin Zone
S.P. Bayrakci ; T. Keller ; K. Habicht ; B. Keimer

[cond-mat/0606815] Localized modes in arrays of boson-fermion mixtures
Yu. V. Bludov ; V. V. Konotop ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606816] Momentum-resolved electron-phonon interaction in lead determined by neutron resonance spin-echo spectroscopy
T. Keller ; P. Aynajian ; K. Habicht ; L. Boeri ; S.K. Bose ; B. Keimer ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606817] Joint density-functional theory for electronic structure of solvated systems
Sahak Petrosyan ; Jean-Francois Briere ; David Roundy ; T.A. Arias ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats

[cond-mat/0606818] Magnetoresistance of UPt3
T.M. Lippman ; J.P. Davis ; H. Choi ; J. Pollanen ; W.P. Halperin

[cond-mat/0606819] Lattice versus Lennard-Jones models with a net particle flow
M. Diez-Minguito ; P. L. Garrido ; J. Marro

[cond-mat/0606820] Structural determination of a low-symmetry surface by low-energy electron diffraction and ab initio calculations: Bi(110)
J. Sun ; A. Mikkelsen ; M. Fuglsang Jensen ; Y.M. Koroteev ; G. Bihlmayer ; E.V. Chulkov ; D.L. Adams ; Ph. Hofmann ; K. Pohl ; PostScript ; PDF ; Other formats
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