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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0512272 Dust sedimentation and self-sustained Kelvin-Helmholtz turbulence in protoplanetary disk mid-planes. I. Radially symmetric simulations
astro-ph/0512355 Exponential Cardassian Universe
astro-ph/0601001 Frequency of Hot Jupiters and Very Hot Jupiters from the OGLE-III Transit Surveys Toward the Galactic Bulge and Carina
astro-ph/0601003 Cosmic evolution of the galaxy mass and luminosity functions by morphological type from multi-wavelength data in the CDF-South
astro-ph/0601013 Dust Size Growth and Settling in a Protoplanetary Disk
astro-ph/0601014 Accelerating Universe: Observational Status and Theoretical Implications
astro-ph/0601015 Radioactive 26Al and massive stars in the Galaxy
astro-ph/0601016 The Offline Software Framework of the Pierre Auger Observatory
astro-ph/0601017 Charge screening effect on hadron-quark mixed phase in compact stars
astro-ph/0601018 The Discovery of Two New Satellites of Pluto
astro-ph/0601019 A Magnetar Flare in the BATSE Catalog?
astro-ph/0601020 QPOs during magnetar flares are not driven by mechanical normal modes of the crust
astro-ph/0601021 Evolving Transport induced by a Surface Wave Propagating along a Vacuum-Matter Interface
astro-ph/0601022 The red rain phenomenon of Kerala and its possible extraterrestrial origin
astro-ph/0601023 Understanding the Nuclear Gas Dispersion in Early-Type Galaxies in the Context of Black Hole Demographics
astro-ph/0601024 High resolution spectroscopy of stars with transiting planets. The cases of OGLE-TR-10, 56, 111, 113, and TrES-1
astro-ph/0601025 Spectroscopic Survey of Red Giants in the SMC. I: Kinematics
astro-ph/0601026 Eclipsing binaries in ASAS catalog
astro-ph/0601027 The metallicity of the old open cluster NGC 6791
astro-ph/0601028 Linear and Bayesian Planet Detection Algorithms for the Terrestrial Planet Finder
astro-ph/0601029 UV-optical colours as probes of early-type galaxy evolution
astro-ph/0601030 Selection and Characterization of Interesting Grism Spectra
astro-ph/0601031 INTEGRAL/RossiXTE high-energy observation of a state transition of GX 339-4
astro-ph/0601032 Bubbles in Planetary Nebulae and Clusters of Galaxies: Jet Bending
astro-ph/0601033 Massive Protoplanetary Disks in the Trapezium Region
astro-ph/0601034 Spatially Resolving the Inner Disk of TW Hya
astro-ph/0601035 The First Scientific Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
astro-ph/0601036 The effect of environment on the UV colour-magnitude relation of early-type galaxies
astro-ph/0601037 A Chandra Snapshot Survey of Representative High-Redshift Radio-Loud Quasars from the Parkes-MIT-NRAO Sample
astro-ph/0601038 Discrete Cosmological Self-Similarity And Delta Scuti Stars
astro-ph/0601039 Are Ti44-Producing Supernovae Exceptional?
astro-ph/0601040 The Alignment between the Distribution of Satellites and the Orientation of their Central Galaxy
astro-ph/0601041 Second-order perturbations of a zero-pressure cosmological medium: comoving vs. synchronous gauge
astro-ph/0601042 Downsizing of Galaxy Formation Explained by Gravitational Processes
astro-ph/0601043 Jupiter’s composition: sign of a (relatively) late formation in a chemically evolved protosolar disk
astro-ph/0601044 Light Bending as a Probe of the Nature of Dark Energy
astro-ph/0601045 Two new candidate ultra-compact X-ray binaries
astro-ph/0601046 Spectroscopy of the candidate pre-CV LTT 560
astro-ph/0601047 Formation flying for a Fresnel lens observatory mission
astro-ph/0601048 Comparative Direct Analysis of Type Ia Supernova Spectra. II. Maximum Light
astro-ph/0601049 Effective temperature scale and bolometric corrections from 2MASS photometry
astro-ph/0601050 Better age estimations using UV-optical colours: breaking the age-metallicity degeneracy
astro-ph/0601051 Conformal Transformations and Accelerated Cosmologies
astro-ph/0601052 The Paths of Quintessence
astro-ph/0601053 Twin-peak quasiperiodic oscillations as an internal resonance
astro-ph/0601054 GRB efficiency and Possible Physical Processes Shaping the Early Afterglow
astro-ph/0601055 Cross correlation of Lyman-alpha absorbers with gas-rich galaxies
astro-ph/0601056 Implications of the Early X-Ray Afterglow Light Curves of Swift GRBs
astro-ph/0601057 Unique Extragalactic Sightlines: Dissecting the Extreme Circumstellar Environment of Two Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitors with Echelle Spectroscopy
astro-ph/0601058 The influence of numerical parameters on tidally triggered bar formation
astro-ph/0601059 Suppressing Speckle Noise for Simultaneous Differential Extrasolar Planet Imaging (SDI) at the VLT and MMT
astro-ph/0601060 A Census of the Carina Nebula. I: Cumulative Energy Input from Massive Stars
astro-ph/0601061 Silicate Emission in the Spitzer IRS spectrum of FSC 10214+4724
astro-ph/0601062 A Survey of Close, Young Stars with the Simultaneous Differential Imager (SDI) at the VLT and MMT
astro-ph/0601063 Physical Interpretations of Rotating Radio Transients
astro-ph/0601064 The true nature of the alleged planetary nebula W16-185
astro-ph/0601065 A Detailed Observation of a LMC Supernova Remnant DEM L241 with XMM-Newton
astro-ph/0601066 Spitzer Imaging of nearby ULIRGs and their Progeny: Fine-Structure Elliptical Galaxies
astro-ph/0601067 Rotation in the ZAMS: Be and Bn stars
astro-ph/0601068 Differential rotation in early type stars
astro-ph/0601069 Circumstellar rings, flat and flaring discs
astro-ph/0601070 Evolution of the circumstellar disc of alpha Eri
astro-ph/0601071 Metallicity vs. Be phenomenon relation in the solar neighborhood
astro-ph/0601072 Nonlinear Hydromagnetic Wave Support of a Stratified Molecular Cloud II: A Parameter Study
astro-ph/0601073 Cosmological models with Gurzadyan-Xue dark energy
astro-ph/0601074 The first 8-13 micron spectra of globular cluster red giants: circumstellar silicate dust grains in 47 Tucanae (NGC 104)
astro-ph/0601075 ASCA Observations of OAO 1657-415 and its Dust-Scattered X-Ray Halo
astro-ph/0601076 Mass and radius determination for the neutron star in X-ray burst source 4U/MXB 1728-34
astro-ph/0601077 Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS Polarization Measurements of OMC-1
astro-ph/0601078 Ammonia in Infrared Dark Clouds
astro-ph/0601079 The Most Metal-Rich Intervening Quasar Absorber Known
astro-ph/0601080 A Radio Census of Nuclear Activity in Nearby Galaxies
astro-ph/0601081 The Evolution and Structure of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
astro-ph/0601082 Desorption rates and sticking coefficients for CO and N2 interstellar ices
astro-ph/0601083 The Initial Mass Functions of Four Embedded Stellar Clusters
astro-ph/0601084 Stephan’s Quintet: A Multi-galaxy Collision
astro-ph/0601085 Photometric observations of Southern Abell Cluster Redshifts Survey Clusters: Structure of galaxies in the inner region of clusters of galaxies
astro-ph/0601086 Bright Side versus Dark Side of Star Formation -- UV and IR Views
astro-ph/0601087 The young massive stellar cluster associated to RCW121
astro-ph/0601088 Late Light Curves of Normally-Luminous Type Ia Supernovae
astro-ph/0601089 Seventy-One New L and T Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
astro-ph/0601090 Are galaxy properties only determined by the dark matter halo mass?
astro-ph/0601091 A Measurement of Time-Averaged Aerosol Optical Depth using Air-Showers Observed in Stereo by HiRes
astro-ph/0601092 Resolving the Surfaces of Extrasolar Planets With Secondary Eclipse Light Curves
astro-ph/0601093 High Energy Emission from Supernova Remnants
astro-ph/0601094 High-Resolution Simulations of a Moon-Forming Impact and Post-Impact Evolution
astro-ph/0601095 Searching For CPT Violation With WMAP And BOOMERANG
astro-ph/0601096 Heating Rate Profiles in Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0601097 CO(2-1) large scale mapping of the Perseus cluster core with HERA
astro-ph/0601098 Full polarization study of SiO masers at 86 GHz
astro-ph/0601099 Revisiting the Constraint on the Helium Abundance from CMB
astro-ph/0601100 Optical Spectroscopy of X-Mega targets in the Carina Nebula - VI. FO 15: a new O-Type double-lined eclipsing binary
astro-ph/0601101 A Short Hard X-ray Flare from the Blazar NRAO 530 Observed by INTEGRAL
astro-ph/0601102 The Discovery of a P Cygni Analog in M31
astro-ph/0601103 The flat synchrotron spectra of partially self-absorbed jets revisited
astro-ph/0601104 XMM-Newton and Chandra observations of the ultra-compact binary RX J1914+24
astro-ph/0601105 A Chandra/ACIS Study of 30 Doradus I. Superbubbles and Supernova Remnants
astro-ph/0601106 A Chandra/ACIS Study of 30 Doradus II. X-ray Point Sources in the Massive Star Cluster R136 and Beyond
astro-ph/0601107 Hybrid Estimation of CMB Polarization Power Spectra
astro-ph/0601108 Environmental Effects on Late-Type Galaxies in Nearby Clusters
astro-ph/0601109 Are non-magnetic mechanisms such as temporal solar diameter variations conceivable for an irradiance variability?
astro-ph/0601110 From Canonical to Enhanced Extra Mixing in Low-Mass Red Giants: Tidally Locked Binaries
astro-ph/0601111 Explosive Nucleosynthesis in GRB Jets Accompanied by Hypernovae
astro-ph/0601112 AAT Imaging and Microslit Spectroscopy in the Southern Hubble Deep Field
astro-ph/0601113 The Space Density and Colors of Massive Galaxies at 2<z<3: the Predominance of Distant Red Galaxies
astro-ph/0601114 Variations in D/H and D/O from New FUSE Observations
astro-ph/0601115 Angular momentum transport and disk morphology in SPH simulations of galaxy formation
astro-ph/0601116 M33’s Variable A -- A Hypergiant Star More Than 35 Years in Eruption
astro-ph/0601117 The Local Interstellar Medium
astro-ph/0601118 AMIGA: Very low environment galaxies in the local Universe
astro-ph/0601119 Speed of Sound in the Mass Varying Neutrinos Scenario
astro-ph/0601120 The Dependence of the Occupation of Galaxies on the Halo Formation Time
astro-ph/0601121 Resolving the Stellar Outskirts of M31 and M33
astro-ph/0601122 Oxygen abundances in the most oxygen-rich spiral galaxies
astro-ph/0601123 Ultraviolet-to-Far Infrared Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies and Luminous Infrared Galaxies at z ~ 1
astro-ph/0601124 A genetic algorithm for the non-parametric inversion of strong lensing systems
astro-ph/0601125 The early X-ray emission from GRBs
astro-ph/0601126 Three dimensional SPH simulations of radiation-driven warped accretion discs
astro-ph/0601127 Optically Selected GRB Afterglows, a Real Time Analysis System at the CFHT
astro-ph/0601128 Eclipsing binaries in extrasolar planet transit surveys: the case of SuperWASP
astro-ph/0601129 NLTE models of line-driven stellar winds II. O stars in SMC
astro-ph/0601130 The origin and chemical evolution of carbon in the Galactic thin and thick disks
astro-ph/0601131 X-ray High Resolution and Imaging Spectroscopy of Supernova Remnants
astro-ph/0601132 Clarifying Slow Roll Inflation and the Quantum Corrections to the Observable Power Spectra
astro-ph/0601133 SZE Signals in Cluster Models
astro-ph/0601134 On the Decoherence of Primordial Fluctuations During Inflation
astro-ph/0601135 Spitzer observations of the dusty warped disk of Centaurus A
astro-ph/0601136 Absolute-Magnitude Distributions and Light Curves of Stripped-Envelope Supernovae
astro-ph/0601137 Catalog of fundamental mode RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic bulge from the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment
astro-ph/0601138 The Bar-Halo Interaction - II. Secular evolution and the religion of N-body simulations
astro-ph/0601139 The Galactic Nature of High Velocity Cloud Complex WB
astro-ph/0601140 Gravitational microlensing of quasar Broad Line Regions: the influence of fractal structures
astro-ph/0601141 The X-ray properties of young radio-loud AGN
astro-ph/0601142 Collapse of Neutron Stars to Black Holes in Binary Systems: A Model for Short Gamma Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0601143 Radiative Flow in a Luminous Disk
astro-ph/0601144 Radiative Flow in a Luminous Disk II
astro-ph/0601145 Novel Methods for Predicting Photometric Redshifts from Broad Band Photometry using Virtual Sensors
astro-ph/0601146 Quantifying the Luminosity Evolution in Gamma-ray Bursts
astro-ph/0601147 Discovery of a 500 pc shell in the nucleus of Centaurus A
astro-ph/0601148 RICE Limits on the Diffuse Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Flux
astro-ph/0601149 Time Delays for the Giant Quadruple Lensed Quasar SDSS J1004+4112: Prospects for Determining the Density Profile of the Lensing Cluster
astro-ph/0601150 An improved redshift indicator for Gamma-Ray Bursts, based on the prompt emission
astro-ph/0601151 Spectral analysis of extinguished sunlight
astro-ph/0601152 Spectral analysis of red scattered sunlight at sunrise
astro-ph/0601153 Inflation and accelerated expansion TeVeS cosmological solutions
astro-ph/0601154 Excitation of g modes in Wolf-Rayet stars by a deep opacity bump
astro-ph/0601155 Detectability of CII 158 micron emission from high-redshift galaxies: predictions for ALMA and SPICA
astro-ph/0601156 Mechanical Model for Relativistic Blast Waves and Stratified Fireballs
astro-ph/0601157 Neutrino-cooled Accretion Disks around Spinning Black Holes
astro-ph/0601158 Cosmic ray recipes
astro-ph/0601159 An empirical calibration of the mixing-length parameter alpha
astro-ph/0601160 Self-consistent response of a galactic disc to vertical perturbations
astro-ph/0601161 Resonant relaxation near a massive black hole: the stellar distribution and gravitational wave sources
astro-ph/0601162 Optical Properties of Radio-selected Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
astro-ph/0601163 Dark Energy Constraints from Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
astro-ph/0601164 Hydrodynamic simulations of He-shell flash convection
astro-ph/0601165 The near-infrared luminosity function of cluster galaxies beyond redshift one
astro-ph/0601166 Encounter-Triggered Disc Mass Loss in the ONC
astro-ph/0601167 The Butcher--Oemler effect at z~0.35: a change in perspective
astro-ph/0601168 The Cosmological Parameters 2005
astro-ph/0601169 Resolving the compact dusty discs around binary post-AGB stars using N-band interferometry
astro-ph/0601170 A deep wide-field optical survey in the young open cluster Collinder 359
astro-ph/0601171 Is space really expanding? A counterexample
astro-ph/0601172 The role of kink instability in Poynting-flux dominated jets
astro-ph/0601173 X-ray flare in XRF 050406: evidence for prolonged engine activity
astro-ph/0601174 Interstellar Extinction Law in the J, H, and Ks Bands toward the Galactic Center
astro-ph/0601175 The Chandra view of the 3C/FRI sample of low luminosity radio-galaxies
astro-ph/0601176 A radial velocity survey of low Galactic latitude structures: III. The Monoceros Ring in front of the Carina and Andromeda galaxies
astro-ph/0601177 Deep X-ray survey of the young open cluster NGC 2516 with XMM-Newton
astro-ph/0601178 New Planetary Nebulae in the Galactic Bulge region with l>0deg - II
astro-ph/0601179 The Luminosity, Colour and Morphology dependence of galaxy filaments in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release Four
astro-ph/0601180 The Ultra Luminous X-ray sources in the High Velocity System of NGC 1275
astro-ph/0601181 Optical and Infrared Non-detection of the z=10 Galaxy Behind Abell 1835
astro-ph/0601182 Swift-UVOT Observations of the X-Ray Flash 050406
astro-ph/0601183 A 3D radiative transfer framework: I. non-local operator splitting and continuum scattering problems
astro-ph/0601184 The ECLAIRs micro-satellite mission for gamma-ray burst multi-wavelength observations
astro-ph/0601185 The true redshift distribution of Pre-SWIFT gamma-ray bursts
astro-ph/0601186 Possibility of a photometric detection of "exomoons"
astro-ph/0601187 The dynamical state and blue straggler population of the globular cluster NGC 6266 (M62)
astro-ph/0601188 The Complete Spectral Catalog of Bright BATSE Gamma-Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0601189 Searches for diffuse X-ray emission around millisecond pulsars: An X-ray nebula associated with PSR J2124-3358
astro-ph/0601190 Short Gamma-Ray Bursts with Extended Emission
astro-ph/0601191 Comments on the Cooperstock-Tieu Galaxy Model
astro-ph/0601192 X-ray Emission of Baryonic Gas in the Universe: Luminosity-Temperature Relationship and Soft-Band Background
astro-ph/0601193 Centrifugal Breakout of Magnetically Confined Line-Driven Stellar Winds
astro-ph/0601194 On the variation of the fine-structure constant: Very high resolution spectrum of QSO HE 0515-4414
astro-ph/0601195 Optical Detection of Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0601196 Spectral analysis of the background in ground-based, long-slit spectroscopy
astro-ph/0601197 An analysis of spectra in the Red Rectangle nebula
astro-ph/0601198 Nucleosynthesis In Core Collapse Supernovae
astro-ph/0601199 Automated analysis of eclipsing binary lightcurves. I. EBAS -- a new Eclipsing Binary Automated Solver with EBOP
astro-ph/0601200 The association between gas and galaxies I: CFHT spectroscopy and pair analysis
astro-ph/0601201 Automated analysis of eclipsing binary lightcurves with EBAS. II. Statistical analysis of OGLE LMC eclipsing binaries
astro-ph/0601202 Did Galaxy Assembly and Supermassive Black-Hole Growth go hand-in-hand?
astro-ph/0601203 Observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background and Galactic Foregrounds at 12-17 GHz with the COSMOSOMAS Experiment
astro-ph/0601204 Mid-infrared Spitzer spectra of X-ray selected Type 2 QSOs: QSO2s are not ULIRGs
astro-ph/0601205 The ultra-cool white dwarf companion of PSR J0751+1807
astro-ph/0601206 An Inverse Look at the Center of M15
astro-ph/0601207 Mining for normal galaxies in the First XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalog
astro-ph/0601208 Luminosity distance for Born-Infeld electromagnetic waves propagating in a cosmological magnetic background
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