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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0611009 Capturing the Fire: Flame Energetics and Neutronizaton for Type Ia Supernova Simulations
astro-ph/0611010 Relativistic Diskoseismology. III. Low-Frequency Fundamental p-Modes
astro-ph/0611011 The far-UV break in quasar energy distributions: dust?
astro-ph/0611012 Astronomical Data Management
astro-ph/0611013 Modeling Chandra X-ray observations of Galaxy Clusters using Cosmological Simulations
astro-ph/0611014 Heat blanketing envelopes and thermal radiation of strongly magnetized neutron stars
astro-ph/0611015 Electron-ion coupling upstream of relativistic collisionless shocks
astro-ph/0611016 Amplification and variability of the AGN X-ray emission due to microlensing
astro-ph/0611017 The evolution of clusters in the CLEF cosmological simulation: X-ray structural and scaling properties
astro-ph/0611018 Radial profile and log-normal fluctuations of intra-cluster medium as an origin of systematic bias of spectroscopic temperature
astro-ph/0611019 To Constrain the Parameter Space of the ICS Model
astro-ph/0611020 Magnetic flares in Active Galactic Nuclei: Modeling the iron Kalpha-line
astro-ph/0611021 Deformation procedure for scalar fields in cosmology
astro-ph/0611022 What can the braking indices tell us about pulsars’ nature?
astro-ph/0611023 Enhanced Cosmic Ray Flux and Ionization for Star Formation in Molecular Clouds Interacting with Supernova Remnants
astro-ph/0611024 High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of T Tauri Stars in the Taurus-Auriga Complex
astro-ph/0611025 Are the distances of galactic microquasars reliable?
astro-ph/0611026 Spitzer IRS Spectroscopy of Intermediate Polars: Constraints on Mid-Infrared Cyclotron Emission
astro-ph/0611027 Proposal: The Neural Network Telescope
astro-ph/0611028 Results of the ROTOR-program. I. The long-term photometric variability of classical T Tauri stars
astro-ph/0611029 Scalar potential model of spiral galaxy HI rotation curves and rotation curve asymmetry
astro-ph/0611030 Underground Water Cherenkov Muon Detector Array with the Tibet Air Shower Array for Gamma-Ray Astronomy in the 100 TeV Region
astro-ph/0611031 Refined Astrometry and Positions for 179 Swift X-ray Afterglows
astro-ph/0611032 Differential Density Statistics of Galaxy Distribution and the Luminosity Function
astro-ph/0611033 On the Progenitor of Supernova 1987A
astro-ph/0611034 Non-gaussianity from the inflationary trispectrum
astro-ph/0611035 An investigation of uniform expansions of large order Bessel functions in Gravitational Wave Signals from Pulsars
astro-ph/0611036 Hf Transition Probabilities and Abundances
astro-ph/0611037 Simulating cosmic rays in clusters of galaxies: I. effects on the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect and the X-ray emission
astro-ph/0611038 Hot Gaseous Halos of Nearby Disk Galaxies
astro-ph/0611039 Deep Mixing of He-3: Reconciling Big Bang and Stellar Nucleosynthesis
astro-ph/0611040 Ultra-luminous X-ray sources: X-ray binaries in a high/hard state?
astro-ph/0611041 "High-field" pulsars torqued by accretion disk?
astro-ph/0611042 Mathematical Morphology: Star/Galaxy Differentiation & Galaxy Morphology Classification
astro-ph/0611043 Common Envelope Evolution
astro-ph/0611044 Metal-Rich A-Type Supergiants in M31
astro-ph/0611045 The nature of the soft X-ray emission in obscured AGN
astro-ph/0611046 Evidence for dark energy: cross-correlating SDSS5 and WMAP3
astro-ph/0611047 Relativistic neutron star merger simulations with non-zero temperature equations of state I. Variation of binary parameters and equation of state
astro-ph/0611048 Simulations of Metal Enrichment in Galaxy Clusters by AGN Outflows
astro-ph/0611049 First e-VLBI observations of GRS 1915+105
astro-ph/0611050 The first detection of Compton Reflection in the Low-Mass X-ray Binary 4U1705-44 with INTEGRAL and BeppoSAX
astro-ph/0611051 Solar system constraints on R$^n$ gravity
astro-ph/0611052 Molecular CO outflows in the L1641-N cluster: kneading a cloud core
astro-ph/0611053 Properties of Luminous Red Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
astro-ph/0611054 First e-VLBI observations of Cygnus X-3
astro-ph/0611055 Star Cluster Demographics. I. A General Framework and Application to the Antennae Galaxies
astro-ph/0611056 A cluster in a crowded environment: XMM-Newton and Chandra observations of A3558
astro-ph/0611057 Jet-powered optical nebulae from X-ray binaries
astro-ph/0611058 The electromagnetic coupling and the dark side of the Universe
astro-ph/0611059 Comments on ``An Exact, Three-Dimensional, Time-Dependent Wave Solution in Local Keplerian Flow’’ by Balbus and Hawley (astro-ph/0608429)
astro-ph/0611060 Metallicities of M Dwarf Planet Hosts from Spectral Synthesis
astro-ph/0611061 Star formation in the central regions of galaxies
astro-ph/0611062 Physical parameters of two very cool T dwarfs
astro-ph/0611063 Five years of searches for point sources of astrophysical neutrinos with the AMANDA-II neutrino telescope
astro-ph/0611064 Hard X-ray emission of the microquasar GX 339-4 in the low/hard state
astro-ph/0611065 Gaussian analysis of the CMB with the smooth tests of goodness of fit
astro-ph/0611066 The Abundance of Interstellar Fluorine and Its Implications
astro-ph/0611067 Recent star formation in clusters of galaxies: extreme compact starbursts in A539 and A634
astro-ph/0611068 The Origin and Motion of PSR J0538+2817 in S147
astro-ph/0611069 The structure of the jet in 3C 15 from multi-band polarimetry
astro-ph/0611070 High-resolution spectroscopy of RGB stars in the Sagittarius Streams. I. Radial velocities and chemical abundances
astro-ph/0611071 Spitzer spectroscopy of carbon stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0611072 The Energy-dependent X-ray Timing Characteristics of the Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Mkn 766
astro-ph/0611073 Estimation of the dust mass-loss rates from AGB stars in the Fornax and Sagittarius dwarf Spheroidal galaxies
astro-ph/0611074 Near-Ultraviolet Spectra of Flares on YZ CMi
astro-ph/0611075 The primordial trispectrum from inflation
astro-ph/0611076 Type I X-ray Bursts at Low Accretion Rates
astro-ph/0611077 Blazars and Gamma Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0611078 The sizes of galaxy halos in galaxy cluster Abell 1689
astro-ph/0611079 On the absence of Wolf-Rayet Signatures in GRB Afterglow Spectra: Constraints on the GRB Progenitor Environment
astro-ph/0611080 Revisiting VLT/UVES constraints on a varying fine-structure constant
astro-ph/0611081 Extreme Properties Of GRB061007: A Highly Energetic Or A Highly Collimated Burst?
astro-ph/0611082 A search for radio pulsars around low-mass white dwarfs
astro-ph/0611083 The star formation rate of CaII and damped Lyman-alpha absorbers at 0.4<z<1.3
astro-ph/0611084 Cosmic ray feedback in hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy and galaxy cluster formation
astro-ph/0611085 Cosmological structure formation shocks and cosmic rays in hydrodynamical simulations
astro-ph/0611086 Chemodynamical Simulations of Elliptical Galaxies
astro-ph/0611087 Sloan/Johnson-Cousins/2MASS Color Transformations for Cool-Stars
astro-ph/0611088 Winds in Collision: high-energy particles in massive binary systems
astro-ph/0611089 Extreme Properties Of GRB061007: A Highly Energetic OR Highly Collimated Burst?
astro-ph/0611090 Characteristics of the Galactic magneto-ionized ISM from Faraday rotation
astro-ph/0611091 Spheroids scaling relations over cosmic time
astro-ph/0611092 The Interstellar Medium of GRB Host Galaxies I. Echelle Spectra of Swift GRB Af terglows
astro-ph/0611093 Direct Reconstruction of the Dark Energy Scalar-Field Potential
astro-ph/0611094 Neon Fine-Structure Line Emission By X-ray Irradiated Protoplanetary Disks
astro-ph/0611095 A Spitzer/IRAC Census of the Asymptotic Giant Branch Populations in Local Group Dwarfs. I. WLM
astro-ph/0611096 The Star Formation History and Stellar Assembly of High Redshift Galaxies
astro-ph/0611097 Large Magnetic Fields and Motions of OH Masers in W75 N
astro-ph/0611098 Low Luminosity Activity in Hickson Compact Groups
astro-ph/0611099 Nuclear Activity in UZC Compact Groups of Galaxies
astro-ph/0611100 Spitzer Mid-infrared Upper Limits on Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars 1E 1048.1-5937, 1RXS J170849-400910, and XTE J1810-197
astro-ph/0611101 Normal Modes of Black Hole Accretion Disks
astro-ph/0611102 [Fe II] and H2 filaments in the Supernova Remnant G11.2-0.3: Supernova Ejecta and Presupernova Circumstellar Wind
astro-ph/0611103 Hard X-rays from Ultra-Compact HII Regions in W49A
astro-ph/0611104 Suzaku Spectroscopy Study of Hard X-Ray Emission in the Arches Cluster
astro-ph/0611105 Status of the NEMO Project
astro-ph/0611106 Star formation history and evolution of gas-rich dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus A group
astro-ph/0611107 Spectral variability modes of GX 339-4 in a hard-to-soft state transition
astro-ph/0611108 NIR Follow-Up of the VVDS 02hr Field
astro-ph/0611109 HVC and IVC gas in the halo of the Milky Way
astro-ph/0611110 Gravitational recoil velocities from eccentric binary black hole mergers
astro-ph/0611111 Monitoring LMXBs with the Faulkes Telescope
astro-ph/0611112 Multigrid Methods for Polarized Radiative Transfer
astro-ph/0611113 Is dark matter present in NGC4736? An iterative spectral method for finding mass distribution in spiral galaxies
astro-ph/0611114 Soft X and Gamma ray emission from TeV sources observed with Swift and INTEGRAL
astro-ph/0611115 Nucleon superfluidity versus thermal states of isolated and transiently accreting neutron stars
astro-ph/0611116 Synchrotron Outbursts in Galactic and Extra-galactic Jets, Any Difference?
astro-ph/0611117 ULTRACAM Photometry of the ultracompact binaries V407 Vul and HM Cnc
astro-ph/0611118 Elemental abundance trends in the metal-rich thin and thick disks
astro-ph/0611119 AGN jet models
astro-ph/0611120 Evolution of the X-ray Emission of Radio-Quiet Quasars
astro-ph/0611121 A contribution to the selection of emission-line galaxies using narrow-band filters in the optical airglow windows
astro-ph/0611122 The host galaxies of long-duration GRBs in a cosmological hierarchical scenario
astro-ph/0611123 HII Galaxies with 3D Spectroscopy
astro-ph/0611124 Direct Dark Matter Searches with CDMS and XENON
astro-ph/0611125 Supernova 2002ic: the collapse of a stripped-envelope, massive star in a dense medium ?
astro-ph/0611126 The bispectrum of redshifted 21-cm fluctuations from the dark ages
astro-ph/0611127 A Post-AGB Star in the Small Magellanic Cloud Observed with the Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph
astro-ph/0611128 A New Population of High Redshift Short-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0611129 The Shadow of Dark Matter
astro-ph/0611130 Cosmic stellar relics in the Galactic halo
astro-ph/0611131 Chemical Gradients in Galaxy Clusters and the Multiple Ways of Making a Cold Front
astro-ph/0611132 An insight into the baryon-gravity relation in galaxies
astro-ph/0611133 Fall-back crust around a quark-nova compact remnant II: The degenerate torus case with applications to AXPs
astro-ph/0611134 The Milky Way Galaxy as a Strong Gravitational Lens
astro-ph/0611135 Optical Spectroscopy of the Large Kuiper Belt Objects 136472 (2005 FY9) and 136108 (2003 EL61)
astro-ph/0611136 AGN Heating through Cavities and Shocks
astro-ph/0611137 Photometric Calibration of the DES
astro-ph/0611138 The 8 o’clock Arc: A Serendipitous Discovery of a Strongly Lensed Lyman Break Galaxy in the SDSS DR4 Imaging Data
astro-ph/0611139 A Magnetic Alpha-Omega Dynamo in Active Galactic Nuclei Disks: I. The Hydrodynamics of Star-Disk Collisions and Keplerian Flow
astro-ph/0611140 Presupernova evolution and explosion of massive stars with mass loss
astro-ph/0611141 The emission line galaxy TV Reticuli: Evidence for an ultraluminous supernova
astro-ph/0611142 Generation of a Fireball in AGN Hot Plasmas
astro-ph/0611143 Energy and Momentum Transfer via Coulomb Frictions in Relativistic Two Fluids
astro-ph/0611144 Limits on the Radiative Decay of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter from the Unresolved Cosmic and Soft X-ray Backgrounds
astro-ph/0611145 Modelling mid-Z element atmospheres for strongly-magnetized neutron stars
astro-ph/0611146 Neutrino Oscillations Induced by Chiral Phase Transition in a Compact Star
astro-ph/0611147 Low metallicity stars in our Galaxy
astro-ph/0611148 Swift Discovery of Gamma-Ray Bursts without Jet Break Feature in their X-Ray Afterglows
astro-ph/0611149 Chemical compositions and plasma parameters of planetary nebulae with Wolf-Rayet and wels type central stars
astro-ph/0611150 Pre-main sequence stars in the Lagoon Nebula (M8)
astro-ph/0611151 Topical Issues for Particle Acceleration Mechanisms in Astrophysical Shocks
astro-ph/0611152 Recipes for ULX formation: necessary ingredients and garnishments
astro-ph/0611153 Soft-excess in ULX spectra: the chilled-disk scenario
astro-ph/0611154 A Thousand and One Nova Outbursts
astro-ph/0611155 Gamma Ray Bursts: Complementarity to Other Cosmological Probes
astro-ph/0611156 Effects of Downscattering on the Continuum and Line Spectra in Powerful Wind Environment. Monte Carlo Simulations, Analytical Results and Data Analysis
astro-ph/0611157 Is Ursa Major II the Progenitor of the Orphan Stream?
astro-ph/0611158 Potential colors for determining age and metallicity of stellar populations
astro-ph/0611159 How Tomographic Cosmic Shear Maps Lead to Constraints on Dark Energy Properties
astro-ph/0611160 Aperture Arrays for the SKA: Dense or Sparse?
astro-ph/0611161 Long gamma-ray bursts without visible supernovae: a case study of redshift estimators and alleged novel objects
astro-ph/0611162 Deep HI observations of the surroundings of ram pressure stripped Virgo spiral galaxies - Where is the stripped gas?
astro-ph/0611163 AGB stars in extragalactic systems
astro-ph/0611164 A SCUBA survey of Orion, the low-mass end of the core mass function
astro-ph/0611165 The initial conditions of isolated star formation - VII. Spitzer mapping of pre-stellar cores
astro-ph/0611166 Clues from microquasars to the origin of radio-loudness of quasars
astro-ph/0611167 Tracing the development of dust around evolved stars: The case of 47 Tuc
astro-ph/0611168 Constraints on parameters of radiatively decaying dark matter from the galaxy cluster 1E0657-56
astro-ph/0611169 The Galactic Halo density distribution from photometric survey data: results of a pilot study
astro-ph/0611170 Stereoscopic electron spectroscopy of solar hard X-ray flares with a single spacecraft
astro-ph/0611171 Excitation and visibility of slow modes in rotating B-type stars
astro-ph/0611172 The double Compton emissivity in a mildly relativistic thermal plasma within the soft photon limit
astro-ph/0611173 CCD photometric search for peculiar stars in open clusters. VIII. King 21, NGC 3293, NGC 5999, NGC 6802, NGC 6830, Ruprecht 44, Ruprecht 115, and Ruprecht 120
astro-ph/0611174 Infrared Transmission Spectra for Extrasolar Giant Planets
astro-ph/0611175 The first multi-wavelength campaign of AXP 4U 0142+61 from radio to hard X-rays
astro-ph/0611176 An Iterative Method for the Construction of Equilibrium N-Body Models for Stellar Disks
astro-ph/0611177 Galactic centre X-ray sources
astro-ph/0611178 The Galaxy Power Spectrum: 2dFGRS-SDSS tension?
astro-ph/0611179 Energy spectra of X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations in accreting black hole binaries
astro-ph/0611180 The Resolved Stellar Populations of a Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy in the Virgo Cluster
astro-ph/0611181 The Kinematics of S5 1803+784
astro-ph/0611182 Hydrogen issue in Core Collapse Supernovae
astro-ph/0611183 Dynamics of the Narrow-Line Region in the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 1068
astro-ph/0611184 "Oscillating" components in the BL Lac object 0716+714?
astro-ph/0611185 Radiatively inefficient accretion disks in Low Luminosity AGN
astro-ph/0611186 SNe 2005ay and 2005cs: Two interesting II-Plateau events
astro-ph/0611187 Simulating the COSMOS: The fraction of merging galaxies at high redshift
astro-ph/0611188 A Magnetic Alpha-Omega Dynamo in Active Galactic Nuclei Disks: II. Magnetic Field Generation, Theories and Simulations
astro-ph/0611189 Swift GRBs and the Ep,i - Eiso correlation
astro-ph/0611190 3D Relativistic MHD Simulations of Magnetized Spine-Sheath Relativistic Jets
astro-ph/0611191 Best-Bet Astrophysical Neutrino Sources
astro-ph/0611192 Gamma-Ray Burst jet dynamics and their interaction with the progenitor star
astro-ph/0611193 First stars as a possible origin for the helium-rich population in omega Centauri
astro-ph/0611194 External Shocks, UHECRs, and the Early Afterglow of GRBs
astro-ph/0611195 The Luminosity Function of Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies and Cosmic Reionisation of Hydrogen
astro-ph/0611196 How special are Brightest Group and Cluster Galaxies?
astro-ph/0611197 On the prevalence of radio-loud AGN in brightest cluster galaxies: implications for AGN heating of cooling flows
astro-ph/0611198 Improved Measurements of the CMB Power Spectrum with ACBAR
astro-ph/0611199 The accretion ratios in Seyfert 2 galaxies with and without hidden broad-line regions
astro-ph/0611200 Magnetically moderated outbursts of WZ Sagittae
astro-ph/0611201 Study of cosmic ray interaction model based on atmospheric muons for the neutrino flux calculation
astro-ph/0611202 Cosmological evolution of the AGN Kinetic Luminosity Function
astro-ph/0611203 Spiral arm triggering of star formation
astro-ph/0611204 Tidal tails around globular clusters. Are they a good tracer of cluster orbits?
astro-ph/0611205 Self-consistent models of cuspy triaxial galaxies with dark matter haloes
astro-ph/0611206 Solar Atmospheric Oscillations and the Chromospheric Magnetic Topology
astro-ph/0611207 Primordial Magnetic Fields and the Peccei-Quinn Scale
astro-ph/0611208 Towards a kinematic model of the Local Group
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