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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0612004 The formation and gas content of high redshift galaxies and minihalos
astro-ph/0612008 Confirmation of New Planetary Nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0612009 Eddington limited starbursts in the central 10pc of AGN, and the Torus in NGC1068
astro-ph/0612010 Spectra of hadrons and muons in the atmosphere: primary spectra, characteristics of hadron-air interactions
astro-ph/0612011 Probing trans-Planckian physics and the curvature effect from primordial power spectrum with WMAP 3 observations
astro-ph/0612012 Pismis 24-1: The Stellar Upper Mass Limit Preserved
astro-ph/0612013 Analytical scanning and transmission electron microscopy of laboratory impacts on Stardust aluminum foils: interpreting impact crater morphology and the composition of impact residues
astro-ph/0612014 Microlensing search for extrasolar planets
astro-ph/0612015 Remnants of compact binary mergers
astro-ph/0612016 Fast variability of TeV gamma-rays from the radio galaxy M 87
astro-ph/0612017 Specific SFR profiles in nearby spiral galaxies: quantifying the inside-out formation of disks
astro-ph/0612018 Radio sources in the 6dFGS: Local luminosity functions at 1.4 GHz for star-forming galaxies and radio-loud AGN
astro-ph/0612019 Radio galaxies in the 2SLAQ Luminous Red Galaxy Survey: I. The evolution of low-power radio galaxies to z~0.7
astro-ph/0612020 Slow evolution of elliptical galaxies induced by dynamical friction III. Role of density concentration and pressure anisotropy
astro-ph/0612021 Rapid N_H changes in NGC 4151
astro-ph/0612022 Scalar-field quintessence by cosmic shear: CFHT data analysis and forecasts for DUNE
astro-ph/0612023 The HELLAS2XMM survey.VIII. Optical identifications of the extended sample
astro-ph/0612024 Stochastic excitation and damping of solar-type oscillations
astro-ph/0612025 On seismic signatures of rapid variation
astro-ph/0612026 NGC2298: a globular cluster on its way to disruption
astro-ph/0612027 Multiple Jets from the High-Mass (Proto)stellar Cluster AFGL5142
astro-ph/0612028 Probing Quasar Outflows with Intrinsic Narrow Absorption Lines
astro-ph/0612029 Debris disks in main sequence binary systems
astro-ph/0612030 An asteroseismic signature of helium ionization
astro-ph/0612031 Testing the standard fireball model of GRBs using late X-ray afterglows measured by Swift
astro-ph/0612032 On the rarity of double black hole binaries: consequences for gravitational-wave detection
astro-ph/0612033 Constraints on the Cosmic Near Infrared Background Excess from NICMOS Deep Field Observations
astro-ph/0612034 Transformation from SDSS Photometric System to Johnson-Morgan-Cousins System in HK Survey
astro-ph/0612035 Thermal instability in X-ray photoionized media in Active Galactic Nuclei: Influence on the gas structure and spectral features
astro-ph/0612036 Soft-excess in ULX spectra: disc emission or wind absorption?
astro-ph/0612037 Thermal instabilities in Active Galactic Nuclei: the case of thin vs. thick ionized media
astro-ph/0612038 Application of a XMM-Newton EPIC Monte Carlo to analysis and interpretation of data for Abell 1689, RXJ0658-55 and the Centaurus clusters of galaxies
astro-ph/0612039 Relation between the luminosity of young stellar objects and their circumstellar environment
astro-ph/0612040 Dynamical evidence for intermediate mass black holes in old globular clusters
astro-ph/0612041 The instability of planetary systems in binaries: how the Kozai mechanism leads to strong planet-planet interactions
astro-ph/0612042 The dependence of quasar variability on black hole mass
astro-ph/0612043 A Progress Report on the Empirical Determination of the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip
astro-ph/0612044 Tidal dissipation within hot Jupiters: a new appraisal
astro-ph/0612045 Mid-IR Observations and a Revised Time Delay for the Gravitational Lens System Quasar HE 1104-1805
astro-ph/0612046 The "Supercritical Pile" GRB Model: Afterglows and GRB, XRR, XRF Unification
astro-ph/0612047 The Ages of Early-Type Galaxies at z~1
astro-ph/0612048 Corrected Table for the Parametric Coefficients for the Optical Depth of the Universe to Gamma-rays at Various Redshifts
astro-ph/0612049 Models of the Solar Vicinity: The Metal Rich Stage
astro-ph/0612050 Black Hole Formation in X-Ray Binaries: The Case of XTE J1118+480
astro-ph/0612051 Studying High $p_T$ Muons in Cosmic-Ray Air Showers
astro-ph/0612052 Rotating Boson and Boson-Fermion Stars
astro-ph/0612053 G515, Revisited. I. Stellar Populations And Evidence Of Nuclear Activity In A Luminous "E+A" Galaxy
astro-ph/0612054 Pulsars as Astrophysical Laboratories for Nuclear and Particle Physics
astro-ph/0612055 Compact Binaries as Sources of Gravitational Radiation
astro-ph/0612056 Concluding remarks
astro-ph/0612057 Compact Centimeter and Millimeter Sources in NGC 6334 I(N): OB Stars in the Making?
astro-ph/0612058 Low-Mass X-ray Binaries and Globular Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies. I. Chandra Observations
astro-ph/0612059 Photometric Analysis of the Optical Counterpart of the Black Hole HMXB M33 X-7
astro-ph/0612060 Constraints on Dynamical Dark Energy Models Including Gamma Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0612061 Constraints to the EOS of ultradense matter with model-independent astrophysical observations
astro-ph/0612062 Discovery of Fundamental Mass Ratio Relationships of Whole-Rock Chondritic Major Elements: Implications on Ordinary Chondrite Formation and on Planet Mercury’s Composition
astro-ph/0612063 Near-Infrared Photometry of the Star Clusters in the Dwarf Irregular Galaxy IC 5152
astro-ph/0612064 Microlensing of a Biconical Broad Line Region
astro-ph/0612065 Observation of Galactic Sources of Very High Energy Gamma-Rays with the MAGIC Telescope
astro-ph/0612066 COMBO-17 measurements of the effect of environment on the type-dependent galaxy luminosity function
astro-ph/0612067 Decoherence from Isocurvature perturbations in Inflation
astro-ph/0612068 The quest for obscured AGN at cosmological distances: Infrared Power-Law Galaxies
astro-ph/0612069 Ultraviolet Detection of the Tidal Disruption of a Star by a Supermassive Black Hole
astro-ph/0612070 Relativistic superluminal radio jets in microquasars in our galaxy
astro-ph/0612071 Collapse of the Primordial Gas Clouds in the Presence of UV Radiation Field
astro-ph/0612072 Theory of Core-Collapse Supernovae
astro-ph/0612073 Consequences of Triaxiality for Gravitational Wave Recoil of black holes
astro-ph/0612074 Direct imaging with highly diluted apertures. I. Field of view limitations
astro-ph/0612075 The Statistical Properties Of The Very Weak Radio Source Population In The GOODS/ACS HDF-N Region
astro-ph/0612076 High resolution observations of a selection of faint 1.4GHz radio counterparts to optical sources in the HDF-N
astro-ph/0612077 Sub-arcsecond, microJy radio properties of Spitzer identified mid-infrared sources in the HDF-N/GOODS-N field
astro-ph/0612078 High-z radio starbursts host obscured X-ray AGN
astro-ph/0612079 Cosmic coincidences and relic neutrinos
astro-ph/0612080 The Evolution of Galaxy Dust Properties for 1<z<2.5
astro-ph/0612081 Galactic nuclei formation and activity induced by globular cluster merging
astro-ph/0612082 Discovery and Upper Limits in Search for Exotic Physics with Neutrino Telescopes
astro-ph/0612083 Performance metrics
astro-ph/0612084 Effect of rotation on the tachoclinic transport
astro-ph/0612085 On a long-term dynamics of the magnetised solar tachocline
astro-ph/0612086 Newtonian gravity in d dimensions
astro-ph/0612087 UV dust attenuation in spiral galaxies: the role of age-dependent extinction and of the IMF
astro-ph/0612088 A general catalogue of 6.7GHz methanol masers II: statistical analysis
astro-ph/0612089 Gamma Ray Bursts: Cosmic Rulers for the High-Redshift Universe?
astro-ph/0612090 Empirical isochrones and relative ages for young stars, and the radiative-convective gap
astro-ph/0612091 Noether symmetry approach in matter-dominated cosmology with variable G and Lambda
astro-ph/0612092 Unmasking neutron star interiors using cooling simulations
astro-ph/0612093 Order in the Chaos: Spin-up and Spin-down during the 2002 Outburst of SAX J1808.4-3658
astro-ph/0612094 Deconvolution of HST images of the Cloverleaf gravitational lens : detection of the lensing galaxy and a partial Einstein ring
astro-ph/0612095 The collapse of gas discs in non-axisymmetric galaxy cores
astro-ph/0612096 Deeply embedded objects and shocked molecular hydrogen: The environment of the FU Orionis stars RNO 1B/1C
astro-ph/0612097 Determination of the light curve of the Rosetta target Asteroid (2867) Steins by the OSIRIS cameras onboard Rosetta
astro-ph/0612098 Uncertainties of the masses of black holes and Eddington ratios in AGN
astro-ph/0612099 Interferometric Observations of RS Ophiuchi and the Origin of the Near-IR Emission
astro-ph/0612100 X-ray Supercavities in the Hydra A Cluster and the Outburst History of the Central Galaxy’s Active Nucleus
astro-ph/0612101 s-Process Abundances in Planetary Nebulae
astro-ph/0612102 Dark Energy with a Fine-toothed Comb
astro-ph/0612103 A Robust Estimator of the Small-Scale Galaxy Correlation Function
astro-ph/0612104 Redshift Filtering by Swift Apparent X-ray Column Density
astro-ph/0612105 Infrared spectral energy distributions of submillimetre galaxies
astro-ph/0612106 Precision cosmological measurements: independent evidence for dark energy
astro-ph/0612107 The Magellanic Bridge: The Nearest Purely Tidal Stellar Population
astro-ph/0612108 Scintillation of liquid neon from electronic and nuclear recoils
astro-ph/0612109 Echoes of Giant Pulses from the Crab Pulsar
astro-ph/0612110 Measurement of air and nitrogen fluorescence light yields induced by electron beam for UHECR experiments
astro-ph/0612111 Radio Galaxies in Cooling Cores: Insights from a Complete Sample
astro-ph/0612112 Searching for Variables in One of the WHAT Fields
astro-ph/0612113 The Phase Transition of Dark Energy
astro-ph/0612114 The ARAUCARIA Project: VLT-FORS spectroscopy of blue supergiants in NGC 3109 - Classifications, first abundances and kinematics
astro-ph/0612115 Possible Streams of the Globular Clusters in the Galaxy
astro-ph/0612116 Ly-alpha excess in high redshift radio galaxies: a signature of star formation
astro-ph/0612117 The Long Faint Tail of the High-Redshift Galaxy Population
astro-ph/0612118 Detecting galaxy clusters at 0.1 < z < 2.0
astro-ph/0612119 Stellar populations of massive elliptical galaxies in very rich clusters
astro-ph/0612120 Witnessing the build-up of the colour-density relation
astro-ph/0612121 Gamma Ray Bursts Flares detected and observed by the Swift Satellite
astro-ph/0612122 Overluminous HNC Line Emission in Arp220, NGC4418 and Mrk231 - Global IR Pumping or XDRs?
astro-ph/0612123 Evolution of the Non-Linear Galaxy Bias up to Redshift z=1.5
astro-ph/0612124 Computing nonlinear force-free fields in spherical geometry
astro-ph/0612125 The exotic chemical composition of the Sagittarius dwarf Spheroidal galaxy
astro-ph/0612126 The mass function of dense molecular cores and the origin of the IMF
astro-ph/0612127 The soft X-ray spectrum of PG1211+143
astro-ph/0612128 Ionisation-induced star formation I: The collect and collapse model
astro-ph/0612129 Millisecond Dips in Sco X-1 are Likely the Result of High-Energy Particle Events
astro-ph/0612130 Effect of dark matter annihilation on gas cooling and star formation
astro-ph/0612131 Study of ISM tracers in galaxies
astro-ph/0612132 Neutron star interiors and the equation of state of ultra-dense matter
astro-ph/0612133 Probing the close environment of massive young stars with spectro-astrometry
astro-ph/0612134 The Star-formation History of the Universe as Revealed from Deep Radio Observations of the 13H XMM-Newton/Chandra Deep Field
astro-ph/0612135 Physical Orbit for Lambda Virginis and a Test of Stellar Evolution Models
astro-ph/0612136 Gemini Spectroscopic Survey of Young Star Clusters in Merging/Interacting Galaxies. I. NGC 3256 Tidal-Tail Clusters
astro-ph/0612137 The Velocity Field of the Local Universe from Measurements of Type Ia Supernovae
astro-ph/0612138 Precision Masses of the low-mass binary system GJ 623
astro-ph/0612139 The Inner Workings of Early-Type Galaxies: Cores, Nuclei and Supermassive Black Holes (Including a Critical Comparison of Nuker and core-Sersic/Sersic models)
astro-ph/0612140 Microwave-Sky Simulations and Projections for Galaxy Cluster Detection with the Atacama Cosmology Telescope
astro-ph/0612141 Statistics and Simulations of Transit Surveys for Extrasolar Planets
astro-ph/0612142 Optical Monitoring of BL Lacertae Object S5 0716+714 with a Novel Multi-Peak Interference Filter
astro-ph/0612143 An extreme rotation measure in the high-redshift radio galaxy PKS B0529-549
astro-ph/0612144 Formation of Double Compact Objects
astro-ph/0612145 Magnetic Hydrogen Atmosphere Models and the Neutron Star RX J1856.5-3754
astro-ph/0612146 Measuring the Cosmic Shear in Fourier Space
astro-ph/0612147 Three Dimensional Simulations of the Core Helium Flash - with Rotation
astro-ph/0612148 Testing Gaussianity on Archeops Data
astro-ph/0612149 Multi-frequency monitoring of gamma-ray loud blazars: I. Light curves and spectral energy distributions
astro-ph/0612150 Present bounds on the relativistic energy density in the Universe from cosmological observables
astro-ph/0612151 Phantom dose not appear from a backreaction
astro-ph/0612152 531 new spectroscopic redshifts from the CDFS and a test on the cosmological relevance of the GOODS-South field
astro-ph/0612153 IX Russian-Finnish Symposium on Radio Astronomy "Multi-wavelength investigations of solar and stellar activity and active galactic nuclei"
astro-ph/0612154 Late-Time Convection in the Collapse of a 23 Solar Mass Star
astro-ph/0612155 Eppur si espande
astro-ph/0612156 Flaring Activity of Sgr A*: Expanding Hot Blobs
astro-ph/0612157 New p+C data in fixed target experiments and the muon component in extensive air showers
astro-ph/0612158 Direct imaging of the young spectroscopic binary HD 160934
astro-ph/0612159 New light on the formation and evolution of bars: Trends in the stellar line-strength indices distribution inside the bar region
astro-ph/0612160 Chemical Abundance Analysis of the Extremely Metal-Poor Star HE 1300+0157
astro-ph/0612161 Spitzer Observations of the New Luminous Red Novae M85,OT2006-1
astro-ph/0612162 The discovery of the first luminous z~6 quasar in the UKIDSS Large Area Survey
astro-ph/0612163 The Spatial Distribution of the Galactic First Stars I: High-Resolution N-body Approach
astro-ph/0612164 The Position of Sagittarius A*: III. Motion of the Stellar Cusp
astro-ph/0612165 Solving the Abell 1689 puzzle: A combined strong and weak gravitational lensing analysis
astro-ph/0612166 MoLUSC: A MOck Local Universe Survey Constructor
astro-ph/0612167 When Do Ultra-relativistic Shocks Make Energetic Particle Populations?
astro-ph/0612168 Dynamics of a magnetised Bianchi I universe with vacuum energy
astro-ph/0612169 Infrared Counterparts to Chandra X-Ray Sources in the Antennae
astro-ph/0612170 Swift GRB Afterglows and the Forward-Shock Model
astro-ph/0612171 Investigating the Nature of Variable Class I and Flat Spectrum Protostars Using 2-4$mu$m Spectroscopy
astro-ph/0612172 The Metallicity of Stars with Close Companions
astro-ph/0612173 Ten Overdensities and an Arc Structure in the Galactic Halo
astro-ph/0612174 The extended star formation history of the star cluster NGC 2154 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0612175 Global MHD instabilities: from Low Frequency to High Frequency QPOs, and to Sgr A*
astro-ph/0612176 Discovering Light Pseudoscalar Bosons in Double-Pulsar Observations
astro-ph/0612177 SN 1987A at the end of its second decade
astro-ph/0612178 On the nature of X-Ray Flashes in the SWIFT era
astro-ph/0612179 The Effect of Large-Scale Inhomogeneities on the Luminosity Distance
astro-ph/0612180 On self-sustaining processes in Rayleigh-stable rotating plane Couette flows and subcritical transition to turbulence in accretion disks
astro-ph/0612181 Fine structure in the gamma-ray sky and the origin of UHECR
astro-ph/0612182 Lyman Break Galaxies in the VLT/FORS2 spectroscopic campaign in the GOODS-S field
astro-ph/0612183 Microvariability of Line Profiles in the Spectra of OB Stars II: $delta $Ori A
astro-ph/0612184 On the hydrodynamics of the matter reinserted within superstellar clusters
astro-ph/0612185 Radio Observations of Galaxy Clusters: Connection to Cluster Mergers
astro-ph/0612186 Characterisation of the magnetic fields of the Herbig Be stars HD 200775 and V380 0ri
astro-ph/0612187 Constraining Dark Energy by Combining Cluster Counts and Shear-Shear Correlations in a Weak Lensing Survey
astro-ph/0612188 Black holes: from stars to galaxies
astro-ph/0612189 On the peculiarities in the rotational frequency evolution of isolated neutron stars
astro-ph/0612190 Clustering Analyses of 300,000 Photometrically Classified Quasars--I. Luminosity and Redshift Evolution in Quasar Bias
astro-ph/0612191 Clustering Analyses of 300,000 Photometrically Classified Quasars--II. The Excess on Very Small Scales
astro-ph/0612192 Gravitational lensing by point masses on regular grid points
astro-ph/0612193 Real space tomography of the primordial Universe with cluster polarization
astro-ph/0612194 On the Rates of Gamma Ray Bursts and Type Ib/c Supernovae
astro-ph/0612195 Saturation of the Magnetothermal Instability in Three Dimensions
astro-ph/0612196 Reconstruction of the deceleration parameter and the equation of state of dark energy
astro-ph/0612197 Carbon monoxide in the solar atmosphere II. Radiative cooling by CO lines
astro-ph/0612198 Detonating Failed Deflagration Model of Thermonuclear Supernovae II. Comparison to Observations
astro-ph/0612199 Integral Field Spectroscopy of a Candidate Disk Galaxy at z~1.5 using Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics
astro-ph/0612200 Solar Chemical Peculiarities?
astro-ph/0612201 Warm Gas in the Inner Disks around Young Intermediate Mass Stars
astro-ph/0612202 Near-Infrared Properties of Moderate-Redshift Galaxy Clusters: Luminosity Functions and Density Profiles
astro-ph/0612203 GALEX Ultraviolet Photometry of Globular Clusters in M31: Three Year Results and a Catalog
astro-ph/0612204 Electron Injection at High Mach Number Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks : Surfing and Drift Acceleration
astro-ph/0612205 On the measurement of the proton-air cross section using longitudinal shower profiles
astro-ph/0612206 Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds: A Detailed Spectroscopic Analysis
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