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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0511754 Roche Lobe Shapes for testing MOND-like Modified Gravity
astro-ph/0601463 On the normalisation of the cosmic star formation history
astro-ph/0601574 The Dynamics of Molecular Clouds
astro-ph/0601635 Equations of General Relativistic Radiation Hydrodynamics from Tensor Formalism
astro-ph/0602007 A simple model for quasar density evolution
astro-ph/0602008 From Protoplanets to Protolife: The Emergence and Maintenance of Life
astro-ph/0602009 The Cosmogony of Super-Massive Black Holes
astro-ph/0602010 Diffuse Far-ultraviolet Observations of the Taurus Region
astro-ph/0602011 Notes to Saturn satellites Ijiraq and Kiviuq mutual close encounters
astro-ph/0602012 The Formation of Massive Stars
astro-ph/0602013 Inspiral of double black holes in gaseous nuclear disks
astro-ph/0602014 SPITZER IRS spectra of Virgo early type galaxies: detection of stellar silicate emission
astro-ph/0602015 Systematic bias in the estimate of cluster mass and the fluctuation amplitude from cluster abundance statistics
astro-ph/0602016 The source of variable optical emission is localized in the jet of the radio galaxy 3C 390.3
astro-ph/0602017 The old anticentre open cluster Berkeley 32: membership and fundamental parameters
astro-ph/0602018 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Internet Access to the OGLE Photometry Data Set: OGLE-II BVI maps and I-band data
astro-ph/0602019 Shrinking of Cluster Ellipticals: a Tidal Stripping explanation and Implications for the Intra-Cluster Light
astro-ph/0602020 SDSS J143030.22-001115.1: A misclassified narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy with flat X-ray spectrum
astro-ph/0602021 An optical-IR jet in 3C133
astro-ph/0602022 Photon Bubbles and the Vertical Structure of Accretion Disks
astro-ph/0602023 No Higher Criticism of the Bianchi Corrected WMAP Data
astro-ph/0602024 On the Formation and Progenitor of PSR J0737-3039: New Constraints on the Supernova Explosion Forming Pulsar B
astro-ph/0602025 Observations of high energy neutrinos with water/ice neutrino telescopes
astro-ph/0602026 Spatial clustering of USS sources and galaxies
astro-ph/0602027 Dark and Baryonic Matter in Bright Spiral Galaxies: II. Radial Distributions for 34 Galaxies
astro-ph/0602028 Dark and Baryonic Matter in Bright Spiral Galaxies: I.Near-infrared and Optical Broadband Surface Photometry of 30 Galaxies
astro-ph/0602029 Multi-scale simulations of merging galaxies with supermassive black holes
astro-ph/0602030 Microwave emission from spinning dust in circumstellar disks
astro-ph/0602031 The matter power spectrum in f(R) gravity
astro-ph/0602032 CIRS: Cluster Infall Regions in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey I. Infall Patterns and Mass Profiles
astro-ph/0602033 A low density of 0.8 g/cc for the Trojan binary asteroid 617 Patroclus
astro-ph/0602034 Evolution of Rotating Molecular Cloud Core with Oblique Magnetic Field
astro-ph/0602035 Gravitational Microlensing Influence on X-ray Radiation from Accretion Disk of Active Galaxies
astro-ph/0602036 delta Ceti is not monoperiodic: seismic modeling of a beta Cephei star from MOST spacebased photometry
astro-ph/0602037 Amplitude variability or close frequencies in pulsating stars? The Delta Scuti star FG Vir
astro-ph/0602038 The merger rate of massive galaxies
astro-ph/0602039 The Tully-Fisher relations of the Eridanus group of galaxies
astro-ph/0602040 The dynamics of the radiative envelope of rapidly rotating stars. I. A spherical Boussinesq model
astro-ph/0602041 Dust in Proto-Planetary Disks: Properties and Evolution
astro-ph/0602042 Collisions and close encounters involving massive main-sequence stars
astro-ph/0602043 The Source of Mass Accreted by the Central Black Hole in Cooling Flow Clusters
astro-ph/0602044 Post-Outburst Phase of McNeil’s Nebula (V1647 Orionis)
astro-ph/0602045 Luminosity function of contact binaries based on the ASAS survey
astro-ph/0602046 Relative velocities among accreting planetesimals in binary systems: the circumprimary case
astro-ph/0602047 Strangeness in Compact Stars
astro-ph/0602048 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of SV Cam: II. First Derivative Lightcurve Modelling using PHOENIX and ATLAS Model Atmospheres
astro-ph/0602049 Evolution of Class0 protostars: Models vs. Observations
astro-ph/0602050 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of SV Cam: I. The Importance of Unresolved Starspot Distributions in Lightcurve Fitting
astro-ph/0602051 Measuring the Three-Dimensional Structure of Galaxy Clusters. II. Are clusters of galaxies oblate or prolate?
astro-ph/0602052 Hydrostatic Modeling of the Integrated Soft X-Ray and EUV Emission in Solar Active Regions
astro-ph/0602053 Evolving Newton’s Constant, Extended Gravity Theories and SnIa Data Analysis
astro-ph/0602054 The Effect of Porosity on X-ray Emission Line Profiles from Hot-Star Winds
astro-ph/0602055 New Metallicities of RR Lyrae Stars in omega Centauri: Evidence for a Non He-Enhanced Metal-Intermediate Population
astro-ph/0602056 Molecular Gas in the Low Metallicity, Star Forming Dwarf IC 10
astro-ph/0602057 Numerical turbulence forced through localized random expansion waves
astro-ph/0602058 Constraints on the Diverse Progenitors of GRBs from the Large-Scale Environments
astro-ph/0602059 The stellar mass-accretion rate relation in T Tauri stars and brown dwarfs
astro-ph/0602060 A unified picture for gamma-ray burst prompt and X-ray afterglow emissions
astro-ph/0602061 Information of Structures in Galaxy Distribution
astro-ph/0602062 Forecasting Solar Wind Speeds
astro-ph/0602063 Multiwavelength star formation indicators: Observations
astro-ph/0602064 Ultraviolet-to-Far-Infrared Properties of Local Star-Forming Galaxies
astro-ph/0602065 Erratum - The many lives of AGN: cooling flows, black holes and the luminosities and colours of galaxies
astro-ph/0602066 Determination of Stellar Ellipticities in Future Microlensing Surveys
astro-ph/0602067 A Search for wide visual companions of exoplanet host stars - The Calar Alto Survey
astro-ph/0602069 The large-scale axisymmetric magnetic topology of avery-low-mass fully-convective star
astro-ph/0602070 A dynamical model for the dusty ring in the Coalsack
astro-ph/0602071 GRB 050814 at z = 5.3 and the Redshift Distribution of Swift GRBs
astro-ph/0602072 Cosmological parameters from Galaxy Clusters: an Introduction
astro-ph/0602073 Large Scale structure in the HI Parkes ALL-Sky Survey (HIPASS)
astro-ph/0602074 Gamma Ray Fresnel lenses - why not?
astro-ph/0602075 The lack of close binaries among hot horizontal branch stars in NGC6752
astro-ph/0602076 Microwave background in a dodecahedral geometry
astro-ph/0602077 Accurate photometry of extended spherically symmetric sources
astro-ph/0602078 HESS Observations of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
astro-ph/0602079 The origin of GEMS in IDPs as deduced from microstructural evolution of amorphous silicates with annealing
astro-ph/0602080 Abell 2111: An Optical and Radio Study of the Richest Butcher-Oemler Cluster
astro-ph/0602081 On the origin of the Fe K-alpha line cores in Active Galactic Nuclei
astro-ph/0602082 Charon’s radius and density from the combined data sets of the 2005 July 11 occultation
astro-ph/0602083 Transition from Galactic to Extra-Galactic Cosmic Rays
astro-ph/0602084 Surface temperature and synthetic spectral energy distributions for rotationally deformed stars
astro-ph/0602085 Low Redshift Intergalactic Absorption Lines in the Spectrum of HE0226-4110
astro-ph/0602086 The IAU Resolutions on Astronomical Reference Systems, Time Scales, and Earth Rotation Models
astro-ph/0602087 Constraining Disk Parameters of Be Stars using Narrowband H-alpha Interferometry with the NPOI
astro-ph/0602088 The Evolution of Galaxy Mergers and Morphology at z<1.2 in the Extended Groth Strip
astro-ph/0602089 The Large and Small Scale Structures of Dust in the Star-Forming Perseus Molecular Cloud
astro-ph/0602090 Evolutive Unification in Composite Active Galactic Nuclei
astro-ph/0602091 Comprehensive Analysis of RXTE Data from Cyg X-1: Spectral Index-Quasi-Periodic Oscillation Frequency-Luminosity Correlations
astro-ph/0602092 Do extragalactic cosmic rays induce cycles in fossil diversity?
astro-ph/0602093 Comptonisation of Cosmic Microwave Background Photons in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
astro-ph/0602094 FUV and X-ray Observations of the Reverse Shock in the SMC SNR 1E 0102.2-7219
astro-ph/0602095 Strange stars at finite temperature
astro-ph/0602096 The Sky in Dust -- Methods and Prospects of Dust Astronomy
astro-ph/0602097 A restoration in the time-symmetric theory and associated new results
astro-ph/0602098 The role of nonextensivity in the equilibrium of a star
astro-ph/0602099 Angular Trispectrum of CMB Temperature Anisotropy from Primordial Non-Gaussianity with the Full Radiation Transfer Function
astro-ph/0602100 Spurs and feathering in spiral galaxies
astro-ph/0602101 The Cosmic Stellar Birth and Death Rates
astro-ph/0602102 Hubble’s law and Superluminity Recession Velocities
astro-ph/0602103 The formation of molecular clouds in spiral galaxies
astro-ph/0602104 Nuclear Astrophysics of Worlds in the String Landscape
astro-ph/0602105 First Results from the CHARA Array. IV. The Interferometric Radii of Low-Mass Stars
astro-ph/0602106 The Large Peculiar Velocity of the cD Galaxy in Abell 3653
astro-ph/0602107 Neutron-capture elements in the very metal-poor star HD122563
astro-ph/0602108 Study of a detector array for Upward Tau Air-Showers
astro-ph/0602109 Systematic errors in the determination of Hubble constant due to the asphericity and non-isothermality of clusters of galaxies
astro-ph/0602110 Star Cluster Analyses from Multi-Band Photometry: the Key Advantage of SALT’s U-band Sensitivity
astro-ph/0602111 Magnetoconvection and dynamo coefficients III: alpha-effect and magnetic pumping in the rapid rotation regime
astro-ph/0602112 Zeeman tomography of magnetic white dwarfs III. The 70-80 Megagauss magnetic field of PG 1015+014
astro-ph/0602113 Study of the cyclotron feature in MXB 0656-072
astro-ph/0602114 Water destruction by X-rays in young stellar objects
astro-ph/0602115 A 0535+26: Back in business
astro-ph/0602116 Cosmic Evolution with Early and Late Acceleration Inspired by Dual Nature of the Ricci Scalar Curvature
astro-ph/0602117 Advanced Topics in Cosmology: A Pedagogical Introduction
astro-ph/0602118 Dissipative or Conservative cosmology with dark energy ?
astro-ph/0602119 The First Direct Spectroscopic Detection of a White Dwarf Primary in an AM CVn System
astro-ph/0602120 A Far Ultraviolet Study of the Hot White Dwarf in the Dwarf Nova WW Ceti
astro-ph/0602121 The most metal-poor damped Ly alpha system at z<3: constraints on early nucleosynthesis
astro-ph/0602122 Not Alone: Tracing the Origins of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs Through Multiplicity Studies
astro-ph/0602123 Analysis and modeling of high temporal resolution spectroscopic observations of flares on AD Leo
astro-ph/0602124 Voigt Profile Fitting to Quasar Absorption Lines: A Simple Approximation to the Voigt-Hjerting Function
astro-ph/0602125 Dynamics of compact objects: A post-Newtonian study
astro-ph/0602126 The Dwarf Novae During Quiescence
astro-ph/0602127 X-ray spectral properties of AGN in the Chandra Deep Field South
astro-ph/0602128 A Survey of Local Group Galaxies Currently Forming Stars. I. UBVRI Photometry of Stars in M31 and M33
astro-ph/0602129 The uncombed penumbra
astro-ph/0602130 Magnetic field vector retrieval with HMI
astro-ph/0602131 An ultradeep submillimetre map: beneath the SCUBA confusion limit with lensing and robust source extraction
astro-ph/0602132 Astroparticle Physics with High Energy Neutrinos: from AMANDA to IceCube
astro-ph/0602133 Detecting neutrino mass difference with cosmology
astro-ph/0602134 The Generation of Magnetic Fields and X-ray Observations
astro-ph/0602135 Late-Time X-ray Flares during GRB Afterglows: Extended Internal Engine Activity
astro-ph/0602136 A stellar companion in the HD 189733 system with a known transiting extrasolar planet
astro-ph/0602137 Deciphering Inflation with Gravitational Waves: Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization vs. Direct Detection with Laser Interferometers
astro-ph/0602138 Recent Developments in Neutron Star Thermal Evolution Theories and Observation
astro-ph/0602139 Contact Binaries with Additional Components. II. A Spectroscopic Search for Faint Tertiaries
astro-ph/0602140 The colour-magnitude relations of ClJ1226.9+3332, a massive cluster of galaxies at z=0.89
astro-ph/0602141 An implicit method for radiative transfer with the diffusion approximation in SPH
astro-ph/0602142 Testing the Curvature Effect and Internal Origin of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emissions and X-ray Flares with Swift Data
astro-ph/0602143 Infrared 3-4 Micron Spectroscopy of Infrared Luminous Galaxies with Possible Signatures of Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei
astro-ph/0602144 GRB Afterglows as a New Probe of the ISM and IGM at High Redshift
astro-ph/0602145 Investigating the nature of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with high-energy spectral complexity
astro-ph/0602146 Discovery of an Extraordinarily Massive Cluster of Red Supergiants
astro-ph/0602147 Likelihood Methods for Cluster Dark Energy Surveys
astro-ph/0602148 Short term variability in Be stars and binaries in the Magellanic Clouds
astro-ph/0602149 Effects of metallicity, star formation conditions and evolution of B & Be stars
astro-ph/0602150 A model for atomic and molecular interstellar gas: The Meudon PDR code
astro-ph/0602151 Results from the ULTRA experiment in the framework of the EUSO project
astro-ph/0602152 Near-Infrared and Optical Studies of the fast nova V4643 Sgr (Nova Sagittarii 2001)
astro-ph/0602153 Detecting filaments in the ultra-high energy cosmic ray distribution
astro-ph/0602154 Crystalline silicates as a probe of disk formation history
astro-ph/0602155 A new bound on the neutrino mass from the SDSS baryon acoustic peak
astro-ph/0602156 The Quintom Model of Dark Energy
astro-ph/0602157 On the stability of dynamically unstable cataclysmic variables
astro-ph/0602158 VLBA images of High Frequency Peakers
astro-ph/0602159 A weak cosmological constant due to residual gravity in a multiply connected universe
astro-ph/0602160 The Boston University-Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Galactic Ring Survey
astro-ph/0602161 Solar system constraints on multi-field theories of modified dynamics
astro-ph/0602162 Jet Speeds in Wide Angle Tailed Radio Galaxies
astro-ph/0602163 Evidence for a Supernova Associated with the X-ray Flash 020903
astro-ph/0602164 Gravitational Radiation from Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays in Models with Large Extra Dimensions
astro-ph/0602165 The influence of radio-galaxy activity on X-ray absorption lines from the intracluster medium
astro-ph/0602166 Unified Model for Inflation and Dark Energy with Planck-Scale Pseudo-Goldstone Bosons
astro-ph/0602167 HST/STIS Spectroscopy and Modeling of the Long Term Cooling of WZ Sagittae following the July 2001 Outburst
astro-ph/0602168 Distribution of the Extinction and Star Formation in NGC 1569
astro-ph/0602169 Analysis of IUE spectra of helium-rich white dwarf stars
astro-ph/0602170 Polarimetry and the Envelopes of Magellanic B[e] Supergiants
astro-ph/0602171 AGN-controlled cooling in elliptical galaxies
astro-ph/0602172 Probing the IGM/Galaxy Connection Toward PKS0405-123 III: The Galaxy Survey and Correlations with OVI Absorbers
astro-ph/0602173 Origin of Structures in Wolf-Rayet Winds: FUSE Observations of WR 135
astro-ph/0602174 The Depiction of Coronal Structure in White Light Images
astro-ph/0602175 Simultaneous X-ray/optical observations of GX 9+9 (4U 1728-16)
astro-ph/0602176 The Impact of Sunspots on the Interpretation of Coronal Observations of the O VI Doublet
astro-ph/0602177 Theory of cosmic ray production in the supernova remnant RX J1713.7-3946
astro-ph/0602178 Gamma-Ray Luminosity Function of Blazars and the Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background: Evidence for the Luminosity Dependent Density Evolution
astro-ph/0602179 Local Group Dwarf Galaxies and the Contribution of the First Stars to Reionization
astro-ph/0602180 Multi-colour optical monitoring of eight red blazars
astro-ph/0602181 Superhumps Behavior during Normal Outbursts in ER UMa: Spectroscopy and Photometry
astro-ph/0602182 Analytical and numerical studies of fluid instabilities in relativistic jets
astro-ph/0602183 The cyclo-synchrotron process and particle heating through the absorption of photons
astro-ph/0602184 Celestial positions in radio and optical
astro-ph/0602185 X-ray reflection in the nearby Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 1068
astro-ph/0602186 The internal kinematics of dwarf spheroidal galaxies
astro-ph/0602187 Axisymmetric simulations of magnetorotational core collapse: Approximate inclusion of general relativistic effects
astro-ph/0602188 On the reliability of CIV 1549 as an abundance indicator for high redshift star-forming galaxies
astro-ph/0602189 Various Modes of Helium Mixing in Globular Cluster Giants and Their Possible Effects on the Horizontal Branch Morphology
astro-ph/0602190 Impact of Uncertainties in Hadron Production on Air-Shower Predictions
astro-ph/0602191 XMM-Newton study of the complex and variable spectrum of NGC 4051
astro-ph/0602192 The SAURON project - VI. Line strength maps of 48 elliptical and lenticular galaxies
astro-ph/0602193 Obtaining cosmic ray propagation parameters from diffuse VHE gamma ray emission from the Galactic center ridge
astro-ph/0602194 Milagro Search for Very High Energy Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era
astro-ph/0602195 Supernova Neutrino Nucleosynthesis of Light Elements with Neutrino Oscillations
astro-ph/0602196 DQ white-dwarf stars with low C abundance: Possible progenitors
astro-ph/0602197 Velocity distributions in clusters of galaxies
astro-ph/0602198 The AGN Contribution to the Mid-IR Emission of Luminous Infrared Galaxies
astro-ph/0602199 Chandra Observation of Abell 2065: An Unequal Mass Merger?
astro-ph/0602200 Stochastic modeling of kHz QPO light curves
astro-ph/0602201 Revised Diagnostic Diagrams for Planetary Nebulae
astro-ph/0602202 Erratum: "Post-T Tauri Stars in the Nearest OB Association" (AJ, 124, 1670 [2002])
astro-ph/0602203 Biography of Hans Albrecht Bethe
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