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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0510786 Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations of the Ionization Structure and Kinematics of Damped Ly$alpha$ Systems with Self-consistent Radiative Transfer
astro-ph/0511364 The pulsar wind nebula of the Geminga pulsar
astro-ph/0512206 UV pumping of hyperfine transitions in the light elements, with application to 21-cm hydrogen and 92-cm deuterium lines from the early universe
astro-ph/0512235 Formation of an early-type galaxy from cosmological initial conditions?
astro-ph/0512338 Chandra Multiwavelength Project: Normal Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift
astro-ph/0601463 On the normalisation of the cosmic star formation history
astro-ph/0601628 The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. III - The Structure and Formation of Early-type Galaxies and their Evolution since z~1
astro-ph/0602068 Gamma-ray emission expected from Kepler’s SNR
astro-ph/0602598 A Cosmological Test of Standard Gravity by Weak Lensing
astro-ph/0602599 Wind signatures in the X-ray emission line profiles of the late O supergiant $zeta$ Orionis
astro-ph/0603005 Rejecting Astrophysical False Positives from the TrES Transiting Planet Survey: The Example of GSC 03885-00829
astro-ph/0603007 Determination Of The Orbit Of The Planetary Companion To The Metal Rich Star HD 45350
astro-ph/0603008 Evolution of the periodicities in 2S 0114+650
astro-ph/0603009 On the difference between nuclear and contraction ages
astro-ph/0603010 Modeling Eclipses in the Classical Nova V Persei: The Role of the Accretion Disk Rim
astro-ph/0603011 Magnetic Field Confinement in the Corona: The Role of Magnetic Helicity Accumulation
astro-ph/0603012 Why the braking indices of young pulsars are less than 3?
astro-ph/0603013 Multiwavelength Observations of 1ES 1959+650, One Year After the Strong Outburst of 2002
astro-ph/0603014 Outflow Driven Cavities: Numerical Simulations of Intermediaries of Protostellar Turbulence
astro-ph/0603015 Astrometric accuracy of phase-referenced observations with the VLBA and EVN
astro-ph/0603016 The consistency equation hierarchy in single-field inflation models
astro-ph/0603017 Radio and infrared recombination studies of the southern massive star-forming region G333.6-0.2
astro-ph/0603018 Extreme Deuteration and Hot Corinos: the Earliest Chemical Signatures of Low-Mass Star Formation
astro-ph/0603019 Measuring neutrino masses and dark energy with weak lensing tomography
astro-ph/0603020 Does rotation of B stars depend on metallicity? preliminary results from GIRAFFE spectra
astro-ph/0603021 Discovery of Very-High-Energy Gamma-Rays from the Galactic Centre Ridge
astro-ph/0603022 Gamma rays from dark matter annihilation in the Draco and observability at ARGO
astro-ph/0603023 VLA H53alpha and H92alpha line observations of the central region of NGC 253
astro-ph/0603024 Spectral and Fourier analyses of X-ray QPO in accreting black holes
astro-ph/0603025 The Type IIn Supernova 2002kg: The Outburst of a Luminous Blue Variable Star in NGC 2403
astro-ph/0603026 Radiation Feedback and Fragmentation in Massive Protostellar Cores
astro-ph/0603027 Chandra X-Ray Observations of Young Clusters. III. NGC 2264 and the Orion Flanking Fields
astro-ph/0603028 Local Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies and Quasars
astro-ph/0603029 A ULX microquasar in NGC 5408?
astro-ph/0603030 Hard TeV spectra of blazars and the constraints to the IR intergalactic background
astro-ph/0603031 Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
astro-ph/0603032 The Effects of Interactions on the Structure and Morphology of Elliptical/Lenticular galaxies in Pairs
astro-ph/0603033 Lens-Aided Multi-Angle Spectroscopy (LAMAS) Reveals Small-Scale Outflow Structure in Quasars
astro-ph/0603034 Protoneutron star dynamos: pulsars, magnetars, and radio-silent X-ray emitting neutron stars
astro-ph/0603035 Dust Stratification in Young Circumstellar Disks
astro-ph/0603036 Theoretical light curves for deflagration models of Type Ia supernova
astro-ph/0603037 Profile morphology and polarization of young pulsars
astro-ph/0603038 Comment Regarding the Functional Form of the Schmidt Law
astro-ph/0603039 The origin of the lead-rich stars in Galactic halo: investigation of the model parameters for the s-process
astro-ph/0603040 Secure Identification of Free-Floating Planets
astro-ph/0603041 The Interstellar Medium of IRAS 08572+3915 NW: H3+ and Warm High Velocity CO
astro-ph/0603042 Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope: Resolved Spectroscopy and New Constraints on the z=1 Tully-Fisher relation
astro-ph/0603043 X-ray Emitting Young Stars in the Carina Nebula
astro-ph/0603044 Blind MD-MC component separation for polarized observations of the CMB with the EM algorithm
astro-ph/0603045 General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Jet Formation and Large-Scale Propagation from Black Hole Accretion Systems
astro-ph/0603046 Interferometric data reduction with AMBER/VLTI.Principle,estimators and illustration
astro-ph/0603047 Improved Fokker-Planck Equation for Resonance Line Scattering
astro-ph/0603048 Zodiacal Light Emission in the PLANCK mission
astro-ph/0603049 The Square Kilometre Array: A new probe of cosmic magnetism
astro-ph/0603050 BVI photometry of the very old open cluster Berkeley 17
astro-ph/0603051 Angular Momentum Transfer in Dark Matter Halos: Erasing the Cusp
astro-ph/0603052 Interacting Vector-like Dark Energy, the First and Second Cosmological Coincidence Problems
astro-ph/0603053 Bayesian analysis of Friedmannless cosmologies
astro-ph/0603054 Merging of Elliptical Galaxies as Possible Origin of the Intergalactic Stellar Population
astro-ph/0603055 Pierre Auger Data, Photons, and Top-Down Cosmic Ray Models
astro-ph/0603056 Faint Supernovae and Supernova Impostors: Case studies of SN2002kg/NGC2403-V37 and SN 2003gm
astro-ph/0603057 74 MHz Discrete HII Absorption Regions Towards The Inner Galaxy
astro-ph/0603058 Clusters at Half Hubble Time: Galaxy Structure and Colors in RXJ0152.7-1357 and MS1054-03
astro-ph/0603059 Evolution of the Luminosity-Metallicity-Stellar Mass correlation in a hierarchical scenario
astro-ph/0603060 The Shape, Multiplicity, and Evolution of Superclusters in LambdaCDM Cosmology
astro-ph/0603061 The spatial clustering of ultraluminous infrared galaxies over 1.5<z<3
astro-ph/0603062 A 22 Degree Tidal Tail for Palomar 5
astro-ph/0603063 Direct Measurements of the Stellar Continua and Balmer/4000 Angstrom Breaks of Red z>2 Galaxies: Redshifts and Improved Constraints on Stellar Populations
astro-ph/0603064 Cold Dark Matter as Compact Composite Objects
astro-ph/0603065 Cosmic Magnetic Fields
astro-ph/0603066 Chemical Elements at High and Low Redshifts
astro-ph/0603067 Basic notions of dense matter physics: applications to astronomy
astro-ph/0603068 Giant Planet Accretion and Migration: Surviving the Type I Regime
astro-ph/0603069 Abundance studies of sdB stars using UV echelle HST/STIS spectroscopy
astro-ph/0603070 A Catalog of Broad Absorption Line Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Third Data Release
astro-ph/0603071 Molecular Outflows in Low- and High-Mass Star Forming Regions
astro-ph/0603072 Non-equilibrium Ionization State of Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium
astro-ph/0603073 Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distances. I. Optimization of a Maximum Likelihood Algorithm
astro-ph/0603074 Missing Dwarf Problem in Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0603075 How Do We See the Relativistic Accretion Disk during Thermal Instability?
astro-ph/0603076 Performance Limits for Cherenkov Instruments
astro-ph/0603077 Far-IR Excited OH Lines from Orion KL Outflows
astro-ph/0603078 Magneto-convection in a sunspot umbra
astro-ph/0603079 Imaging Molecular Gas in the Luminous Merger NGC 3256 : Detection of High-Velocity Gas and Twin Gas Peaks in the Double Nucleus
astro-ph/0603080 Simulated synchrotron emission from Pulsar Wind Nebulae
astro-ph/0603081 IGR J11215-5952: a hard X-ray transient displaying recurrent outbursts
astro-ph/0603082 A self-consistent determination of the temperature profile and the magnetic field geometry in winds of late-type stars
astro-ph/0603083 Spectropolarimetry of the Peculiar Type Ia SN 2005hk
astro-ph/0603084 On the similarity of Information Energy to Dark Energy
astro-ph/0603085 Metallicity structure in X-ray bright galaxy groups
astro-ph/0603086 Recent Achievements on the development of the Herschel/PACS Bolometer arrays
astro-ph/0603087 A 110 MG cyclotron harmonic in the optical spectrum of RX J1554.2+2721
astro-ph/0603088 Variation of atmospheric depth profile on different time scales
astro-ph/0603089 Giant Pulses -- the Main Component of the Radio Emission of the Crab Pulsar
astro-ph/0603090 The X-ray nuclei of intermediate-redshift radio sources
astro-ph/0603091 The Hubble flow around the CenA / M83 galaxy complex
astro-ph/0603092 Gauge Freedom in Orbital Mechanics
astro-ph/0603093 Disks around Young O-B (Proto)Stars: Observations and Theory
astro-ph/0603094 The GOODS-MUSIC sample: a multicolour catalog of near-IR selected galaxies in the GOODS-South field
astro-ph/0603095 The Clustering Evolution of Distant Red Galaxies in the GOODS-MUSIC Sample
astro-ph/0603096 The Structure and Evolution of Young Stellar Clusters
astro-ph/0603097 Polars Changing State: Multiwavelength Long Term Photometry and Spectroscopy of QS Tel, V834 Cen, and BL Hyi
astro-ph/0603098 New Gamma Cas-like objects: X-ray and optical observations of SAO49725 and HD161103
astro-ph/0603099 Cross-correlation between WMAP and 2MASS: non-Gaussianity induced by SZ effect
astro-ph/0603100 Revealing the Jet Structure of GRB 030329 with High Resolution Multicolor Photometry
astro-ph/0603101 Spectral Modeling of SNe Ia Near Maximum Light: Probing the Characteristics of Hydro Models
astro-ph/0603102 The radio SNR G65.1+0.6 and its associated pulsar J1957+2831
astro-ph/0603103 Turbulence driven diffusion in protoplanetary disks - chemical effects in the outer disk
astro-ph/0603104 24-micron Detections of Disks around Very Low-mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in IC 348: Grain Growth/Settling and Inner Holes?
astro-ph/0603105 Correlation Statistics of Quantized Noiselike Signals
astro-ph/0603106 The Size-Frequency Distribution of Dormant Jupiter Family Comets
astro-ph/0603107 Very High Energy Neutrinos Originating from Kaons in Gamma-Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0603108 A High Resolution Search for Dark-Matter Axions
astro-ph/0603109 Parametrizations of the Dark Energy Density and Scalar Potentials
astro-ph/0603110 Placing Confidence Limits on Polarization Measurements
astro-ph/0603111 Off-Line, Multi-Detector Intensity Interferometers I: Theory
astro-ph/0603112 Off-Line, Multi-Detector Intensity Interferometers II: Implications and Applications
astro-ph/0603113 Observed Planetary Nebulae as Descendants of Interacting Binary Systems
astro-ph/0603114 Dark Energy: Mystery of the Millennium
astro-ph/0603115 Impact of a non-Gaussian density field on Sunyaev-Zeldovich observables
astro-ph/0603116 Modeling the Structure of Hot Star Disks: a Critical Evaluation of the Viscous Decretion Scenario
astro-ph/0603117 Refining the fundamental plane of accreting black holes
astro-ph/0603118 The Search For Primordial Tensor Modes
astro-ph/0603119 Resolving the nature of the Rosette HH1 jet facing strong UV dissipation
astro-ph/0603120 Self-similar solutions for the interaction of relativistic ejecta with an ambient medium
astro-ph/0603121 350 Micron Dust Emission from High Redshift Quasars
astro-ph/0603122 Solar System Binaries
astro-ph/0603123 CHANDRA ACIS Spectroscopy of N157B -- A Young Composite Supernova Remnant in a Superbubble
astro-ph/0603124 On the origin of rR_1 ring structures in barred galaxies
astro-ph/0603125 A deep kinematic survey of planetary nebulae in the Andromeda Galaxy using the Planetary Nebula Spectrograph
astro-ph/0603126 Analysing the atolls: X-ray spectral transitions of accreting neutron stars
astro-ph/0603127 Can single O stars produce non-thermal radio emission?
astro-ph/0603128 Evidence for rotation-induced mixing in evolved intermediate mass stars
astro-ph/0603129 Studying the Nature of Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0603130 The INTEGRAL Galactic Bulge monitoring program
astro-ph/0603131 Measurement of the specific activity of Ar-39 in natural argon
astro-ph/0603132 Dust flow in gas disks in the presence of embedded planets
astro-ph/0603133 Radio Recombination Lines in Galactic HII Regions
astro-ph/0603134 Balmer and Paschen jump temperature determinations in low-metallicity emission-line galaxies
astro-ph/0603135 Testing grain surface chemistry : a survey of deuterated formaldehyde and methanol in low-mass Class 0 protostars
astro-ph/0603136 Testing the Stochastic Acceleration Model for Flares in Sagittarius A*
astro-ph/0603137 Stochastic Acceleration in the Galactic Center HESS Source
astro-ph/0603138 Star Formation in Space and Time: The Orion Nebula Cluster
astro-ph/0603139 Relativistic Iron lines at high redshifts
astro-ph/0603140 Scalar potential model of the CMB radiation temperature
astro-ph/0603141 An upper limit on anomalous dust emission at 31 GHz in the diffuse cloud [LPH96]201.663+1.643
astro-ph/0603142 Constraints from the Old Quasar Apm 08279+5255 on Two Classes of $Lambda($t$)$-Cosmologies
astro-ph/0603143 Extended HI Rotation Curve and Mass Distribution of M31
astro-ph/0603144 A new cosmic microwave background constraint to primordial gravitational waves
astro-ph/0603145 Merger of binary neutron stars to a black hole: Disk mass, short gamma-ray bursts, and quasinormal mode ringing
astro-ph/0603146 Cosmic Voids and Galaxy Bias in the Halo Occupation Framework
astro-ph/0603147 Time-dependent force-free pulsar magnetospheres: axisymmetric and oblique rotators
astro-ph/0603148 Prospects for detecting Dark Matter with neutrino telescopes in Intermediate Mass Black Holes scenarios
astro-ph/0603149 Physics of Cosmic Reionization
astro-ph/0603150 A New Definition of Substructure in Dark Matter Halos
astro-ph/0603151 Evolution of the Reverse Shock Emission from SNR 1987A
astro-ph/0603152 Monte Carlo Study of Detector Concepts for the MAX Laue Lens Gamma-Ray Telescope
astro-ph/0603153 Dust settling in local simulations of turbulent protoplanetary disks
astro-ph/0603154 Sky surveys and deep fields of ground-based and space telescopes
astro-ph/0603155 The effect of dust obscuration in RR Tel on optical and IR long-term photometry and Fe II emission lines
astro-ph/0603156 Star Cluster Evolution: From young massive star clusters to old globulars
astro-ph/0603157 The dust envelope of the pre-planetary nebula IRAS19475+3119
astro-ph/0603158 Tracking quintessence by cosmic shear - Constraints from VIRMOS-Descart and CFHTLS and future prospects
astro-ph/0603159 On the limit cycle instability in magnetized accretion discs
astro-ph/0603160 Spitzer and JCMT Observations of the Active Galactic Nucleus in the Sombrero Galaxy (NGC 4594)
astro-ph/0603161 The SAURON project - VII. Integral-field absorption and emission-line kinematics of 24 spiral galaxy bulges
astro-ph/0603162 Is space expanding in the Friedmann universe models?
astro-ph/0603163 Far-IR Detection Limits II: Probing Confusion including Source Confusion
astro-ph/0603164 Metallicity dependence of some parameters of Cepheids
astro-ph/0603165 The GL 569 Multiple System
astro-ph/0603166 Deep 1.4 GHz VLA Observations of the Radio Halo and Relic in Abell 2256
astro-ph/0603167 A photoionized Herbig-Haro object in the Orion nebula
astro-ph/0603168 Variable Unidentified Emission Near 6307 AA in Eta Carinae
astro-ph/0603169 Six Peaks Visible in the Redshift Distribution of 46,400 SDSS Quasars Agree with the Preferred Redshifts Predicted by the Decreasing Intrinsic Redshift Model
astro-ph/0603170 The Anisoplanatic Point Spread Function in Adaptive Optics
astro-ph/0603171 Scalar perturbations and the possible self-destruction of the phantom menace
astro-ph/0603172 Formation of Small-Scale Condensations in the Molecular Clouds via Thermal Instability
astro-ph/0603173 Methanol detection in M82
astro-ph/0603174 Impact of Supernova Explosions on Galaxy Formation
astro-ph/0603175 Tidally Triggered Star Formation in Close Pairs of Galaxies: Major and Minor Interactions
astro-ph/0603176 Radio Observations of a Large Sample of Late-M, L, and T Dwarfs: The Distribution of Magentic Field Strengths
astro-ph/0603177 The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: The Relationship Between Galaxy Properties and Environment at z ~ 1
astro-ph/0603178 The signature of the magnetorotational instability in the Reynolds and Maxwell stress tensors in accretion discs
astro-ph/0603179 Gravitational Instabilities in Gaseous Protoplanetary Disks and Implications for Giant Planet Formation
astro-ph/0603180 Fueling Low-Level AGN Activity Through the Stochastic Accretion of Cold Gas
astro-ph/0603181 High Quality Early Time Light Curves of GRB 060206: Implications for Gamma Ray Burst Environments and Energetics
astro-ph/0603182 GALEX Observations of "Passive Spirals" in the Cluster Cl 0024+17: Clues to the Formation of S0 Galaxies
astro-ph/0603183 Simulating Diffuse Light in Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0603184 3D Models for High Velocity Features in Type Ia Supernovae
astro-ph/0603185 The accretion-diffusion scenario for metals in cool white dwarfs
astro-ph/0603186 The discovery of an expanding X-ray source in the HH 154 protostellar jet
astro-ph/0603187 Composite Dark Matter with Invisible Light from Almost-Commutative Geometry
astro-ph/0603188 Implications of the metallicity dependence of Wolf-Rayet winds
astro-ph/0603189 Chemical Self-Enrichment of HII Regions by the Wolf-Rayet Phase of an 85 Msun star
astro-ph/0603190 Deuterium astration in the local disc and beyond
astro-ph/0603191 The Outskrits of Spiral Galaxies: Evidence for Multiple Stellar Populations
astro-ph/0603192 Internal dynamics of the radio-halo cluster A2744
astro-ph/0603193 Mass and Angular Momentum of Black Holes: An Overlooked Effect of General Relativity Applied to the Galactic Center Black Hole Sgr A*
astro-ph/0603194 Spectroscopic rotational velocities of brown dwarfs
astro-ph/0603195 Radiative Hydrodynamic Models of Optical and Ultraviolet Emission from M Dwarf Flares
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