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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0511410 Cosmological Signatures of Interacting Neutrinos
astro-ph/0603801 From Supermassive Black Holes to Dwarf Elliptical Nuclei: a Mass Continuum
astro-ph/0604001 Potential sources of contamination to weak lensing measurements: constraints from N-body simulations
astro-ph/0604002 The University of Hawaii Wide Field Imager (UHWFI)
astro-ph/0604003 Is Radiation of Black Holes Observable?
astro-ph/0604004 TeV Neutrinos from SuperNova Remnants embedded in Giant Molecular Clouds
astro-ph/0604005 Fomin’s conception of quantum cosmogenesis
astro-ph/0604006 Probing T Tauri Accretion and Outflow with 1 Micron Spectroscopy
astro-ph/0604007 Mid-Infrared Spectral Diagnostics of Nuclear and Extra-Nuclear Regions in Nearby Galaxies
astro-ph/0604008 Mid-Infrared Spectral Diagnostics of Nearby Galaxies
astro-ph/0604009 Chemical abundances in LMC stellar populations I. The Inner disk sample Based on observations collected at the VLT UT2 telescope
astro-ph/0604010 Galaxy luminosity function per morphological type up to z=1.2
astro-ph/0604011 Cosmic Conspiracies
astro-ph/0604012 White dwarf stars in D dimensions
astro-ph/0604013 Is it possible to distinguish adiabatic Quartessence from LambdaCDM?
astro-ph/0604014 Transfer matrices for magnetized CMB anisotropies
astro-ph/0604015 X-ray spectra of sources in the 13H XMM-Newton / Chandra deep field
astro-ph/0604016 The Interpretation and Implication of the Afterglow of GRB 060218
astro-ph/0604017 On the Environmental Dependence of Galaxy Properties Established by the Initial Cosmological Conditions
astro-ph/0604018 The Fate of Discs around Massive Stars in Young Clusters
astro-ph/0604019 A test on external Compton models for $gamma$-ray active galactic nuclei
astro-ph/0604020 HI content in galaxies in loose groups
astro-ph/0604021 The sweeping rate in diffusion-mediated reactions on dust grain surfaces
astro-ph/0604022 Comment on ``General Relativity Resolves Galactic Rotation Without Exotic Dark Matter’’ by F.I. Cooperstock & S. Tieu
astro-ph/0604023 Abundance analysis of cool extreme helium star: LSS 3378
astro-ph/0604024 An analysis method for time ordered data processing of Dark Matter experiments
astro-ph/0604025 Beyond the bubble catastrophe of Type Ia supernovae: Pulsating Reverse Detonation models
astro-ph/0604026 Accelerating universe in scalar tensor models - confrontation of theoretical predictions with observations
astro-ph/0604027 LIRIS multi-slit H_alpha spectroscopy of a z ~ 1 DEEP2 sample of star-forming galaxies
astro-ph/0604028 Who Is Eating the Outflow?: High-Angular Resolution Study of an Intermediate-Mass Protostar in L1206
astro-ph/0604029 A 62 Day X-Ray Periodicity and an X-Ray Flare from the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source in M82
astro-ph/0604030 High resolution infrared spectroscopy of the old open cluster NGC6791
astro-ph/0604031 Disk Evolution in Young Binaries: from Observations to Theory
astro-ph/0604032 The (54Fe+58Ni)/56Ni ratio as a second parameter for Type Ia supernova properties
astro-ph/0604033 Study of the Structure of the Coma Cluster Based on a Hierarchical Powerful Clustering Method
astro-ph/0604034 Vortices in Thin, Compressible, Unmagnetized Disks
astro-ph/0604035 Near-Field Cosmology with Horizontal Branch and RR Lyrae Stars
astro-ph/0604036 Analysis of 26 Barium Stars I. Abundances
astro-ph/0604037 Discovery of the new slowly pulsating B star HD 163830 (B5II/III) from MOST spacebased photometry
astro-ph/0604038 N-Body Simulations of Alternate Gravity Models
astro-ph/0604039 X-ray and Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect Measurements of the Gas Mass Fraction in Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0604040 The Global 21 Centimeter Background from High Redshifts
astro-ph/0604041 The Stellar, Gas and Dynamical Masses of Star-Forming Galaxies at z~2
astro-ph/0604042 A Compact Supermassive Binary Black Hole System
astro-ph/0604043 Spreading of thermonuclear flames on the neutron star in SAX J1808.4-3658: an observational tool
astro-ph/0604044 The Starburst in the Abell 1835 Cluster Central Galaxy: A Case Study of Galaxy Formation Regulated by an Outburst from a Supermassive Black Hole
astro-ph/0604045 A Revised Prescription for the Tayler-Spruit Dynamo: Magnetic Angular Momentum Transport in Stars
astro-ph/0604046 Detection of Highly Ionized Metal Absorption Lines in the Ultracompact X-ray Dipper 4U 1916-05
astro-ph/0604047 Hydrogen in Type Ic Supernovae?
astro-ph/0604048 Sensitivity of time-distance helioseismic measurements to spatial variation of oscillation amplitudes I. Observations and a numerical model
astro-ph/0604049 Survey for Transiting Extrasolar Planets in Stellar Systems IV: Variables in the Field of NGC 1245
astro-ph/0604050 The First Stars in The Universe
astro-ph/0604051 Robust Dark Energy Constraints from Supernovae, Galaxy Clustering, and Three-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe Observations
astro-ph/0604052 Molecular Line Observations of a Carbon-Chain-Rich Core L492
astro-ph/0604053 Which jet launching mechanism(s) in TTauri stars?
astro-ph/0604054 A deep photometric survey of the eta Chamaeleontis cluster down to the brown dwarf - planet boundary
astro-ph/0604055 Can the Brans-Dicke gravity possibly with $Lambda$ be a theory of Dark Matter?
astro-ph/0604056 Oscillations in the stable starless core Barnard 68
astro-ph/0604057 On the transition of the adiabatic supernova remnant to the radiative stage in a nonuniform interstellar medium
astro-ph/0604058 UV and FIR selected star-forming galaxies at z=0: differences and overlaps
astro-ph/0604059 Analysis of the dust evolution in the circumstellar disks of TTauri stars
astro-ph/0604060 Optical imaging of L723: the structure of HH 223
astro-ph/0604061 Continuous optical monitoring during the prompt emission of GRB 060111B
astro-ph/0604062 Planetary Microlensing: From Prediction to Discovery
astro-ph/0604063 Semi-empirical analysis of Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxies: IV. A nature via nurture scenario for galaxy evolution
astro-ph/0604064 Analysis of 26 Barium Stars II. Contributions of s-, r- and p-processes in the production of heavy elements
astro-ph/0604065 Resolved Stellar Populations at the Distance of Virgo
astro-ph/0604066 The Effect of Substructure on Mass Estimates of Galaxies
astro-ph/0604067 Radiative transfer in protoplanetary disks
astro-ph/0604068 The SPITZER IRS view of stellar populations in Virgo early type galaxies
astro-ph/0604069 The Scientific Programme of Planck
astro-ph/0604070 Non-Gaussianity in the Very Small Array CMB maps with Smooth-Goodness-of-fit tests
astro-ph/0604071 Dark energy parameterizations and their effect on dark halos
astro-ph/0604072 Pulsar twinkling and relativity
astro-ph/0604073 Extending the redshift distribution of submm galaxies: Identification of a z~4 submm galaxy
astro-ph/0604074 Molecular Outflows in Galaxy Merger Simulations with Embedded AGN
astro-ph/0604075 Perturbation Theory Reloaded: Analytical Calculation of Non-linearity in Baryonic Oscillations in the Real Space Matter Power Spectrum
astro-ph/0604076 A Debris Disk Around An Isolated Young Neutron Star
astro-ph/0604077 Predictions for the correlation between giant and terrestrial extrasolar planets in dynamically evolved systems
astro-ph/0604078 Protoplanet Dynamics in a Shear-Dominated Disk
astro-ph/0604079 Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact Modeling: I. High-Resolution 3D Bolides
astro-ph/0604080 Redshifted 21 Centimeter Emission from Minihalos Before Reionization
astro-ph/0604081 Stellar Properties of Embedded Protostars
astro-ph/0604082 Evolution of the Color-Magnitude relation in High-Redshift Clusters: Early-type Galaxies in the Lynx Supercluster at z~1.26
astro-ph/0604083 On the Early Time X-ray Spectra of Swift Afterglows I: Evidence for Anomalous Soft X-ray Emission
astro-ph/0604084 Flat-Spacetime Covariant Gravity, its Quantization and Solar Application
astro-ph/0604085 Formation and evolution of compact binaries in globular clusters: I.Binaries with white dwarfs
astro-ph/0604086 Black Hole Censorship of Varying Fundamental Constants
astro-ph/0604087 A note on cosmological parameters and the topology of the universe
astro-ph/0604088 Resolving Stellar Atmospheres I: The H alpha line and comparisons to microlensing observations
astro-ph/0604089 Searching for flickering variability in several symbiotic stars and related objects: BX Mon, V471 Per, RS Oph, V627 Cas, CI Cam V886 Her, Z And, T CrB, MWC 560, V407 Cyg
astro-ph/0604090 Crossing the phantom barrier with purely kinetic multiple k-essence
astro-ph/0604091 A Survey of O VI, C III, and H I in Highly Ionized High-Velocity Clouds
astro-ph/0604092 Curvelet analysis of asteroseismic data I: Method description and application to simulated sun-like stars
astro-ph/0604093 Physics of the GRB 030328 afterglow and its environment
astro-ph/0604094 New Technique for the Measurement of the Scintillation Efficiency of Nuclear Recoils
astro-ph/0604095 Radio-Loudness of Active Galactic Nuclei: Observational Facts and Theoretical Implications
astro-ph/0604096 Connection between accretion disk and superluminal radio jets and the role of radio plateau state in GRS 1915+105
astro-ph/0604097 The XMM-Newton view of the Crab
astro-ph/0604098 Mid-Infrared Images of Stars and Dust in Irregular Galaxies
astro-ph/0604099 Unexpected Dynamical Instabilities In Differentially Rotating Neutron Stars
astro-ph/0604100 Abundance analysis of 5 early-type stars in the young open cluster IC2391
astro-ph/0604101 Task Force on Cosmic Microwave Background Research
astro-ph/0604102 The impact of meridional circulation on stellar butterfly diagrams and polar caps
astro-ph/0604103 Statistics of Giant Radio Halos from Electron Reacceleration Models
astro-ph/0604104 A Correlation Between Pre-Main Sequence Stellar Rotation Rates and IRAC Excesses in Orion
astro-ph/0604105 Evidence for chromatic X-ray light-curve breaks in Swift GRB afterglows and their theoretical implications
astro-ph/0604106 A Chandra ACIS Observation of the X-ray Luminous SN1988Z
astro-ph/0604107 Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment
astro-ph/0604108 A Massive Spiral Galaxy in the Zone of Avoidance
astro-ph/0604109 Hypernova Signatures in the Late Rebrightening of GRB 050525A
astro-ph/0604110 Supernova and GRB connection: Observations and Questions
astro-ph/0604111 Hypervelocity Stars I: The Spectroscopic Survey
astro-ph/0604112 uvbyCa H beta CCD Photometry of Clusters. VII. The Intermediate-Age Anticenter Cluster Melotte 71
astro-ph/0604113 Protecting Life in the Milky Way: Metals Keep the GRBs Away
astro-ph/0604114 The Pierr Auger Observatory progress and first results
astro-ph/0604115 Spitzer/MIPS Limits on Asteroidal Dust in the Pulsar Planetary System PSR B1257+1
astro-ph/0604116 2D and 3D MHD Simulations of Disk Accretion by Rotating Magnetized Stars: Search for Variability
astro-ph/0604117 Anisotropic Thermal Conduction in Supernova Remnants: Relevance to Hot Gas Filling Factors in the Magnetized ISM
astro-ph/0604118 Sunrise: Polychromatic Dust Radiative Transfer in Arbitrary Geometries
astro-ph/0604119 The First VERITAS Telescope
astro-ph/0604120 Origin of Disc Lopsidedness in the Eridanus Group of Galaxies
astro-ph/0604121 Shapes of Stellar Systems and Dark Halos from Simulations of Galaxy Major Mergers
astro-ph/0604122 Effect of r-mode instability on the evolution of isolated strange stars
astro-ph/0604123 Lensing Effects on Gravitational Waves in a Clumpy Universe -Effects of Inhomogeneity on the Distance-Redshift Relation-
astro-ph/0604124 Synchrotron emission from the T Tauri binary system V773 Tau A
astro-ph/0604125 The Star-Forming Torus and Stellar Dynamical Black Hole Mass in the Seyfert 1 Nucleus of NGC3227
astro-ph/0604126 Empirical testing of Tsallis’ Thermodynamics as a model for dark matter halos
astro-ph/0604127 Entropy considerations in constraining the mSUGRA parameter space
astro-ph/0604128 UBVRI twilight sky brightness at ESO-Paranal
astro-ph/0604129 Power spectrum of the SDSS luminous red galaxies: constraints on cosmological parameters
astro-ph/0604130 Stellar Populations with ELTs
astro-ph/0604131 The Supernova Gamma-Ray Burst Connection
astro-ph/0604132 GMASS, Unveiling Distant Massive Galaxies with Spitzer
astro-ph/0604133 Testing the BH 176 and Berkeley 29 Association with GASS/Monoceros
astro-ph/0604134 Entropy perturbations and large-scale magnetic fields
astro-ph/0604135 The Impact of Starbursts and Post-Starbursts on the Photometric Evolution of High Redshift Galaxies
astro-ph/0604136 Single Field Inflation models allowed and ruled out by the three years WMAP data
astro-ph/0604137 On the primordial scenario for abundance variations within globular clusters. The isochrone test
astro-ph/0604138 Stellar populations in the nuclei of late-type spiral galaxies
astro-ph/0604139 Red Giant stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud clusters
astro-ph/0604140 HST/STIS Spectra of Nuclear Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies: Dependence of Age and Mass On Hubble Type
astro-ph/0604141 On vector mode contribution to CMB temperature and polarization from local strings
astro-ph/0604142 Mini-halo disruption due to encounters with stars
astro-ph/0604143 B polarization of cosmic microwave background as a tracer of strings
astro-ph/0604144 Radiative recombination data for modelling dynamic finite-density plasmas
astro-ph/0604145 Amplified Doppler shift observed in diffraction images as function of the COBE "ether drift" direction
astro-ph/0604146 Low T/ W dynamical instabilities in differentially rotating stars: Diagnosis with canonical angular momentum
astro-ph/0604147 Removing the Microlensing Blending-Parallax Degeneracy Using Source Variability
astro-ph/0604148 UV Radiative Feedback on High-Redshift Proto-Galaxies
astro-ph/0604149 The End of the Reionization Epoch Probed by Ly-alpha Emitters at z=6.5 in the Subaru Deep Field
astro-ph/0604150 New observational techniques and analysis tools for wide field CCD surveys and high resolution astrometry
astro-ph/0604151 A Simple Two-Parameter Characterization of Gamma-Ray Burst Time Histories
astro-ph/0604152 A Strong X-Ray Flux Ratio Anomaly in the Quadruply Lensed Quasar PG 1115+080
astro-ph/0604153 Are short gamma-ray bursts collimated? GRB050709, a flare but no break
astro-ph/0604154 Ghosts, Instabilities, and Superluminal Propagation in Modified Gravity Models
astro-ph/0604155 Halo Shapes, Dynamics and Environment
astro-ph/0604156 The structure and X-ray radiation spectra of illuminated accretion disks in AGN. III. Modeling fractional variability
astro-ph/0604157 The effect of heavy element opacity on pre-main sequence Li depletion
astro-ph/0604158 XRF 050406 late time flattening: appearance of an IC component?
astro-ph/0604159 Search for an infrared counterpart of IGR J16358-4756
astro-ph/0604160 Bayesian foreground analysis with CMB data
astro-ph/0604161 Gyrokinetic electron acceleration in the force-free corona with anomalous resistivity
astro-ph/0604162 The History and Future of the Local and Loop I Bubbles
astro-ph/0604163 Resonant Tidal Excitations of Inertial Modes in Coalescing Neutron Star Binaries
astro-ph/0604164 Evidence for Shocked Molecular Gas in the Galactic SNR CTB 109 (G109.1-1.0)
astro-ph/0604165 On the Distance to the Bright Nonthermal Radio Sources in the Direction of an Extraordinarily Massive Cluster of Red Giants
astro-ph/0604166 Age distribution of young clusters and field stars in the SMC
astro-ph/0604167 Laboratory Testing of a Lyot Coronagraph Equipped with an Eighth-Order Notch Filter Image Mask
astro-ph/0604168 Relaxation paths for single modes of vibrations in isolated molecules
astro-ph/0604169 Basic considerations about experimental approaches to the B-mode of the CMB Polarization
astro-ph/0604170 New mechanism of generation of large-scale magnetic fields in merging protogalactic and protostellar clouds
astro-ph/0604171 Detection Limits from the McDonald Observatory Planet Search Program
astro-ph/0604172 Binary post-AGB stars and their Keplerian discs
astro-ph/0604173 Mapping Large-Scale Gaseous Outflows in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies with Keck II ESI Spectra: Spatial Extent of the Outflow
astro-ph/0604174 Primordial Black Hole Minimum Mass
astro-ph/0604175 X-Ray Emission from the Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium
astro-ph/0604176 Improved Calculation of the Primordial Gravitational Wave Spectrum in the Standard Model
astro-ph/0604177 Simulations and Analytic Calculations of Bubble Growth During Hydrogen Reionization
astro-ph/0604178 Magnetic draping of merging cores and radio bubbles in clusters of galaxies
astro-ph/0604179 Weak Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Foreground Gravitational Waves
astro-ph/0604180 Near-UV Observations of HD221170: New Insights into the Nature of r-Process-Rich Stars
astro-ph/0604181 The early X-ray afterglows of optically bright and dark Gamma-Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0604182 Synthesis Imaging of Dense Molecular Gas in the N113 HII Region of the Large Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0604183 First Detection of Near-Infrared Intraday Variations in the Seyfert 1 Nucleus NGC4395
astro-ph/0604184 4C 39.29 - Extended emission around a powerful Type 2 quasar
astro-ph/0604185 Magnetorotational Instability in Electrically Driven Flow of Liquid Metal: Spectral Analysis
astro-ph/0604186 A "Missing" Supernova Remnant revealed by the 21-cm Line of Atomic Hydrogen
astro-ph/0604187 Supernova remnant energetics and magnetars: no evidence in favour of millisecond proto-neutron stars
astro-ph/0604188 Coronal density diagnostics with Si X: CHANDRA/LETGS observations of Procyon, $alpha$ Cen A$&$B, Capella and $epsilon$ Eri
astro-ph/0604189 Mapping and Mass Measurement of the Cold Dust in NGC 205 with Spitzer
astro-ph/0604190 Microlensing in phase space II: Correlations analysis
astro-ph/0604191 Common Correlations between 60, 100 and 140 um Intensities in the Galactic Plane and Magellanic Clouds
astro-ph/0604192 Stochastic Acceleration in Turbulent Electric Fields Generated by 3-D Reconnection
astro-ph/0604193 XMM-Newton observation of the Be/neutron star system RX J0146.9+6121: a soft X-ray excess in a low luminosity accreting pulsar
astro-ph/0604194 On the Mass of Dense Star Clusters in Starburst Galaxies from Spectro-Photometry
astro-ph/0604195 Noncommutative chaotic inflation and WMAP three year results
astro-ph/0604196 The $dot{M} - M$ relationship in pre-main sequence stars
astro-ph/0604197 Observation of VHE Gamma Radiation from HESS J1834-087/W41 with the MAGIC Telescope
astro-ph/0604198 Barium even-to-odd isotope abundance ratios in thick disk and thin disk stars
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