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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0604348 The N2K Consortium VI: Doppler Shifts Without Templates and Three New Short-Period Planets
astro-ph/0605003 A Bayesian model selection analysis of WMAP3
astro-ph/0605004 Model selection forecasts for the spectral index from the Planck satellite
astro-ph/0605007 Predicting the Starquakes in PSR J0537-6910
astro-ph/0605018 CMB power spectrum contribution from cosmic strings using field-evolution simulations of the Abelian Higgs model
astro-ph/0605019 The Wide Field Imager Lyman-Alpha Search (WFILAS) for Galaxies at Redshift ~5.7: II. Survey Design and Sample Analysis
astro-ph/0605020 Anisotropy of the primary cosmic-ray flux in Super-Kamiokande
astro-ph/0605021 Wronskian Formulation of the Spectrum of Curvature Perturbations
astro-ph/0605022 The radii of thousands of star clusters in M51 with HST/ACS
astro-ph/0605023 The effect of giant molecular clouds on star clusters
astro-ph/0605024 Broad band X-ray spectrum of KS 1947+300 with BeppoSAX
astro-ph/0605025 The Field of Streams: Sagittarius and its Siblings
astro-ph/0605026 The Shape of the Milky Way Halo
astro-ph/0605027 X-ray Absorption in Type II Quasars: Implications for the Equatorial Paradigm of Broad Absorption Line Quasars
astro-ph/0605028 Searching for sub-millisecond pulsars: A theoretical view
astro-ph/0605029 High Resolution Irradiance Spectrum from 300 to 1000 nm
astro-ph/0605030 The Discovery of Three New z>5 Quasars in the AGN and Galaxy Evolution Survey
astro-ph/0605031 Organic Molecules in the Galactic Center. Hot Core Chemistry without Hot Cores
astro-ph/0605032 Lyman Limit Systems in Cosmological Simulations
astro-ph/0605033 The Sulfur Abundance Anomaly in Planetary Nebulae
astro-ph/0605034 Parameter estimation of binary compact objects with LISA: Effects of time-delay interferometry, Doppler modulation, and frequency evolution
astro-ph/0605035 The Role of Pressure in GMC Formation II: The H_2 - Pressure Relation
astro-ph/0605036 On Extending the Mass-Metallicity Relation of Galaxies by 2.5 Decades in Stellar Mass
astro-ph/0605037 SDSS J1534+1615AB: A Novel T Dwarf Binary Found with Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics and the Potential Role of Binarity in the L/T Transition
astro-ph/0605038 The Mass of the Central Black Hole in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 4151
astro-ph/0605039 BLAST Autonomous Daytime Star Cameras
astro-ph/0605040 Gallery of Planetary Nebula Spectra
astro-ph/0605041 Outer irregular satellites of the planets and their relationship with asteroids, comets and Kuiper Belt objects
astro-ph/0605042 How accurate are the time delay estimates in gravitational lensing?
astro-ph/0605043 Infalling Faint [OII] Emitters in Abell 851. I. Spectroscopic Confirmation of Narrowband-Selected Objects
astro-ph/0605044 Infalling Faint [OII] Emitters in Abell 851. II. Environment, Kinematics, and Star Formation History
astro-ph/0605045 Natural Downsizing in Hierarchical Galaxy Formation
astro-ph/0605046 On the viability of holistic cosmic-ray source models
astro-ph/0605047 The Blue Straggler Population of the Globular Cluster M5: Comparison with M3
astro-ph/0605048 Dynamical Formation of Close Binaries in Globular Clusters II: Cataclysmic Variables
astro-ph/0605049 X-rays from the Globular Cluster G1: Intermediate Mass Black Hole or Low Mass X-ray Binary?
astro-ph/0605050 GLAST Tracker
astro-ph/0605051 Spitzer Reveals Infrared Optically-Thin Synchrotron Emission from the Compact Jet of the Neutron Star X-Ray Binary 4U 0614+091
astro-ph/0605052 Formation and evolution of early-type galaxies. II. Models with quasi-cosmological initial conditions
astro-ph/0605053 Accurate laboratory ultraviolet wavelengths for quasar absorption-line constraints on varying fundamental constants
astro-ph/0605054 Algorithmic regularization with velocity-dependent forces
astro-ph/0605055 Chandra Observation of the Persistent Emission from the Dipping Source XB 1916-053
astro-ph/0605056 First stars IX -Mixing in extremely metal-poor giants. Variation of the 12C/13C, [Na/Mg] and [Al/Mg] ratios
astro-ph/0605057 Probing the Environment with Galaxy Dynamics
astro-ph/0605058 The GRB 060218/SN 2006aj event in the context of other Gamma-Ray Burst Supernovae
astro-ph/0605059 The Abundances of Light Neutron-Capture Elements in Planetary Nebulae
astro-ph/0605060 Star Formation History of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: Comparison with the HDFN
astro-ph/0605061 Rapid Formation of Super-Earths around M Dwarf Stars
astro-ph/0605062 MHD Turbulent Mixing Layers: Equilibrium Cooling Models
astro-ph/0605063 Planetary Nebulae as Probes of Stellar Populations
astro-ph/0605064 Globular Clusters at the Centre of the Fornax Cluster: Tracing Interactions Between Galaxies
astro-ph/0605065 Legacy data and cosmological constraints from the angular-size/redshift relation for ultra-compact radio sources
astro-ph/0605066 Galactic Abundance Patterns via Peimbert Types I & II Planetary Nebulae
astro-ph/0605067 Sensitivity and pointing accuracy of the NEMO km$^3$ telescope
astro-ph/0605068 Effects of architectural issues on a km3 scale detector
astro-ph/0605069 A Fresh Look at the Binary Characteristics Among Massive Stars with Implications for Supernova and X-Ray Binary Rates
astro-ph/0605070 Dynamics of galaxy cores and supermassive black holes
astro-ph/0605071 The Spin-Resolved Atomic Velocity Distribution and 21-cm Line Profile of Dark-Age Gas
astro-ph/0605072 The dynamical evolution of young clusters and galactic implications
astro-ph/0605073 Discovery of a tight correlation among the prompt emission properties of long Gamma Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0605074 New results on the time variation of the radial abundance gradients from planetary nebulae
astro-ph/0605075 On the Incidence of Strong MgII Absorbers Along GRB Sightlines
astro-ph/0605076 Multiwavelength Observations of the Extreme X-Ray Selected BL Lac Object PG 1553+11 (1ES 1553+113)
astro-ph/0605077 Radio and millimeter observations of z~2 luminous QSOs
astro-ph/0605078 The Kinematic and Plasma Properties of X-ray Knots in Cassiopeia A from the Chandra HETGS
astro-ph/0605079 Near Infrared Adaptive Optics Imaging of QSO Host Galaxies
astro-ph/0605080 Populating the Galaxy with low-mass X-ray binaries
astro-ph/0605081 Medium-resolution spectroscopy of galaxies with redshifts 2.3 < z < 3.5
astro-ph/0605082 Optical recombination lines as probes of conditions in planetary nebulae
astro-ph/0605083 New Planerary Nebulae towards the Galactic bulge
astro-ph/0605084 The ring statistics - how to separate E- and B-modes of cosmic shear correlation functions on a finite interval
astro-ph/0605085 Isolated galaxies: residual of primordial building blocks?
astro-ph/0605086 Giant Pulses in Pulsar PSR J1752+2359
astro-ph/0605087 Probing the Pulsar Wind Nebula of PSR B0355+54
astro-ph/0605088 The Turbulent Interstellar Medium
astro-ph/0605089 Comments on the paper "The Mexican Hat Wavelet Family. Application to point source detection in CMB maps" by J. Gonzalez-Nuevo et al. (astro-ph/0604376)
astro-ph/0605090 Unravelling the mystery of the M31 bar
astro-ph/0605091 Tagging single muons and other long-flying relativistic charged particles by ultra-fast timing in air Cherenkov telescopes
astro-ph/0605092 A magnetically collimated jet from the evolved star W43A
astro-ph/0605093 Toroidal LNRF-velocity profiles in thick accretion discs orbiting rapidly rotating Kerr black holes
astro-ph/0605094 Basic properties of toroidal structures in Kerr--de Sitter backgrounds
astro-ph/0605095 HST/STIS Spectroscopy of Five Super Star Clusters in the Starburst Galaxy M82
astro-ph/0605096 X-ray and IR Point Source Identification and Characteristics In the Embedded, Massive Star-Forming Region RCW 38
astro-ph/0605097 Mass loss on the Asymptotic Giant Branch
astro-ph/0605098 Exploring Halo Substructure with Giant Stars XI: The Tidal Tails of the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal and the Discovery of Magellanic Cloud Stars in the Carina Foreground
astro-ph/0605099 ELSA: An Integrated, Semi-Automated Nebular Abundance Package
astro-ph/0605100 The Massive Star Population in the Giant HII Region Tol89 in NGC5398
astro-ph/0605101 A 2MASS All-Sky View of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: Variation of the Metallicity Distribution Function Along the Sagittarius Stream
astro-ph/0605102 Deceleration without dark matter
astro-ph/0605103 AMANDA Observations Constrain the Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Flux
astro-ph/0605104 Comparing Pattern Recognition Feature Sets for Sorting Triples in the FIRST Database
astro-ph/0605105 Galaxy orbits and the intracluster gas temperature in clusters
astro-ph/0605106 EXO 0748-676 Rules out Soft Equations of State for Neutron Star Matter
astro-ph/0605107 XTE J1118+480: A Metal-Rich Black Hole Binary in the Galactic Halo
astro-ph/0605108 Observations of Early Optical Afterglows
astro-ph/0605109 Metal-Rich Globular Clusters: an Unaccounted Factor Responsible for Their Formation?
astro-ph/0605110 Analytical protostellar disk models 1: the effect of internal dissipation and surface irradiation on the structure of disks and the location of the snow line around Sun-like stars
astro-ph/0605111 Swift observations of GRB050712
astro-ph/0605112 Post-Swift Gamma-ray Burst Science and Capabilities Needed to EXIST
astro-ph/0605113 Disklike Structure in the Semiregular Pulsating Star X Her
astro-ph/0605114 An Optical Emission Line Survey of Large Planetary Nebulae
astro-ph/0605115 Neutron stars in globular clusters: formation and observational manifestations
astro-ph/0605116 Line formation in solar granulation VII. CO lines and the solar C and O isotopic abundances
astro-ph/0605117 A Neutron Star in F-sharp
astro-ph/0605118 High-temperature phase transition in a plasma and the mechanism of powerful solar flares
astro-ph/0605119 Absolute motions of globular clusters. II. [HST astrometry and VLT radial velocities in NGC6397]
astro-ph/0605120 Simulating the formation of molecular clouds. I. Slow formation by gravitational collapse from static initial conditions
astro-ph/0605121 Simulating the formation of molecular clouds. II. Rapid formation from turbulent initial conditions
astro-ph/0605122 Detection of the ISW effect and corresponding dark energy constraints
astro-ph/0605123 The Abundance of Distant and Extremely Red Galaxies: The Role of AGN Feedback in Hierarchical Models
astro-ph/0605124 Self-consistent theory of turbulent transport in the solar tachocline. II. Tachocline confinement
astro-ph/0605125 Dissolution of Globular Clusters
astro-ph/0605126 Deuterium enhancement in H3+ in prestellar cores
astro-ph/0605127 Dynamical evidence of the age--metallicity relation in the Milky Way disk
astro-ph/0605128 APECS - The Atacama Pathfinder Experiment Control System
astro-ph/0605129 Energy-dependent variability and the origin of the soft X-ray excess in AGN
astro-ph/0605130 Variable iron-line emission near the black hole of Markarian 766
astro-ph/0605131 Galaxy pairs in cosmological simulations: effects of interactions on colours and chemical abundances
astro-ph/0605132 Resolved Massive Star Clusters in the Milky Way and its Satellites: Brightness Profiles and a Catalogue of Fundamental Parameters
astro-ph/0605133 Compact X-ray Binaries in and out of Core Collapsed Globulars
astro-ph/0605134 An Extremely Curved Relativistic Jet in PKS 2136+141
astro-ph/0605135 The Uncorrelated Universe: Statistical Anisotropy and the Vanishing Angular Correlation Function in WMAP Years 1-3
astro-ph/0605136 The Search for other Earths: limits on the giant planet orbits that allow habitable terrestrial planets to form
astro-ph/0605137 Nucleosynthesis: Stellar and Solar Abundances and Atomic Data
astro-ph/0605138 The effect of planetary migration on the corotation resonance
astro-ph/0605139 The Evolution of Outflow-Envelope Interactions in Low-Mass Protostars
astro-ph/0605140 Ultraluminous X-ray Sources, High Redshift QSOs and Active Galaxies
astro-ph/0605141 On Iron Enrichment, Star Formation, and Type Ia Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0605142 Global Modeling of Spur Formation in Spiral Galaxies
astro-ph/0605143 Multiwavelength Observations of EXO 0748-676 - I. Reprocessing of X-ray Bursts
astro-ph/0605144 Properties of Hickson Compact Groups and of the Loose Groups within which they are Embedded
astro-ph/0605145 Rocking the Lighthouse: Circumpulsar Asteroids and Radio Intermittency
astro-ph/0605146 The First Jet in the Universe: Protostellar Jets from the First Stars
astro-ph/0605147 Spectral diversity of Type Ia Supernovae
astro-ph/0605148 The Type Ia Supernova Rate at z ~0.5 from the Supernova Legacy Survey
astro-ph/0605149 The non-constant slope of the CIV Baldwin effect in NGC 4151
astro-ph/0605150 The UV spectrum of HS1700+6416 II. FUSE observations of the HeII Lyman alpha forest
astro-ph/0605151 On the efficiency and reliability of cluster mass estimates based on member galaxies
astro-ph/0605152 A new sample of bright galaxy pairs in UZC
astro-ph/0605153 Ionization structure in the winds of B[e] supergiants II. Influence of rotation on the formation of equatorial hydrogen neutral zones
astro-ph/0605154 Nature of giant pulses in radio pulsars
astro-ph/0605155 The influence of gas on the structure of merger remnants
astro-ph/0605156 The Real-Time Evolution of Sakurai’s Star (V4334 Sgr) and other (V)LTP Objects
astro-ph/0605157 Black hole mass and accretion rate of Active Galactic Nuclei
astro-ph/0605158 First evidence for molecular interfaces between outflows and ambient cloud in high-mass star forming regions?
astro-ph/0605159 A rule of thumb for cosmological backreaction
astro-ph/0605160 Infrared Imaging of Planetary Nebulae from the Ground Up
astro-ph/0605161 High spatial resolution mid-infrared spectroscopy of the starburst galaxies NGC 3256, IIZw40 and Henize 2-10
astro-ph/0605162 Globular Cluster System evolution in early type galaxies
astro-ph/0605163 Kinematics of Protostellar Objects in the $ ho$ Ophiuchus A Region
astro-ph/0605164 Photometric study of selected cataclysmic variables
astro-ph/0605165 Bridging the Virtual Observatory and the GRID with the query element
astro-ph/0605166 Theoretical Aspects of High Energy Neutrinos and GRB
astro-ph/0605167 Spitzer Observations of V838 Monocerotis: Detection of a Rare Infrared Light Echo
astro-ph/0605168 The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of OVI Emission in the Milky Way
astro-ph/0605169 Generalized Galilei-Invariant Classical Mechanics
astro-ph/0605170 The Metal-Poor Halo of the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy (M31)
astro-ph/0605171 The Outer Halo of M31: A New Method for Isolating Red Giant Stars and a Measurement of the Brightness Profile and Metallicity Distribution
astro-ph/0605172 Discovery of an Extended Halo of Metal-poor Stars in the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy
astro-ph/0605173 Why the cosmological constant is small and positive
astro-ph/0605174 Silicate Emission Profiles from Low-Mass Protostellar Disks in the Orion Nebula: Evidence for Growth and Thermal Processing of Grains
astro-ph/0605175 Coincidence of Universe age in $Lambda$CDM and Milne cosmologies
astro-ph/0605176 Interested in observing TrES-Her0-07621?
astro-ph/0605177 Understanding the Relationship Between Observations and Stellar Parameters in an Eclipsing Binary System
astro-ph/0605178 The Extragalactic Lens VLBI Imaging Survey (ELVIS). I. A Search for the Central Image in the Gravitational Lens PMN J1838-3427
astro-ph/0605179 Extragalactic Star Clusters in Merging Galaxies
astro-ph/0605180 Fe/Ni ratio in the Ant Nebula Mz 3
astro-ph/0605181 Abundances of s-process elements in planetary nebulae: Br, Kr & Xe
astro-ph/0605182 Effects of dust scattering albedo and 2175 A bump on ultraviolet colours of normal disc galaxies
astro-ph/0605183 Competition between dust scattering albedo and 2175 A bump for ultraviolet colours of nearby disc galaxies
astro-ph/0605184 Observations and analysis of the intrinsically faint Type IIP Supernovae 2005ay and 2005cs
astro-ph/0605185 IR-source IRAS20508+2011: spectral variability of the central star
astro-ph/0605186 Oscillator Strengths and Predissociation Rates for Rydberg Transitions in 12C16O, 13C16O, and 13C18O Involving the E 1Pi, B 1Sigma+, and W 1Pi States
astro-ph/0605187 A Spitzer/IRAC Search for Substellar Companions of the Debris Disk Star epsilon Eridani
astro-ph/0605188 Unravelling the chemical inhomogeneity of PNe with VLT FLAMES integral-field unit spectroscopy
astro-ph/0605189 Structure and Kinematics of the Interstellar Medium in the Star-Forming Region in the BCD Galaxy VIIZw403 (UGC6456)
astro-ph/0605190 A Prominent Accretion Disk in the Low-Hard State of the Black Hole Candidate SWIFT J1753.5-0127
astro-ph/0605191 The Status of VHE Gamma-Ray Astronomy
astro-ph/0605192 Photometric monitoring of the ROSAT selected weak-line T Tauri stars in the Taurus-Auriga field
astro-ph/0605193 Dust Destruction in the High-Velocity Shocks Driven by Supernovae in the Early Universe
astro-ph/0605194 Two evolutional paths of an axisymmetric gravitational instability in the dust layer of a protoplanetary disk
astro-ph/0605195 The Possibility of Cosmic Acceleration via Spatial Averaging in Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi Models
astro-ph/0605196 The periodic variations of a white-light flare observed with ULTRACAM
astro-ph/0605197 Modelling the components of binaries in Hyades: The dependence of the mixing-length parameter on stellar mass
astro-ph/0605198 Cosmological Acceleration: Dark Energy or Modified Gravity?
astro-ph/0605199 The X-ray Halo of GX5-1
astro-ph/0605200 Low Luminosity Gamma-Ray Bursts as a Unique Population: Luminosity Function, Local Rate, and Beaming Factor
astro-ph/0605201 Statistics of the drifting subpulse phenomenon
astro-ph/0605202 Post-starburst--AGN Connection: Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Hdelta-Strong AGNs
astro-ph/0605203 Environmental Effects on Galaxy Evolution Based on the SDSS
astro-ph/0605204 Breaking Cosmological Degeneracies in Galaxy Cluster Surveys with a Physical Model of Cluster Structure
astro-ph/0605205 Inflation, dark matter and dark energy in the string landscape
astro-ph/0605206 On the geometrical evolution of the ionized gas in HII galaxies
astro-ph/0605207 Detecting Extrasolar Planets with Integral Field Spectroscopy
astro-ph/0605208 Gamma-Ray Bursts
astro-ph/0605209 Globular clusters and galaxy fomation
astro-ph/0605210 Extremely alpha-Enriched Globular Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies: A Step towards the Dawn of Stellar Populations?
astro-ph/0605211 On the sensitivity of HeI singlet lines to the FeIV model atom in O stars
astro-ph/0605212 Understanding Galaxy Formation and Evolution
astro-ph/0605213 The Faulty Assumptions of the Expanding-Universe Model vs. the Simple and Consistent Principles of a Flat-Universe Model
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