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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0606633 A Curious New Milky Way Satellite in Ursa Major
astro-ph/0606703 Nonlinear Structure Formation and "Apparent" Acceleration: an Investigation
astro-ph/0607003 Neutrino Astronomy at the South Pole
astro-ph/0607004 Time lag between prompt optical emission and gamma-rays in GRBs
astro-ph/0607005 Exotic bulk viscosity and its influence on neutron star r-modes
astro-ph/0607006 X-ray Study of Triggered Star Formation and Protostars in IC 1396N
astro-ph/0607007 Lensing signals in the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field using all 2nd order shape deformations
astro-ph/0607008 The tails in the Helix Nebula NGC 7293
astro-ph/0607009 MILES: A Medium resolution INT Library of Empirical Spectra
astro-ph/0607010 Gas-phase CO in protoplanetary disks: a challenge for turbulent mixing
astro-ph/0607011 Coronal loop widths and pressure scale heights
astro-ph/0607012 New nonadiabatic pulsation computations on full PG1159 evolutionary models: the theoretical GW Vir instability strip revisited
astro-ph/0607013 Population III star formation in a Lambda CDM universe, I: The effect of formation redshift and environment on protostellar accretion rate
astro-ph/0607014 Theory for the Secondary Eclipse Fluxes, Spectra, Atmospheres, and Light Curves of Transiting Extrasolar Giant Planets
astro-ph/0607015 Chemical Abundances in the Secondary Star of the Black Hole Binary V4641 Sagittarii (SAX J1819.3-2525)
astro-ph/0607016 On Dissipation inside Turbulent Convection Zones from 3D Simulations of Solar Convection
astro-ph/0607017 Sulphur abundances in disk stars as determined from the forbidden 10821 A [SI] line
astro-ph/0607018 Shock-Wave Heating Model for Chondrule Formation: Prevention of Isotopic Fractionation
astro-ph/0607019 Star formation bursts in isolated spiral galaxies
astro-ph/0607020 ESO Imaging Survey: Infrared Deep Public Survey
astro-ph/0607021 Searching for AGN-driven Shocks in Galaxy Clusters
astro-ph/0607022 GaBoDS: The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey -- IX. A sample of 158 shear-selected mass concentration candidates
astro-ph/0607023 Disentangling the synchrotron and Inverse Compton variability in the X-ray emission of the intermediate BL Lac object S5 0716+71
astro-ph/0607024 Tidal Mass Loss from Collisionless Systems
astro-ph/0607025 X-ray Spectral Study of the Photoionized Stellar Wind in Vela~X-1
astro-ph/0607026 SearchCal: a Virtual Observatory tool for searching calibrators in optical long baseline interferometry. I: The bright object case
astro-ph/0607027 Canals in Milky Way radio polarization maps
astro-ph/0607028 Can We Trust the Dust? Evidence of Dust Segregation in Molecular Clouds
astro-ph/0607029 Intergalactic CIV absorption at redshifts 5.4 to 6
astro-ph/0607030 Snapping Supernovae at z>1.7
astro-ph/0607031 X-Ray Absorption and an X-Ray Jet in the Radio-Loud Broad Absorption Line Quasar PG 1004+130
astro-ph/0607032 Strong lensing statistics in large, z~<0.2 surveys: bias in the lens galaxy population
astro-ph/0607033 OT 060420: A Seemingly Optical Transient Recorded by All-Sky Cameras
astro-ph/0607034 The relation between star formation rate and accretion rate in LINERs
astro-ph/0607035 The induced turbulence effect on propagation of radio emission in pulsar magnetospheres
astro-ph/0607036 Discovery of H alpha absorption in the unusual broad absorption line quasar SDSS J083942.11+380526.3
astro-ph/0607037 Constraints on a scale invariant power spectrum from superinflation in LQC
astro-ph/0607038 A statistical analysis of a Galactic all sky survey at 1.4 GHz
astro-ph/0607039 Constraints on Physical Properties of z~6 Galaxies Using Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations
astro-ph/0607040 Mass Profiles of Galaxy Clusters from the Projected Phase-space Distribution of Cluster Members
astro-ph/0607041 The traveling wave MRI in cylindrical Taylor-Couette flow: comparing wavelengths and speeds in theory and experiment
astro-ph/0607042 Dark matter annihilation from intermediate-mass black holes: Contribution to the extragalactic gamma-ray background
astro-ph/0607043 Detection regimes of the cosmological gravitational wave background from astrophysical sources
astro-ph/0607044 Production mechanisms of multiple primaries for Cosmic Rays Showers
astro-ph/0607045 Thermal evolution of rotating strange stars in color superconductivity phase
astro-ph/0607046 Study of the spring and autumn daemon-flux maxima at the Baksan Neutrino Observatory
astro-ph/0607047 The Age-Metallicity Relation of the SMC
astro-ph/0607048 New symmetries in microphysics, new stable forms of matter around us
astro-ph/0607049 Enhanced polarization of CMB from thermal gravitational waves
astro-ph/0607050 On the Signatures of Gravitational Redshift: The Onset of Relativistic Emission Lines
astro-ph/0607051 Bulk viscosity of Mixed nucleon-hyperon-quark Matter in Neutron stars
astro-ph/0607052 Calcium II Triplet Spectroscopy of LMC Red Giants. I. Abundances and Velocities for a Sample of Populous Clusters
astro-ph/0607053 Tracing the Dynamical History of the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae
astro-ph/0607054 Deep GEMINI GMOS-IFU spectroscopy of BAL QSOs: I. Decoupling the BAL, QSO, starburst, NLR, and supergiant bubbles in Mrk 231
astro-ph/0607055 Gamma Ray Burst Constraints on Ultraviolet Lorentz Invariance Violation
astro-ph/0607056 ULTRACAM observations of SDSS J170213.26+322954.1 - an eclipsing cataclysmic variable in the period gap
astro-ph/0607057 Evidences on secular dynamical evolution of detached active binary orbits and contact binary formation
astro-ph/0607058 The Radio/Optical Catalog of the SSA13 Field
astro-ph/0607059 Nonlinear Period-Luminosity Relation for the Large Magellanic Cloud Cepheids: Myths and Truths
astro-ph/0607060 Dark Energy Constraints from Gemini Deep Deep Survey
astro-ph/0607061 Simulations of Baryon Oscillations
astro-ph/0607062 Shear Recovery Accuracy in Weak Lensing Analysis with Elliptical Gauss-Laguerre Method
astro-ph/0607063 A Structured Leptonic Jet Model of the "Orphan" TeV Gamma-Ray Flares in TeV Blazars
astro-ph/0607064 Cheng-Weyl Vector Field and its Cosmological Application
astro-ph/0607065 Constraining the CDM spectrum normalization in flat dark energy cosmologies
astro-ph/0607066 Surveying the dark side
astro-ph/0607067 TES imaging array technology for CLOVER
astro-ph/0607068 CXOU J121538.2+361921 in the galaxy NGC 4214: a double neutron star in the making?
astro-ph/0607069 Effects of early dark energy on strong cluster lensing
astro-ph/0607070 Chaos in a 3-body Self-Gravitating Cosmological Spacetime
astro-ph/0607071 Orbital Period of the Dwarf Nova RXS J053234.9+624755
astro-ph/0607072 Sub-milliarcsecond Imaging of SgrA* and M87
astro-ph/0607073 Detecting dark matter WIMPs in the Draco dwarf: a multi-wavelength perspective
astro-ph/0607074 The oxygen abundance calibrations and N/O abundance ratios of ~40,000 SDSS star-forming galaxies
astro-ph/0607075 The VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey. Beyond color bimodality: the mix of galaxy populations up to z~2
astro-ph/0607076 A No-Truncation Approach to Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies
astro-ph/0607077 Towards the Event Horizon - High Resolution VLBI Imaging of Nuclei of Active Galaxies
astro-ph/0607078 SN 2004aw: Confirming Diversity of Type Ic Supernovae
astro-ph/0607079 The Citation Impact of Digital Preprint Archives for Solar Physics Papers
astro-ph/0607080 Cluster Core Dynamics at the Galactic Center
astro-ph/0607081 Exploring the Central Compact Object in the RX J0852.0-4622 Supernova Remnant with XMM-Newton
astro-ph/0607082 Guaranteed and Prospective Galactic TeV Neutrino Sources
astro-ph/0607083 Mid-Infrared Emission from Dust around Quiescent Low-Mass X-ray Binaries
astro-ph/0607084 Goodness-of-Fit Tests DIFF1 and DIFF2 for Locally-Normalized Supernova Spectra
astro-ph/0607085 A Reverberation-Based Mass for the Central Black Hole in NGC 4151
astro-ph/0607086 Cosmology of neutrinos and extra light particles after WMAP3
astro-ph/0607087 Rapid Evolution in the Most Luminous Galaxies During the First 900 Million Years
astro-ph/0607088 NGC 3310 and Its Tidal Debris: Remnants of Galaxy Evolution
astro-ph/0607089 Observing Cold Gas in Submillimeter Galaxies: Detection of CO(1-0) Emission in SMM J13120+4242 with the Green Bank Telescope
astro-ph/0607090 V838 Mon and M31-RV: The Stellar Populations Angle
astro-ph/0607091 RR Lyrae Stars in the Bootes dSph
astro-ph/0607092 The Dwarf Satellites of M31 and the Galaxy
astro-ph/0607093 Quasars at z=6: the survival of the fittest
astro-ph/0607094 Studies of systematic uncertainties in the estimation of the monocular aperture of the HiRes experiment
astro-ph/0607095 High Mass Star Formation. III. The Functional Form of the Submillimeter Clump Mass Function
astro-ph/0607096 An Example of the Quasiperiodic Solution of the Restricted Three Body Problem at 2:1 Resonance
astro-ph/0607097 Dynamical Stability of Cusps and Cores: Implication to the Center of Galaxies and Cluster of Galaxies
astro-ph/0607098 The effect of FIR emission from SDSS galaxies on the SFD Galactic extinction map
astro-ph/0607099 Confirming the high velocity outflow in PG 1211+143
astro-ph/0607100 Indirect dark matter search with AMS-02
astro-ph/0607101 Neutrino masses and cosmic radiation density: Combined analysis
astro-ph/0607102 Dependence of radio halo properties on star formation activity and galaxy mass
astro-ph/0607103 Optical and Infrared Diagnostics of Low Redshift SDSS galaxies in the SWIRE Survey
astro-ph/0607104 High Energy Neutrinos and Cosmic-Rays from Low-Luminosity Gamma-Ray Bursts?
astro-ph/0607105 Ekman layer damping of r-modes revisited
astro-ph/0607106 The superflares of soft Gamma-ray repeatres: giant quakes in solid quark stars?
astro-ph/0607107 The XMM-Newton survey of the ELAIS-S1 field. I: Number counts, angular correlation function and X-ray spectral properties
astro-ph/0607108 The highly obscured region around PKS1343-601 - I. Galactic interstellar extinctions using DENIS galaxy colours
astro-ph/0607109 Cosmic Rays: Recent Progress and some Current Questions
astro-ph/0607110 Prompt and Afterglow Emission Properties of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Spectroscopically Identified Supernovae
astro-ph/0607111 ATCA observations of the galaxy cluster Abell 3921 - I. Radio emission from the central merging sub-clusters
astro-ph/0607112 The Thermal Regulation of Gravitational Instabilities in Protoplanetary Disks III. Simulations with Radiative Cooling and Realistic Opacities
astro-ph/0607113 Enrichment in the Centaurus cluster of galaxies
astro-ph/0607114 The abundances of nitrogen-containing molecules during pre-protostellar collapse
astro-ph/0607115 Enhancing the Pierre Auger Observatory to the 10^{17} to 10^{18.5} eV Range: Capabilities of an Infill Surface Array
astro-ph/0607116 Subarcsecond Resolution Mid-Infrared Observations of Super Star Clusters in the Antennae (NGC4038/4039)
astro-ph/0607117 The luminosities, sizes and velocity dispersions of Brightest Cluster Galaxies: Implications for formation history
astro-ph/0607118 The Burst Mode of Protostellar Accretion
astro-ph/0607119 Empirical relation between angular momentum transport and thermal-to-magnetic pressure ratio in shearing box simulations
astro-ph/0607120 Angular Diameter Distance Measurement with Galaxy Clustering in the Multipole Space
astro-ph/0607121 Annual Modulation of Dark Matter in the Presence of Streams
astro-ph/0607122 Dark energy and curvature from a future baryonic acoustic oscillation survey using the Lyman-alpha forest
astro-ph/0607123 Accretion models of Sgr A*
astro-ph/0607124 Propeller driven spectral state transition in LMXB 4U 1608-52
astro-ph/0607125 Multi-Object Spectroscopy Field Configuration by Simulated Annealing
astro-ph/0607126 Interacting Dark Energy and Dark Matter: observational Constraints from Cosmological Parameters
astro-ph/0607127 DIOS: the Diffuse Intergalactic Oxygen Surveyor
astro-ph/0607128 Many binaries among NEAs
astro-ph/0607129 Diffuse Interstellar Bands and Their Families
astro-ph/0607130 Cosmological applications of the Szekeres model
astro-ph/0607131 Hot-dark matter, cold dark matter and accelerating universe
astro-ph/0607132 Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Observations of the OMC-2/3 Region; I. Dispersing and Rotating Core around an Intermediate-mass Protostar MMS 7
astro-ph/0607133 Microlensing variability in time-delay quasars
astro-ph/0607134 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Variable Baseline Microlensing Events in the Galactic Bulge
astro-ph/0607135 The XMM Large Scale Structure Survey: Properties and Two-Point Angular Correlations of Point-like Sources
astro-ph/0607136 Precise Radial Velocities of Giant Stars II. Pollux and its Planetary Companion
astro-ph/0607137 HI Absorption in High-Frequency Peaker Galaxies
astro-ph/0607138 Multiwavelength Observations of the BL Lacertae Object PKS 2155-304 with XMM-Newton
astro-ph/0607139 Angular distribution of satellite galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 4
astro-ph/0607140 Mass Determination and Detection of the Onset of Chromospheric Activity for the Sub-Stellar Object in EF Eridani
astro-ph/0607141 The ATESP 5 GHz radio survey I. Source counts and spectral index properties of the faint radio population
astro-ph/0607142 The mass missing problem in clusters: dark matter or modified dynamics?
astro-ph/0607143 The beginning of the star formation epoch
astro-ph/0607144 Suzaku Reveals Helium-burning Products in the X-ray Emitting Planetary Nebula BD+303639
astro-ph/0607145 Neutrino-Cooled Accretion Disks around Spinning Black Hole
astro-ph/0607146 The Interstellar N/O Abundance Ratio: Evidence for Local Infall?
astro-ph/0607147 Identification of the Infrared Counterpart to a Newly Discovered X-ray Source in the Galactic Center
astro-ph/0607148 Implications of the consistency of GRB060218/SN2006aj with the Ep,i - Eiso correlation
astro-ph/0607149 Survey for Galaxies Associated with z~3 Damped Lyman alpha Systems II: Galaxy-Absorber Correlation Functions
astro-ph/0607150 The halo mass function from the dark ages through the present day
astro-ph/0607151 Detection of a Variable Infrared Excess Around SDSS 121209.31+013627.7
astro-ph/0607152 Spectroscopy of Young Planetary Mass Candidates with Disks
astro-ph/0607153 Testing Global Isotropy of Three-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Data: Temperature Analysis
astro-ph/0607154 High-resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of BD +30 3639
astro-ph/0607155 On the migration of protogiant solid cores
astro-ph/0607156 First Surface-resolved Results with the IOTA Imaging Interferometer: Detection of Asymmetries in AGB stars
astro-ph/0607157 Variability and multi-periodic oscillations in the X-ray light curve of the classical nova V4743 Sgr
astro-ph/0607158 On the CO Near-IR Band and the Line Splitting Phenomenon in the Yellow Hypergiant Rho Cassiopeiae
astro-ph/0607159 Chandra and XMM-Newton Observations of a Group of Galaxies HCG 62
astro-ph/0607160 Ellipticity in Cosmic Microwave Background as a Tracer of Large-Scale Universe
astro-ph/0607161 Transitions between turbulent and laminar superfluid vorticity states in the outer core of a neutron star
astro-ph/0607162 Is there a caustic crossing in the lensed quasar Q2237+0305 observational data record?
astro-ph/0607163 Observational evidence for AGN fueling. I. The merging of NGC6104 with a companion
astro-ph/0607164 Magnetic instability in a differentially rotating star
astro-ph/0607165 Force-free magnetosphere of an aligned rotator with differential rotation of open magnetic field lines
astro-ph/0607166 Density-Functional-Theory Calculations of Matter in Strong Magnetic Fields: I. Atoms and Molecules
astro-ph/0607167 Spectral variability of planetary nebulae and related objects
astro-ph/0607168 Atmosphere Models of Magnetized Neutron Stars: QED Effects, Radiation Spectra, and Polarization Signals
astro-ph/0607169 Probing Primordial Magnetic Fields with the 21cm Fluctuations
astro-ph/0607170 The XMM-LSS Survey: A well controlled X-ray cluster sample over the D1 CFHTLS area
astro-ph/0607171 SDSS J160043.6+074802.9: a very rapid sdO pulsator
astro-ph/0607172 Frequency, splitting, linewidth and amplitude estimates of low-l p modes of alpha Cen A: analysis of WIRE photometry
astro-ph/0607173 A long-period, violently-variable X-ray source in a young SNR
astro-ph/0607174 Invariant manifolds, phase correlations of chaotic orbits and the spiral structure of galaxies
astro-ph/0607175 Formation and structure of the three Neptune-mass planets system around HD69830
astro-ph/0607176 Modelling spectral line profiles of wind-wind shock emissions from massive binary systems
astro-ph/0607177 The XMM Large Scale Structure survey: The X-ray pipeline and survey selection function
astro-ph/0607178 XMM-Newton observations of AM CVn binaries: V396 Hya & SDSS J1240-01
astro-ph/0607179 Oscillating axion bubbles as alternative to supermassive black holes at galactic centers
astro-ph/0607180 Neutrinos, Fisson Cycling, and the r-process
astro-ph/0607181 The Origin of Primordial Magnetic Fields
astro-ph/0607182 Optical parameters of the nonisothermal Uranus’s and Neptune’s atmospheres
astro-ph/0607183 The Light Curve Variations of The Active Binaries With Hot Subdwarf Component
astro-ph/0607184 Catalogue of Planetary Objects. Version 2006.0
astro-ph/0607185 Carbon Monoxide in Comet 9P/Tempel 1 before and after the Deep Impact Encounter
astro-ph/0607186 Period Change of Eclipsing Binaries from the ASAS Catalog
astro-ph/0607187 Causes of Observed Long-Periodic Variations of the Polarization at Polar Regions of Jupiter
astro-ph/0607188 Diagnostics of SS433 with the RXTE
astro-ph/0607189 Accretion to a Magnetized Neutron Star in the "Propeller" Regime
astro-ph/0607190 Short timescale variability in the Faint Sky Variability Survey
astro-ph/0607191 An Interactive Program for Correlative Studies of Solar Energetic Particle Events
astro-ph/0607192 3.9 day orbital modulation in the TeV gamma-ray flux and spectrum from the X-ray binary LS 5039
astro-ph/0607193 Diffuse Interstellar Band at 5850 as a Member of 5797 Spectroscopic Family
astro-ph/0607194 Interstellar C2 Molecule as Seen in HST/STIS Data
astro-ph/0607195 Constraining the environment of GRB 990712 through emission line fluxes
astro-ph/0607196 Circumstellar Emission from Type Ib and Ic Supernovae
astro-ph/0607197 Are Diffuse High Energy Neutrinos from Starburst Galaxies Observable?
astro-ph/0607198 Predicted properties of RR Lyrae stars in the SDSS photometric system
astro-ph/0607199 X-ray observations of the mass and entropy distributions in nearby galaxy clusters
astro-ph/0607200 New VLA observations of the SNR Puppis A: the radio properties and the correlatoin withe the X-ray emission
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