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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0608002 The galaxy-galaxy lensing contribution to the cosmic shear two point function
astro-ph/0608005 Hybrid Detection of UHECR with the Pierre Auger Observatory
astro-ph/0608006 Probing the Evolution of IR Properties of z~6 Quasars: Spitzer Observations
astro-ph/0608007 Estimation of Polarized Power Spectra by Gibbs sampling
astro-ph/0608008 Hall Magnetohydrodynamics of weakly-ionized plasma
astro-ph/0608009 Probing Dark Energy with Constellation-X
astro-ph/0608010 On-sky results of the adaptive optics MACAO for the new IR-spectrograph CRIRES at VLT
astro-ph/0608011 MACAO-CRIRES, a step towards high-resolution spectroscopy
astro-ph/0608012 CGCG 480-022: A distant lonesome merger?
astro-ph/0608013 The globular cluster mass/low mass X-ray binary correlation:implications for kick velocity distributions from supernovae
astro-ph/0608014 Spectropolarimetry of PKS 0040-005 and the Orientation of Broad Absorption Line Quasars
astro-ph/0608015 Chemical differentiation in regions of high-mass star formation I. CS, dust and N2H^+ in southern sources
astro-ph/0608016 Eclipsing Binary Stars in Open Clusters
astro-ph/0608017 Revised WMAP constraints on neutrino masses and other extensions of the minimal $Lambda$CDM model
astro-ph/0608018 Accurate stellar masses in the multiple system T Tau
astro-ph/0608019 Halo and Galaxy Formation Histories from the Millennium Simulation: Public release of a VO-oriented and SQL-queryable database for studying the evolution of galaxies in the LambdaCDM cosmogony
astro-ph/0608020 The formation of an eccentric gap in a gas disk by a planet in an eccentric orbit
astro-ph/0608021 Hybrid protoneutron stars with the MIT bag model
astro-ph/0608022 Methods for improving open cluster fundamental parameters applied to M 52 and NGC 3960
astro-ph/0608023 The bright spiky emission of pulsar B0656+14
astro-ph/0608024 A Comparison of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in NGC 1399 and the Antennae Galaxies (NGC 4038/4039)
astro-ph/0608025 Studies of Neutron Stars at Optical/IR Wavelengths
astro-ph/0608026 The Structure of Jupiter, Saturn, and Exoplanets: Key Questions for High-Pressure Experiments
astro-ph/0608027 Galaxy Luminosities in 2PIGG groups
astro-ph/0608028 Collapsars in Three Dimensions
astro-ph/0608029 On the progenitor of SN 2005gl and the nature of Type IIn supernovae
astro-ph/0608030 Measuring M dwarf Winds with DAZ White Dwarfs
astro-ph/0608031 Energy Conditions and Supernovae Observations
astro-ph/0608032 Cosmology at Low Frequencies: The 21 cm Transition and the High-Redshift Universe
astro-ph/0608033 Nonthermal gamma-ray and X-ray flashes from shock breakout in gamma-ray bursts/supernovae
astro-ph/0608034 The Accelerating Universe and a Limiting Curvature Proposal
astro-ph/0608035 Searching for Exoplanets in the Hertzsprung Gap: An Eccentric Hot Jupiter Orbiting the Subgiant HD 185269
astro-ph/0608036 First Constraints on Rings in the Pluto System
astro-ph/0608037 X-Ray Scattering by Nonspherical Grains. I. Oblate Spheroids
astro-ph/0608038 A Survey and Analysis of Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Spectra of T Tauri Stars in Taurus
astro-ph/0608039 Characterizing Bars at z~0 in the OSUBSGS: Implications for the Evolution of Barred Galaxies
astro-ph/0608040 Searching for Low Surface-brightness Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: Implications for the Star Formation Efficiency in Neutral Gas at z ~ 3
astro-ph/0608041 Efficiency of proton-driven Weibel instability at thermalizing initially two-temperature astrophysical plasmas
astro-ph/0608042 TeV Astrophysics, A Review
astro-ph/0608043 New Self-Similar Solutions of Polytropic Gas Dynamics
astro-ph/0608044 Visible spectroscopy of 2003 UB313: Evidence for N2 ice on the surface of the largest TNO?
astro-ph/0608045 Enhancement and suppression of heat transfer by MHD turbulence
astro-ph/0608046 Velocity Coordinate Spectrum as a Tool to study Turbulence
astro-ph/0608047 Theoretical approaches to particle propagation and acceleration in turbulent intergalactic medium
astro-ph/0608048 Intermittency of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence: Astrophysical Perspective
astro-ph/0608049 Grain Alignment, Polarization and Magnetic Fields
astro-ph/0608050 Coherent Development of Neutrino Flavor in the Supernova Environment
astro-ph/0608051 Density Fluctuations in MHD turbulence: spectra, intermittency and topology
astro-ph/0608052 A pulsational distance to Omega Centauri based on Near-Infrared Period-Luminosity relations of RR Lyrae stars
astro-ph/0608053 Sensitivity of an underwater Cerenkov km3 telescope to TeV neutrinos from Galactic Microquasars
astro-ph/0608054 Survival of a brown dwarf after engulfment by a red giant star
astro-ph/0608055 Pulsar Braking Indices, Glitches and Energy Dissipation In Neutron Stars
astro-ph/0608056 An optical search for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Arecibo HI Strip Survey
astro-ph/0608057 The Infrared Emission from the Narrow Line Region
astro-ph/0608058 Particle Accelerator in Pulsar Magnetospheres: Super Goldreich-Julian Current with Ion Emission from the Neutron Star Surface
astro-ph/0608059 Chaotic zone boundary for low free eccentricity particles near an eccentric planet
astro-ph/0608060 Infrared Properties of Close Pairs of Galaxies
astro-ph/0608061 X-ray Properties of Intermediate-mass Black Holes in Active Galaxies
astro-ph/0608062 Modelling the Pan-Spectral Energy Distribution of Starburst Galaxies: III. Emission Line Diagnostics of Ensembles of Evolving HII Regions
astro-ph/0608063 Shock-cloud interaction in the Vela SNR II. Hydrodynamic model
astro-ph/0608064 Why your model parameter confidences might be too optimistic -- unbiased estimation of the inverse covariance matrix
astro-ph/0608065 Model Atmosphere Analysis of the Weakly Magnetic DZ White Dwarf G165-7
astro-ph/0608066 Spectral State Transitions of the Ultraluminous X-ray Sources X-1 and X-2 in NGC 1313
astro-ph/0608067 Spin Exchange Rates in Electron-Hydrogen Collisions
astro-ph/0608068 On the Physics of Type I X-ray Bursts on Accreting Neutron Stars at High Accretion Rates
astro-ph/0608069 Dynamical Evolution of Globular Clusters in Hierarchical Cosmology
astro-ph/0608070 Stellar Encounters with Massive Star-Disk Systems
astro-ph/0608071 Prospects for the Characterization and Confirmation of Transiting Exoplanets via the Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect
astro-ph/0608072 Search for Oxygen Emission from Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium around A2218 with Suzaku
astro-ph/0608073 A deep mosaic of [O III] 5007 A CCD images of the environment of the LBV star P Cygni
astro-ph/0608074 The Fluorescence Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory - A Calorimeter for UHECR
astro-ph/0608075 3D Lyman-alpha radiation transfer. I. Understanding Lyman-alpha line profile morphologies
astro-ph/0608076 Wolf-Rayet Populations at High Metallicity
astro-ph/0608077 2.3 micron CO emission and absorption from young high-mass stars in M17
astro-ph/0608078 The Galactic WN stars: Spectral analyses with line-blanketed model atmospheres versus stellar evolution models with and without rotation
astro-ph/0608079 Radio emission from shell-type supernova remnants
astro-ph/0608080 A spectroscopic atlas of post-AGB stars and planetary nebulae selected from the IRAS Point Source Catalogue
astro-ph/0608081 CG Draconis, a particularly active dwarf nova
astro-ph/0608082 Determination of the superhump period of the dwarf nova V701 Tau during the 2005 December superoutburst
astro-ph/0608083 Spitzer Observations of Var Her 04: Possible Detection of Dust Formation in a Super-Outbursting TOAD
astro-ph/0608084 X-ray Spectral Variations of U Gem from Quiescence to Outburst
astro-ph/0608085 The intergalactic propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic ray nuclei
astro-ph/0608086 The Spiral Host Galaxy of the Double Radio Source 0313-192
astro-ph/0608087 The Energy Transfer Process in Planetary Flybys
astro-ph/0608088 A relativistic model of the radio jets in 3C 296
astro-ph/0608089 Discovery of twin kHz QPOs in the peculiar X-ray binary Circinus X-1
astro-ph/0608090 General Upper Bound on the Dark Matter Total Annihilation Cross Section
astro-ph/0608091 An Upper Limit to the Degree of Evolution Between Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies
astro-ph/0608092 Two-Photon Absorption by Hydrogen Molecules: Origin of the 2175 Angstrom Astronomical Band?
astro-ph/0608093 Accurate M Dwarf Metallicities from Spectral Synthesis: A Critical Test of Model Atmospheres
astro-ph/0608094 Atmospheres and Winds of PN Central Stars
astro-ph/0608095 Tidal Tails Test the Equivalence Principle in the Dark Sector
astro-ph/0608096 Detecting sterile dark matter in space
astro-ph/0608097 HI in XMD Galaxies III. GMRT observations of BCG HS0822+3542
astro-ph/0608098 Intrinsic short time scale variability of W3(OH) maser
astro-ph/0608099 2MASS J05162881+2607387: A New Low-Mass Double-Lined Eclipsing Binary
astro-ph/0608100 ASTE Observations of Warm Gas in Low-mass Protostellar Envelopes: Different Kinematics between Submillimeter and Millimeter Lines
astro-ph/0608101 Characteristics of geomagnetic cascading of ultra-high energy photons at the southern and northern sites of the Pierre Auger Observatory
astro-ph/0608102 Extremely Red Objects in Two Quasar Fields at z ~ 1.5
astro-ph/0608103 Relaxed constraints on neutrino oscillation parameters
astro-ph/0608104 If Gauss-Bonnet interaction plays the role of dark energy
astro-ph/0608105 Probing isotopic ratios at z = 0.89: molecular line absorption in front of the quasar PKS 1830-211
astro-ph/0608106 A high-resolution spectral analysis of three carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars
astro-ph/0608107 Determination of the atmospheric neutrino fluxes from experimental data
astro-ph/0608108 The "Principes de Asturias" nebula: a new quadrupolar planetary nebula from the IPHAS survey
astro-ph/0608109 Solar Mean Magnetic Field Near the Surface and its Variation During a Cycle
astro-ph/0608110 A Simple Analytic Treatment of the Intergalactic Absorption Effect in Blazar Gamma-ray Spectra
astro-ph/0608111 The Unusual Cataclysmic Binary Star RBS 0490 and the Space Density of Cataclysmics
astro-ph/0608112 First stars X. The nature of three unevolved Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor stars
astro-ph/0608113 The Diffuse Interstellar Bands: A Major Problem in Astronomical Spectroscopy
astro-ph/0608114 The Correlation Dimension of Young Stars in Dwarf Galaxies
astro-ph/0608115 A Deep Proper-Motion Survey in Kapteyn Selected Areas: I. Survey Description and First Results for Stars in the Tidal Tail of Sagittarius and in the Monoceros Ring
astro-ph/0608116 The isocurvature fraction after WMAP 3-year data
astro-ph/0608117 Hydrogen and helium line formation in OB dwarfs and giants. A hybrid non-LTE approach
astro-ph/0608118 The Optimum Distance at which to Determine the Size of a Giant Air Shower
astro-ph/0608119 The Advantage of Increased Resolution in the Study of Quasar Absorption Systems
astro-ph/0608120 Free-bound emission from cosmological hydrogen recombination
astro-ph/0608121 Enhanced density and magnetic fields in interstellar OH masers
astro-ph/0608122 Satellite Accretion Onto Massive Galaxies With Central Black Holes
astro-ph/0608123 Accretion-Ejection Instability, MHD Rossby Wave Instability, diskoseismology, and the high-frequency QPO of microquasars
astro-ph/0608124 Spectral Line Selection for HMI: A Comparison of Fe I 6173 and Ni I 6768
astro-ph/0608125 Performance Analysis of Direct N-Body Algorithms on Special-Purpose Supercomputers
astro-ph/0608126 The Role of Sub-damped Lyman-alpha Absorbers in the Cosmic Evolution of Metals
astro-ph/0608127 The nature of damped Lyman alpha and sub-damped Lyman alpha absorbers
astro-ph/0608128 Optical observations of Be/X-ray transient system KS 1947+300
astro-ph/0608129 Cleaned Three-Year WMAP CMB Map: Magnitude of the Quadrupole and Alignment of Large Scale Modes
astro-ph/0608130 Star formation rate in the solar neighborhood
astro-ph/0608131 Stellar and gaseous velocity dispersions in type II AGNs at 0.3<z<0.83 from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
astro-ph/0608132 The Onset of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow
astro-ph/0608133 Silicon Monoxide Observations Reveal a Cluster of Hidden Compact Outflows in the OMC1 South Region
astro-ph/0608134 The magnetic Bp star 36 Lyncis, II. A spectroscopic analysis of its co-rotating disk
astro-ph/0608135 The magnetic Bp star 36 Lyncis, I. Magnetic and photospheric properties
astro-ph/0608136 Cosmic Rays at the Highest Energies -- First Data from the Pierre Auger Observatory --
astro-ph/0608137 Performance and Fundamental Processes at Low Energy in a Two-Phase Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detector
astro-ph/0608138 Deflation at Turnaround for Oscillatory Cosmology
astro-ph/0608139 Status of IceCube in 2005
astro-ph/0608140 IceCube: The state of the art
astro-ph/0608141 Dynamical Zodiacal Cloud Models Constrained by High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Zodiacal Light
astro-ph/0608142 The SuperWASP wide-field exoplanetary transit survey: Candidates from Fields 23hr < RA < 03hr
astro-ph/0608143 Resolved Spectroscopy of M Dwarf/L Dwarf Binaries. II. 2MASS J 17072343-0558249AB
astro-ph/0608144 Soft X-ray emissions of Si IX in Procyon
astro-ph/0608145 Quasi Periodic Oscillations (QPOs) and frequencies in an accretion disk and comparison with the numerical results from non-rotating black hole computed by the GRH code
astro-ph/0608146 The central elliptical galaxy in fossil groups and formation of BCGs
astro-ph/0608147 Dwarf galaxies in Hickson Compact Groups
astro-ph/0608148 The Spitzer c2d Survey of Nearby Dense Cores: II: Discovery of a Low Luminosity Object in the "Evolved Starless Core" L1521F
astro-ph/0608149 GRI: the gamma-ray imager mission
astro-ph/0608150 The Fundamental Plane in RX J0142.0+2131: a galaxy cluster merger at z=0.28
astro-ph/0608151 Exploring Halo Substructure with Giant Stars X. Extended Dark Matter or Tidal Disruption?: The Case for the Leo I Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
astro-ph/0608152 On the evolution of primordial gravitational waves: a semi-analytic detailed approach
astro-ph/0608153 Gravitational Lensing of Supernovae Type Ia by Pseudo Elliptic NFW Haloes
astro-ph/0608154 An Observational Study of Tidal Synchronization in Solar-Type Binary Stars in the Open Clusters M35 and M34
astro-ph/0608155 A Study of Giant Pulses from PSR J1824-2452A
astro-ph/0608156 Block Structured Adaptive Mesh and Time Refinement for Hybrid, Hyperbolic + N-body Systems
astro-ph/0608157 Concentration, Spin and Shape of Dark Matter Haloes: Scatter and the Dependence on Mass and Environment
astro-ph/0608158 Comparison of VSB from BATSE, KONUS and Swift
astro-ph/0608159 Hypervelocity Stars: Predicting the Spectrum of Ejection Velocities
astro-ph/0608160 Basic physical parameters of a selected sample of evolved stars
astro-ph/0608161 Interstellar Turbulence Driving by Galactic Spiral Shocks
astro-ph/0608162 First Evidence of a Precessing Jet Excavating a Protostellar Envelope
astro-ph/0608163 Discovery of Diffuse X-ray Emission in One of the Nearest Massive Star-Forming Regions NGC 2024
astro-ph/0608164 Integral/Ibis Census of the Sky Beyond 100 kev
astro-ph/0608165 Two-Field Quintom Models in the w-w’ Plane
astro-ph/0608166 Infrared and Optical Observations of GRB 030115 and its Extremely Red Host Galaxy: Implications for Dark Bursts
astro-ph/0608167 The Probability Distribution of the Lya transmitted flux from a sample of SDSS quasars
astro-ph/0608168 Light superconducting strings in the Galaxy
astro-ph/0608169 Extended Star Formation and Molecular Gas in the Tidal Arms near NGC3077
astro-ph/0608170 Very low metallicity massive star models: Pre-SN evolution and primary nitrogen production
astro-ph/0608171 High resolution CO imaging of high redshift QSO host galaxies
astro-ph/0608172 Cosmological evolution of compact AGN at 15 GHz
astro-ph/0608173 An X-ray Tour of Massive Star-forming Regions with Chandra
astro-ph/0608174 Fast cosmological parameter estimation using neural networks
astro-ph/0608175 Is the Milky Way Dark Matter Halo Flattened?
astro-ph/0608176 The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey:The ultraviolet galaxy luminosity function and luminosity density at 3<z<4
astro-ph/0608177 XMM-Newton high-resolution spectroscopy reveals the chemical evolution of M 87
astro-ph/0608178 Sources of Stellar Energy, Einstein- Eddington Timescale of Gravitational Contraction and Eternally Collapsing Objects
astro-ph/0608179 The Cool ISM in Elliptical Galaxies. I. A Survey of Molecular Gas
astro-ph/0608180 Photometry of comet 9P/Tempel 1 during the 2004/2005 approach and the Deep Impact module impact
astro-ph/0608181 Time-Dependent Ionization in Radiatively Cooling Gas
astro-ph/0608183 Multi-Wavelength Observations of GRB 050820A: An Exceptionally Energetic Event Followed from Start to Finish
astro-ph/0608184 Cosmological model selection
astro-ph/0608185 Requirements for Cosmological 21-cm Masers
astro-ph/0608186 Nflation: non-gaussianity in the horizon-crossing approximation
astro-ph/0608187 Long-term evolution of accretion discs in Be/X-ray binaries
astro-ph/0608188 Comparison of Magnetic Field Structures on Different Scales in and around the Filamentary Dark Cloud GF 9
astro-ph/0608189 Spitzer SAGE survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud II: Evolved Stars and Infrared Color Magnitude Diagrams
astro-ph/0608190 Formation of $z sim 6$ quasars from hierarchical galaxy mergers
astro-ph/0608191 Discovery of a Compact X-ray Source in the LMC Supernova Remnant N23 with Chandra
astro-ph/0608192 The giant arc statistics in the three year WMAP cosmological model
astro-ph/0608193 On the mass-to-light ratio of the local Galactic disc and the optical luminosity of the Galaxy
astro-ph/0608194 Algorithm of Ensemble Pulsar Time
astro-ph/0608195 Structured Red Giant Winds with Magnetized Hot Bubbles and the Corona/Cool Wind Dividing Line
astro-ph/0608196 An evolutionary disc model of the edge-on galaxy NGC 5907
astro-ph/0608197 The Chemical Abundances of the Stellar Populations in the Leo I and Leo II dSph Galaxies
astro-ph/0608199 Angular power spectrum of CMB anisotropy from WMAP
astro-ph/0608200 Chemically peculiar stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
astro-ph/0608201 A probable stellar solution to the cosmological lithium discrepancy
astro-ph/0608202 The Cosmological History of Accretion onto Dark Halos and Supermassive Black Holes
astro-ph/0608203 VLT/GIRAFFE spectroscopic observations of the metal-poor blue compact dwarf galaxy SBS 0335-052E
astro-ph/0608204 Local helioseismology and correlation tracking analysis of surface structures in realistic simulations of solar convection
astro-ph/0608205 Direct Measurement of Neutron-Star Recoil in the Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnant Puppis A
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