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22 May 2024

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astro-ph/0609003 Slow Roll Reconstruction: Constraints on Inflation from the 3 Year WMAP Dataset
astro-ph/0609006 The Electron Temperature Gradient in the Galactic Disk
astro-ph/0609007 Stability Properties of Magnetic Tower Jets
astro-ph/0609008 New Galactic Wolf-Rayet stars, and candidates. An annex to The VIIth Catalogue of Galactic Wolf-Rayet Stars
astro-ph/0609009 The optical spectral slope variability of 17 blazars
astro-ph/0609010 The Southern Galactic Plane Survey: Polarized Radio Continuum Observations and Analysis
astro-ph/0609011 Implication of Existence of Hybrid stars and Theoretical Expectation of Submillisecond Pulsars
astro-ph/0609012 Comparison between Windowed FFT and Hilbert-Huang Transform for Analyzing Time Series with Poissonian Fluctuations: A Case Study
astro-ph/0609013 Upper bounds on the low-frequency stochastic gravitational wave background from pulsar timing observations: current limits and future prospects
astro-ph/0609014 Large Misalignment between Stellar and Dust Bars in NGC 3488 Revealed by Spitzer and SDSS
astro-ph/0609015 The coronal Ne/O abundance of alpha Centauri
astro-ph/0609016 Evolution of the Luminosity Function, Star Formation Rate, Morphology and Size of Star-forming Galaxies Selected at Rest-frame 1500A and 2800A
astro-ph/0609017 Do ULXs Really Contain Intermediate-mass Black Holes?
astro-ph/0609018 Variation of the cluster luminosity function across the disk of M51
astro-ph/0609019 Amplification of the large scale curvature perturbation by interacting fluids
astro-ph/0609020 The fate of spiral galaxies in clusters: the star formation history of the anemic Virgo cluster galaxy NGC 4569
astro-ph/0609021 Infrared Constrains on AGN Tori Models
astro-ph/0609022 HI in circumstellar environments
astro-ph/0609023 Static and Dynamic Modeling of a Solar Active Region. I: Soft X-Ray Emission
astro-ph/0609024 The Mid-IR Properties of Starburst Galaxies from Spitzer-IRS Spectroscopy
astro-ph/0609025 Collisional Dust Avalanches in Debris Discs
astro-ph/0609026 SiO and CH3CCH abundances and dust emission in high-mass star-forming cores
astro-ph/0609027 A U-band survey of brown dwarfs in the Taurus Molecular Cloud with the XMM-Newton Optical/UV Monitor
astro-ph/0609028 Probing Modified Gravity by Combining Supernovae and Galaxy Cluster Surveys
astro-ph/0609029 Synthetic properties of bright metal-poor variables. I. "Anomalous" Cepheids
astro-ph/0609030 A population of high-redshift type-2 quasars-II. Radio Properties
astro-ph/0609031 Can Electric Charges and Currents Survive in an Inhomogeneous Universe?
astro-ph/0609032 Accretion Rates in Herbig Ae stars
astro-ph/0609033 Polarized Emission from Interstellar Dust
astro-ph/0609034 Heating and Non-thermal Particle Acceleration in Relativistic, Transverse Magnetosonic Shock Waves in Proton-Electron-Positron Plasmas
astro-ph/0609035 Thermal and Bulk Comptonization in Accretion-Powered X-Ray Pulsars
astro-ph/0609036 Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud: water masers and ESO-VLT 3-4 micron spectroscopy
astro-ph/0609037 Chandra Observation of the Interaction of the Radio Source and Cooling Core in Abell 2063
astro-ph/0609038 Relating Diffusion Properties of Cosmic-Ray Electrons to Star Formation Activity within Normal Galaxies
astro-ph/0609039 The SCUBA HAlf Degree Extragalactic Survey (SHADES) -- II. Submillimetre maps, catalogue and number counts
astro-ph/0609040 Crossing the Phantom Divide
astro-ph/0609041 The Carina-Near Moving Group
astro-ph/0609042 The evolution of the number density of large disk galaxies in COSMOS
astro-ph/0609043 A line profile analysis of the pulsating red giant star epsilon Ophiuchi (G9.5III)
astro-ph/0609044 The Zurich Extragalactic Bayesian Redshift Analyzer (ZEBRA) and its first application: COSMOS
astro-ph/0609045 Carbon Deficiency in Externally-Polluted White Dwarfs: Evidence for Accretion of Asteroids
astro-ph/0609046 Production of Hypervelocity Stars through Encounters with Stellar-Mass Black Holes in the Galactic Centre
astro-ph/0609047 Magnetar-Driven Magnetic Tower as a Model for Gamma-Ray Bursts and Asymmetric Supernovae
astro-ph/0609048 A Distributed Population of Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars near the Taurus Molecular Clouds
astro-ph/0609049 A New Algorithm for 2-D Transport for Astrophysical Simulations: I. General Formulation and Tests for the 1-D Spherical Case
astro-ph/0609050 Investigating the Andromeda Stream: III. A Young Shell System in M31
astro-ph/0609051 Calibrating the Solar Dynamo: Magnetic Activity Cycles of Southern Sun-like Stars
astro-ph/0609052 Oxygen abundances in the Galactic Bulge: evidence for fast chemical enrichmen
astro-ph/0609053 Radial and rotational velocities of young brown dwarfs and very low-mass stars in the Upper Scorpius OB association and the rho Ophiuchi cloud core
astro-ph/0609054 H.E.S.S. Observations of LS 5039
astro-ph/0609055 Unstable modes of non-axisymmetric gaseous discs
astro-ph/0609056 2D Fokker-Planck models of rotating clusters
astro-ph/0609057 The detection of the (J,K)=(18,18) line of NH3
astro-ph/0609058 The optical and near-infrared properties of nearby groups of galaxies
astro-ph/0609059 Five new very low mass binaries
astro-ph/0609060 First results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
astro-ph/0609061 The evolution of binary star clusters and the nature of NGC2136/NGC2137
astro-ph/0609062 Observational Constraints on Cluster Evolution
astro-ph/0609063 The Lidar System of the Pierre Auger Observatory
astro-ph/0609064 A New Nearby Candidate Star Cluster in Ophiuchus at d = 170 pc
astro-ph/0609065 Suzaku observation of the metallicity distribution in the intracluster medium of the Fornax cluster
astro-ph/0609066 The Magnificent Seven: Magnetic fields and surface temperature distributions
astro-ph/0609067 A Subaru/Suprime-Cam wide-field survey of globular cluster populations around M87 - I: Observation, data analysis, and luminosity function
astro-ph/0609068 The Galaxy Mass Function up to z=4 in the GOODS-MUSIC sample: into the epoch of formation of massive galaxies
astro-ph/0609069 Cryogenic tests of volume-phase holographic gratings: results at 100 K
astro-ph/0609070 A Subaru/Suprime-Cam wide-field survey of globular cluster populations around M87 - II: Colour and spatial distribution
astro-ph/0609071 Radial variation of attenuation and star formation in the largest late-type disks observed with GALEX
astro-ph/0609072 Indirect search for dark matter with AMS in positrons, gamma and antiprotons channels
astro-ph/0609073 A general relativistic model for the light propagation in the gravitational field of the Solar System: the dynamical case
astro-ph/0609074 On the stability of accelerating relativistic shock waves
astro-ph/0609075 Baryon Acoustic Oscillations and Dynamical Dark Energy
astro-ph/0609076 The Tully-Fisher relation for S0 galaxies
astro-ph/0609077 A near zero velocity dispersion stellar component in the Canes Venatici dwarf spheroidal galaxy
astro-ph/0609078 Five years of SGR 1900+14 observations with BeppoSAX
astro-ph/0609079 The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. XIV. Analysis of Color-Magnitude Relations in Globular Cluster Systems
astro-ph/0609080 RASS-SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey. VI. The dependence of the cluster SFR on the cluster global properties
astro-ph/0609081 Probing the growth of supermassive black holes at z>6 with LOFAR
astro-ph/0609082 Further Evidence for Collimated Particle Beams from Pulsars, and Precession
astro-ph/0609083 The Spitzer IRS view of V4334 Sgr (Sakurai’s Object)
astro-ph/0609084 Looking for Mister Goodstar (A preliminary analysis of stars with S IV, V and VI wind lines)
astro-ph/0609085 Measuring Omega_m using clusters evolution
astro-ph/0609086 Spectroscopy of planetary mass brown dwarfs in Orion
astro-ph/0609087 Abundances of Baade’s Window Giants from Keck/HIRES Spectra: II. The Alpha- and Light Odd Elements
astro-ph/0609088 Off-center ignition in type Ia supernova: I. Initial evolution and implications for delayed detonation
astro-ph/0609089 The quest for Type 2 quasars: Chandra observations of luminous obscured quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
astro-ph/0609090 A Survey of Galaxy Kinematics to z ~ 1 in the TKRS/GOODS-N Field. I. Rotation and Dispersion Properties
astro-ph/0609091 A Survey of Galaxy Kinematics to z ~ 1 in the TKRS/GOODS-N Field. II. Evolution in the Tully-Fisher Relation
astro-ph/0609092 Observational Limits on X-ray Bursts from RRAT J1911+00
astro-ph/0609093 Evolution of black-hole intermediate-mass X-ray binaries: the influence of a circumbinary disc
astro-ph/0609094 On class visualisation for high dimensional data: Exploring scientific datasets
astro-ph/0609095 Blending in Future Space-based Microlensing Surveys
astro-ph/0609096 Dynamical Effects of CDM Subhalos on a Galactic Disk
astro-ph/0609097 The anomalous Cepheid XZ Ceti
astro-ph/0609098 From nuclear clusters to halo globulars: Star clusters as basic galactic building blocks
astro-ph/0609099 Is Dark Energy Abnormally Weighting?
astro-ph/0609100 On the Average Comoving Number Density of Halos
astro-ph/0609101 Evolution of the cosmological mass function in a moving barrier model
astro-ph/0609102 X-ray and HeI 1.0830 mu emission from protostellar jets
astro-ph/0609103 The role of tidal forces in star cluster disruption
astro-ph/0609104 The Virgo stellar over-density: Mapping the infall of the Sagittarius tidal stream onto the Milky Way disk
astro-ph/0609105 Self-gravitational Magnetohydrodynamics with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Protostellar Collapse
astro-ph/0609106 Lithium and zirconium abundances in massive Galactic O-rich AGB stars
astro-ph/0609107 First results of the XI Groups Project: Studying an unbiased sample of galaxy groups
astro-ph/0609108 Evershed clouds as precursors of moving magnetic features around sunspots
astro-ph/0609109 Minivoids in the Local Volume
astro-ph/0609110 Asteroids as radial velocity and resolving power standards for medium and high resolution spectroscopy
astro-ph/0609111 Line formation regions of the UV spectrum of CI Cygni
astro-ph/0609112 Turning AGN Microlensing From a Curiosity Into a Tool
astro-ph/0609113 The Hot Gas Content of Low-Luminosity Early-Type Galaxies and the Implications Regarding Supernova Heating and AGN Feedback
astro-ph/0609114 Multi-band Astronomy with LISA
astro-ph/0609115 Optimizing WIMP directional detectors
astro-ph/0609116 A search for stellar X-ray sourcesin the Sagittarius and Carina dwarf galaxies - I: X-ray observations
astro-ph/0609117 Long-Period Objects in the Extrasolar Planetary Systems 47 UMa and 14 Her
astro-ph/0609118 Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: Observations and Theoretical Aspects
astro-ph/0609119 Mid-Infrared Imaging of the Herbig Ae Star AB Aurigae: Extended Emission on Several Scales
astro-ph/0609120 The effect of inhomogeneous expansion on the supernova observations
astro-ph/0609121 Empirical Color Transformations Between SDSS Photometry and Other Photometric Systems
astro-ph/0609122 The Dust Properties of Eight Debris Disk Candidates as Determined by Submillimeter Photometry
astro-ph/0609123 The X-ray emission of Lyman break galaxies
astro-ph/0609124 Primordial non-Gaussianity and Dark Energy constraints from Cluster Surveys
astro-ph/0609125 On the Law of Gravity, the Mass of Neutrinos and the Proof of Dark Matter
astro-ph/0609126 Prospects for direct dark matter detection in the Constrained MSSM
astro-ph/0609127 On the lambda Bootis spectroscopic binary hypothesis
astro-ph/0609128 VLT-UVES abundance analysis of four giants in NGC 6553
astro-ph/0609129 ZKDR Distance, Angular Size and Phantom Cosmology
astro-ph/0609130 Magnetostatic penumbra models with field-free gaps
astro-ph/0609131 Three Dimensional Compressible Hydrodynamic Simulations of Vortices in Disks
astro-ph/0609132 Chlorine in the Galactic ISM: Revised f-values with FUSE and STIS
astro-ph/0609133 Shock processing of interstellar dust and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the supernova remnant N132D
astro-ph/0609134 Observations of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 with the Keck 1 HIRES Instrument During Deep Impact
astro-ph/0609135 Gas-phase CO2 emission toward Cepheus A East: the result of shock activity?
astro-ph/0609136 Constraints on the Geometry of the VHE Emission in LS 5039 from Photon-Photon Deabsorption
astro-ph/0609137 First results from the Arecibo Galactic HI Survey: the disk/halo interface region in the outer Galaxy
astro-ph/0609138 Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars. Osmium and Iridium Abundances in the Neutron-Capture-Enhanced Subgiants CS31062-050 and LP625-44
astro-ph/0609139 Positron Annihilations at the Galactic Center: Generating More Questions Than Answers
astro-ph/0609140 Planet formation around low mass stars: the moving snow line and super-Earths
astro-ph/0609141 Spitzer 24 Micron Observations of Open Cluster IC 2391 and Debris Disk Evolution of FGK Stars
astro-ph/0609142 The Supernova -- Gamma-Ray Burst Connection
astro-ph/0609143 Simulations of polarized dust emission
astro-ph/0609144 Binary Black Hole Accretion Flows in Merged Galactic Nuclei
astro-ph/0609145 HI studies of eXtremely Metal Deficient galaxies - II: GMRT observations of SBS 1129+576
astro-ph/0609146 Dark Satellites and Cosmic Reionization
astro-ph/0609147 Steerable wavelet analysis of CMB structures alignment
astro-ph/0609148 HI studies of the Sculptor group galaxies. VIII. The background galaxies: NGC 24 and NGC 45
astro-ph/0609149 Results from MAGIC’s first observation cycle on galactic sources
astro-ph/0609150 On the multiwavelength spectrum of the microquasar 1E 1740.7-2942
astro-ph/0609151 Heating of the Intergalactic Medium by Primordial Miniquasars
astro-ph/0609152 Observations of Extragalactic Sources with the MAGIC Telescope
astro-ph/0609153 Dynamo Action in the Solar Convection Zone and Tachocline: Pumping and Organization of Toroidal Fields
astro-ph/0609154 Timing of millisecond pulsars in NGC 6752 - II. Proper motions of the pulsars in the cluster outskirts
astro-ph/0609155 CURious Variables Experiment (CURVE). CCD Photometry and Variable Stars in the field of open cluster NGC 637
astro-ph/0609156 Evidence for Degree Dependence of Changes in P-Mode Damping Along the Solar Cycle in Sun-as-a-star Data
astro-ph/0609157 Spitzer-IRS spectra of disks around T Tauri stars II. PAH emission features
astro-ph/0609158 Viscous overstability and eccentricity evolution in three-dimensional gaseous discs
astro-ph/0609159 A directional continuous wavelet transform on the sphere
astro-ph/0609160 The XMM-Newton Extended Survey of the Taurus Molecular Cloud (XEST)
astro-ph/0609161 Astronomy with Small Telescopes
astro-ph/0609162 Monte Carlo Simulations of Metal-Poor Star Clusters
astro-ph/0609163 Estimating the Dark Halo Mass from the Relative Thickness of Stellar Disks
astro-ph/0609164 The linear stability of dilute particulate rings
astro-ph/0609165 How accurate is Limber’s equation?
astro-ph/0609166 On the cosmological mass function theory
astro-ph/0609167 Gravitational collapse and non-self similarity in the L-T relation
astro-ph/0609168 High-energy gamma-ray emission in AGNs and microquasars
astro-ph/0609169 Evolution of the K-band Galaxy Cluster Luminosity Function and Scaling Relations
astro-ph/0609170 The ERO Host Galaxy of GRB 020127: Implications for the Metallicity of GRB Progenitors
astro-ph/0609171 Large Area Mapping at 850 Microns. V. Analysis of the Clump Distribution in the Orion A South Molecular Cloud
astro-ph/0609172 The Final Merger of Comparable Mass Binary Black Holes
astro-ph/0609173 GRB Fireball Physics: Prompt and Early Emission
astro-ph/0609174 Theoretical calculations of the HI, HeI and HeII free-bound continuou emission spectra
astro-ph/0609175 Nearby early-type galaxies with ionized gas. III. Analysis of line-strength indices with new stellar population models
astro-ph/0609176 Two Bipolar Outflows and Magnetic Fields in a Multiple Protostar System, L1448 IRS 3
astro-ph/0609177 Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Sun-Like Stars
astro-ph/0609178 The 2dF-SDSS LRG and QSO Survey: The Star Formation Histories of Luminous Red Galaxies
astro-ph/0609179 Optimal Radio Window for the Detection of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos off the Moon
astro-ph/0609180 Dim Isolated Neutron Stars, Cooling and Energy Dissipation
astro-ph/0609181 Thermal Emission from HII Galaxies: Discovering the Youngest Systems
astro-ph/0609182 X-rays from jet-driving protostars and T Tauri stars
astro-ph/0609183 Impact of neutron star oscillations on the accelerating electric field in the polar cap of pulsar: or could we see oscillations of the neutron star after the glitch in pulsar?
astro-ph/0609184 Irradiated ISM: Discriminating between Cosmic Rays and X-rays
astro-ph/0609185 The BH mass of nearby QSOs: a comparison of the bulge luminosity and virial methods
astro-ph/0609186 Formation and destruction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon clusters in the interstellar medium
astro-ph/0609187 Discovery of a Young Substellar Companion in Chamaeleon
astro-ph/0609188 Can extragalactic foregrounds explain the large-angle CMB anomalies?
astro-ph/0609189 CDMS, Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions
astro-ph/0609190 Electrodynamics for Nuclear Matter in Bulk
astro-ph/0609191 Properties of the galaxy population in hydrodynamical simulations of clusters
astro-ph/0609192 Critical Mass Transfer in Double-Degenerate Type Ia Supernovae
astro-ph/0609193 Unbinned maximum-likelihood estimators for low-count data: Applications to faint X-ray spectra in the Taurus Molecular Cloud
astro-ph/0609194 Persistent and Transient Blank Field Sources
astro-ph/0609195 Biomarkers in disk-averaged near-UV to near-IR Earth spectra using Earthshine observations
astro-ph/0609196 VLT/FORS spectroscopy of faint cataclysmic variables discovered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
astro-ph/0609197 Different Power-law Indices in the Frequency Distributions of Flares with and without Coronal Mass Ejections
astro-ph/0609198 The FIR-Radio Relationship at High and Low Redshift
astro-ph/0609199 Hibernation Revived by Weak Magnetic Braking
astro-ph/0609200 Constraints on RRAT Emission Mechanisms from RXTE/PCA Observations of RRAT J1819-1458
astro-ph/0609201 Relations Between the Luminosity, Mass, and Age Distributions of Young Star Clusters
astro-ph/0609202 Equidistant frequency triplets in pulsating stars: The Combination Mode Hypothesis
astro-ph/0609203 Dynamical Mass Estimates for Incomplete Orbits: Young Multiple Stars in Taurus and Ophiuchus
astro-ph/0609204 3C 216: A Powerful FRII Seyfert 1 Galaxy
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