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22 May 2024

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1010.0025 Bethe-Salpeter Equation Calculations of Core Excitation Spectra
1010.0026 Well-posedness of Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with General Filtration
1010.0027 How sensitive are equilibrium pricing models to real-world distortions?
1010.0028 Pauli-Villars regularization of field theories on the light front
1010.0029 Study of solar and other unknown anti-neutrino fluxes with Borexino at LNGS
1010.0030 Q-balls with scalar charges
1010.0031 NGC 2419 -- Another Remnant of Accretion by the Milky Way
1010.0032 A stronger result on fractional strong colourings
1010.0033 The Amplified Quantum Fourier Transform (Amplified-QFT)
1010.0034 Spectral Control of Mobile Robot Networks
1010.0035 Non-Standard Limit Theorems in Number Theory
1010.0036 Positive harmonic functions on comb-like domains
1010.0037 Photon-photon gates in Bose-Einstein condensates
1010.0038 Testing the chiral magnetic and chiral vortical effects in heavy ion collisions
1010.0039 Modified Pad’e Approach to the S-Wave Charmonium Spectroscopy in QCD
1010.0040 Global well-posedness and scattering for the defocusing, $L^{2}$-critical, nonlinear Schr"odinger equation when $d = 1$
1010.0041 Performance of Multi-Channel Multi-Stage Spectrum Sensing
1010.0042 Thermally induced 0-pi phase transition in Josephson junctions through a ferromagnetic oxide film
1010.0043 Computing $alpha$-invariants of singular del Pezzo surfaces
1010.0044 T-matrix approach for few-body problems in ultracold atomic gases
1010.0045 Contactless measurement of electrical conductance of a thin film of amorphous germanium
1010.0046 Cosmological evolution of massive black holes: effects of Eddington ratio distribution and quasar lifetime
1010.0047 A non-cooperative Pareto-efficient solution to a single-shot Prisoner’s Dilemma
1010.0048 Delensing CMB Polarization with External Datasets
1010.0049 Avrami exponent under transient and heterogeneous nucleation transformation conditions
1010.0050 Exact Solution of a Monomer-Dimer Problem: A Single Boundary Monomer on a Non-Bipartite Lattice
1010.0051 Shorted Operators Relative to a Partial Order in a Regular Ring
1010.0052 Lepton flavor violating signals of the $LHT$ model via e^{+}e^{-} and gammagamma collisions at the ILC
1010.0053 Interfering directed paths and the sign phase transition
1010.0054 Electron-Positron Radiative Annihilation : Timelike Virtual Compton Scattering
1010.0055 Local stochastic non-Gaussianity and N-body simulations
1010.0056 Online Learning in Opportunistic Spectrum Access: A Restless Bandit Approach
1010.0057 Excitation and Imaging of Resonant Optical Modes of Au Triangular Nano-Antennas Using Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy
1010.0058 The quantum effects of the spin and the Bohm potential in the oblique propagation of magnetosonic waves
1010.0059 High Energy Cosmic-ray Diffusion in Molecular Clouds: A Numerical Approach
1010.0060 Terminated LDPC Convolutional Codes over GF(2^p)
1010.0061 Gauge theory description of glass transition
1010.0062 Testing Modified Gravity with Gravitational Wave Astronomy
1010.0063 Oscillatory processes in solar flares
1010.0064 Improving Galactic Center Astrometry by Reducing the Effects of Geometric Distortion
1010.0065 a-Maximization in N=1 Supersymmetric Spin(10) Gauge Theories
1010.0066 Continuous-time Discontinuous Equations in Bounded Confidence Opinion Dynamics
1010.0067 Approximate Modeling of Spherical Membrane
1010.0068 Compactified moduli spaces of rational curves in projective homogeneous varieties
1010.0069 Electronic and optical trends in carbon nanotubes under pure bending
1010.0070 Divergence, exotic convergence and self-bumping in quasi-Fuchsian spaces
1010.0071 Valley Spin Sum Rule for Dirac Fermions: Topological Argument
1010.0072 Robust linear regression through PAC-Bayesian truncation
1010.0073 Some New Aspects of Degenerate Quantum Plasma
1010.0074 Robust linear least squares regression
1010.0075 Renormalization of Dirac’s Polarized Vacuum
1010.0076 Neveu-Schwarz and operators algebras III: Subfactors and Connes fusion
1010.0077 Neveu-Schwarz and operators algebras II: Unitary series and characters
1010.0078 Neveu-Schwarz and operators algebras I: Vertex operators superalgebras
1010.0079 An unstructured finite-volume method to analyze the impact of shape on natural convection and melting inside cavities
1010.0080 Optimal consumption and investment in incomplete markets with general constraints
1010.0081 Phase flows and vectorial lagrangians in $J^3(pi)$
1010.0082 Anomalous behavior of the Hall effect in electron-doped superconductor $Nd_{2-x}$Ce_{x}Cu$O_{4+{delta}} with nonstoichiometric disorder
1010.0083 Notes on completely reducible subcomplexes of spherical buildings
1010.0084 Prefect Transfer of Quantum States on Spin Chain with Dzyaloshinskii- Moriya interaction in inhomogeneous Magnetic field
1010.0085 Chiral symmetry breaking and electromagnetic structure of the nucleon
1010.0086 Mirkovi’c-Vilonen Polytopes and a quiver conatructuion of crystal basis in type $A$
1010.0087 The gauge invariant quark Green’s function in two-dimensional QCD
1010.0088 Analysis of coupled transport phenomena in concrete at elevated temperatures
1010.0089 Extracting gamma and Penguin Topologies through CP Violation in B_s^0 -> J/psi K_S
1010.0090 Correcting the holder-extendible European put formula
1010.0091 Redshift Drift in LTB Void Universes
1010.0092 Abel-Jacobi isomorphism for one cycles on Kirwan’s resolution of the moduli space SU_C(2,O_C)
1010.0093 Fluorescence interferometry
1010.0094 An Inverse Spectral Theorem
1010.0095 Azimuthal and transverse single spin asymmetries in hadronic collisions
1010.0096 X-rays and Gamma-rays from Cataclysmic Variables: The example case of Intermediate Polar V1223 Sgr
1010.0097 One-loop analysis of the four-Fermi contribution to the atomic EDM within RPVMSSM
1010.0098 Two-Photon and Two-gluon Decays of $0^{++}$ and $2^{++}$ P-wave Heavy Quarkonium States
1010.0099 Weak Field Approach in f(R)-Gravity
1010.0100 Constraining the Kpi vector form factor by tau---> K pi nu_tau and K_l3 decay data
1010.0101 Efficient Guiding of Cold Atoms though a Photonic Band Gap Fiber
1010.0102 Pair production of charged scalars and lepton flavor violating signals in the littlest Higgs model at $e^{+}e^{-}$ colliders
1010.0103 Performance of ZnMoO4 crystal as cryogenic scintillating bolometer to search for double beta decay of molybdenum
1010.0104 Catalysis and activation of magic states in fault tolerant architectures
1010.0105 Comparison principle for unbounded viscosity solutions of degenerate elliptic PDEs with gradient superlinear terms
1010.0106 Rate analysis for a hybrid quantum repeater
1010.0107 Entanglement in a Solid State Spin Ensemble
1010.0108 Direct simulation Monte Carlo schemes for Coulomb interactions in plasmas
1010.0109 Spin Squeezing, Negative Correlations, and Concurrence in the Quantum Kicked Top Model
1010.0110 Minimally doubled fermions and their renormalization
1010.0111 Testing the Lambda(1520) hyperon in-medium width in near-threshold proton-nucleus reactions
1010.0112 Surface morphology and magnetic anisotropy in (Ga,Mn)As
1010.0113 Regge-plus-resonance predictions for neutral-kaon photoproduction from the deuteron
1010.0114 Loss-induced phase separation and pairing for 3-species atomic lattice fermions
1010.0115 A modified proximity approach in the fusion of heavy-ions
1010.0116 Energy cascade with small-scales thermalization, counterflow metastability and anomalous velocity of vortex rings in Fourier-truncated Gross-Pitaevskii equation
1010.0117 Relaxing the Small Particle Approximation for Dust-grain opacities in Carbon-star Wind Models
1010.0118 Solar neutrino results in Super-Kamiokande-III
1010.0119 Statistical universal branching ratios for cosmic ray dissociation, photodissociation, and dissociative recombination of the C(n=2-10), C(n=2-4)H and C3H2 neutral and cationic species
1010.0120 Estimates for exponential sums with a large automorphism group
1010.0121 The Infrared Properties of Massive Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
1010.0122 Rule-based Generation of Diff Evolution Mappings between Ontology Versions
1010.0123 First order devices, hybrid memristors, and the frontiers of nonlinear circuit theory
1010.0124 A model selection approach to genome wide association studies
1010.0125 Absorption Features in Spectra of Magnetized Neutron Stars
1010.0126 Magnetohydrostatic equilibrium in starspots: dependences on color (T_{eff}) and surface gravity (g)
1010.0127 Crystallization in suspensions of hard spheres: A Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulation study
1010.0128 Physical consequences of P$ eq$NP
1010.0129 Orbital Order, Structural Transition and Superconductivity in Iron Pnictides
1010.0130 Tropical matrix duality and Green’s D relation
1010.0131 A random integral calculus on generalized s-selfdecomposable probability measures
1010.0132 Effective spin model for interband transport in a Wannier-Stark lattice system
1010.0133 Local chromatic number of quadrangulations of surfaces
1010.0134 Jet Evolution in the Quark-Gluon Plasma from RHIC to the LHC
1010.0135 Stability of hydrogenated group-IV nanostructures: magic structures of diamond nanocrystals and Silicon quantum dots
1010.0136 Distance Functions for Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
1010.0137 Status of Air Shower Simulations
1010.0139 Infrared properties of Active OB stars in the Magellanic Clouds from the Spitzer SAGE Survey
1010.0142 Strange and Multi-strange Particle Production in Au+Au Collisions at $sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 62.4 GeV
1010.0143 Hermite variations of the fractional Brownian sheet
1010.0144 QED and ortho-para- positronium mass difference
1010.0145 Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2010 - The Jason-DTU Team
1010.0146 Thick subcategories of finite algebraic triangulated categories
1010.0147 Comparison of the hydrodynamic and Dirac models of the dispersion interaction between graphene and H, He${}^{ast}$, or Na atoms
1010.0148 Top quark pair production Cross Section in ATLAS with early data
1010.0149 Growing length scales in aging systems
1010.0150 Implementing Lego Agents Using Jason
1010.0151 Model atmospheres of X-ray bursting neutron stars
1010.0152 The average rank of elliptic $n$-folds
1010.0153 Dark Matter detection via lepton cosmic rays
1010.0154 Besov algebras on Lie groups of polynomial growth and related results
1010.0155 An Investigation of the Advantages of Organization-Centered Multi-Agent Systems
1010.0156 Spectral triples and aperiodic order
1010.0157 Comparative Performance of Tabu Search and Simulated Annealing Heuristics for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
1010.0158 Variable G correction to statefinder parameters of dark energy
1010.0159 Hidden XY structure of the bond-charge Hubbard model
1010.0160 First complete NLL BFKL calculation of Mueller Navelet jets at LHC
1010.0161 Taylor expansions of solutions of stochastic partial differential equations with additive noise
1010.0162 On signature-based expressions of system reliability
1010.0163 A Game for the Resolution of Singularities
1010.0164 Efficient C-Phase gate for single-spin qubits in quantum dots
1010.0165 How to observe dipolar effects in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
1010.0166 Optical transitions and energy relaxation of hot carriers in Si nanocrystals
1010.0167 Hydrodynamical Neutron Star Kicks in Three Dimensions
1010.0168 Survey of trust models in different network domains
1010.0169 A Novel and Highly Efficient AES Implementation Robust against Differential Power Analysis
1010.0170 Casimir-Polder interaction between an atom and a dielectric grating
1010.0171 Z’ production at the LHC in the four-site Higgsless model
1010.0172 Prime order automorphisms of Klein surfaces representable by rotations of the euclidean space
1010.0173 Validated Intraclass Correlation Statistics to Test Item Performance Models
1010.0174 Implications of the Cosmic Ray Electron Spectrum and Anisotropy measured with Fermi-LAT
1010.0175 The wave function of a gravitating shell
1010.0176 Type I Migration in Radiatively Efficient Discs
1010.0177 Strongly Secure Communications Over the Two-Way Wiretap Channel
1010.0178 Deformed preprojective algebras of type L: Kuelshammer spaces and derived equivalences
1010.0179 Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission. XV. CoRoT-15b: a brown dwarf transiting companion
1010.0180 Unravelling the glue and the competing order in superconducting cuprates
1010.0181 Spectral $C^0$ limits of Hamiltonian flows and non-simpleness of area preserving homeomorphism group of $D^2$
1010.0182 List decoding for nested lattices and applications to relay channels
1010.0183 Spectral vanishing of static Hamiltonian flows in spectral $C^0$ limit
1010.0184 Property $(eta)$ and uniform quotient maps
1010.0185 Lower Quasicontinuity, Joint Continuity and Related concepts
1010.0186 Review on the Advancements of DNA Cryptography
1010.0187 Helical Aharonov-Casher edge states
1010.0188 1RXS J180834.7+101041 is a new cataclysmic variable with non-uniform disc
1010.0189 Reed-Muller Codes for Peak Power Control in Multicarrier CDMA
1010.0190 Nanocrystalline Zr3Al Made through Amorphization by Repeated Cold Rolling and Followed by Crystallization
1010.0191 Modeling of the spectral energy distribution of the cataclysmic variable TT Ari and evaluation of the system parameters
1010.0192 Solar Wind Drag and the Kinematics of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections
1010.0193 Internal Stresses and Formation of Switchable Nanowires at Thin Silica Film Edge
1010.0194 Pantazi’s Theorem Regarding the Bi-orthological Triangles
1010.0195 LHCf Measurements of Very Forward Particles at LHC
1010.0196 Constraints on $D$ Dimensional Warped Spaces
1010.0197 Nonperturbative calculations in light-front QED
1010.0198 Cooling in strongly correlated optical lattices: prospects and challenges
1010.0199 Projective Subgrassmannians of Polar Grassmannians
1010.0200 Difference Antenna Selection and Power Allocation for Wireless Cognitive Systems
1010.0201 The complexity of global cardinality constraints
1010.0202 A new approach for Delta form factors
1010.0203 Search for Dijet Resonances in 7 TeV pp Collisions at CMS
1010.0204 Two-parameters pseudo-bosons
1010.0205 The generating rank of the unitary and symplectic Grassmannians
1010.0206 Baryons in and beyond the quark-diquark model
1010.0207 Generalized holomorphic bundles and the B-field action
1010.0208 Equilibrium distributions in gas-like economic models: an analytical derivation
1010.0209 Status of the Tavatron CDF and D0 experiments
1010.0210 An Operator--like Description of Love Affairs
1010.0211 Fonctions critiques et ’equations aux d’eriv’ees partielles sur les vari’et’es Riemanniennes compactes
1010.0212 On effects of stochastic regularization for the pressureless gas dynamics
1010.0213 Stable causality of the Pomeransky-Senkov black holes
1010.0214 A brief introduction to nonperturbative calculations in light-front QED
1010.0215 On Chebyshev systems and non-uniform sampling related to controllability and observability of caputo fractional differential systems
1010.0216 Scattering of helioseismic waves by a sunspot: wavefront healing and folding
1010.0217 Radio and X-ray observations of Five TeV SNRs
1010.0218 Dynamo generated field emergence through recurrent plasmoid ejections
1010.0219 Polynomial-time sortable stacks of burnt pancakes
1010.0220 Theoretical Investigation of Optical Conductivity in Ba [Fe(1-x)Co(x)]2 As2
1010.0221 On The Relativistic Classical Motion of a Radiating Spinning Particle in a Magnetic Field
1010.0222 Simulation of Fast Magnetic Reconnection using a Two-Fluid Model of Collisionless Pair Plasma without Anomalous Resistivity
1010.0223 Stability of P11 Resonance Extracted from pi-N Data
1010.0224 $ au^- oetapi^-pi^0 u_ au$ and $sigma(e^+e^- o etapi^+pi^-)$ at low energies
1010.0225 Characterizing perfect recall in Epistemic Temporal Logic
1010.0226 An Information-theoretic Approach to Privacy
1010.0227 Massive Nordstr"om Scalar (Density) Gravities from Universal Coupling
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