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22 May 2024

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1011.0216 On Type IIA geometries dual to N = 2 SCFTs
1011.0217 On Selective Unboundedness of VASS
1011.0218 On interleaving in {P,A}-Time Petri nets with strong semantics
1011.0219 On Zone-Based Analysis of Duration Probabilistic Automata
1011.0220 A Decidable Characterization of a Graphical Pi-calculus with Iterators
1011.0221 Implicit Real Vector Automata
1011.0222 Probabilistic regular graphs
1011.0223 IMITATOR II: A Tool for Solving the Good Parameters Problem in Timed Automata
1011.0224 Localization in light nuclei
1011.0225 Striking Zn impurity effect on the Fe-based superconductor BaFe1.87Co0.13As2
1011.0226 A High-resolution Scintillating Fiber Tracker With Silicon Photomultiplier Array Readout
1011.0227 Radio Astronomy and eVLBI using KAREN
1011.0228 Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
1011.0229 Modeling Convolutions of $L$-Functions
1011.0230 Better HMC integrators for dynamical simulations
1011.0231 When can perfect state transfer occur?
1011.0232 GRB spectral parameter modeling
1011.0233 Reasoning about Cardinal Directions between Extended Objects: The Hardness Result
1011.0234 Cascade of failures in coupled network systems with multiple support-dependent relations
1011.0235 Fast Histograms using Adaptive CUDA Streams
1011.0236 A maximum principle for pointwise energies of quadratic Wasserstein minimal networks
1011.0237 New Interactive Solar Flare Modeling and Advanced Radio Diagnostics Tools
1011.0238 Terahertz surface plasmons in optically pumped graphene structures
1011.0239 Polymeric forms of carbon in dense lithium carbide
1011.0240 Embedding (R+R^2)-Inflation into Supergravity
1011.0241 Deciphering subsampled data: adaptive compressive sampling as a principle of brain communication
1011.0242 Dynamical tunnelling with Bose-Einstein condensates in magnetic microtraps
1011.0243 Back reaction, emission spectrum and entropy spectroscopy
1011.0244 Modelling trade offs between public and private conservation policies
1011.0245 A short proof of Kontsevich cluster conjecture
1011.0246 Quantum Bell Inequalities from Macroscopic Locality
1011.0247 Commensurability of two-multitwist pseudo-Anosovs
1011.0248 Hedging Pure Endowments with Mortality Derivatives
1011.0249 An Optical Catalog of Galaxy Clusters Obtained from an Adaptive Matched Filter Finder Applied to SDSS DR6
1011.0250 Delineation of Raw Plethysmograph using Wavelets for Mobile based Pulse Oximeters
1011.0251 High-Q exterior whispering gallery modes in a metal-coated microresonator
1011.0252 Quantum electrodynamics in a whispering-gallery microcavity coated with a polymer nanolayer
1011.0253 Polynomial-time Computation of Exact Correlated Equilibrium in Compact Games
1011.0254 On chip, high-sensitivity thermal sensor based on high-Q polydimethylsiloxane-coated microresonator
1011.0255 Bound state of a hole and a triplet spin in the $t_1$-$t_2$-$J_1$-$J_2$ model
1011.0256 Electronic States and Superconducting Transition Temperature based on the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid in Pr$_{2}$Ba$_{4}$Cu$_{7}$O$_{15-delta}$
1011.0257 Finite temperature QCD at fixed Q with overlap fermions
1011.0258 HERMES: a high-resolution fibre-fed spectrograph for the Mercator telescope
1011.0259 On materials, containing nanofibers
1011.0260 Charge-breaking constraints on left-right mixing of stau’s
1011.0261 On the Bogomol’nyi bound in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity
1011.0262 A characterization of compact operators via the non-connectedness of the attractors of a family of IFSs
1011.0263 The influence of temporal coherence on the dynamical Casimir effect
1011.0264 Galaxy metallicity near and far
1011.0265 Obstruction theory for algebras over an operad
1011.0266 Stretched Polymers in Random Environment
1011.0267 Percolation-to-hopping crossover in conductor-insulator composites
1011.0268 A Game-theoretic Approach for Synthesizing Fault-Tolerant Embedded Systems
1011.0269 Determination of the strong coupling $g_{B^* Bpi}$ from semi-leptonic $B o pi ell u$ decay
1011.0270 Second-order hyperbolic Fuchsian systems and applications
1011.0271 Spontaneous Formation of Dynamical Groups in an Adaptive Networked System
1011.0272 Ruled Laguerre minimal surfaces
1011.0273 Communicating with a wave packet using quantum superarrival
1011.0274 Gamma Ray Bursts Spectral--Energy correlations: recent results
1011.0275 Partial transposition of random states and non-centered semicircular distributions
1011.0276 Higher order Painleve system of type D^{(1)}_{2n+2} and monodromy preserving deformation
1011.0277 Generalized conditional symmetries of evolution equations
1011.0278 Formalization of the data flow diagram rules for consistency check
1011.0279 Mobile Based Secure Digital Wallet for Peer to Peer Payment System
1011.0280 From UML Specification into Implementation using Object Mapping
1011.0281 Boltzmann Equation for Relativistic Neutral Scalar Field in Non-equilibrium Thermo Field Dynamics
1011.0283 Environmental effects on the $x^{4}$ model in Tsallis statistics
1011.0284 Graphs with few matching roots
1011.0285 Determining When The Universal Abelian Cover of a Graph Manifold is a Rationla Homology Sphere
1011.0286 Scalar models for the generalized Chaplygin gas and the structure formation constraints
1011.0287 Towards a model which merges soft and hard high-energy pp interactions
1011.0288 Essential parabolic structures and their infinitesimal automorphisms
1011.0289 W-algebras and surface operators in N=2 gauge theories
1011.0290 Optomechanical sideband cooling of a micromechanical oscillator close to the quantum ground state
1011.0291 Constraints for the QCD phase diagram from imaginary chemical potential
1011.0292 A quantum isomonodromy equation and its application to N=2 SU(N) gauge theories
1011.0293 Polynomial estimates for c-functions on reductive symmetric spaces
1011.0294 Polydispersity Effects in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures
1011.0295 Waves on the surface of the Orion molecular cloud
1011.0296 Growth dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a dimple trap without cooling
1011.0299 Large Deviations for Random Matricial Moment Problems
1011.0300 Left lane road electrification
1011.0301 Symmetries of Self-Dual Yang-Mills Equations Dimensionally Reduced From (2,2) Space-time
1011.0302 Crossover phenomena involving the dense O($n$) phase
1011.0303 Entanglement dynamics of two-bipartite system under the influence of dissipative environments
1011.0304 Continuous variable quantum key distribution in non-Markovian channels
1011.0305 Resolution of Veronese Embedding of plane curves
1011.0306 Semantic Query Optimisation with Ontology Simulation
1011.0308 Entanglement dynamics of bipartite system in squeezed vacuum reservoirs
1011.0309 Couplings for irregular combinatorial assemblies
1011.0310 The scalar does not decay at finite temperatures
1011.0311 Resonant cyclotron acceleration of particles by a time periodic singular flux tube
1011.0312 The imbalanced Fermi gas at unitarity
1011.0313 The fractal structure of cellular automata on Abelian groups
1011.0314 Relativistic descriptions of few-body systems
1011.0315 Spin models constructed from Hadamard matrices
1011.0316 Irreducibility of the space of cyclic covers of algebraic curves of fixed numerical type and the irreducible components of $Sing (ar{mathfrak M_g})$
1011.0317 Negative translations not intuitionistically equivalent to the usual ones
1011.0318 Arc numbers from Gauss diagrams
1011.0319 On rates of convergence in the Curie-Weiss-Potts model with external field
1011.0320 Breakup of diminutive Rayleigh jets
1011.0321 Photon Radiation with MadDipole
1011.0322 Fixation of a Deleterious Allele under Mutation Pressure and Finite Selection Intensity
1011.0323 Zeta-functions of weight lattices of compact semisimple connected Lie groups
1011.0324 Modeling materials with optimized transport properties
1011.0325 Sunyaev-Zel’dovich observation of the Bullet-like cluster A2146 with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager
1011.0326 Properties and nanotechnological applications of nanotubes
1011.0327 Optical control of magnetization of micron-size domains in antiferromagnetic NiO single crystals
1011.0328 Mining Frequent Itemsets Using Genetic Algorithm
1011.0329 Equivariant multiplicities of Coxeter arrangements and invariant bases
1011.0330 Imitation learning of motor primitives and language bootstrapping in robots
1011.0331 The Archaeo-Astronomy Project -- Supporting the Outdoor Classroom
1011.0332 Distribution function of persistent current
1011.0333 The Energy-Momentum tensor on $Spin^c$ manifolds
1011.0334 Novel orbital selective phase transition induced by different magnetic states: A dynamical cluster approximation study
1011.0335 The isentropic Euler system admits some plane wave superpositions
1011.0336 The radius anomaly in the planet/brown dwarf overlapping mass regime
1011.0337 Results from a Prototype Chicane-Based Energy Spectrometer for a Linear Collider
1011.0338 Effects of Sequence Partitioning on Compression Rate
1011.0339 N=2 supergravity and supercurrents
1011.0340 Cherenkov Radiation of Gluon Currents
1011.0341 Antisymmetry in the Faraday Rotation Sky Caused by a Nearby Magnetized Bubble
1011.0342 Affordable Digital Planetariums with WorldWide Telescope
1011.0343 On self-similarities of ergodic flows
1011.0344 On the Complexity of Real Root Isolation
1011.0345 Dimensional reduction and confinement from five dimensions
1011.0346 Bounds for the orders of the finite subgroups of G(k)
1011.0347 The sub- and quasi-centurial cycles in solar and geomagnetic activity data series
1011.0348 LHC and lepton flavour violation phenomenology of a left-right extension of the MSSM
1011.0349 Enhanced Two-Photon Absorption in a Hollow-Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber
1011.0350 Developing courses with HoloRena, a framework for scenario- and game based e-learning environments
1011.0352 Belle II Technical Design Report
1011.0353 Higher Spins and Open Strings: Quartic Interactions
1011.0354 Variations on the Sensitivity Conjecture
1011.0355 Rumour Processes on N
1011.0356 Joint torsion of several commuting operators
1011.0357 Determination of the number of isomorphism classes of extensions of a $kp$-adic field
1011.0358 Finite dimensional reduction and convergence to equilibrium for incompressible Smectic-A liquid crystal flows
1011.0360 Binaries migrating in a gaseous disk: Where are the Galactic center binaries?
1011.0361 Six-dimensional nilpotent Lie algebras
1011.0362 Optimization of artificial flockings by means of anisotropy measurements
1011.0363 A Novel Approach Towards Cost Effective Region-Based Group Key Agreement Protocol for Peer - to - Peer Information Sharing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
1011.0364 Level crossings and zero-field splitting in the {Cr$_8$}-cubane spin-cluster by inelastic neutron scattering and magnetization studies
1011.0365 Bi-Lipschitz Embeddability of the Grushin Plane into Euclidean Space
1011.0366 Enumeration of standard Young tableaux of certain truncated shapes
1011.0367 Structure of p-shell hypernuclei
1011.0368 Goal-oriented A Posteriori Error Estimation for Finite Volume Methods
1011.0370 The zipper mechanism in phagocytosis: energetic requirements and variability in phagocytic cup shape
1011.0371 Non abelian Bianchi identities, monopoles and gauge invariance
1011.0372 Measuring the escape velocity and mass profiles of galaxy clusters beyond their virial radius
1011.0373 Study of the scaling properties in SU(2) gauge theory with eight flavors
1011.0374 Trends in Heavy Fermion Matter
1011.0375 The "Ridge" in Proton-Proton Scattering at 7 TeV
1011.0376 Classes of extension modules by Serre subcategories
1011.0377 Large-angle correlation anomalies and odd-parity preference in CMB data
1011.0378 Predictions of hadronic observables in Pb+Pb collisions at surd sNN = 2.76 TeV from a hadronic rescattering model
1011.0379 Applying Integrability to Gauge Theories
1011.0380 Revivals of a closed quantum system and Lieb-Robinson speed
1011.0381 Magnetic phase diagram of spatially anisotropic, frustrated spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on a stacked square lattice
1011.0382 The Spectrum of the Dirac-Kaehler Extension of the SM
1011.0383 Conduction of DNA molecules attached to a disconnected array of metallic Ga nanoparticles
1011.0384 Conditional phase shift from a quantum dot in a pillar microcavity
1011.0385 An Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Atlas of Local Starbursts and Star-Forming Galaxies: The Legacy of FOS and GHRS
1011.0386 Mesoscopic admittance of a double quantum dot
1011.0387 Whole Earth Telescope Observations of the subdwarf B star KPD 1930+2752: A rich, short period pulsator in a close binary
1011.0388 Repulsively-bound exciton-biexciton states in high-spin fermions in optical lattices
1011.0389 Quantitative magnetic force microscopy on permalloy dots using an iron filled carbon nanotube probe
1011.0390 A Path Algebra for Multi-Relational Graphs
1011.0391 The Titicaca basin: a paradigmatic region for multidisciplinary studies
1011.0392 A geometric refinement of a theorem of Chekanov
1011.0393 Perturbative and Nonperturbative Kolmogorov Turbulence in a Gluon Plasma
1011.0394 Multi-stability in an optomechanical system with two-component Bose-Einstein condensate
1011.0395 Explicit Jenkins-Strebel representatives of all strata of Abelian and quadratic differentials
1011.0396 Defect Analysis of MCA Wires
1011.0397 Efficient Approximation of Optimal Control for Markov Games
1011.0398 A Large Catalogue of Ultraluminous X-ray Source Candidates in Nearby Galaxies
1011.0399 Functional Dependence of Secrets in a Collaboration Network
1011.0400 Heavy quark dynamics in the QGP: R_AA and v_2 from RHIC to LHC
1011.0401 Identification of H$_2$CCC as a diffuse interstellar band carrier
1011.0402 Measuring Colloidal Forces from Particle Position Deviations inside an Optical Trap
1011.0403 On topological field theory representation of higher analogs of classical special functions
1011.0404 A New Email Retrieval Ranking Approach
1011.0405 Unitarity in Dirichlet Higgs Model
1011.0406 Modifications of Hodge bundles and enumerative geometry : the stable hyperelliptic locus. Part 1: semicompact type
1011.0407 Lifting Slepton Masses with a Non-universal, Non-anomalous U(1)’_{NAF} in Anomaly Mediated SUSY breaking
1011.0408 Three-point correlation functions from semiclassical circular strings
1011.0409 Optimal excitation of two dimensional Holmboe instabilities
1011.0410 Lepton number, black hole entropy and 10 to the 32 copies of the Standard Model
1011.0411 Axial and pseudoscalar form-factors of the Delta^+(1232)
1011.0412 On the existence of bounded solutions for a nonlinear elliptic system
1011.0413 CUR from a Sparse Optimization Viewpoint
1011.0414 The NASA-UC Eta-Earth Program: III. A Super-Earth orbiting HD 97658 and a Neptune-mass planet orbiting Gl 785
1011.0415 Learning Networks of Stochastic Differential Equations
1011.0416 Hard-thermal-loop QCD Thermodynamics
1011.0417 Decay of trefoil and other magnetic knots
1011.0418 A Moving Magnetic Trap Decelerator: a New Source for Cold Atoms and Molecules
1011.0419 In-flight dissipation as a mechanism to suppress Fermi acceleration
1011.0420 A note on Kuczek’s argument for non nearest neighbor contact processes
1011.0421 Intermediate-mass-ratio-inspirals in the Einstein Telescope. II. Parameter estimation errors
1011.0422 A finite time blowup result for quadratic ODE’s
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