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22 May 2024

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1011.6676 Super congruences and elliptic curves over $Bbb F_p$
1012.0059 Are cold flows detectable with metal absorption lines?
1012.0060 Hole-induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Quantum Dots
1012.0061 The Age-Rotation-Activity Relation: From Myrs to Gyrs
1012.0062 An algebraic analysis of the two state Markov model on tripod trees
1012.0063 Matrix operators for complex interferometer analysis
1012.0064 Universal Jamming Phase Diagram in the Hard-Sphere Limit
1012.0065 Counting in Graph Covers: A Combinatorial Characterization of the Bethe Entropy Function
1012.0066 Quantum Singularity Theory for A_{r-1} and r-Spin Theory
1012.0067 A Model For Late Dark Matter Decay
1012.0068 Signatures of Dark Star Remnants in the Galactic Halo
1012.0069 Resistivity of a non-Galilean--invariant Fermi Liquid near Pomeranchuk Quantum Criticality
1012.0070 Perturbation theory of multi-plane lens effects in terms of mass ratios: Minimum of the lensed-image number
1012.0071 On the estimation of interaction parameters in weak measurements
1012.0072 Using the D1D5 CFT to Understand Black Holes
1012.0073 Posterior model probabilities computed from model-specific Gibbs output
1012.0074 Search for the xi(2220) and Study of the X(3872) at BABAR
1012.0075 The Rest Frame Ultraviolet Spectra of UV-Selected Active Galactic Nuclei at z ~ 2-3
1012.0076 Un-reduction
1012.0077 Evaporation of 2-Dimensional Black Holes
1012.0079 Normally Elliptic Singular Perturbations and Persistence of Homoclinic Orbits
1012.0080 On common values of $phi(n)$ and $sigma(m)$, II
1012.0081 Molecular communication in fluid media: The additive inverse Gaussian noise channel
1012.0082 Bethe-Salpeter equation for doubly heavy baryons in the diquark picture
1012.0083 Electronic Orders Induced by Kondo Effect in Non-Kramers f-Electron Systems
1012.0084 Survey on Various Gesture Recognition Techniques for Interfacing Machines Based on Ambient Intelligence
1012.0085 Kinematic Self-Similar Heat Conducting and Charge Solutions
1012.0086 A Theoretic Review of Centrality-Dependent Direct Photon pt spectra in Au+Au Collisions at 200 GeV
1012.0087 Energy of Bardeen Model Using Approximate Symmetry Method
1012.0088 Size dependent electric voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy in multiferroic heterostructures: Interface-charge and strain co-mediated magnetoelectric coupling
1012.0089 Quasi-free actions of finite groups on the Cuntz algebra $mathcal{O}_infty$
1012.0090 Measurement of the decay $B^0 opi^-ell^+ u$ and determination of $|V_{ub}|$
1012.0091 Conan: a platform for complex network analysis
1012.0092 Asymptotic stability of small solitary waves for nonlinear Schr"odinger equations with electromagnetic potential in $ mathbb{R}^3$
1012.0093 Description of limits of ranges of iterations of stochastic integral mappings of infinitely divisible distributions
1012.0094 Periods of Quadratic Twists of Elliptic Curves
1012.0095 Charge and CP asymmetries of $B_q$ meson in unparticle physics
1012.0096 Isomorphisms of Algebraic Number Fields
1012.0097 On the efficient and accurate short-ranged simulations of uniform polar molecular liquids
1012.0098 Period-luminosity relations of type II Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds
1012.0099 Persistence of magnons in a site-diluted dimerized frustrated antiferromagnet
1012.0100 Multifractal Wave Functions of a System with a Monofractal Energy Spectrum
1012.0101 First-principles study of the incorporation and diffusion of helium in cubic zirconia
1012.0102 Model-independent analysis of forward-backward asymmetry of top quark production at the Tevatron
1012.0103 Electroweak symmetry breaking and cold dark matter from strongly interacting hidden sector
1012.0104 A spin-helicity-violent conductive surface state and its Altshuler-Aronov-Spivak interference in the topological insulating Bi2Te3
1012.0105 A note on the Wehrheim-Woodward category
1012.0107 Smooth Lie group actions are parametrized diffeological subgroups
1012.0108 Jump Sequences of Edge Ideals
1012.0109 New Constructions of Complex Manifolds
1012.0110 Grothendieck duality under Spec Z
1012.0111 Steep-spectrum sources and the duty cycle of the radio emission
1012.0112 Multiple-access Network Information-flow and Correction Codes
1012.0113 Null cosmological singularities and free strings: II
1012.0114 On a General Linear Nonlocal Curvature Flow of Convex Plane Curves
1012.0115 Test of Common Sense in Quantum Copying Process
1012.0116 Non-conformal Holography of Heavy Quark Quenching
1012.0117 An interacting particles model and a Pieri-type formula for the orthogonal group
1012.0118 A functional limit convergence towards brownian excursion
1012.0119 Entropy density of spacetime and the Navier-Stokes fluid dynamics of null surfaces
1012.0120 Evolution of Magnetic Field Twist and Tilt in Active Region NOAA 10930
1012.0121 Numerical analysis of a reinforcement learning model with the dynamic aspiration level in the iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma
1012.0122 Some fascinating series and their sums
1012.0123 Evidence for competing magnetic instabilities in underdoped $ m YBa_2Cu_3O_{6+x}$
1012.0124 Universality in disordered systems: The case of the three-dimensional random-bond Ising model
1012.0125 Ferromagnetic fluctuations and electronic spectrum renormalization in two-dimensional itinerant systems with the Fermi level near van Hove singularity
1012.0126 Channel Estimation And Multiuser Detection In Asynchronous Satellite Communications
1012.0127 Optical Properties of Strained Graphene
1012.0128 Scaling analysis of Kondo screening cloud in a mesoscopic ring with an embedded quantum dot
1012.0129 Polynilpotent Capability of Finitely Generated Abelian Groups
1012.0130 Physics Data Management Tools for Monte Carlo Transport: Computational Evolutions and Benchmarks
1012.0132 Extended weight semigroups of affine spherical homogeneous spaces of non-simple semisimple algebraic groups
1012.0133 The effect of hyperfine mixing in electromagnetic and semileptonic decays of doubly heavy baryons
1012.0134 New Physics Data Libraries for Monte Carlo Transport
1012.0135 On the detectability of cosmic ray electron spectral features in the microwave/mm-wave range
1012.0137 Light meson form factors in N_f=2+1 QCD with dynamical overlap quarks
1012.0138 The outburst of V713 Cephei in August 2009
1012.0139 Radioactive decay simulation with Geant4: experimental benchmarks and developments for X-ray astronomy applications
1012.0140 BCS models of Josephson qubits I. Energy spectra
1012.0141 A new twist-3 analysis of the single transverse-spin asymmetry for pion and kaon production at RHIC
1012.0142 Universal patterns in sound amplitudes of songs and music genres
1012.0143 First-principles DFT+emph{U} study of structural and electronic properties of PbCrO$_{3}$
1012.0144 Some comments on projective quadrics subordinate to pseudo--Hermitian spaces
1012.0145 A profile decomposition approach to the $L^infty_t(L^3_x)$ Navier-Stokes regularity criterion
1012.0146 Ensemble Pulsar Time Scale
1012.0147 $K^+_{l3gamma}$ decays revisited: branching ratios and T-odd momenta correlations
1012.0148 Energy and local energy bounds for the 1-D cubic NLS equation in H^{-1/4}
1012.0149 A photometric long-term study of CP stars in open clusters
1012.0150 Asymptotic Regge Trajectories of Non-strange Mesons
1012.0151 Remarks on the Hamiltonian for the Fermionic Unitary Gas model
1012.0152 Direct Proof of Reflection Positivity of Free Overlap Dirac Fermion
1012.0153 Experimental Investigation of Longitudinal Space-Time Correlations of the Velocity Field in Turbulent Rayleigh-B’{e}nard Convection
1012.0154 The relativistic Feynman-Metropolis-Teller theory for white-dwarfs in general relativity
1012.0155 Transverse spin dependent azimuthal asymmetries at COMPASS
1012.0156 Period differential equations for families of $K3$ surfaces derived from 3 dimensional reflexive polytopes with 5 vertices
1012.0157 Ab Initio Simulations of Dense Helium Plasmas
1012.0158 Gliders, Ether and Triangles
1012.0159 Prospects for the Higgs Boson Searches with CMS
1012.0161 Testing factorization in pA collisions at the LHC
1012.0162 Viral epidemics in a cell culture: novel high resolution data and their interpretation by a percolation theory based model
1012.0163 V1309 Scorpii: merger of a contact binary
1012.0164 Metachronal waves in a chain of rowers with hydrodynamic interactions
1012.0165 New version of the fluctuation Hamiltonian for liquids near the critical point
1012.0166 Strongly-correlated superfluid near the Mott transition
1012.0167 The Higgs sector of the minimal $B-L$ model at future Linear Colliders
1012.0169 Light-front transverse charge densities
1012.0170 On the convergence on nonlinear Pad’e--Chebyshev approximations to the multivalued analytic functions, variation of equilibrium energy and $S$-property of stationary compacts
1012.0171 The band-gap structures and recovery rules of generalized n- component Fibonacci piezoelectric superlattices
1012.0172 Scalar field cosmology -- toward description of dynamic complexity of cosmological evolution
1012.0174 The first order hydrodynamics via AdS/CFT correspondence in the Gauss-Bonnet gravity
1012.0175 Wach modules and critical slope p-adic L-functions
1012.0176 Defining relations of almost affine (hyperbolic) superalgebras
1012.0177 Monte Carlo simulations of jet quenching in heavy ion collisions
1012.0178 From social data-mining to crisis forecasting
1012.0179 Mid-infrared interferometry towards the massive young stellar object CRL 2136: inside the dust rim
1012.0180 Elliptic flow from event-by-event hydrodynamics with fluctuating initial state
1012.0181 Trapping colloids near chemical stripes via critical Casimir forces
1012.0182 Orientability of vector bundles over real flag manifolds
1012.0183 Anomalous heat capacity and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of Superconducting FeSe1/2Te1/2
1012.0184 Dark matter searches with IceCube
1012.0185 A SAURON study of dwarf elliptical galaxies in the Virgo Cluster: kinematics and stellar populations
1012.0186 Hard Probes in Heavy-Ion Physics
1012.0187 Understanding the X-ray luminosity function of high mass X-ray binaries
1012.0188 Critical scaling of polarization waves on a heterogeneous chain of resonators
1012.0189 Indirect search for color octet electron at next generation linear colliders
1012.0190 Solitons as Probes of the Structure of Holographic Superfluids
1012.0191 The mixed Littlewood conjecture for pseudo-absolute values
1012.0192 QCD with chemical potential on S^1 x S^3
1012.0193 Hadronic contribution to the muon g-2 from a Dyson-Schwinger perspective
1012.0194 Metric operators for non-Hermitian quadratic su(2) Hamiltonians
1012.0195 The second order dense ferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition
1012.0196 Efficient Topology-aware Coarse Graining for Synchronization in Directed Networks
1012.0197 Low-Rank Matrix Approximation with Weights or Missing Data is NP-hard
1012.0198 Long-term magnetic field monitoring of the Sun-like star Ksi Bootis A
1012.0199 Zipf’s law and maximum sustainable growth
1012.0200 Pseudoscalar decay constants from N_f=2+1+1 twisted mass lattice QCD
1012.0201 Copula-based generation of degree-associated networks
1012.0202 Vortex flow for a holographic superconductor
1012.0204 Photon and neutrino emission from active galactic nuclei
1012.0205 The Hyper-MUCHFUSS project: probing the Galactic halo with sdB stars
1012.0207 On the limit distributions of some sums of a random multiplicative function
1012.0208 Variation formulas for principal functions (II) Applications to variation for harmonic spans
1012.0209 Fe2+:ZnMgSe single crystals, a new material for active elements of tunable lasers for 4-5 {mu}m
1012.0210 Bounds on the suprema of Gaussian processes, and omega results for the sum of a random multiplicative function
1012.0213 Geometrization of continuous characters of $mathbb{Z}_p^ imes$
1012.0214 Long-Range Rapidity Correlations in the Model with Independent Emitters
1012.0215 Charge Symmetry Breaking in Parton Distribution Functions from Lattice QCD
1012.0217 Reconstructing Dark Matter Properties via Gamma-Rays with Fermi-LAT
1012.0218 X-ray radiation of the jets and the supercritical accretion disk in SS 433
1012.0219 Viscosity spectral functions of the dilute Fermi gas in kinetic theory
1012.0221 Forward jet-like event spin-dependent properties in polarized p+p collisions at $sqrt{s}$=200 GeV
1012.0222 Families of finite-dimensional Hopf algebras with the Chevalley property
1012.0223 An Effective Method of Image Retrieval using Image Mining Techniques
1012.0224 Proceedings to the 13th Workshop ’What Comes Beyond the Standard Models’, Bled, July 12. - 22., 2010, Slovenia
1012.0226 Solar system constraints on a Rindler-type extra-acceleration from modified gravity at large distances
1012.0227 Polytypic nanowhiskers: electronic properties in the vicinity of the band edges
1012.0228 Spin orbit in curved graphene ribbons
1012.0229 Spectral and timing properties of the accreting X-ray millisecond pulsar IGR J17511-3057
1012.0230 Improved Algorithms for the Point-Set Embeddability problem for Plane 3-Trees
1012.0231 Accurate dynamical mass determination of a classical Cepheid in an eclipsing binary system
1012.0232 Kolmogorov-Loveland Sets and Advice Complexity Classes
1012.0233 J/psi production at high pT at STAR
1012.0234 The errant life of a heavy quark in the quark-gluon plasma
1012.0235 Revealing O VII from stacked X-ray grating spectra of clusters, groups and elliptical galaxies
1012.0236 The thermodynamic origin of the Contact and its relation to the gap in the BEC-BCS crossover
1012.0238 Rotational and Translational Phonon Modes in Glasses Composed of Ellipsoidal Particles
1012.0239 On the order of BEC transition in weakly interacting gases predicted by mean-field theory
1012.0240 K3 surfaces and log del Pezzo surfaces of index three
1012.0242 Nucleosynthesis and chemical evolution of intermediate-mass stars: results from planetary nebulae
1012.0243 A Decline in the Nonthermal X-ray Emission from Cassiopeia A
1012.0244 Transient Dynamics in Molecular Junctions: Coherent Bichromophoric Molecular Electron Pumps
1012.0245 A dynamical study of the Kugo-Ojima function
1012.0246 Solutions of the Bethe-Salpeter equation in Minkowski space and applications to electromagnetic form factors
1012.0247 Strict spatial flatness has been proved by the Aharonov-Bohm Effect
1012.0248 Theoretical expectations for dark matter detection at the LHC
1012.0249 Robust Estimation of Operational Risk
1012.0250 Ionization in the atmosphere, comparison between measurements and simulations
1012.0251 Effect of nonmagnetic substituents Mg and Zn on the phase competition in the multiferroic antiferromagnet MnWO4
1012.0252 Dilepton production in the strongly interacting quark-gluon plasma
1012.0253 APEnet+: a 3D toroidal network enabling Petaflops scale Lattice QCD simulations on commodity clusters
1012.0254 Dust Settling and Rapid Planetary Migration
1012.0255 An Algorithm for the Graph Crossing Number Problem
1012.0256 Weighted Random Sampling over Data Streams
1012.0257 Ergodicity of Markov Semigroups with H"ormander type generators in Infinite Dimensions
1012.0258 Two-Loop Corrections to Top-Antitop Production at Hadron Colliders
1012.0259 (alpha, eta) Fibonacci Search
1012.0260 Modeling and Analysis of Time-Varying Graphs
1012.0261 Update to the Bodek-Yang Unified Model for Electron- and Neutrino- Nucleon Scattering Cross Sections
1012.0262 Probing multimode squeezing with correlation functions
1012.0263 Quantum-Critical transport at a semimetal-to-insulator transition on the honeycomb lattice
1012.0264 VLBA Astrometric Observations of the Cassini Spacecraft at Saturn
1012.0265 Quantum black holes, localization and the topological string
1012.0266 The effects of stochastic forces on the evolution of planetary systems and Saturn’s rings
1012.0267 Large Short-Baseline antinu_mu Disappearance
1012.0268 Traveling solitons in Lorentz-violating systems
1012.0269 Temporal and Spatial Independent Component Analysis for fMRI data sets embedded in a R package
1012.0270 Thin-film growth by random deposition of rod-like particles on a square lattice
1012.0271 Evidence for electron-electron interaction in topological insulator thin films
1012.0272 Spectral Asymptotics Revisited
1012.0273 The General Antiparticle Spectrometer (GAPS) - Hunt for dark matter using low-energy antideuterons
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