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22 May 2024

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1002.0006 Intersecting Flavor Branes
1002.0011 Scalar Kinks in Warped Extra Dimensions
1002.0017 On quasi-orthogonal systems of matrix algebras
1002.0018 Generalized scaling function from light-cone gauge AdS_5 x S^5 superstring
1002.0026 Perfect Z2Z4-linear codes in Steganography
1002.0028 Chiral Algebras and the H"ohn-Stolz Conjecture
1002.0040 New Aspects of Geometric Phases in Experiments with polarized Neutrons
1002.0052 MSHSM - Minimal Standard Heterotic String Models
1002.0079 Flux-Free Aharonov-Bohm Effect in a Helical Circuit
1002.0081 H I spin temperature in the Fermi-LAT era
1002.0109 Maximal averages over hypersurfaces and the Newton polyhedron
1002.0110 On Unbiased Estimation of Sparse Vectors Corrupted by Gaussian Noise
1002.0162 On the Rabinowitz Floer homology of twisted cotangent bundles
1002.0163 Lense-Thirring effect on two-body range in solar system scenarios
1002.0164 Operator splitting for non-autonomous evolution equations
1002.0165 Non linear diffusion and wave damped propagation : weak solutions and statistical turbulence behavior
1002.0166 Jammed state characterization of the random sequential adsorption of segments of two lengths on a line
1002.0167 Quantum quench in interacting field theory: a self-consistent approximation
1002.0168 Non-cyclotomic fusion categories
1002.0169 Moment-Based Analysis of Synchronization in Small-World Networks of Oscillators
1002.0170 Spectral Analysis of Virus Spreading in Random Geometric Networks
1002.0172 Optimal Tableaux for Propositional Dynamic Logic with Converse
1002.0173 Radial asymptotics of Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi dust models
1002.0174 Algebraic constant mean curvature surfaces in Euclidean space
1002.0175 BS$Delta$Es and BSDEs with non-Lipschitz drivers: comparison, convergence and robustness
1002.0176 Thermal quantum discord in the anisotropic Heisenberg XXZ model with the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
1002.0177 Logical Evaluation of Consciousness: For Incorporating Consciousness into Machine Architecture
1002.0178 Ring-exchange interaction in doubly degenerate orbital system
1002.0179 B’{e}zout Identities Associated to a Finite Sequence
1002.0180 Nonperturbative quantum corrections
1002.0181 Noncommutative resolution of toric singularities: An application of Frobenius morphism of noncommutative blowup
1002.0182 Sobolev Duals for Random Frames and Sigma-Delta Quantization of Compressed Sensing Measurements
1002.0183 A multilateral Bailey Lemma and multiple Andrews--Gordon identities
1002.0184 Some considerations on how the human brain must be arranged in order to make its replication in a thinking machine possible
1002.0186 Negative refraction at deep-ultraviolet frequency in monocrystalline graphite
1002.0187 Relativistic Dissipative Accretion Flow onto Black Hole
1002.0188 The parameter rigid flows on oriented 3-manifolds
1002.0189 The unique ergodicity of equicontinuous laminations
1002.0190 Blocking Coloured Point Sets
1002.0191 The isotropic-to-nematic transition in confined liquid crystals : an essentially non-universal phenomenon
1002.0192 Thermodynamics of Photon Gas with an Invariant Energy Scale
1002.0193 Searching for tetraquarks on the lattice
1002.0194 Ground-state and dynamic properties of hard core bosons in one-dimensional incommensurate optical lattices with harmonic trap
1002.0195 Second sound in nonuniform gases with and without superfluidity
1002.0197 Gamma rays and neutrinos from dark matter annihilation in galaxy clusters
1002.0198 The probe and enclosure methods for inverse obstacle scattering problems. The past and present
1002.0199 The Novelty of Syntheses & Varied Applications of ZnO nano systems
1002.0200 Energy-Entanglement Relation for Quantum Energy Teleportation
1002.0201 Baryon resonance production in the $pi+d$ reaction and search for $eta$-mesic nuclei at J-PARC
1002.0202 Thermodynamics of higher dimensional topological charged AdS black holes in dilaton gravity
1002.0203 Stochastic Weighted Fractal Networks
1002.0204 Superfluidity of $Lambda$ hyperons in neutron stars
1002.0205 On the Generality of $1+mathbf{i}$ as a Non-Norm Element
1002.0207 Spin relaxation torque in metallic ferromagnets
1002.0208 The magnetization and magnetic relaxation of a PrFeAsO$_{0.60}$F$_{0.12} sueprconductor
1002.0209 Spin Torques in Point Contacts to Exchange-Biased Ferromagnetic Films
1002.0210 Photon-number correlations by photon-number resolving detectors
1002.0211 Discrete Flavor Symmetries and Models of Neutrino Mixing
1002.0213 Banded spatiotemporal chaos in sheared nematogenic fluids
1002.0214 Modeling of 2D and 3D Assemblies Taking Into Account Form Errors of Plane Surfaces
1002.0215 Extraction de termes, reconnaissance et labellisation de relations dans un th’esaurus
1002.0216 Communication activity: temporal correlations, clustering, and growth
1002.0217 What makes a phase transition? Analysis of the random satisfiability problem
1002.0218 The charmed baryon Sigmac(2800) as a ND hadronic molecule
1002.0219 Engineering Time-Reversal Invariant Topological Insulators With Ultra-Cold Atoms
1002.0220 Simple locally compact groups acting on trees and their germs of automorphisms
1002.0221 Tunneling Anisotropic Magnetoresistance of Helimagnet Tunnel Junctions
1002.0222 Control of dipolar relaxation in external fields
1002.0223 On saturation of betatron acceleration of dust particles behind shock fronts
1002.0224 Convergence of U-statistics for interacting particle systems
1002.0225 Noise resilient quantum interface based on QND interaction
1002.0226 Finite-bias electronic transport of molecules in water solution
1002.0227 Constraining the MSSM sfermion mass matrices with light fermion masses
1002.0228 Fermi-LAT observations of GRBs with weak LAT emission
1002.0229 Radio and gamma-ray constraints on dark matter annihilation in the Galactic center
1002.0230 The output entropy of quantum channels and operations
1002.0231 Reflection equation for the N=3 Cremmer-Gervais R-matrix
1002.0232 Discrimination of binary coherent states using a homodyne detector and a photon number resolving detector
1002.0233 Laser cooling of a magnetically guided ultra cold atom beam
1002.0234 Inelastic Production of J/psi Mesons in Photoproduction and Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA
1002.0235 Asymptotic Sum-Capacity of Random Gaussian Interference Networks Using Interference Alignment
1002.0236 Crystal and electronic structure of the room temperature organometallic ferrimagnet V(TCNE)$_2$. Analysis of numerical DoS and magnetic properties as related to orbital and spin-Hamiltonian models
1002.0237 Electroweak baryogenesis in an extension of the Standard Model with scalar color octet
1002.0238 Comparison of some purities, flatnesses and injectivities
1002.0239 Construction et enrichissement automatique d’ontologie ’a partir de ressources externes
1002.0240 5d-5f Electric-multipole Transitions in Uranium Dioxide Probed by Non-resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
1002.0241 A Relativistic Approach on 1-Jet Spaces of the Rheonomic Berwald-Moor Metric
1002.0242 The electrorheology of suspensions consisting of Na-Fluorohectorite synthetic clay particles in silicon oil
1002.0243 Finsler surfaces with prescribed geodesics
1002.0244 Radiative emission of solar features in Ca II K
1002.0245 Numerical simulations of Optical Turbulence at low and high horizontal resolution in Antarctica with a mesoscale meteorological model
1002.0246 Embeddedness of minimal submanifolds in homogeneous spaces
1002.0247 Null controllability of a parabolic system with a cubic coupling term
1002.0248 The flux pinning force and vortex phase diagram of single crystal FeTe0.60Se0.40
1002.0249 Relativistic and spin effects in elastic backward p-d scattering
1002.0250 A phase-field-crystal approach to critical nuclei
1002.0251 Caract’erisation des d’efauts d’une surface sph’erique par d’ecomposition modale
1002.0252 Ion-trap simulation of the quantum phase transition in an exactly solvable model of spins coupled to bosons
1002.0253 A proposition of 3D inertial tolerancing to consider the statistical combination of the location and orientation deviations
1002.0254 A field-theoretical approach to the extended Hubbard model
1002.0256 Slopes and colored Jones polynomials of adequate knots
1002.0257 Cold atom scattering by cavity fields in a two-dimensional geometry
1002.0259 Notes on formal deformations of abelian categories
1002.0260 Black holes and asymptotically safe gravity
1002.0261 The scalar complex potential and the Aharonov-Bohm effect
1002.0262 Optimization of a Classical Stamping Progression by Modal Correction of Anisotropy Ears
1002.0263 Action minimizing fronts in general FPU-type chains
1002.0264 Study of the winter 2005 Antarctica polar vortex
1002.0266 Re-Assembling the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy
1002.0267 Numerical Range and the Dynamics of a Rational Function
1002.0269 Ultrasound attenuation and a P-B-T phase diagram of superfluid 3He in 98% aerogel
1002.0270 Inertial tolerancing and capability indices in an assembly production
1002.0271 Approximation by polynomials and Blaschke products having all zeros on a circle
1002.0272 Spin invariant theory for the symmetric group
1002.0273 Asymmetric Exclusion Process in a System of Interacting Brownian Particles
1002.0274 Introduction to Collider Physics
1002.0275 High resolution magnetostriction measurements in pulsed magnetic fields using Fibre Bragg Gratings
1002.0276 Dendritic Cells for SYN Scan Detection
1002.0277 Inflation and unemployment in Japan: from 1980 to 2050
1002.0278 Minimal Prime Ideals of Ore Extensions over Commutative Dedekind Domains
1002.0279 Narrow resonances studies with the radiative return method
1002.0280 Continuous variable entanglement distillation of Non-Gaussian Mixed States
1002.0281 Observation of the chi_c2(2P) meson in the reaction gamma gamma -> D Dbar at BABAR
1002.0282 Ergodicity for infinite particle systems with locally conserved quantities
1002.0283 QCD isospin breaking ChPT low-energy constants from the instanton vacuum
1002.0284 Asset returns and volatility clustering in financial time series
1002.0285 Threshold result for semilinear parabolic equations
1002.0286 Max Lin Above Average Problem and Lower Bounds for Maxima of Pseudo-boolean Functions
1002.0287 Mott-insulator phases of one-dimensional spin-3/2 fermions in the presence of quadratic Zeeman coupling
1002.0288 VLT-MAD observations of the core of 30 Doradus
1002.0290 Orbital magnetoelectric coupling in band insulators
1002.0291 Dynamical stability of infinite homogeneous self-gravitating systems: application of the Nyquist method
1002.0292 NLO QCD corrections to processes with multiple electroweak bosons
1002.0293 Dynamics and origins of the young stars in the Galactic center
1002.0294 Long wavelength properties of electron-TO-phonon interactions in polar crystals
1002.0295 On lifting perfect codes
1002.0296 Thermodynamics in the Viscous Early Universe
1002.0297 Extended Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration Over the Solar Cycle
1002.0298 A Data Capsule Framework For Web Services: Providing Flexible Data Access Control To Users
1002.0299 Multivariate Granger Causality and Generalized Variance
1002.0300 Theory of orbital magnetoelectric response
1002.0301 Thin film dielectric microstrip kinetic inductance detectors
1002.0302 Gas Absorption in the KH 15D System: Further Evidence for Dust Settling in the Circumbinary Disk
1002.0303 Final state interactions and CP violation in B decays to three pseudoscalars
1002.0304 SN 1986J VLBI: II. The Evolution of the Shell and the Central Source
1002.0305 Saddle-Node Bifurcation to Jammed State for Quasi-One-Dimensional Counter Chemotactic Flow
1002.0306 Kalman-Bucy filter and SPDEs with growing lower-order coefficients in $W^{1}_{p}$ spaces without weights
1002.0307 Type I planet migration in nearly laminar disks - long term behavior
1002.0308 Projectable Horava-Lifshitz gravity in a nutshell
1002.0309 Engel Elements in Groups
1002.0310 From qubits and actions to the Pauli-Schroedinger equation
1002.0311 A novel approach to Isoscaling: the role of the order parameter m = (N-Z)/A
1002.0312 Algebres non associatives normees de division. Classification des algebres reelles de Jordan non commutatives de division lineaire de dimension 8
1002.0313 Nuclear symmetry energy: An experimental overview
1002.0314 Entanglement and the Thermodynamic Arrow of Time
1002.0315 Anharmonicity in one-dimensional electron-phonon system
1002.0316 Crystallization of hard aspherical particles
1002.0317 On the Functoriality of the Slice Filtration
1002.0318 Entropy zero area preserving diffeomorphisms of $S^2$
1002.0319 Isocaling and the Symmetry Energy in the Multifragmentation Regime of Heavy Ion Collisions
1002.0320 Finite generation of iterated wreath products
1002.0321 Cross-Correlation Dynamics in Financial Time Series
1002.0322 Non-Abelian Confinement in N=2 Supersymmetric QCD: Duality and Kinks on Confining Strings
1002.0323 Strichartz Estimates for Water Waves
1002.0324 Constraining pulsar gap models with light-curve shapes of a simulated gamma-ray pulsar population
1002.0325 Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of the two-dimensional ionic Hubbard model
1002.0326 Spirals moving by mean curvature. Part I: a comparison principle
1002.0327 Multiphase theory of Lennard-Jones nanofluids and the vaporization and condensation of nanodroplets
1002.0328 Model for Dynamic Self-Assembled Magnetic Surface Structures
1002.0329 The Low-Energy Frontier of Particle Physics
1002.0330 Vortex state in d-wave superconductors with strong paramagnetism: transport and specific heat anisotropy
1002.0331 Medium corrections to the CP-violating parameter in leptogenesis
1002.0332 Exoplanetary Microlensing
1002.0333 The Color Glass Condensate
1002.0334 Disordered Extra Dimensions
1002.0335 Gas- and dust evolution in protoplanetary disks
1002.0336 Massive Quantum Liquids from Holographic Angel’s Trumpets
1002.0337 Twistor theory on a finite graph
1002.0338 The Impact of Stellar Collisions in the Galactic Center
1002.0341 A close look at the Centaurus A group of galaxies: I. Metallicity distribution functions and population gradients in early-type dwarfs
1002.0342 CP Violation Makes Left-Right Symmetric Extensions Appear Unnatural
1002.0343 Custodial Isospin Violation in the Lee-Wick Standard Model
1002.0344 Leaky Membrane Dynamics
1002.0345 New bounds on the average distance from the Fermat-Weber center of a planar convex body
1002.0346 Motional effects on the efficiency of excitation transfer
1002.0347 A Combinatorial Proof of the Dense Hindman Theorem
1002.0348 Characters of Feigin-Stoyanovsky’s type subspaces of level one modules for affine Lie algebras of types $A_ell^{(1)}$ and $D_4^{(1)}$
1002.0349 Constraining Lorentz Invariance Violation with Fermi
1002.0350 Interference of two photons of different color
1002.0353 Deformations of trianguline B-pairs
1002.0354 Elucidating the Bimodal Acid-base Behavior of the Water-silica Interface from First Principles
1002.0355 Transverse Charge Densities
1002.0356 Size-consistent variational approaches to non-local pseudopotentials: standard and lattice regularized diffusion Monte Carlo methods revisited
1002.0357 Medium effects on charged pion ratio in heavy ion collisions
1002.0358 Monte Carlo Simulation of X-rays Multiple Refractive Scattering from Fine Structure Objects imaged with the DEI Technique
1002.0359 Negative Particle Planar and Axial Channeling and Channeling Collimation
1002.0360 Finite Conductivity in Mesoscopic Hall Bars of Inverted InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells
1002.0361 The origin and propagation of variability in the outflows of long duration gamma-ray bursts
1002.0362 New zero free regions for the derivatives of the Riemann zeta function
1002.0364 Minimal sets of non-resonant torus homeomorphisms
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