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22 May 2024

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1003.5982 Half-metallic ferromagnetism in transition-metal doped germanium nitride: A first-principles study
1003.5992 The dynamics of the HIV infection: a time-delay differential equation approach
1003.6071 Characterisation Studies of Silicon Photomultipliers
1003.6099 Magneto-transport and Field Effect of Topological Insulator Bi_2Se_3 Nanoribbons
1003.6114 A Radial Velocity and Calcium Triplet abundance survey of field Small Magellanic Cloud giants
1004.0018 Local Hardy Spaces of Differential Forms on Riemannian Manifolds
1004.0019 From limit cycles to strange attractors
1004.0020 An environmental Butcher-Oemler effect in intermediate redshift X-ray clusters
1004.0021 Measuring the Temperature of Hot Nuclear Fragments
1004.0022 Nonclassical correlation in NMR quadrupolar systems
1004.0023 High-Performance Physics Simulations Using Multi-Core CPUs and GPGPUs in a Volunteer Computing Context
1004.0024 Importance of Explicit Vectorization for CPU and GPU Software Performance
1004.0025 The Plimpton 322 Tablet and the Babylonian Method of Generating Pythagorean Triples
1004.0026 Tripartite interactions between two phase qubits and a resonant cavity
1004.0027 Interference in Lattice Networks
1004.0028 On a theorem due to Birkhoff
1004.0029 Spontaneous symmetry breaking as a resource for noncritically squeezed light
1004.0030 Large-N spacetime reduction and the sign and silver-blaze problems of dense QCD
1004.0031 Transgression to Loop Spaces and its Inverse, II: Gerbes and Fusion Bundles with Connection
1004.0032 Stability of low-friction surface sliding of nanocrystals with rectangular symmetry and application to W on NaF(001)
1004.0033 Mixed Operators in Compressed Sensing
1004.0034 The linking pairings of orientable Seifert manifolds
1004.0035 Quantitative Density under Higher Rank Abelian Algebraic Toral Actions
1004.0036 Stability of Rarefaction Waves to the 1D Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Density-dependent Viscosity
1004.0037 Multi-channel SNSPD system with high detection efficiency at telecommunication wavelength
1004.0038 Spitzer Mid-Infrared Observations of Seven Bipolar Planetary Nebulae
1004.0039 On the Homology of Configuration Spaces Associated to Centers of Mass
1004.0040 Atomically Resolved Surface Structure of SrTiO3(001) Thin Films Grown in Step-Flow Mode by Pulsed Laser Deposition
1004.0041 Memristive Transfer Matrices
1004.0042 Evidence for a correlated insulator to antiferromagnetic metal transition in CrN
1004.0043 Application of arrangement theory to unfolding models
1004.0044 Ambegaokar-Baratoff Relations of Josephson Critical Current in Heterotic Junctions with Multi-gap Superconductors
1004.0045 Control spiral wave dynamics using feedback signals from line detectors
1004.0046 Hodge theory and Lagrangian planes on generalized Kummer fourfolds
1004.0047 New Rotation Periods in the Open Cluster NGC 1039 (M 34), and a Derivation of its Gyrochronology Age
1004.0048 Anonimos: An LP based Approach for Anonymizing Weighted Social Network Graphs
1004.0049 Spectroscopic observations of ices around embedded young stellar objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud with AKARI
1004.0050 A Study of Bandwidth-Perception Management Mechanisms in IEEE 802.16 Networks
1004.0051 Massive star formation in Wolf-Rayet galaxies. III: Analysis of the O and WR populations
1004.0052 For quantum information, two wrongs can make a right
1004.0053 The geometry of spheres in free abelian groups
1004.0054 Distributive Lattices, Affine Semigroups, and Branching Rules of the Classical Groups
1004.0055 On the consistency of the Horava Theory
1004.0056 A Characterization of Combined Traces Using Labeled Stratified Order Structures
1004.0057 High-energy amplitudes in the next-to-leading order
1004.0058 Differential operators on Lie and graded Lie algebras
1004.0059 A particular solution of a Painlev’e system in terms of the hypergeometric function ${}_{n+1}F_n$
1004.0060 Got the Flu (or Mumps)? Check the Eigenvalue!
1004.0061 Electromagnetic induction in non-uniform domains
1004.0062 Quantitative Information Flow - Verification Hardness and Possibilities
1004.0063 Zeta Determinant for Laplace Operators on Riemann Caps
1004.0064 Design of magnetic traps for neutral atoms with vortices in type-II superconducting micro-structures
1004.0065 The magic of four zero neutrino Yukawa textures
1004.0066 One-skeleton galleries, Hall-Littlewood polynomials and the path model
1004.0067 Fast algorithmic Nielsen-Thurston classification of four-strand braids
1004.0068 Cosmic Strings Collision in Cosmological Backgrounds
1004.0069 Anisotropic turbulence in weakly stratified rotating magnetoconvection
1004.0070 Exclusive photoproduction of $phi$ meson in $gamma p o phi p$ and $p p o p phi p$ reactions
1004.0071 Quasispherical gravitational collapse in 5D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
1004.0072 A remark on twists and the notion of torsion-free discrete quantum groups
1004.0073 The location of the Crab pulsar emission region: Restrictions on synchrotron emission models
1004.0074 Multi-Scale Turbulence Injector: a new tool to generate intense homogeneous and isotropic turbulence for premixed combustion
1004.0075 Noncyclic and nonadiabatic geometric phase for counting statistics
1004.0076 Black Hole Aurora powered by a Rotating Black Hole
1004.0077 4-manifolds and intersection forms with local coefficients
1004.0078 A note on homological mirror symmetry for singularities of type D
1004.0079 Curvature Correction in the Strutinsky’s Method
1004.0080 Complex Lie algebras corresponding to weighted projective lines
1004.0081 Limitations of quantum computing with Gaussian cluster states
1004.0082 Long exciton spin memory in coupled quantum wells
1004.0083 A Hybrid Long-Distance Entanglement Distribution Protocol
1004.0084 A New Proof of the F5 Algorithm
1004.0085 A stochastic model of human visual attention with a dynamic Bayesian network
1004.0086 Existence of $C^{1,1}$ critical subsolutions in discrete weak KAM theory
1004.0087 Light hadron production in $B_{c} o B_{s}^{(*)}+X$ decays
1004.0088 The effects of stellar winds of fast-rotating massive stars in the earliest phases of the chemical enrichment of the Galaxy
1004.0089 On the Schoenberg Transformations in Data Analysis: Theory and Illustrations
1004.0090 Applications of four-body exponentially correlated functions
1004.0091 Dark Energy: fiction or reality?
1004.0092 Maximal Intersection Queries in Randomized Input Models
1004.0093 XMMU J100750.5+125818: A strong lensing cluster at z=1.082
1004.0094 On selfadjoint functors satisfying polynomial relations
1004.0095 Convergence of a greedy algorithm for high-dimensional convex nonlinear problems
1004.0096 The Koszul complex is the cotangent complex
1004.0097 Critical phenomena on scale-free networks: logarithmic corrections and scaling functions
1004.0098 Supersymmetric Electromagnetic Waves on Giants and Dual-Giants
1004.0099 Is the tri-bimaximal mixing accidental?
1004.0100 Modelling delta Scuti stars using asteroseismic space data
1004.0101 Group of Canonical Diffeomorphisms and the Poisson-Vlasov Equations
1004.0102 On the Tomographic Picture of Quantum Mechanics
1004.0103 Mass media and repulsive interactions in continuous-opinion dynamics
1004.0104 Propagation of surface plasmons through planar interface
1004.0105 Optimal Direct Sum Results for Deterministic and Randomized Decision Tree Complexity
1004.0106 Propagation of the surface plasmon polaritons through gradient index and periodic structures
1004.0107 Evidence for a Non-Fermi-Liquid Phase in Ge-Substituted YbRh2Si2
1004.0108 Faraday effect revisited: sum rules and convergence issues
1004.0109 MRI channel flows in vertically-stratified models of accretion disks
1004.0110 Loccally finite graphs with ends: a topological approach. III. Fundamental group and homology
1004.0111 Strong coupling to magnetic fluctuations in the charge dynamics of Fe-based superconductors
1004.0112 Crossover of Critical Casimir forces between different surface universality classes
1004.0113 A general framework for perfect simulation of long memory processes
1004.0114 Lepton energy moments in semileptonic charm decays
1004.0115 A Comparison of Astrophysical and Terrestrial Frequency Standards: Which are the best clocks?
1004.0116 Stellar synthetic spectroscopy in the Virtual Observatory era
1004.0117 The Structure of Molecular Clouds: II - Column Density and Mass Distributions
1004.0118 Interplay of Peltier and Seebeck effects in nanoscale nonlocal spin valves
1004.0119 Interpretation of observations of the circumbinary disk of SS 433
1004.0120 Superspecial abelian varieties over finite prime fields
1004.0121 Roots of Toeplitz Operators on the Bergman space
1004.0122 Resonance webs of hyperplane arrangements
1004.0123 Simulations of the cosmic infrared and submillimeter background for future large surveys: II. Removing the low-redshift contribution to the anisotropies using stacking
1004.0124 Noncommutativity and Duality through the Symplectic Embedding Formalism
1004.0125 Variance dispersion and correlation swaps
1004.0126 Atomistic simulations of structural and thermodynamic properties of bilayer graphene
1004.0127 Non-Gaussian targets and (ab)normal patterns of relaxation in random motion
1004.0128 Maximal injective and mixing masas in group factors
1004.0129 Homological Mirror Symmetry for manifolds of general type
1004.0130 Three applications of path integrals: equilibrium and kinetic isotope effects, and the temperature dependence of the rate constant of the [1,5] sigmatropic hydrogen shift in (Z)-1,3-pentadiene
1004.0132 Drag forces on inclusions in classical fields with dissipative dynamics
1004.0133 Evaluation of the nondiabaticity of quantum molecular dynamics with the dephasing representation of quantum fidelity
1004.0134 Globally coupled chaotic maps with bistable behaviour: Large deviations
1004.0135 Quantum theory of spontaneous and stimulated emission of surface plasmons
1004.0136 Phenomenological Model of Longitudinal Spin Fluctuations in Itinerant Antiferromagnets
1004.0137 A correlation between central supermassive black holes and the globular cluster systems of early-type galaxies
1004.0138 Calculus on manifolds of conformal maps and CFT
1004.0139 Towards pulsation mode identification in 3-D: theoretical simulations of line profile variations in roAp stars
1004.0140 Phenomenological analysis of the double pion production in nucleon-nucleon collisions up to 2.2 GeV
1004.0141 Extremal statistics of curved growing interfaces in 1+1 dimensions
1004.0142 A complete solution of Samuel’s problem
1004.0143 Cohen-Macaulay binomial edge ideals
1004.0144 Relativistic Effects in Nuclear Matter and Nuclei
1004.0145 Field induced spin reorientation and giant spin-lattice coupling in EuFe2As2
1004.0146 Parsec-Scale Localization of the Quasar SDSS J1536+0441A, a Candidate Binary Black Hole System
1004.0147 New, enhanced phage-based bacterium detection/identification by COnductance-Noise-Sensing-of-Phage-Triggered-Ion-Cascades (CON-SEPTIC)
1004.0149 Classification of skew multiplicity free modules
1004.0150 Brane f(R) gravity cosmologies
1004.0151 Singular perturbations with boundary conditions and the Casimir effect in the half space
1004.0152 Opportunistic Routing in Ad Hoc Networks: How many relays should there be? What rate should nodes use?
1004.0153 Interference of Single Photons from Two Separate Semiconductor Quantum Dots
1004.0154 Relative rank axioms for infinite matroids
1004.0157 Quantum Key Distribution and Communication using a Two-way Quantum Channel
1004.0158 Grain growth across protoplanetary discs: 10-micron silicate feature versus millimetre slope
1004.0159 Model for Dissipative Highly Nonlinear Waves in Dry Granular Systems
1004.0160 Stone duality for topological theories
1004.0161 On uniqueness and decay of solution for Hirota equation
1004.0162 Dynamical Instability of Holographic QCD at Finite Density
1004.0163 Eisenstein series for higher-rank groups and string theory amplitudes
1004.0164 From Equilibrium to Steady-State Dynamics after Switch-On of Shear
1004.0165 Lifshitz Transition in Underdoped Cuprates
1004.0166 Gauge invariant SU(3) lattice computation of the dual gluon mass and of the dual Ginzburg-Landau parameters $lambda$ and $xi$ in QCD
1004.0167 Any discrete almost periodic set of finite type is an ideal crystal
1004.0168 Hadron Physics with CLAS12
1004.0169 Jacob’s ladders and the nonlocal interaction of the function $|zeta(1/2+it)|$ with the function $argzeta(1/2+it)$ on the distance $sim(1-c)pi(t)$
1004.0170 On the h-vectors of Cohen-Macaulay Flag Complexes
1004.0171 Quantum groups, q-Boson algebras and quantized Weyl algebras
1004.0172 Time dependent gamma-ray production in the anisotropic IC $e^pm$ pair cascade initiated by electrons in active galaxies
1004.0173 Ginzburg-Landau equation bound to the metal-dielectric interface and transverse nonlinear optics with amplified plasmon polaritons
1004.0174 Efficient ML Decoding for Quantum Convolutional Codes
1004.0175 Observation of the $Upsilon_{1^3D_J$ Bottomonium State through Decays to $pi^+pi^-Upsilon(1S)$
1004.0176 Lectures on walking technicolor, holography and gauge/gravity dualities
1004.0177 Exclusive Leptoproduction of Real Photons on a Longitudinally Polarised Hydrogen Target
1004.0178 Mini-bandstructure tailoring in pi-conjugated periodic block copolymers employing the envelope crystalline-orbital method
1004.0179 Probability distributions of smeared quantum stress tensors
1004.0180 Precoded Turbo Equalizer for Power Line Communication Systems
1004.0181 Conflict free colorings of (strongly) almost disjoint set-systems
1004.0182 Readout strength dependence of state projection in superconducting qubit
1004.0184 The phase diagram of QCD with four degenerate quarks
1004.0185 Valence evaluation of LiMnO2 and related battery materials by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
1004.0186 Theory and applications of fluctuating-charge models
1004.0187 Influence of counter-rotating von Karman flow on cylindrical Rayleigh-Benard convection
1004.0188 Bounds for mixing time of quantum walks on finite graphs
1004.0189 Theory of Excitation Broadening using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory for Open Quantum Systems
1004.0190 Necessary and sufficient condition for non-zero quantum discord
1004.0191 A Flare in the Jet of Pictor A
1004.0192 Utilitarian Supersymmetric Gauge Model of Particle Interactions
1004.0193 Heat Kernels, Smoothness Estimates and Exponential Decay
1004.0194 Interaction-enhanced ferromagnetic insulating state of the edge of a two-dimensional topological insulator
1004.0195 Optical Absorption Spectra of Electrically Gated Bilayer Graphene
1004.0196 Remarks on the Choi-Jamiolkowski Correspondence in Infinite Dimensions
1004.0197 Strictly ascending HNN extensions in soluble groups
1004.0198 Separation-dependent localization in a two-impurity spin-boson model
1004.0199 A note on topological amenability
1004.0200 An Algorithm for Finding Positive Solutions to Polynomial Equations
1004.0201 Direct evaluation of the temperature dependence of the rate constant based on the quantum instanton approximation
1004.0202 Interval Slopes as Numerical Abstract Domain for Floating-Point Variables
1004.0203 The dual of a non-reflexive L-embedded Banach space contains $ell^infty$ isometrically.
1004.0204 Radio Interface for High Data Rate Wireless Sensor Networks
1004.0205 PSF and field of view characteristics of imaging and nulling interferometers
1004.0206 k-Boson Quantum Walks Do Not Distinguish Arbitrary Graphs
1004.0207 A Study of Gaussianity in CMB band maps
1004.0208 Delay-rate tradeoff in ergodic interference alignment
1004.0209 Inference with Transposable Data: Modeling the Effects of Row and Column Correlations
1004.0210 Electron spin dynamics and electron spin resonance in graphene
1004.0211 Hereditarily Hurewicz spaces and Arhangel’skii sheaf amalgamations
1004.0212 Hiding Higgs with Brane
1004.0214 Fixed point theorems in plane continua with applications
1004.0215 Multipliers of locally compact quantum groups via Hilbert C$^*$-modules
1004.0216 Higgs effect in consistent Kaluza-Klein models with branes
1004.0217 Avoided Crossing Patterns and Spectral Gaps of Surface Plasmon Modes in Gold Nano-Structures
1004.0218 Interaction of a Bose-Einstein condensate with a surface: perturbative S-matrix approach
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