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22 May 2024

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1005.0028 Exploring the Spectral Space of Low Redshift QSOs
1005.0029 GeV Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares and Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) Events
1005.0030 Weak phase stiffness and mass divergence of superfluid in underdoped cuprates
1005.0031 Local and Global Casimir Energies: Divergences, Renormalization, and the Coupling to Gravity
1005.0033 Symmetry Breaking and Fractional Quantum Hall States in Suspended Bilayer and Trilayer Graphene
1005.0034 Efficient and economic five-party quantum state sharing of an arbitrary m-qubit state
1005.0035 Observation of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays with the ANITA Balloon-borne Radio Interferometer
1005.0036 Spitzer Analysis of HII Region Complexes in the Magellanic Clouds: Determining a Suitable Monochromatic Obscured Star Formation Indicator
1005.0037 Stability and dynamical properties of Rosenau-Hyman compactons using Pade approximants
1005.0038 Strong solutions of Tsirelson’s equation in discrete time taking values in compact spaces with semigroup action
1005.0039 Transport theory of superconductors with singular interaction corrections
1005.0040 Orbits Around Black Holes in Triaxial Nuclei
1005.0041 The Discovery of gamma-Ray Emission From The Blazar RGB J0710+591
1005.0042 Zariski Closures of Reductive Linear Differential Algebraic Groups
1005.0043 A Framework For Fully-Simulatable $h$-Out-Of-$n$ Oblivious Transfer
1005.0044 Visualization of quantum mechanics on a personal computer
1005.0045 Quasi-degenerate neutrinos in SO(10)
1005.0046 Critical velocities for deflagration and detonation triggered by voids in a REBO high explosive
1005.0047 A Geometric View of Conjugate Priors
1005.0048 CMB observations in LTB universes: Part I: Matching peak positions in the CMB spectrum
1005.0049 Notes on beta-deformations of the pure spinor superstring in AdS(5) x S(5)
1005.0050 Efficient quantum entanglement distribution over an arbitrary collective-noise channel
1005.0051 Crude oil and motor fuel: Fair price revisited
1005.0053 Global Linear Complexity Analysis of Filter Keystream Generators
1005.0054 Secret Sharing Based on a Hard-on-Average Problem
1005.0055 On the Design of Cryptographic Primitives
1005.0056 Suzaku Observations of the Great Annihilator and the Surrounding Diffuse Emissions
1005.0057 BEC of Two Photons and Higgs Physics
1005.0058 Linear solutions for cryptographic nonlinear sequence generators
1005.0059 Measurement of neutral current coherent neutral pion production on carbon in a few-GeV neutrino beam
1005.0060 Defining integrals over connections in the discretized gravitational functional integral
1005.0061 Gravity action on the rapidly varying metrics
1005.0062 Interacting Cosmic Fluids in Brans-Dicke Cosmology
1005.0063 Large Margin Multiclass Gaussian Classification with Differential Privacy
1005.0064 On scale functions of spectrally negative Levy processes with phase-type jumps
1005.0065 Why Quantum Theory is Possibly Wrong
1005.0067 Fiber Fabry-Perot cavity with high finesse
1005.0069 Perturbation Resilience and Superiorization of Iterative Algorithms
1005.0070 Temperature-dependent Raman scattering of KTa1-xNbxO3 thin films
1005.0072 HyberLoc: Providing Physical Layer Location Privacy in Hybrid Sensor Networks
1005.0073 Double pants decompositions of 2-surfaces
1005.0075 Distributive Stochastic Learning for Delay-Optimal OFDMA Power and Subband Allocation
1005.0077 Central limit theorems for quasimorphisms
1005.0079 Random walk in a finite directed graph subject to a road coloring
1005.0080 Electronic Geometry Textbook: A Geometric Textbook Knowledge Management System
1005.0081 Coherent THz emission of Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_8 intrinsic Josephson junction stacks in the hot spot regime
1005.0082 A Rational Approach to Cryptographic Protocols
1005.0083 Quotient space of $mathcal{LMC}$-compactification as a space of $z-$filters
1005.0084 Pythagorean Boxes with Primitive Faces
1005.0087 New Attack Strategy for the Shrinking Generator
1005.0088 Numerically exact O($N^{7/3}$) method for large-scale electronic structure calculations
1005.0089 The Exact Closest String Problem as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem
1005.0091 BTZ-like black holes in even dimensional Lovelock theories
1005.0092 Influence of distortions of key frames on video transfer in wireless networks
1005.0093 Mechanism of Tunneling in Interacting Open Ultracold Few-Boson Systems
1005.0094 New families of Calabi-Yau 3-folds without maximal unipotent monodromy
1005.0095 A Simple Attack on Some Clock-Controlled Generators
1005.0097 Constraints on dark energy equation of state parameters from cosmic topology
1005.0100 Fermi-LAT results on Galactic Plane gamma-ray Transient Sources
1005.0103 An introduction to spectral distances in networks
1005.0104 Joint Structured Models for Extraction from Overlapping Sources
1005.0105 Negativity Conjecture for the First Hilbert Coefficient
1005.0106 Self-Organized Authentication in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
1005.0107 Use of a porous membrane for gas bubble removal in microfluidic channels: physical mechanisms and design criteria
1005.0108 Using Linear Difference Equations to Model Nonlinear Cryptographic Sequences
1005.0109 Security Scheme for Distributed DoS in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
1005.0110 Confinement, Vacuum Structure: from QCD to Quantum Gravity
1005.0112 MAESTRO: An Adaptive Low Mach Number Hydrodynamics Algorithm for Stellar Flows
1005.0113 Reversible Fluorination of Graphene: towards a Two-Dimensional Wide Bandgap Semiconductor
1005.0114 CASTRO: A New Compressible Astrophysical Solver. I. Hydrodynamics and Self-Gravity
1005.0115 Role of Symmetry in the Transport Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons under Bias
1005.0118 Gr"obner-Shirshov bases for $L$-algebras
1005.0120 Persistence Exponent for Diffusion: The Exact Solution
1005.0122 Constraining cosmological parameters by Gamma Ray Burst X - ray afterglow lightcurves
1005.0123 Restoring New Agegraphic Dark Energy in RS II Braneworld
1005.0125 Adaptive Bases for Reinforcement Learning
1005.0126 A D2-brane in the Penrose limits of AdS(4)x CP(3)
1005.0127 Large Nonlocal Non-Gaussianity from a Curvaton Brane
1005.0128 Infinitesimal index: cohomology computations
1005.0129 Slowly synchronizing automata and digraphs
1005.0130 Quantum reality is real
1005.0131 The quantum vacuum at the foundations of classical electrodynamics
1005.0133 Raman study on G mode of graphene for determination of edge orientation
1005.0135 Emergence of Anchored Flux Tubes Through the Convection Zone
1005.0136 On homotopies with triple points of classical knots
1005.0137 Many-body phenomena in QED-cavity arrays
1005.0138 A classification of complex statistical systems in terms of their stability and a thermodynamical derivation of their entropy and distribution functions
1005.0139 ACRR: Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing with Controlled Route Requests
1005.0140 Representations of hom-Lie algebras
1005.0141 Relativistic Radiation Mediated Shocks
1005.0142 The holonomy group at infinity of the Painleve VI Equation
1005.0143 Super-v{C}erenkov Radiation as New Exotic Decay in Refractive Media
1005.0144 Variability and the X-ray/UV ratio of Active Galactic Nuclei
1005.0145 Tunable bandgaps and excitons in doped semiconducting carbon nanotubes made possible by acoustic plasmons
1005.0146 The Formulator MathML Editor Project: User-Friendly Authoring of Content Markup Documents
1005.0148 CMB Constraints on a Stochastic Background of Primordial Magnetic Fields
1005.0149 A Search For Supernova Remnants in The Nearby Spiral Galaxy M74 (NGC 628)
1005.0150 Martingale-type processes indexed by the real line
1005.0152 Sound behavior near the Lifshitz point in proper ferroelectrics
1005.0154 Thermal conductance and energy relaxation rate in quantum wires due to three-particle collisions
1005.0155 On the size of dissociated bases
1005.0157 Nested Sampling with Constrained Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
1005.0158 Elastic Time Reversal Mirror Experiment in a Mesoscopic Natural Medium at the Low Noise Underground Laboratory of Rustrel, France
1005.0160 Constructing Time-Homogeneous Generalised Diffusions Consistent with Optimal Stopping Values
1005.0162 Software Requirements Specification of the UIFA’s UUIS -- a Team 4 COMP5541-W10 Project Approach
1005.0163 Optimal quadrature formulas of closed type in the space $L_2^{(m)}(0,1)$
1005.0164 String Embeddings of the Pentagon
1005.0165 The problem of deficiency indices for discrete Schr"odinger operators on locally finite graphs
1005.0166 Limit Operators, Collective Compactness, and the Spectral Theory of Infinite Matrices
1005.0167 A digital interface for Gaussian relay and interference networks: Lifting codes from the discrete superposition model
1005.0168 Nonexistence of marginally trapped surfaces and geons in 2+1 gravity
1005.0169 Software Design Document, Testing, Deployment and Configuration Management, and User Manual of the UUIS -- a Team 4 COMP5541-W10 Project Approach
1005.0170 Robust Estimators of Distributions via Integral Identities
1005.0171 Every State on Interval Effect Algebra is Integral
1005.0172 Homogeneous Hypercomplex Structures I - the compact Lie groups
1005.0173 Holder properties of perturbed skew products and Fubini regained
1005.0174 Seeing, Wind and Outer Scale Effects on Image Quality at the Magellan Telescopes
1005.0175 Intrinsic stickiness in open integrable billiards: tiny border effects
1005.0177 Algebraic Structures of Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials
1005.0178 Analysis of Non-Persistent CSMA Protocols with Exponential Backoff Scheduling
1005.0179 Matters of Gravity: Dark Matter and the Cosmological Constant
1005.0180 Transformation between dense and sparse spirals in symmetrical bistable media
1005.0181 Discontinuity of the Lyapunov Exponent
1005.0182 A Multi Agent Model for the Limit Order Book Dynamics
1005.0183 Quantumness in decoherent quantum walk using measurement-induced disturbance
1005.0184 Semi-invariant $xi ^{ot}$-submanifolds of generalized quasi-Sasakian manifolds
1005.0185 Rationality of W-algebras, I: Bershadsky-Polyakov vertex algebras
1005.0186 In-situ growth of superconducting NdFeAs(O,F) thin films by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
1005.0187 $ ho N$ resonance dynamics in the proton nucleus reaction
1005.0188 Generative and Latent Mean Map Kernels
1005.0189 Two-dimensional electron systems beyond the diffusive regime
1005.0190 Strong Coupling Superconductivity in Iron-Chalcogenide FeTe$_{0.55}$Se$_{0.45}$
1005.0191 The images of non-commutative polynomials evaluated on $2 imes 2$ matrices
1005.0192 Fabrication of FeSe1-x superconducting films with bulk properties
1005.0194 Delta Hedging in Financial Engineering: Towards a Model-Free Approach
1005.0195 A Balescu-Lenard type kinetic equation fot the collisional evolution of stable self-gravitating systems
1005.0198 Personnalisation de Syst’emes OLAP Annot’es
1005.0200 Photo-emission rate of sQGP at finite density
1005.0201 Personnalisation de bases de donn’ees multidimensionnelles
1005.0204 A particular class of solutions of a system of eikonal equations
1005.0205 Practical improvements to class group and regulator computation of real quadratic fields
1005.0206 Long-time convergence of an Adaptive Biasing Force method: the bi-channel case
1005.0209 On the existence of approximations and adjoints in homotopy categories
1005.0210 Split Flows in Bubbled Geometries
1005.0211 On the fractional Black-Scholes market with transaction costs
1005.0212 Construction graphique d’entrep^ots et de magasins de donn’ees
1005.0213 Alg’ebre OLAP et langage graphique
1005.0215 Rubidium dimers in paraffin-coated cells
1005.0216 Five-dimensional SU(2) AGT conjecture and recursive formula of deformed Gaiotto state
1005.0218 Contraintes pour mod’ele et langage multidimensionnels
1005.0219 Mod’elisation et manipulation de donn’ees historis’ees et archiv’ees dans un entrep^ot orient’e objet
1005.0220 Elaboration d’entrep^ots de donn’ees complexes
1005.0221 A discussion of stock market speculation by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
1005.0222 Classifying tame blocks and related algebras up to stable equivalences of Morita type
1005.0223 Scaling properties of proton-nucleus total reaction cross sections
1005.0225 Graphene membranes and the Dirac-Born-Infeld action
1005.0226 Local interaction scale controls the existence of a non-trivial optimal critical mass in opinion spreading
1005.0227 Shear viscosity to entropy density ratio in nuclear multifragmentation
1005.0228 Anxiety as a Factor in the Development of Autistic Spectrum Symptoms: an Experimental Study
1005.0229 Multi-mode Fabry-P’erot conductance oscillations in suspended stacking-faults-free InAs nanowires
1005.0230 On Hilbert dynamical systems
1005.0231 Leading Order Actions of Goldstino Fields
1005.0234 Un-graviton corrections to the Schwarzschild black hole
1005.0235 Spherical Polymer Brushes Under Good Solvent Conditions: Molecular Dynamics Results Compared to Density Functional Theory
1005.0236 A scanning microcavity for in-situ control of single-molecule emission
1005.0237 A note on a result of Liptser-Shiryaev
1005.0239 On Finding Frequent Patterns in Directed Acyclic Graphs
1005.0240 Criticality of an isotropic-to-smectic transition induced by anisotropic quenched disorder
1005.0241 A constant rank theorem for partial convex solutions of partial differential equations
1005.0242 A numerical study of the effects of primordial non-Gaussianities on weak lensing statistics
1005.0243 Time-dependent density functional theory for quantum transport
1005.0248 Dirichlet Problems for Plurisubharmonic Functions on Compact Sets
1005.0249 The catalog of variable sources detected by INTEGRAL I: Catalog and Techniques
1005.0250 Tracing Cosmic accelerators with Decaying Neutrons
1005.0251 Finite-Size Scaling in Random $K$-Satisfiability Problems
1005.0252 Discrete-Time Fractional Variational Problems
1005.0253 Size-Change Termination, Monotonicity Constraints and Ranking Functions
1005.0254 Testing magnetofrictional extrapolation with the Titov-D’emoulin model of solar active regions
1005.0255 Half-Skyrmions, Tensor Forces and Symmetry Energy in Cold Dense Matter
1005.0257 First Order Bipolaronic Transition at Finite Temperature in the Holstein Model
1005.0258 CMF models of hot star winds I. Test of the Sobolev approximation in the case of pure line transitions
1005.0259 Dynamical Exchange Interaction Between Localized Spins in Non-Equilibrium
1005.0260 GSC 2314-0530: the shortest-period eclipsing system with dMe components
1005.0261 A Remark on Coclosed G_2-Structures
1005.0263 New formulae for the Hubble Constant in a Euclidean Static Universe
1005.0264 Post-spinel transformations and equation of state in ZnGa2O4: Determination at high-pressure by in situ x-ray diffraction
1005.0265 Graph Sparsification by Edge-Connectivity and Random Spanning Trees
1005.0266 Localization in fractal and multifractal media
1005.0269 Counting defects with the two-point correlator
1005.0270 Ground state representations of loop algebras
1005.0271 On the arcmin structure of the X-ray Universe
1005.0272 Security of high speed quantum key distribution with finite detector dead time
1005.0273 Coherent spin manipulation in an exchange-only qubit
1005.0274 A novel subtraction scheme for double-real radiation at NNLO
1005.0275 Gravity modes in rapidly rotating stars. Limits of perturbative methods
1005.0276 Three kinds of mutation
1005.0277 Ground state properties and high pressure behavior of plutonium dioxide: Systematic density functional calculations
1005.0279 Rough paths in idealized financial markets
1005.0282 Dynamics of a stored Zeeman coherence grating in an external magnetic field
1005.0283 A description of the f2(1270), rho3(1690), f4(2050), rho5(2350) and f6(2510) resonances as multi-rho(770) states
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