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22 May 2024

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1006.0028 Observation of Co-tunneling in Pairs of Coupled Flux Qubits
1006.0029 Extremes of multidimensional Gaussian processes
1006.0030 An Implicit Characterization of PSPACE
1006.0031 A FLOSS Visual EM Simulator for 3D Antennas
1006.0032 An analytic model of plasma-neutral coupling in the heliosphere plasma
1006.0033 Effects of attractive interactions in the thermodynamic, dynamic and structural anomalies of a two length scale potential
1006.0034 Spectrum of Galactic Cosmic Rays Accelerated in Supernova Remnants
1006.0035 The IR stability of de Sitter: Loop corrections to scalar propagators
1006.0036 All Maximally Entangled Four Qubits States
1006.0037 Higher Order Expansion for the MSE of M-estimators on shrinking neighborhoods
1006.0038 Graded valuations and tropical geometry
1006.0039 Natural domains for edge-degenerate differential operators
1006.0040 Three-Algebras in N = 5, 6 Superconformal Chern-Simons Theories: Representations and Relations
1006.0041 Correlated optical and X-ray variability in CTTS - Indications of absorption-modulated emission
1006.0042 Computing the confidence levels for a root-mean-square test of goodness-of-fit
1006.0044 Modeling and Simulation of Liquid Crystal Elastomers
1006.0045 Higher order asymptotics for the MSE of the sample median on shrinking neighborhoods
1006.0046 Some Aspects on Non-commutative Theories with a compactified Extra-Dimension
1006.0047 Entanglement Renyi entropies in holographic theories
1006.0048 Approximation of subcategories by abelian subcategories
1006.0050 Theory of cavity-enhanced spontaneous parametric downconversion
1006.0051 Image information content characterization and classification by physical complexity
1006.0052 Bidirectional swapping quantum controlled teleportation based on maximally entangled five-qubit state
1006.0053 On self-dual simple types of $p$-adic classical groups
1006.0054 Anti-Measurement Matrix Uncertainty for Robust Sparse Signal Recovery with The Mixed l2 and l1 Norm Constraint
1006.0055 Heavy Quarkonium Melting in Large N Thermal QCD
1006.0056 Inter-atom Interference Mitigation for Sparse Signal Reconstruction Using Semi-blindly Weighted Minimum Variance Distortionless Response
1006.0057 Orbital Period and Outburst Luminosity of Transient Low Mass X-ray Binaries
1006.0058 Global Weak Solutions for the Navier-Stokes Equations for $dot{B}^{-1}_{infty 2}+dot{B}_{dot{X}_r}^{-1+r,frac{2}{1-r}}+L^2$ Initial Data
1006.0059 Systematics of 2+ states in semi-magic nuclei
1006.0060 Irreversibility of field-induced magnetostructural transition in NiCoMnSb shape memory alloy revealed by magnetization, transport and heat capacity studies
1006.0061 Perfect coherent shift of bound pairs in strongly correlated systems
1006.0062 Constraints from Color and/or Charge Breaking Minima in the $ u$SSM
1006.0063 Invariant tubular neighborhoods in infinite-dimensional Riemannian geometry, with applications to Yang-Mills theory
1006.0064 The Massive Black Hole and Nuclear Star Cluster in the Center of the Milky Way
1006.0065 The superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe
1006.0066 The Hubble diagram for a system within dark energy: the location of the zero-gravity radius and the global Hubble rate
1006.0067 Pressure induced magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in NiCoMnSb Heusler alloy
1006.0068 Controllable conditional quantum oscillations and synchronization in superconducting flux qubits
1006.0069 Is the Fano Antiresonance a Necessary Requirement for Circulating Currents in Mesoscopic Interferometers?
1006.0070 Stable ground states for the gravitational Vlasov-Manev system
1006.0071 Observation of enhanced exchange bias behavior in NiCoMnSb Heusler alloys
1006.0072 Giant inverse magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in Co substituted NiMnSb Heusler alloys
1006.0074 Second-order linear constant coefficient dynamic equations with polynomial forcing on time scales
1006.0075 q-Deformation of W(2,2) Lie algebra associated with quantum groups
1006.0076 Semi-invariant submersions from almost Hermitian manifolds
1006.0077 Non-Archimedean Shift Operators
1006.0078 Semiclassical Regge trajectories of noncritical string and large-N QCD
1006.0079 Modeling the mobility of living organisms in heterogeneous landscapes: Does memory improve foraging success?
1006.0080 Time delay in the Einstein-Straus solution
1006.0081 Slant submersions from almost Hermitian manifolds
1006.0082 First-principles modelling of molecular single-electron transistors
1006.0083 Magnetic and humidity sensing properties of nanostructured Cu[x]Co[1-x]Fe2O4 synthesized by auto combustion technique
1006.0084 A Generalized Master Equation for Janus Faced Coherent States
1006.0085 Higher Order Modes in Third Harmonic Cavities for XFEL/FLASH
1006.0087 Recent Progress on a Manifold Damped and Detuned Structure for CLIC
1006.0088 Entangled random pure states with orthogonal symmetry: exact results
1006.0089 Status of COLDDIAG: A Cold Vacuum Chamber for Diagnostics
1006.0090 Gallium Arsenide preparation and QE Lifetime Studies using the ALICE Photocathode Preparation Facility
1006.0091 Noncommutative weak Orlicz spaces and martingale inequalities
1006.0092 The basic geometry of Witt vectors, II: Spaces
1006.0093 Mutually Unbiased Bases and Semi-definite Programming
1006.0094 Non-equilibrium delocalization-localization transition of photons in circuit QED
1006.0095 "TNOs are cool": A survey of the trans-neptunian region. II. The thermal lightcurve of (136108) Haumea
1006.0096 Kinematic parameters and membership probabilities of open clusters in the Bordeaux PM2000 catalogue
1006.0097 Measuring the running Top quark mass
1006.0098 Principal series of subgroups of SU(3)
1006.0099 Bimetric Renormalization Group Flows in Quantum Einstein Gravity
1006.0100 Materials processing with a tightly focused femtosecond vortex laser pulse
1006.0101 Signal of quark deconfinement and thermal evolution of hybrid stars
1006.0102 Non-analyticity of the groud state energy of the Hamiltonian for Hydrogen atom in non-relativistic QED
1006.0103 Phonon Raman scattering of perovskite LaNiO3 thin films
1006.0104 Topological transversals to a family of convex sets
1006.0106 From dwarf spheroidals to cDs: Simulating the galaxy population in a LCDM cosmology
1006.0107 Quantum interference and entanglement induced by multiple scattering of light
1006.0108 Ideas by S.V. Vonsovsky and Modern Model Treatment of Magnetism
1006.0109 Results on Binary Linear Codes With Minimum Distance 8 and 10
1006.0110 Cosmological Equations for Interacting Energies
1006.0111 Limits of Recursive Triangle and Polygon Tunnels
1006.0112 Tunable coupled quantum dots formed by local implantation of arsenic donors in a silicon nanowire
1006.0113 Polygonal Structures in the Gaseous Disk: Numerical Simulations
1006.0114 First results of Herschel/PACS observations of Neptune
1006.0115 Geometry of Coherent States of CCR Algebras
1006.0116 The invariants of the third symmetric power representation of SL_2(F_p)
1006.0117 Quantum tunneling time of a Bose-Einstein condensate traversing through a laser-induced potential barrier
1006.0119 The topological fundamental group and free topological groups
1006.0120 Cold dust and young starbursts: spectral energy distributions of Herschel SPIRE sources from the HerMES survey
1006.0121 Small-scale behaviour in deterministic reaction models
1006.0122 Local well-posedness and blow up in the energy space for a class of L2 critical dispersion generalized Benjamin-Ono equations
1006.0123 Consequences of Higher Order Asymptotics for the MSE of M-estimators on Neighborhoods
1006.0124 Hall effect in PrB$_6$ and NdB$_6$
1006.0125 Nonsequential Two-Photon Double Ionization of Atoms: Identifying the Mechanism
1006.0126 Th substituted SmFeAsO: structural details and superconductivity with Tc above 50 K
1006.0127 Band structure and gaps of triangular graphene superlattices
1006.0129 Complexity of modules over infinite groups
1006.0130 Commutators in groups definable in o-minimal structures
1006.0131 Stable mass hierarchies and dark matter from hidden sectors in the scale-invariant standard model
1006.0132 On rigid syntomic cohomology with compact support
1006.0133 Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe in the NuMSM
1006.0135 Position resolution and efficiency measurements with large scale Thin Gap Chambers for the super LHC
1006.0136 Proposal for non-local electron-hole turnstile in the Quantum Hall regime
1006.0138 Calibrating spectral estimation for the LISA Technology Package with multichannel synthetic noise generation
1006.0140 Large-scale Bright Fronts in the Solar Corona: A Review of "EIT waves"
1006.0141 Acoustic Faraday effect in Tb$_3$Ga$_5$O$_{12}$
1006.0142 Ehrenfest time dependence of quantum transport corrections and spectral statistics
1006.0146 Framed BPS States
1006.0147 Phase diagram of chiral quark matter: color and electrically neutral Fulde-Ferrell phase
1006.0148 Reconstructing events with missing transverse momentum at the LHC and its application to spin measurement
1006.0149 Stable determination of coefficients in the dynamical anisotropic Schr{"o}dinger equation from the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map
1006.0151 Effects of Quenched Randomness on Classical and Quantum Phase Transitions
1006.0152 P-matrices and signed digraphs
1006.0153 Ivan Franko’s novel Dlja domashnjoho ohnyshcha (For the Hearth) in the light of the frequency dictionary
1006.0154 On the numerical integration of variational equations
1006.0155 Scaling and multiscaling in financial indexes: a simple model
1006.0156 The Second Variational Formula For the Functional $int v^{(6)}(g)dV_g$
1006.0157 On Holographic description of the Kerr-Newman-AdS-dS black holes
1006.0158 Statistics of voltage drop in radial distribution circuits: a dynamic programming approach
1006.0159 Amalgamation of rings defined by b’ezout-like conditions
1006.0160 Local Control of Reactive Power by Distributed Photovoltaic Generators
1006.0161 Odd Khovanov homology of principally unimodular bipartite graph-links
1006.0162 Composition operators on noncommutative Hardy spaces
1006.0163 A combinatorial identity for studying Sato-Tate type problems
1006.0164 A comment on "Discovery of gamma-ray halos around active galactic nuclei and the first measurement of intergalactic magnetic fields"
1006.0165 Robust Broadcast-Communication Control of Electric Vehicle Charging
1006.0167 Quantum oscillations in antiferromagnetic conductors with small carrier pockets
1006.0168 Perfusion Linearity and Its Applications
1006.0169 A new delivery route to Galactic Nuclei: Warm halo cloud impacts
1006.0170 A Fast Generalized Minimum Distance Decoder for Reed-Solomon Codes Based on the Extended Euclidean Algorithm
1006.0172 Chiral Lattice Fermions, Minimal Doubling, and the Axial Anomaly
1006.0173 Circular Sequences and the Diameter of Multipermutohedra
1006.0174 Proposal for an interference experiment to test the applicability of quantum theory to event-based processes
1006.0175 Options for the Neutron Lifetime Measurements in Traps
1006.0176 Peristaltic Pumping of Blood in micro-vessels of Non-uniform Cross-section
1006.0178 Asymptotic expansion of a function defined by power series
1006.0179 Some remarks on a current study involving preservice elementary teachers and some basic astronomical phenomena
1006.0181 The two faces of quantum sound
1006.0182 The Lagrange Equilibrium Points L_4 and L_5 in a Black Hole Binary System
1006.0183 Beam Dynamics Investigation of the 101.28 MHz IH Structure as Injector for the HIE-ISOLDE SC Linac
1006.0184 The Lamb-Bateman integral equation and the fractional derivatives
1006.0185 Transversal Dirac operators on distributions, foliations, and G-manifolds: Lecture notes
1006.0187 The Problem of the Observer in Physics
1006.0188 Coherent control of interacting particles using dynamical and Aharonov-Bohm phases
1006.0189 Anomalous Scaling on a Spatiotemporally Chaotic Attractor
1006.0190 On cyclic CAT(0) domains of discontinuity
1006.0191 Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for Variational Problems Using Error Estimation Based on Hierarchical Bases
1006.0192 Inflationary solutions in asymptotically safe f(R) gravity
1006.0193 Balancing congestion for unsplittable routing on a bidirected ring
1006.0194 Coarsening to Chaos-Stabilized Fronts
1006.0195 Power Allocation and Spectrum Sharing in Multi-User, Multi-Channel Systems with Strategic Users
1006.0196 One-loop corrections to the power spectrum in general single-field inflation
1006.0197 A Survey of IUE Spectra of the Active Binary System UX Arietis
1006.0198 An eccentrically perturbed Tonks-Girardeau gas
1006.0199 From twistors to twisted geometries
1006.0200 The 1958 Pekeris-Accad-WEIZAC Ground-Breaking Collaboration that computed Ground States of Two-Electron Atoms (and its 2010 Redux)
1006.0201 Singular Perturbation of Nonlinear Dynamics by Parasitic Noise
1006.0202 Spectral problems for operators with crossed magnetic and electric fields
1006.0204 Exclusive Physics at the Tevatron
1006.0205 An inverse theorem for the Gowers U^{s+1}[N]-norm (announcement)
1006.0206 Triggered Star Formation and Dust around Mid-Infrared-Identified Bubbles
1006.0207 Mass Deformed Exact S-parameter in Conformal Theories
1006.0208 Igusa class polynomials, embeddings of quartic CM fields, and arithmetic intersection theory
1006.0209 Double quantum dots in carbon nanotubes
1006.0210 Herschel-PACS spectroscopy of the intermediate mass protostar NGC7129 FIRS 2
1006.0211 Dynamical origin and the pole structure of X(3872)
1006.0212 Influence of the Polyakov loop on the chiral phase transition in the two flavor chiral quark model
1006.0214 Squeezing induced transition of long-time decay rate
1006.0215 Probing the helical edge states of a topological insulator by Cooper-pair injection
1006.0216 Diffusivity and Weak Clustering in a Quasi 2D Granular Gas
1006.0217 Gravitational Waves from Abelian Gauge Fields and Cosmic Strings at Preheating
1006.0218 Computing Node Polynomials for Plane Curves
1006.0221 Mathieu twining characters for K3
1006.0223 On Pfaffian Calabi-Yau Varieties and Mirror Symmetry
1006.0224 Fermionic vacuum polarization by a cosmic string in de Sitter spacetime
1006.0225 Massive runaway stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
1006.0226 On Abelian Gauge Symmetries and Proton Decay in Global F-theory GUTs
1006.0227 On Leptonic Unitary Triangles and Boomerangs
1006.0228 Merging and Clustering of the Swift BAT AGN Sample
1006.0229 The hierarchical build-up of the Tully-Fisher relation
1006.0230 The role of submillimetre galaxies in hierarchical galaxy formation
1006.0231 Solar abundance corrections derived through 3D magnetoconvection simulations
1006.0232 Spinning Loop Black Holes
1006.0233 Slow relaxation in long-range interacting systems with stochastic dynamics
1006.0234 Inferring Networks of Diffusion and Influence
1006.0235 Scatterer induced mode splitting in poly(dimethylsiloxane) coated microresonators
1006.0236 Density Functional Study of the L1_0 - alpha-IrV Transition in IrV and RhV
1006.0237 Exact and simple results for the XYZ and strongly interacting fermion chains
1006.0238 The Stellar Mass Content of Submillimeter-Selected Galaxies
1006.0239 All the timelike supersymmetric solutions of all ungauged d=4 supergravities
1006.0240 Impact of Parameter Variations on the Performance of a Concurrent SDMA MIMO-MAC
1006.0241 The near-infrared reflected spectrum of source I in Orion-KL
1006.0242 High cooperativity coupling of electron-spin ensembles to superconducting cavities
1006.0243 Chromium: NLTE abundances in metal-poor stars and nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy
1006.0244 Determining the initial helium abundance of the Sun
1006.0245 Improved compression of network coding vectors using erasure decoding and list decoding
1006.0246 Star clusters in the Sh2-132 complex: clues about the connection between embedded and open clusters
1006.0247 Stream Control Transmission Protocol Steganography
1006.0248 Weyl group, CP and the kink-like field configurations in the effective SU(3) gauge theory
1006.0249 Possible Role of the WZ-Top-Quark Bags in Baryogenesis
1006.0250 Electron Evaporation from an Ultracold Plasma in a Uniform Electric Field
1006.0251 Strong Coupling of a Spin Ensemble to a Superconducting Resonator
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