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22 May 2024

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1008.0127 Nonparametric estimates of low bias
1008.0128 Highly accurate calculations of the rotationally excited bound states in three-body systems
1008.0129 Renormalization and quantum field theory
1008.0130 Half-integer contributions to the quantum Hall conductivity from single Dirac cones
1008.0131 Physics with Nuclei at an Electron Ion Collider
1008.0132 Random walk approach to spin dynamics in a two-dimensional electron gas with spin-orbit coupling
1008.0133 Duck farming on the two-torus: multiple canard cycles in generic slow-fast systems
1008.0134 Ordered Phases of Itinerant Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya Magnets and Their Electronic Properties
1008.0135 Interactive Visualization of the Largest Radioastronomy Cubes
1008.0136 On recurrence and ergodicity for geodesic flows on noncompact periodic polygonal surfaces
1008.0137 Chemical Enrichment in the Faintest Galaxies: the Carbon and Iron Abundance Spreads in the Bo"otes I Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy and the Segue 1 System
1008.0138 Decreased Frequency of Strong Bars in S0 Galaxies: Evidence for Secular Evolution?
1008.0139 Hydrodynamics: Fluctuating Initial Conditions and Two-particle Correlations
1008.0140 The Characteristics of the Factors That Govern the Preferred Force in the Social Force Model of Pedestrian Movement
1008.0141 Impurity effect on weak anti-localization in topological insulator Bi2Te3
1008.0142 The main conjecture of Iwasawa theory for totally real fields
1008.0143 Network Coding for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Body Area Networks
1008.0144 Noncolliding Squared Bessel Processes and Weierstrass Canonical Products for Entire Functions
1008.0145 Estimating Neutron Backgrounds in Direct WIMP Detections with a Neutron Veto System Based on a Gd-doped Liquid Scintillator
1008.0146 Enabling Technologies for Visible Adaptive Optics: The Magellan Adaptive Secondary VisAO Camera
1008.0147 Intervention Mechanism Design for Networks With Selfish Users
1008.0148 Affleck-Dine Baryogenesis in Effective Supergravity
1008.0149 Bayesian Cointegrated Vector Autoregression models incorporating Alpha-stable noise for inter-day price movements via Approximate Bayesian Computation
1008.0150 Non-equilibrium frequency-dependent noise through a quantum dot: A real time functional renormalization group approach
1008.0151 Further evaluation of a THGEM UV-photon detector for RICH - comparison with MWPC
1008.0152 The CCFM Monte Carlo generator CASCADE 2.2.0
1008.0153 Reconstructing pedigrees: some identifiability questions for a recombination-mutation model
1008.0154 Gauge Theories under Incorporation of a Generalized Uncertainty Principle
1008.0155 Generalized perfect numbers
1008.0156 Noether normalizations, reductions of ideals, and matroids
1008.0157 Two-dimensional optical control of electron spin orientation by linearly polarized light in InGaAs
1008.0158 Systematic Study of Spin Hall Effects in 4d and 5d Transition Metals; Indication of Intrinsic Spin Hall Effect
1008.0159 Effect of Disorder on Fermi surface in Heavy Electron Systems
1008.0160 Long-term correlations and multifractal nature in the intertrade durations of a liquid Chinese stock and its warrant
1008.0161 Point Interaction in two and three dimensional Riemannian Manifolds
1008.0162 How and why electrostatic charge of combustible nanoparticles can radically change the mechanism and rate of their oxidation in humid atmosphere
1008.0163 Haar bases for $L^2(mathbb{Q}_2^2)$ generated by one wavelet function
1008.0164 Spotted Inflation
1008.0165 Combined effects of thermal radiation and Hall current on MHD free-convective flow and mass transfer over a stretching sheet with variable viscosity
1008.0166 Ossa’s Theorem via the Kunneth formula
1008.0167 Effective Continuum Thresholds for Quark-Hadron Duality in Dispersive Sum Rules
1008.0168 Rotating Black Branes in the presence of nonlinear electromagnetic field
1008.0169 Single top quark production at the Tevatron
1008.0170 Symmetric categorial grammar: residuation and Galois connections
1008.0171 The dynamics of metric-affine gravity
1008.0172 Dipolar interactions in arrays of ferromagnetic nanowires: a micromagnetic study
1008.0173 A universal exponential factor in the dimensional crossover from graphene to graphite
1008.0174 The Myth of the Twin Paradox
1008.0175 Donaldson invariants of CP^1 x CP^1 and Mock Theta Functions
1008.0176 A Generalization of Plexes of Latin Squares
1008.0177 On the classification of irreducible representations of affine Hecke algebras with unequal parameters
1008.0178 Dictionary for Sparse Representation of Chirp Echo in Broadband Radar
1008.0179 Minimum error discrimination between similarity transformed quantum states
1008.0180 Comparability of clopen sets in a zero-dimensional dynamical system
1008.0181 SLHAplus: a library for implementing extensions of the standard model
1008.0182 On the Properties of the Longitudinal RVB State in the Anisotropic Triangular Lattice. Mean-Field RVB Analytical Results
1008.0184 Acceleration of primary and secondary particles in galaxy clusters by compressible MHD turbulence: from radio halos to gamma rays
1008.0185 Latitude of Ephemeral Regions as Indicator of Strength of Solar Cycles
1008.0186 White noise based stochastic calculus associated with a class of Gaussian processes
1008.0187 The Cosmological Constant as a Function of Extrinsic Curvature and Spatial Curvature
1008.0188 A Brief Introduction to Quantum Energy Teleportation
1008.0189 New parameters of subsets in polynomial schemes
1008.0190 Deformation of the O’Grady moduli spaces
1008.0191 The entropy core in galaxy clusters: numerical and physical effects in cosmological grid simulations
1008.0192 The exact packing measure of L’evy trees
1008.0193 On some conjectures concerning Stern’s sequence and its twist
1008.0194 Swimmers in thin films: from swarming to hydrodynamic instabilities
1008.0195 q-Breathers and thermalization in acoustic chains with arbitrary nonlinearity index
1008.0196 High frequency wave packets for the Schr"odinger equation and its numerical approximations
1008.0197 Localized solutions for the finite difference semi-discretization of the wave equation
1008.0198 Trial wavefunctions for the Goldstone mode in u=1/2+1/2 quantum Hall bilayers
1008.0199 Localized solutions and filtering mechanisms for the discontinuous Galerkin semi-discretizations of the 1-d wave equation
1008.0200 Max-Weight Achieves the Exact $[O(1/V), O(V)]$ Utility-Delay Tradeoff Under Markov Dynamics
1008.0201 Novel Modifications of Parallel Jacobi Algorithms
1008.0202 The $g_{Sigma_QSigma_Qpi}$ Coupling Constant via Light Cone QCD Sum Rules
1008.0203 Isotropic Violation in X(3872): Explanation From a New Tetraquark Model
1008.0204 Mixture Decomposition of Distributions using a Decomposition of the Sample Space
1008.0205 Selective Adsorption and Chiral Amplification of Amino Acids in Vermiculite Clay -Implications for the origin of biochirality
1008.0206 Gauged WZW Models Via Equivariant Cohomology
1008.0207 First detection and energy measurement of recoil ions following beta decay in a Penning trap with the WITCH experiment
1008.0208 Parametric polynomial minimal surfaces of arbitrary degree
1008.0209 Ergodic directional switching in mobile insect groups
1008.0210 Hall viscosity, orbital spin, and geometry: paired superfluids and quantum Hall systems
1008.0211 Supplementary balance laws and the entropy principle
1008.0212 An FPTAS for Bargaining Networks with Unequal Bargaining Powers
1008.0213 Improved Parameterized Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction
1008.0214 Extraction of P11 Resonance from pi-N Data and Its Stability
1008.0215 Tipping without Flipping: A Novel Metastable "Tilted" State in Anisotropic Ferromagnets in External Fields
1008.0216 Using conceptual blending to describe emergent meaning in wave propagation
1008.0217 Computational Theory of a splitting BEC using a Generalized Wannier basis I: Theory and Statics
1008.0218 TeV Scale Cross-Sections and the Pomeranchuck Singularity
1008.0219 Global well-posedness for the micropolar fluid system in the critical Besov spaces
1008.0220 Magnetic Field Properties in High Mass Star Formation from Large to Small Scales - A Statistical Analysis from Polarization Data
1008.0221 Any quantum state can be cloned in the presence of closed timelike curves
1008.0222 Hidden Higgs Scenarios: new constraints and prospects at the LHC
1008.0223 Secure Joint Source-Channel Coding With Side Information
1008.0224 Stable topological modes in two-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau models with trapping potentials
1008.0225 Separating Bounded Arithmetics by Herbrand Consistency
1008.0226 Probing the Nature of Short Swift Bursts via Deep INTEGRAL Monitoring of GRB 050925
1008.0227 Fast Mixing of Parallel Glauber Dynamics and Low-Delay CSMA Schedulin
1008.0228 Transport and magnetic properties of C0-doped BaFe_{2}As_{2} epitaxial thin films
1008.0229 Hybrid optical and electronic laser locking using spectral hole burning
1008.0230 A Possible Model of Noise Enhanced Visual Perception in Human Vision
1008.0231 Fragile Black Holes
1008.0232 Measurement of the in-medium phi-meson width in proton-nucleus collisions
1008.0233 Ob carlitz’s type q-Euler numbers associated with the fermionic p-adic integrals on Zp
1008.0234 Identification of CXOU J171405.7-381031 as a New Magnetar with XMM-Newton
1008.0235 Network Coding for Multiple Unicasts: An Interference Alignment Approach
1008.0236 Continuous-wave gravitational radiation from pulsar glitch recovery
1008.0237 Protein Folding as a Quantum Transition Between Conformational States?Basic Formulas and Applications
1008.0238 Reducible braids and Garside theory
1008.0239 Three-Loop Predictions for the Light Higgs Mass in the MSSM
1008.0240 The p=0 condensate is a myth
1008.0241 Multi-shocks in asymmetric simple exclusions processes: Insights from fixed-point analysis of the boundary-layers
1008.0242 The moduli of representations with Borel mold
1008.0243 Infinite norm decompositions of C$^*$-algebras
1008.0244 Point-Form Hamiltonian Dynamics and Applications
1008.0245 Elliptic flow from color strings
1008.0246 $X(1835)$ and the New Resonances $X(2120)$ and $X(2370)$ Observed by the BES Collaboration
1008.0247 B Physics (Experiment)
1008.0248 On asymptotically flat solutions of Einstein’s equations periodic in time II. Spacetimes with scalar-field sources
1008.0249 A proof of the Kuramoto’s conjecture for a bifurcation structure of the infinite dimensional Kuramoto model
1008.0250 First-Principles Prediction of Novel Magnetic Materials Based on ZrCuSiAs-like Semiconducting Pnictide-Oxides
1008.0251 Terahertz radiation due to random grating coupled surface plasmon polaritons
1008.0252 Multi-Dirac Structures and Hamilton-Pontryagin Principles for Lagrange-Dirac Field Theories
1008.0253 Long distance two-party quantum cryptography made simple
1008.0254 Non-relativistic bound states at finite temperature (II): the muonic hydrogen
1008.0255 Exclusive diffractive Higgs and jet production at the LHC
1008.0256 Impossibility of Differentially Private Universally Optimal Mechanisms
1008.0257 Heat flow on the moduli space of flat connections and Yang-Mills theory
1008.0258 Anomalous quartic and triple gauge couplings in $gamma$-induced processes at the LHC
1008.0259 Status and prospects for Lorentz and CPT violation tests at KLOE and KLOE-2
1008.0260 On the squeezed limit of the bispectrum in general single field inflation
1008.0261 Studies of scaling properties in deep inelastic scattering
1008.0262 Gradient Systems on Networks
1008.0263 Multiple Bernoulli series, an Euler-MacLaurin formula, and wall crossings
1008.0264 Embedding of self-similar ultrametric Cantor sets
1008.0265 Nonrelativistic collisionless shocks in weakly magnetized electron--ion plasmas: two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation of perpendicular shock
1008.0266 Dilation properties for weighted modulation spaces
1008.0267 Enumeration of spanning trees in a pseudofractal scale-free web
1008.0268 Light and heavy mesons in a soft-wall holographic approach
1008.0269 Magnetic Monopoles and Universal Conductance Fluctuations
1008.0270 A Non-Cooperative Method for Path Loss Estimation in Femtocell Networks
1008.0271 On Explicit Probability Densities Associated with Fuss-Catalan Numbers
1008.0272 Formal Poincare’-Dulac renormalization for holomorphic germs
1008.0273 Threat assessment of a possible Vehicle-Born Improvised Explosive Device using DSmT
1008.0274 Simple Approximate Varieties for Sets of Empirical Points
1008.0275 Chern number spins of Mn acceptor magnets in GaAs
1008.0276 Process convergence of self normalized sums of i.i.d. random variables coming from domain of attraction of stable distributions
1008.0277 Properties of Bare Strange Stars Associated with Surface Electric Fields
1008.0278 Breathers and kinks in a simulated crystal experiment
1008.0279 Galilean quantum gravity with cosmological constant and the extended q-Heisenberg algebra
1008.0280 Constraints on two-lepton, two quark operators
1008.0281 sine Gordon model in arbitrary dimension using functional renormalization
1008.0282 Strong Coupling between On Chip Notched Ring Resonator and Nanoparticle
1008.0283 Unknown system boundaries cannot be determined within quantum Darwinism
1008.0284 Metallic nanoparticle on micro ring resonator for bio optical detection and sensing
1008.0285 On optimizing low SNR wireless networks using network coding
1008.0286 A topological approach to leading monomial ideals
1008.0287 New structures on valuations and applications
1008.0288 Operator matrices as generators of cosine operator functions
1008.0289 Abelian functions associated with genus three algebraic curves
1008.0290 Backward stochastic differential equations with rough drivers
1008.0291 On the inner Double-Resonance Raman scattering process in bilayer graphene
1008.0292 Critical cones of characteristic varieties
1008.0293 Abstract wave equations with acoustic boundary conditions
1008.0294 Can one identify the intrinsic structure of the yrast states in $^{48}$Cr after the backbending?
1008.0295 Extended probability theory and quantum mechanics I: non-classical events, partitions, contexts, quadratic probability spaces
1008.0296 Resource Letter PTG-1: Precision Tests of Gravity
1008.0298 Distribution of dwell times of a ribosome: effects of infidelity, kinetic proofreading and ribosome crowding
1008.0299 A Search for Defect Related Ferromagnetism in SrTiO$_3$
1008.0301 Multifractal analysis for Birkhoff averages on Gatzouras-Lalley repellers
1008.0302 Yangian in the Twistor String
1008.0303 The General Type N Solution of New Massive Gravity
1008.0304 Iron substitution in NdCoAsO: crystal structure and magnetic phase diagram
1008.0305 Overconvergent Witt Vectors
1008.0306 A diagrammatic treatment of neutrino oscillations
1008.0307 Magnetic spherical Couette flow in linear combinations of axial and dipolar fields
1008.0308 Signatures of collective and matter effects on supernova neutrinos at large detectors
1008.0309 Sign of helicity in the alpha-Omega geodynamo
1008.0310 Interlacing Log-concavity of the Boros-Moll Polynomials
1008.0311 Levi components of parabolic subalgebras of finitary Lie algebras
1008.0312 Spherical structures on torus knots and links
1008.0313 What Kinds of Accretion Disks Are There in the Nuclei of Radio Galaxies?
1008.0314 Reproducible mesoscopic superpositions of Bose-Einstein condensates and mean-field chaos
1008.0315 Origin of magnetism in thin films of orthorhombic manganites
1008.0316 TASEP on a ring with internal degrees of freedom
1008.0317 Spiral correlations in frustrated one-dimensional spin-1/2 Heisenberg J1-J2-J3 ferromagnets
1008.0318 Generalized uniform covering maps relative to subgroups
1008.0319 Monopole Shift in Odd Neutron-Rich F Isotopes: A Shell Model Description
1008.0320 Pulsar timing array observations of gravitational wave source timing parallax
1008.0321 Operator Quantum Geometric Tensor and Quantum Phase Transitions
1008.0322 Co-evolution is Incompatible with the Markov Assumption in Phylogenetics
1008.0323 Entanglement and teleportation via chaotic system
1008.0324 A monopole solution in a Lorentz-violating field theory
1008.0325 Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission. XI. CoRoT-8b: a hot and dense sub-Saturn around a K1 dwarf
1008.0326 Tunneling spectroscopy probing magnetic and nonmagnetic electrodes in tunnel junctions
1008.0327 Skew Constacyclic Codes over Finite Chain Rings
1008.0328 Instabilities of Shercliff and Stewartson layers in spherical Couette flow
1008.0329 Measurement of the near-infrared fluorescence of the air for the detection of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
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