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22 May 2024

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1009.0039 Ionized gas and sources of its ionization in the Irr galaxy IC 10
1009.0040 Color Superfluid and Trionic State of Attractive Three-Component Lattice Fermionic Atoms at Finite Temperatures
1009.0041 Pressure-induced phase transition in the electronic structure of palladium nitride
1009.0042 Storage of quantum coherences as phase labeled local polarization using magnetic field gradients in NMR
1009.0043 The phase diagram of 2D polar condensates in a magnetic field
1009.0044 Improved Loss-Tolerant Quantum Coin Flipping
1009.0045 Optimal 3D Angular Resolution for Low-Degree Graphs
1009.0046 On maximal primitive quotients of infinitesimal Cherednik algebras of gl_n
1009.0047 On the relationship between parametric two-electron reduced-density-matrix methods and the coupled electron pair approximation
1009.0048 Ballistic regime for random walks in random environment with unbounded jumps and Knudsen billiards
1009.0049 Optical Discovery of an Apparent Galactic Supernova Remnant G159.6+7.3
1009.0050 Golden Coded Multiple Beamforming
1009.0051 Variational Iteration Method for Image Restoration
1009.0052 Cherenkov Light Imaging - Fundamentals and recent Developments
1009.0053 Quantum fluctuations and strong mass renormalization in NiCl2-4SC(NH2)2
1009.0054 Nitrogen Enrichment in Atmospheres of A- and F- Type Supergiants
1009.0055 Ultralong Efficient Photon Storage Using Optical Locking
1009.0056 A Competitive Analysis for Balanced Transactional Memory Workloads
1009.0057 Films with the discrete nano-DLC-particles as the field emission cascade
1009.0059 Two-step splitting the expandable graphite for few-layer graphene
1009.0060 Sums of Isometric Pairs of Lattices
1009.0061 Side-entrainment in a jet embedded in a sidewind
1009.0062 Experimental observation of nanojets formed by heating the PbO-coated Pb clusters
1009.0063 One-loop effects of extra dimensions on the WWgamma and WWZ vertices
1009.0064 Reentrance effect in macroscopic quantum tunneling and non-adiabatic Josephson dynamics in d-wave junctions
1009.0065 The Filter Dichotomy and medial limits
1009.0066 Auto-correlation Functions and Quantum Fluctuations of the Transverse Ising Chain by the Quantum Transfer Matrix Method
1009.0067 Abelian anomaly and neutral pion production
1009.0068 Joint Uplink and Downlink Relay Selection in Cooperative Cellular Networks
1009.0069 Message passing algorithms for the Hopfield network reconstruction: threshold behavior and limitation
1009.0070 Peculiarities of the defect model for the mixed mobile ion effect in mixed cation glasses
1009.0071 Near-infrared Thermal Emission from WASP-12b: detections of the secondary eclipse in Ks, H & J
1009.0072 Joint Relay Selection and Link Adaptation for Distributed Beamforming in Regenerative Cooperative Networks
1009.0073 Non-adiabatic Josephson Dynamics in Junctions with in-Gap Quasiparticles
1009.0074 Energy-Efficient Transmission Schemes in Cooperative Cellular Systems
1009.0075 Basic and degenerate pregeometries
1009.0076 Graphene field effect transistors with ferroelectric gating
1009.0077 Not only a lack of right definitions: Arguments for a shift in information-processing paradigm
1009.0078 Energy-Efficient Relay Selection and Optimal Relay Location in Cooperative Cellular Networks with Asymmetric Traffic
1009.0079 A characterization of inner product spaces
1009.0080 Generic master equations for quasi-normal frequencies
1009.0081 Strain-induced pseudo-magnetic fields and charging effects on CVD-grown graphene
1009.0082 Local and Global Radiative Feedback from Population III Star Formation
1009.0083 Hydraulic jumps on an incline
1009.0084 Kauffman brackets, character varieties, and triangulations of surfaces
1009.0085 Lowest Weight Representations of Super Schrodinger Algebras in One Dimensional Space
1009.0086 Escape rates for Gibbs measures
1009.0087 Algebro-geometric semistability of polarized toric manifolds
1009.0088 Drawing Graphs in the Plane with a Prescribed Outer Face and Polynomial Area
1009.0089 Temperature driven structural phase transition for trapped ions and its experimental detection
1009.0090 Anomalous scattering in superconducting indium-doped tin telluride
1009.0091 Electronic Structure and Structural Evolutions of Hydrogenated Graphene Probed by Raman Spectroscopy
1009.0092 A Similarity Analysis for Heat Transfer in Newtonian and Power Law Fluids Using the Instantaneous Wall Shear Stress
1009.0093 Color Glass Condensate and Glasma
1009.0094 Beurling-Fourier algebras, operator amenability and Arens regularity
1009.0095 Stark-tuned F"orster resonance and dipole blockade between 2 to 5 cold Rydberg atoms: Monte-Carlo simulations for various spatial configurations
1009.0096 Nontrivial algebraic cycles in the Jacobian varieties of some quotients of Fermat curves
1009.0097 A note on q-Bernstein polynomials
1009.0098 Some identities of Bernoulli numbers and polynomials associated with Bernstein polynomials
1009.0099 Conditions of fixed sign for $n imes n$ operator matrices
1009.0100 Cluster mass dependent truncation of the upper IMF: evidence from observations and simulations
1009.0101 Self-Similarity and Lamperti Convergence for Families of Stochastic Processes
1009.0102 Tangent bundles to regular basic sets in hyperbolic dynamics
1009.0103 Radiative decays of Z’ into unparticle stuff
1009.0104 Lepton flavour violation in a nonuniversal gauge interaction model
1009.0105 Unveiling the tachyon dynamics in the Carrollian limit
1009.0106 Impact of shell crossing and scope of perturbative approaches, in real space and redshift space
1009.0107 No-ghost Theorem for Neveu-Schwarz string in 0-picture
1009.0108 Emotional State Categorization from Speech: Machine vs. Human
1009.0109 Characterizations of processes with stationary and independent increments under $G$-expectation
1009.0110 Relative homological algebra in categories of representations of infinite quivers
1009.0111 Optical bistability involving planar metamaterial with a broken structural symmetry
1009.0112 VLT-VIMOS integral field spectroscopy of luminous and ultraluminous infrared galaxies III: the atlas of the stellar and ionized gas distribution
1009.0113 Hadron physics with KLOE-2
1009.0114 On the degeneracy of $SU(3)_k$ topological phases
1009.0115 Observations of Faint Eclipsing Cataclysmic Variables
1009.0116 The RCCN criterion of separability for states in infinite-dimensional quantum systems
1009.0117 Exploring Language-Independent Emotional Acoustic Features via Feature Selection
1009.0118 Species abundance distributions in neutral models with immigration or mutation and general lifetimes
1009.0119 Precursors and Laggards: An Analysis of Semantic Temporal Relationships on a Blog Network
1009.0120 Torsion in equivariant cohomology and Cohen-Macaulay G-actions
1009.0121 Construction of schemes over $F_1$, and over idempotent rings: towards tropical geometry
1009.0122 Competing Superconducting States in Strong Ferromagnets
1009.0123 On the interpretation of echelle diagrams for solar-like oscillations. Effect of centrifugal distortion
1009.0124 LABOCA observations of giant molecular clouds in the south west region of the Small Magellanic Cloud
1009.0125 A new look at nonnegativity on closed sets and polynomial optimization
1009.0126 Large-scale bottleneck effect in two-dimensional turbulence
1009.0127 On the unsteady behavior of turbulence models
1009.0128 Thermal effects in gravitational Hartree systems
1009.0129 Derivation of the Lattice Boltzmann Model for Relativistic Hydrodynamics
1009.0130 Entropic Force,$mathfrak{HeunB}$ and Quantized Black Hole
1009.0131 Ergodic approximation of the distribution of a stationary diffusion : rate of convergence
1009.0132 Orbit Equivalence and Measured Group Theory
1009.0133 Optimal transport for multifractal random measures. Applications
1009.0134 Functional inequalities, thick tails and asymptotics for the critical mass Patlak-Keller-Segel model
1009.0135 Large deviations of the extreme eigenvalues of random deformations of matrices
1009.0136 Breakdown of the semi-classical conduction theory in approximants of the octagonal tiling
1009.0137 Building the ’JMMC Stellar Diameters Catalog’ using SearchCal
1009.0138 Groupes de Kac-Moody d’eploy’es sur un corps local, II Masures ordonn’ees
1009.0139 Compact electric-LC resonators for metamaterials
1009.0140 Analysis of homogeneity of 2D electron gas at decreasing of electron density
1009.0141 Inertial range scaling of the scalar flux spectrum in two-dimensional turbulence
1009.0142 Galaxy formation hydrodynamics: From cosmic flows to star-forming clouds
1009.0143 A non-ergodic PCA with a unique invariant measure
1009.0144 New induction relations for homogeneous functions in Jucys-Murphy elements
1009.0145 Fluctuations of the extreme eigenvalues of finite rank deformations of random matrices
1009.0146 On generalized Frame-Stewart numbers
1009.0147 Vorticity from irrotationally forced flow
1009.0148 Intersection Theory for Generic Differential Polynomials and Differential Chow Form
1009.0149 Rapid generation of angular momentum in bounded magnetized plasma
1009.0150 Phase Space Quantum Mechanics
1009.0151 Bi-presymplectic representation of Liouville integrable systems and related separability theory
1009.0152 Three Controlled Experiments in Software Engineering with the Two-Tier Programming Toolkit: Final Report
1009.0153 Measurement of the neutron electric dipole moment via spin rotation in a non-centrosymmetric crystal
1009.0154 Density of classical points in eigenvarieties
1009.0155 Branching fraction of the isospin violating process phi to omega pi0
1009.0156 Molecular Disks in Radio Galaxies: The pathway to ALMA
1009.0157 Radiatively inefficient accretion flows induced by gravitational-wave emission before massive black hole coalescence
1009.0158 Two distinct quasiparticle inelastic scattering rates in the $t-J$ model and their relevance for high-$T_c$ cuprates superconductors
1009.0159 Photonic realization of the relativistic Dirac oscillator
1009.0160 Field-induced decay of quantum vacuum: visualizing pair production in a classical photonic system
1009.0161 A Novel Jet Model: Magnetically Collimated, Radiation-Pressure Driven Jet
1009.0162 Periodic wave packet reconstruction in truncated tight-binding lattices
1009.0163 Quantum revivals in two degrees of freedom integrable systems : the torus case
1009.0164 Metal-insulator transition induced by fluctuations of the magnetic potential in semiconductors with magnetic impurities
1009.0165 Bloch oscillations in tight-binding lattices with defects
1009.0166 A Simple Redistribution Vortex Method (with Accurate Body Forces)
1009.0167 High-Quality Submicron Nb/Al-AlOx/Nb Josephson Junctions for Quantum Devices
1009.0168 Cylindrically Symmetric Scalar Field and its Lyapunov stability in General Relativity
1009.0169 Quantitative test of the barrier nucleosome model for statistical positioning of nucleosomes up- and downstream of transcription start sites
1009.0170 Prediction of huge magnetic anisotropies of transition-metal dimer-benzene complexes
1009.0171 Gauss maps of constant mean curvature surfaces in three-dimensional homogeneous spaces
1009.0172 On the average Gamma-Ray Burst X-ray flaring activity
1009.0173 Measurement of the charge ratio of atmospheric muons with the CMS detector
1009.0174 Time-dependent Mechanics and Lagrangian submanifolds of Dirac manifolds
1009.0175 The Surface Layers Dual to Hydrodynamic Boundaries
1009.0176 Noncrossing Linked Partitions and Large (3,2)-Motzkin Paths
1009.0177 Can the Supersymmetric Flavour Problem decouple in case of a Non Standard Supersymmetric Spectrum?
1009.0178 Rational points over finite fields for regular models of algebraic varieties of Hodge type $geq 1$
1009.0179 On the puzzle of space weathering alteration of basaltic asteroids
1009.0180 The structure of infinite 2-groups with a unique 2-element subgroup
1009.0181 Observation of heavy-hole hyperfine interaction in quantum dots
1009.0182 D=4 Extended Galilei Superalgebras with Central Charges
1009.0183 Multi-carrier Transport in Epitaxial Multi-layer Graphene
1009.0184 The universal theta divisor over the moduli space of curves
1009.0185 Gr"obner-Shirshov Bases and Hilbert Series of Free Dendriform Algebras
1009.0186 Perturbations of planar algebras
1009.0187 Solution for a non linear Schr"odinger equation via Hopf-Cole transformation
1009.0188 Two-component generalizations of the periodic Camassa-Holm and Degasperis-Procesi equations
1009.0189 Surface measures and convergence of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup in Wiener spaces
1009.0190 First order parent formulation for generic gauge field theories
1009.0191 Urbach tail studies by luminescence filtering in moderately doped bulk InP
1009.0192 Nickel assisted healing of defective graphene
1009.0193 An analytical model for evaluating outage and handover probability of cellular wireless networks
1009.0194 Non-equilibrium dynamics of bosonic atoms in optical lattices: Decoherence of many-body states due to spontaneous emission
1009.0195 Induced self-energy on a static scalar charged particle in the spacetime of a global monopole with finite core
1009.0196 Composition-Diamond Lemma for Non-associative Algebras over a Commutative Algebra
1009.0197 Image Inpainting Based On Coherence Transport With Adapted Distance Functions
1009.0198 Comments on regularization of identity based solutions in string field theory
1009.0199 Effect of Rain Scavenging on Altitudinal Distribution of Soluble Gaseous Pollutants in the Atmosphere
1009.0200 Interference Phenomena in Quantum Information
1009.0201 Thermal and magnetic properties of a low-temperature antiferromagnet Ce$_4$Pt$_{12}$Sn$_{25}$
1009.0202 On the connectivity of the realization spaces of line arrangements
1009.0203 Single- and few-electron dynamic quantum dots in a perpendicular magnetic field
1009.0204 Ferromagnetically coupled magnetic impurities in a quantum point contact
1009.0205 Density Distribution in the Liquid Hg-Sapphire Interface
1009.0206 Determination of Dark Energy by the Einstein Telescope: Comparing with CMB, BAO and SNIa Observations
1009.0207 Probing spin relaxation in an individual InGaAs quantum dot using a single electron optical spin memory device
1009.0208 Enskog Theory for Polydisperse Granular Mixtures. III. Comparison of dense and dilute transport coefficients and equations of state for a binary mixture
1009.0209 Discovery of 59ms Pulsations from 1RXS J141256.0+792204 (Calvera)
1009.0210 Effective models for gapped phases of strongly correlated quantum lattice models
1009.0211 Conductivity in a disordered one-dimensional system of interacting fermions
1009.0212 Gauge/Gravity Duality and Some Applications
1009.0213 Quantitative comparison of single- and two-particle properties in the cuprates
1009.0214 Optimal configuration of microstructure in ferroelectric materials by stochastic optimization
1009.0215 Towards a nonequilibrium Green’s function description of nuclear reactions: one-dimensional mean-field dynamics
1009.0216 On graph classes with logarithmic boolean-width
1009.0217 Optical spectroscopy of DPVs and the case of LP Ara
1009.0218 Constraining warm dark matter with cosmic shear power spectra
1009.0219 Optical Structure and Evolution of the Arp 104 Interacting Galaxy System
1009.0220 Lower and upper bounds for nef cones
1009.0221 A Common Envelope Binary Star Origin of Long Gamma-ray Bursts
1009.0222 A further note on the inverse nodal problem and Ambarzumyan problem for the p-Laplacian
1009.0223 SOAR Imaging of sub-Damped Lyman-Alpha Systems at z<1
1009.0224 Weak Corrections are Relevant for Dark Matter Indirect Detection
1009.0225 The region with trapped surfaces in spherical symmetry, its core, and their boundaries
1009.0226 Gradient flow structure for domain relaxation in Langmuir films
1009.0227 Radiative emission of solar features in the Ca II K line: comparison of measurements and models
1009.0228 Extending Landau’s Theorem on Dirichlet Series with Non-Negative Coefficients
1009.0229 On the Atiyah problem for the lamplighter groups
1009.0230 Motivic Milnor fibers over complete intersection varieties and their virtual Betti numbers
1009.0231 Thermal conductance at the graphene-SiO2 interface measured by optical pump-probe spectroscopy
1009.0232 Dark Matter in SuperGUT Unification Models
1009.0233 A class of Gaussian processes with fractional spectral measures
1009.0234 Categorical Non-standard Analysis
1009.0235 Critical Brownian sheet does not have double points
1009.0236 Double Series Involving Binomial Coefficients and the Sine Integral
1009.0237 Evidence of Odd Denominator Fractional Quantum Hall States Beyond the Composite Fermion Theory
1009.0238 Kinetics of First Passage in a Cone
1009.0239 First-Passage Exponents of Multiple Random Walks
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