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22 May 2024

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2301.00011 eVAE: Evolutionary Variational Autoencoder
2301.00305 The functorial semantics of Lie theory
2301.00307 Bending Deformation Driven by Molecular Rotation
2301.00308 High-Accuracy Absolute-Position-Aided Code Phase Tracking Based on RTK/INS Deep Integration in Challenging Static Scenarios
2301.00309 The algebra of extended peaks
2301.00310 Graphlets over Time: A New Lens for Temporal Network Analysis
2301.00311 Non-linear corrections of overlap reduction functions for pulsar timing arrays
2301.00312 Collision of Environmental Injustice and Sea Level Rise: Assessment of Risk Inequality in Flood-induced Pollutant Dispersion from Toxic Sites in Texas
2301.00313 Stellar Karaoke: Deep Blind Separation of Terrestrial Atmospheric Effects out of Stellar Spectra by Velocity Whitening
2301.00314 Causal Deep Learning: Causal Capsules and Tensor Transformers
2301.00315 Parametric "Non-nested" Discriminants for Multiplicities of Univariate Polynomials
2301.00316 Optimization Perspectives on Shellsort
2301.00317 A Note On Acyclic Token Sliding Reconfiguration Graphs of Independent Sets
2301.00318 Effect of Edge Roughness on resistance and switching voltage of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
2301.00319 Quantum Hairy Black Hole Formation and Horizon Quantum Mechanics
2301.00320 Relevance Classification of Flood-related Twitter Posts via Multiple Transformers
2301.00323 Magic angle in thermal conductivity of twisted bilayer graphene
2301.00325 Improved inference for MCP-Mod approach for time-to-event endpoints with small sample sizes
2301.00326 Yuille-Poggio's Flow and Global Minimizer of polynomials through convexification by Heat Evolution
2301.00328 Internet of Things: Digital Footprints Carry A Device Identity
2301.00329 Moduli Stabilisation, de Sitter Vacua and Hybrid Inflation in Large Volume Compactifications
2301.00331 Optimality of Curtiss Bound on Poincare Multiplier for Positive Univariate Polynomials
2301.00332 LHC Run-3, $b-τ$ Yukawa Unification and Dark Matter Implications in SUSY 4-2-2 model
2301.00333 Recent advances of transition radiation: fundamentals and applications
2301.00336 From discrete to continuous: Monochromatic 3-term arithmetic progressions
2301.00337 Design, Modeling, and Evaluation of Separable Tendon-Driven Robotic Manipulator with Long, Passive, Flexible Proximal Section
2301.00340 Joint Beamforming Design for Dual-Functional MIMO Radar and Communication Systems Guaranteeing Physical Layer Security
2301.00342 Many-body collective neutrino oscillations: recent developments
2301.00344 Semidefinite programming on population clustering: a global analysis
2301.00347 JWST high redshift galaxy observations have a strong tension with Planck CMB measurements
2301.00348 Fibrous thermoresponsive Janus membranes for directional vapor transport
2301.00349 EvidenceCap: Towards trustworthy medical image segmentation via evidential identity cap
2301.00350 Anisotropic Light-Matter Interactions in Single Crystal Topological Insulator Bismuth Selenide
2301.00351 Skew Class-balanced Re-weighting for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation
2301.00352 Controlling Electromagnetic Surface Waves with Conformal Transformation Optics
2301.00353 Wall sheared thermal convection: heat transfer enhancement and turbulence relaminarization
2301.00355 Second Thoughts are Best: Learning to Re-Align With Human Values from Text Edits
2301.00356 Multiorbital effects in high-order harmonic emission from CO$_2$
2301.00357 A Functional approach for Two Way Dimension Reduction in Time Series
2301.00359 Light Curves of Type IIP Supernovae from Neutrino-driven Explosions of Red Supergiants Obtained by a Semi-analytic Approach
2301.00360 Iterative Least Squares Algorithm for Large-dimensional Matrix Factor Model by Random Projection
2301.00361 Anomalous conductivities in the holographic Stuckelberg model
2301.00363 Mapping smallholder cashew plantations to inform sustainable tree crop expansion in Benin
2301.00364 Generalizable Black-Box Adversarial Attack with Meta Learning
2301.00368 Slow traveling-wave solutions for the generalized surface quasi-geostrophic equation
2301.00369 Learn to Rapidly and Robustly Optimize Hybrid Precoding
2301.00370 Matching upper bounds on symmetric predicates in quantum communication complexity
2301.00371 Robust Domain Adaptive Object Detection with Unified Multi-Granularity Alignment
2301.00372 Lying Aversion and Vague Communication: An Experimental Study
2301.00373 Photometric IGM tomography with Subaru/HSC: the large-scale structure of Ly$alpha$ emitters and IGM transmission in the COSMOS field at $zsim5$
2301.00375 Testing Independence of Infinite Dimensional Random Elements: A Sup-norm Approach
2301.00376 Mass spectra of doubly heavy tetraquarks in diquark-antidiquark picture
2301.00378 Quantifying Multiphase Flow of Aqueous Acid and Gas CO$_2$ in Deforming Porous Media Subject to Dissolution
2301.00384 Correlation Clustering Algorithm for Dynamic Complete Signed Graphs: An Index-based Approach
2301.00387 Exactly Hittable Interval Graphs
2301.00388 Conservative algebras of $2$-dimensional algebras, V
2301.00392 Enzyme-enriched condensates show self-propulsion, positioning, and coexistence
2301.00394 Deep Learning Technique for Human Parsing: A Survey and Outlook
2301.00395 CORGI-PM: A Chinese Corpus For Gender Bias Probing and Mitigation
2301.00396 2D to 1D magnetic interactions evolution in Cu$_2$F$_{5-x}$ through electron doping by fluoride non-stoichiometry
2301.00398 The motion of the tagged particle in asymmetric exclusion process with long jumps
2301.00399 Semantic Operator Prediction and Applications
2301.00401 Reducing the lengths of slim planar semimodular lattices without changing their congruence lattices
2301.00402 Edge States of α-Bismuthene Nanostructures
2301.00403 Semantic Data Sourcing for 6G Edge Intelligence
2301.00404 Template Mediated Formation of Colloidal Two-Dimensional Tin Telluride Nanosheets and the Role of the Ligands
2301.00406 Curvature regularization for Non-line-of-sight Imaging from Under-sampled Data
2301.00408 Geometric persistence and distributional trends in worldwide terrorism
2301.00410 Designing organizations for bottom-up task allocation: The role of incentives
2301.00412 Whitham Shocks and Resonant Dispersive Shock Waves Governed by the Higher Order Korteweg-de Vries Equation
2301.00413 Sudden death of entanglement with Hamiltonian ensemble assisted by auxiliary qubits
2301.00416 Positron and Gamma influence on RREA multiplication
2301.00417 Relative sea level and coastal vertical movements in relation with volcano-tectonic processes in Mayotte
2301.00418 Is word segmentation necessary for Vietnamese sentiment classification?
2301.00419 Policy iteration for the deterministic control problems -- a viscosity approach
2301.00421 On the Hilbert space derived from the Weil distribution
2301.00422 Leveraging Semantic Representations Combined with Contextual Word Representations for Recognizing Textual Entailment in Vietnamese
2301.00425 Revealing Excited States of Rotational Bose-Einstein Condensates
2301.00426 Influence of relative sea-level rise, meteoritic water infiltration and rock weathering on giant volcanic landslides: theory and real cases
2301.00427 Conditional Diffusion Based on Discrete Graph Structures for Molecular Graph Generation
2301.00430 Large deviations for the ground state of weakly interacting Bose gases
2301.00431 On wonderful compactifications of $SL(2,F)$ for non-Archimedean local fields $F$
2301.00433 Optimization of Image Transmission in a Cooperative Semantic Communication Networks
2301.00436 Hierarchical Explanations for Video Action Recognition
2301.00437 Neural Collapse in Deep Linear Network: From Balanced to Imbalanced Data
2301.00438 On the harmonic continuation of the Riemann xi function
2301.00439 A plug-in graph neural network to boost temporal sensitivity in fMRI analysis
2301.00441 On restricted averages of Dedekind sums
2301.00442 An Overview of Limitations and Approaches in Identity Management
2301.00443 TaxIdMA: Towards a Taxonomy for Attacks related to Identities
2301.00444 IMC: A Classification of Identity Management Approaches
2301.00446 The codegree isomorphism problem for finite simple groups
2301.00447 Image To Tree with Recursive Prompting
2301.00448 Unsupervised Acoustic Scene Mapping Based on Acoustic Features and Dimensionality Reduction
2301.00449 Magnetized Thick Disks around Boson Stars
2301.00451 Operational scheduling of oil products pipeline with intermediate event occurrences
2301.00453 Investigating the Dynamics of Social Norm Emergence within Online Communities
2301.00454 Waveforms for xG Non-stationary Channels
2301.00455 Refraction beats attenuation in breast CT
2301.00456 Characteristic lengthscales of the electrically-induced insulator-to-metal transition
2301.00460 First Measurement of Neutron Birefringence in Polarized $^{129}$Xe and $^{131}$Xe Nuclei
2301.00462 Deep Correlation-Aware Kernelized Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection in Cybersecurity
2301.00463 Multi-linear forms, graphs, and $L^p$-improving measures in ${Bbb F}_q^d$
2301.00466 A gathering of Barbalat's lemmas and their (unsung) cousins
2301.00467 Eigenvalue type problem in $s(.,.)$-fractional Musielak-Sobolev spaces
2301.00468 Non-volatile electrically programmable integrated photonics with a 5-bit operation
2301.00469 Photodissociation of H$_2$ on Ag and Au Nanoparticles: Effect of Size, and Plasmon versus Inter-Band Transitions on Threshold Intensities for Dissociation
2301.00471 Null-controllability of underactuated linear parabolic-transport systems with constant coefficients
2301.00472 Bosonization of the interacting Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model
2301.00474 Short-range excitonic phenomena in low-density metals
2301.00475 A Control Space Ensuring the Strong Convergence of Continuous Approximation for a Controlled Sweeping Process
2301.00476 Asymptotic Cohomology and Uniform Stability for Lattices in Semisimple Groups
2301.00479 The Design Principle of Blockchain: An Initiative for the SoK of SoKs
2301.00480 Can unconventional pairing arise from a bare isotropic electron-phonon coupling?
2301.00481 A low-mass hub-filament with double centre revealed in NGC2071-North
2301.00484 Federated Fog Computing for Remote Industry 4.0 Applications
2301.00485 Blow-up of a structural acoustics model
2301.00486 Time-Entanglement QKD: Secret Key Rates and Information Reconciliation Coding
2301.00487 Vacuum Stability and Radiative Symmetry Breaking of the Scale-Invariant Singlet Extension of Type II Seesaw Model
2301.00489 Federated Learning with Client-Exclusive Classes
2301.00490 $H_0$ Tension on the Light of Supermassive Black Hole Shadows Data
2301.00491 High-dimensional latent Gaussian count time series: Concentration results for autocovariances and applications
2301.00492 A weighted $L_q(L_p)$-theory for fully degenerate second-order evolution equations with unbounded time-measurable coefficients
2301.00495 Adaptive Fine-tuning for Multiclass Classification over Software Requirement Data
2301.00496 Using Neural Networks to Learn the Jet Stream Forced Response from Natural Variability
2301.00497 Efficient Online Learning with Memory via Frank-Wolfe Optimization: Algorithms with Bounded Dynamic Regret and Applications to Control
2301.00498 Gravitational collapse and odd-parity black hole perturbations in Minimal Theory of Bigravity
2301.00499 Linear and circular polarimetry of the optically bright relativistic Tidal Disruption Event AT 2022cmc
2301.00500 Monodromy and Period Map of the Winger Pencil II: $E$-part
2301.00502 Quantum Systems and Identity: Against "Permutation Invariance"
2301.00503 A Concept Knowledge Graph for User Next Intent Prediction at Alipay
2301.00504 Spectral Bandwidth Recovery of Optical Coherence Tomography Images using Deep Learning
2301.00506 Unconditional uniqueness and non-uniqueness for Hardy-Hénon parabolic equations
2301.00507 On Geodesics of Sprays and Projective Completeness
2301.00508 EmoGator: A New Open Source Vocal Burst Dataset with Baseline Machine Learning Classification Methodologies
2301.00509 Time-Varying Coefficient DAR Model and Stability Measures for Stablecoin Prices: An Application to Tether
2301.00512 On the Challenges of using Reinforcement Learning in Precision Drug Dosing: Delay and Prolongedness of Action Effects
2301.00513 Holographic entanglement entropy and complexity for the excited states of holographic superconductors
2301.00514 Rethinking the Video Sampling and Reasoning Strategies for Temporal Sentence Grounding
2301.00515 Ferroelectrically tunable magnetic and topological multistates in thin films of MnBi$_2$Te$_4$ family
2301.00517 Correspondences in log Hodge cohomology
2301.00519 Holistic Network Virtualization and Pervasive Network Intelligence for 6G
2301.00521 A RL-based Policy Optimization Method Guided by Adaptive Stability Certification
2301.00522 Irreducible module decompositions of rank 2 symmetric hyperbolic Kac-Moody Lie algebras by $mathfrak{sl}_2$ subalgebras which are generalizations of principal $mathfrak{sl}_2$ subalgebras
2301.00523 Bayesian Generalized Kernel Inference for Exploration of Autonomous Robots
2301.00524 In Quest of Ground Truth: Learning Confident Models and Estimating Uncertainty in the Presence of Annotator Noise
2301.00525 Blowing-up Hermitian Yang--Mills connections
2301.00526 Unusual acceleration and size effects in grain boundary migration with shear coupling
2301.00527 Diffusion Probabilistic Models for Scene-Scale 3D Categorical Data
2301.00528 Adaptive Quantum Amplitude Estimation
2301.00529 Harmonic analysis on the fourfold cover of the space of ordered triangles I: the invariant differentials
2301.00531 Multi-Stage Spatio-Temporal Aggregation Transformer for Video Person Re-identification
2301.00532 Enhance the Field Strength by Adding Soft Iron in the Hybrid Permanent magnet
2301.00536 $L_p$-solvability and H"older regularity for stochastic time fractional Burgers' equations driven by multiplicative space-time white noise
2301.00537 Posterior Collapse and Latent Variable Non-identifiability
2301.00539 Statistical Machine Translation for Indic Languages
2301.00540 Coefficient characterization of linear differential equations with maximal symmetries
2301.00542 Simple reactor model of relativistic runaway electron avalanche development
2301.00543 On pseudo-real finite subgroups of $operatorname{PGL}_3(mathbb{C})$
2301.00546 Tunable caging of excitation in decorated Lieb-ladder geometry with long range connectivity
2301.00547 The KPZ equation and the directed landscape
2301.00548 Density-dependent and independent mechanisms jointly reduce species performance under nitrogen enrichment
2301.00549 UV and IR Effects in Axion Quality Control
2301.00551 Brownian windings, Stochastic Green's formula and inhomogeneous magnetic impurities
2301.00553 Lightweight Image Inpainting by Stripe Window Transformer with Joint Attention to CNN
2301.00556 Competition of alliances in a cyclically dominant eight-species population
2301.00557 Learning to Maximize Mutual Information for Dynamic Feature Selection
2301.00558 A Submillimeter-Wave FMCW Pulse-Doppler Radar to Characterize the Dynamics of Particle Clouds
2301.00559 Precisely Modeling the Potential of a Surface Electrode Ion Trap
2301.00562 Age-Optimal Multi-Channel-Scheduling under Energy and Tolerance Constraints
2301.00563 Sample-to-sample fluctuations of transport coefficients in the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process with quenched disorders
2301.00565 Using meaning instead of words to track topics
2301.00566 Quantum speed limit for complex dynamics
2301.00570 The Harris-Venkatesh conjecture for derived Hecke operators
2301.00571 Modified Hawking temperature and entropy of Kerr-de Sitter black hole in Lorentz violation theory
2301.00572 Spacetime singularities and curvature blow-ups
2301.00573 Lagrangian Relaxation for Mixed-Integer Linear Programming: Importance, Challenges, Recent Advancements, and Opportunities
2301.00574 Environmental-induced work extraction
2301.00575 Noise-resistant quantum memory enabled by Hamiltonian engineering
2301.00576 Time-averaging Polarimetric and Spectral Properties of GRBs
2301.00577 Weyl invariance, non-compact duality and conformal higher-derivative sigma models
2301.00578 PHANGS-JWST First Results: Variations in PAH Fraction as a Function of ISM Phase and Metallicity
2301.00580 Urban Visual Intelligence: Studying Cities with AI and Street-level Imagery
2301.00583 Spectral and Energy Efficiency Maximization of MISO STAR-RIS-assisted URLLC Systems
2301.00586 Indeterminate Jacobi operators
2301.00587 Global Optimization of Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programs with SCIP 8
2301.00588 Hydrodynamic model of heavy-ion collisions with low momentum components
2301.00589 Tailoring the escape rate of a Brownian particle by combining a vortex flow with a magnetic field
2301.00590 End-to-end simulations of a near-infrared pyramid sensor on Keck II
2301.00591 Analysing Discrete Self Supervised Speech Representation for Spoken Language Modeling
2301.00592 Edge Enhanced Image Style Transfer via Transformers
2301.00593 Reconfigurable Metasurface: A Systematic Categorization and Recent Advances
2301.00594 Rate Region of MIMO RIS-assisted Broadcast Channels with Rate Splitting and Improper Signaling
2301.00595 Chains of Autoreplicative Random Forests for missing value imputation in high-dimensional datasets
2301.00597 Fairness Guaranteed and Auction-based x-haul and Cloud Resource Allocation in Multi-tenant O-RANs
2301.00599 The Primordial Black Hole Formation from Single-Field Inflation is Not Ruled Out
2301.00600 Fluctuations and arctic curve in the Aztec diamond
2301.00602 Software engineering for mobile applications, a survey on challenges and solutions
2301.00603 The phonon thermal Hall angle in black phosphorus
2301.00604 Russia-Ukraine war: Modeling and Clustering the Sentiments Trends of Various Countries
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