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22 May 2024

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2310.00507 Precision Rydberg State Spectroscopy with Slow Electrons and Proton Radius Puzzle
2310.00509 Smoothing Mixed Traffic with Robust Data-driven Predictive Control for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
2310.00511 Nonparametric active learning for cost-sensitive classification
2310.00513 Formal Probabilistic Methods for Combinatorial Structures in Isabelle/HOL
2310.00514 The CSP Dichotomy, the Axiom of Choice, and Cyclic Polymorphisms
2310.00515 Quantum spin Hall states in the lateral heteromonolayers of WTe2-MoTe2
2310.00516 Enhancing Efficiency and Privacy in Memory-Based Malware Classification through Feature Selection
2310.00519 Finite element analysis of a generalized Robin boundary value problem in curved domains based on the extension method
2310.00521 Minimal special degenerations and duality
2310.00523 Accuracy Certificates for Convex Minimization with Inexact Oracle
2310.00525 Reinforcement learning adaptive fuzzy controller for lighting systems: application to aircraft cabin
2310.00529 Spatiotemporal Image Reconstruction to Enable High-Frame Rate Dynamic Photoacoustic Tomography with Rotating-Gantry Volumetric Imagers
2310.00530 Enabling Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) for Large-scale Aerial Images -- A Multi-tiling Approaching and the Geometry Assessment of NeRF
2310.00532 Statistical Limits of Adaptive Linear Models: Low-Dimensional Estimation and Inference
2310.00533 SELF: Language-Driven Self-Evolution for Large Language Model
2310.00534 Safe Optimal Interactions Between Automated and Human-Driven Vehicles in Mixed Traffic with Event-triggered Control Barrier Functions
2310.00535 JoMA: Demystifying Multilayer Transformers via JOint Dynamics of MLP and Attention
2310.00536 Computing the alpha complex using dual active set methods
2310.00537 On the Existence of Solution of Conservation Law with Moving Bottleneck and Discontinuity in FLux
2310.00539 Thompson Exploration with Best Challenger Rule in Best Arm Identification
2310.00541 Robust Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing to Understand Variability in Training Neural Networks
2310.00542 Horizontal Class Backdoor to Deep Learning
2310.00543 Elucidating Dynamic Conductive State Changes in Amorphous Lithium Lanthanum Titanate for Resistive Switching Devices
2310.00544 Solving stationary nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations via sampling
2310.00545 Implicit Neural Representations and the Algebra of Complex Wavelets
2310.00547 {SSH coupled-spring systems
2310.00548 An Experimental Prototype for Multistatic Asynchronous ISAC
2310.00549 Convex Restriction of Feasible Sets for AC Radial Networks
2310.00550 Ultralight Dirac neutrinos from nearly degenerate Higgs doublets
2310.00551 Derivative based global sensitivity analysis and its entropic link
2310.00552 Siamese Representation Learning for Unsupervised Relation Extraction
2310.00553 Robust Asset-Liability Management
2310.00555 An IRS-Assisted Secure Dual-Function Radar-Communication System
2310.00558 Diving into the Depths of Spotting Text in Multi-Domain Noisy Scenes
2310.00559 CPIPS: Learning to Preserve Perceptual Distances in End-to-End Image Compression
2310.00560 Joint Task Scheduling and Container Image Caching in Edge Computing
2310.00561 CausalGPS: An R Package for Causal Inference With Continuous Exposures
2310.00563 Ground States of Fermionic Nonlinear Schrödinger Systems with Coulomb Potential I: The $L^2$-Subcritical Case
2310.00564 DYNAP-SE2: a scalable multi-core dynamic neuromorphic asynchronous spiking neural network processor
2310.00565 Extensions of Multilinear Module Expansions
2310.00566 Empowering Many, Biasing a Few: Generalist Credit Scoring through Large Language Models
2310.00567 Understanding the Robustness of Randomized Feature Defense Against Query-Based Adversarial Attacks
2310.00568 Image Data Hiding in Neural Compressed Latent Representations
2310.00569 TDCGL: Two-Level Debiased Contrastive Graph Learning for Recommendation
2310.00571 Deriving Loss Function for Value-oriented Renewable Energy Forecasting
2310.00572 Colloquial Persian POS (CPPOS) Corpus: A Novel Corpus for Colloquial Persian Part of Speech Tagging
2310.00574 SIMD Dataflow Co-optimization for Efficient Neural Networks Inferences on CPUs
2310.00575 Spin and orbital angular momenta of electromagnetic waves in classical and quantum electrodynamics
2310.00577 Conceptual study of a two-layer silicon pixel detector to tag the passage of muons from cosmic sources through quantum processors
2310.00579 Permutation orbifolds of vertex operator superalgebra and associative algebras
2310.00580 Lollipop and Cubic Weight Functions for Graph Pebbling
2310.00581 Nuclear Induction Lineshape: Non-Markovian Diffusion with Boundaries
2310.00582 Pink: Unveiling the Power of Referential Comprehension for Multi-modal LLMs
2310.00584 Unravelling the Post-Collision Properties of the Cartwheel Galaxy: A MUSE Exploration of its Bar and Inner Region
2310.00585 Quantum generative adversarial learning in photonics
2310.00586 On the Observables of Renormalizable Interactions
2310.00588 Active Anomaly Detection in Confined Spaces Using Ergodic Traversal of Directed Region Graphs
2310.00589 Structural Controllability of Drift-free Bilinear Systems on $mathbb{SE(n)}$
2310.00591 On the Core-Collapse Supernova Explanation for LAMOST J1010+2358
2310.00592 Nearest neighbor synthesis of CNOT circuits on general quantum architectures
2310.00593 Nonlinear Multi-Carrier System with Signal Clipping: Measurement, Analysis, and Optimization
2310.00594 Performance evaluation of Machine learning algorithms for Intrusion Detection System
2310.00595 3D-Printed Micro Linear Paul Trap for Scalable Quantum Information Processing
2310.00599 Approximate filtering via discrete dual processes
2310.00600 On the Complexity of the Eigenvalue Deletion Problem
2310.00602 Wavelet Scattering Transform for Improving Generalization in Low-Resourced Spoken Language Identification
2310.00603 Faithful Explanations of Black-box NLP Models Using LLM-generated Counterfactuals
2310.00604 Path Structured Multimarginal Schrödinger Bridge for Probabilistic Learning of Hardware Resource Usage by Control Software
2310.00607 On the Onset of Robust Overfitting in Adversarial Training
2310.00608 Skip-Plan: Procedure Planning in Instructional Videos via Condensed Action Space Learning
2310.00609 Gluon TMDs from J/$ψ$ production in longitudinally polarized deeply inelastic scattering
2310.00610 In-plane Tidal Disruption of Stars in Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei
2310.00611 DFT aided prediction of phase stability, optoelectronic and thermoelectric properties of A2AuScX6 (A= Cs, Rb; X= Cl, Br, I) double perovskites for energy harvesting technology
2310.00612 Uncertainty relations from state polynomial optimization
2310.00613 Review on Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector in China: Overview, Analysis, and Perspectives
2310.00615 Scene-aware Human Motion Forecasting via Mutual Distance Prediction
2310.00616 Understanding Adversarial Transferability in Federated Learning
2310.00617 Nonparametric priors with full-range borrowing of information
2310.00618 GNRK: Graph Neural Runge-Kutta method for solving partial differential equations
2310.00619 On Nearly Gorenstein Simplicial Semigroup Algebras
2310.00620 Unraveling active baths through their hidden degrees of freedom
2310.00622 Transition path theory for diffusive search with stochastic resetting
2310.00623 Speed and Density Planning for a Speed-Constrained Robot Swarm Through a Virtual Tube
2310.00624 Transposed Poisson structures on solvable and perfect Lie algebras
2310.00625 Reduced basis stabilization and post-processing for the virtual element method
2310.00626 GhostEncoder: Stealthy Backdoor Attacks with Dynamic Triggers to Pre-trained Encoders in Self-supervised Learning
2310.00627 Intelligent Client Selection for Federated Learning using Cellular Automata
2310.00628 Low Mach number limit of strong solutions to the compressible primitive equations with gravity
2310.00630 Sequential Monte Carlo Graph Convolutional Network for Dynamic Brain Connectivity
2310.00631 Jet Lorentz factor constraint for GRB 221009A based on the optical depth of the TeV photons
2310.00632 Win-Win: Training High-Resolution Vision Transformers from Two Windows
2310.00633 A Survey of Robustness and Safety of 2D and 3D Deep Learning Models Against Adversarial Attacks
2310.00634 On Cubical Sets of Quivers and Digraphs
2310.00635 Reinforcement Learning Based Neighbour Selection for VANET with Adaptive Trust Management
2310.00637 Knowledge Engineering using Large Language Models
2310.00638 A primal-dual perspective for distributed TD-learning
2310.00641 RegBN: Batch Normalization of Multimodal Data with Regularization
2310.00644 On the Hardness of $sf{S|LWE angle}$ with Gaussian and Other Amplitudes
2310.00645 An alternative proof of the $L^p$-regularity problem for Dahlberg-Kenig-Pipher operators on $mathbb R^n_+$
2310.00646 WASA: WAtermark-based Source Attribution for Large Language Model-Generated Data
2310.00647 Beyond Task Performance: Evaluating and Reducing the Flaws of Large Multimodal Models with In-Context Learning
2310.00648 Fewer is More: Trojan Attacks on Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning
2310.00651 A lifting principle for canonical stability indices of varieties of general type
2310.00652 Allotropic transition of Dirac semimetal {alpha}-Sn to superconductor {eta}-Sn induced by irradiation of focused ion beam
2310.00653 Reformulating Vision-Language Foundation Models and Datasets Towards Universal Multimodal Assistants
2310.00654 Streamlining Attack Tree Generation: A Fragment-Based Approach
2310.00655 PatchMixer: A Patch-Mixing Architecture for Long-Term Time Series Forecasting
2310.00656 LEGO-Prover: Neural Theorem Proving with Growing Libraries
2310.00657 Compact and high flux strontium atom source
2310.00658 The Robots are Here: Navigating the Generative AI Revolution in Computing Education
2310.00660 Low-Rank Matrix Approximation via Nonconvex ADMM
2310.00663 Ranks of soft operators in nowhere scattered C*-algebras
2310.00664 Twin Neural Network Improved k-Nearest Neighbor Regression
2310.00665 Balancing Efficiency vs. Effectiveness and Providing Missing Label Robustness in Multi-Label Stream Classification
2310.00666 Quintessence scalar field model in Weyl-type $f(Q,T)$ Gravity with $w_D-w'_D$ analysis
2310.00667 Hidden Clique Inference in Random Ising Model I: the planted random field Curie-Weiss model
2310.00668 On asymptotics of shifted sums of Dirichlet convolutions
2310.00669 Intermediately Trimmed Sums of Oppenheim Expansions: a Strong Law
2310.00670 A Hierarchical Graph-based Approach for Recognition and Description Generation of Bimanual Actions in Videos
2310.00671 Tension between HST/JWST and $Lambda$CDM Cosmology, PBH, and Antimatter in the Galaxy
2310.00672 GeRA: Label-Efficient Geometrically Regularized Alignment
2310.00673 Learning Type Inference for Enhanced Dataflow Analysis
2310.00675 Optimization or Architecture: How to Hack Kalman Filtering
2310.00676 Crystals and Chern classes
2310.00678 A General Offline Reinforcement Learning Framework for Interactive Recommendation
2310.00679 CebuaNER: A New Baseline Cebuano Named Entity Recognition Model
2310.00681 PharmacoNet: Accelerating Large-Scale Virtual Screening by Deep Pharmacophore Modeling
2310.00682 On the Hilbert scheme of smooth curves of degree $d=15$ in $mathbb{P}^5$
2310.00684 How Many Views Are Needed to Reconstruct an Unknown Object Using NeRF?
2310.00685 Active Implicit Reconstruction Using One-Shot View Planning
2310.00686 Low-energy Landau levels in monolayer graphene with proximity-induced spin-orbit coupling
2310.00687 DISCO Might Not Be Funky: Random Intelligent Reflective Surface Configurations That Attack
2310.00692 The Noise Geometry of Stochastic Gradient Descent: A Quantitative and Analytical Characterization
2310.00693 Worst-Case Misidentification Control in Sequential Change Diagnosis using the min-CuSum
2310.00694 Quantum electrodynamical density functional theory for generalized Dicke model
2310.00696 Do the Benefits of Joint Models for Relation Extraction Extend to Document-level Tasks?
2310.00697 Learning How to Propagate Messages in Graph Neural Networks
2310.00698 Comics for Everyone: Generating Accessible Text Descriptions for Comic Strips
2310.00699 Pianist Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
2310.00700 Carleman Estimates for Second Order Elliptic Operators with Limiting Weights, an Elementary Approach
2310.00701 On the algebra of derivations of some low-dimensional Leibniz algebras
2310.00702 You Do Not Need Additional Priors in Camouflage Object Detection
2310.00705 Concurrent Hyperproperties
2310.00706 Evaluating Speech Synthesis by Training Recognizers on Synthetic Speech
2310.00707 The all-time maximum for branching Brownian motion with absorption conditioned on long-time survival
2310.00709 Real-Time Risk Analysis with Optimization Proxies
2310.00711 Automatic Data Repair: Are We Ready to Deploy?
2310.00712 Logical Bias Learning for Object Relation Prediction
2310.00713 Safety-Critical Control of Nonholonomic Vehicles in Dynamic Environments using Velocity Obstacles
2310.00716 Efficient MPC for Emergency Evasive Maneuvers, Part II: Comparative Assessment for Hybrid Control
2310.00718 LintQ: A Static Analysis Framework for Qiskit Quantum Programs
2310.00719 Bayesian test of the strong equivalence principle in Brans-Dicke theories with planetary ephemerides
2310.00724 Subtractive Mixture Models via Squaring: Representation and Learning
2310.00727 Review of deep learning in healthcare
2310.00729 Spectral Neural Networks: Approximation Theory and Optimization Landscape
2310.00731 Ranked Enumeration for MSO on Trees via Knowledge Compilation
2310.00735 Twisted Jacquet modules: a conjecture of D. Prasad
2310.00736 Asymptotics of the whispering gallery-type in the eigenproblem for the Laplacian in a revolutional domain diffeomorphic to a solid torus
2310.00737 GenAI Against Humanity: Nefarious Applications of Generative Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models
2310.00738 Inflows towards Bipolar Magnetic Active Regions and Their Nonlinear Impact on a Three-Dimensional Babcock-Leighton Solar Dynamo Model
2310.00739 Effect of Spin Fluctuations on Magnetoresistance and Anomalous Hall Effect in the Chiral Magnet Co8Zn8Mn4
2310.00742 Optimal Workload Allocation for Distributed Edge Clouds With Renewable Energy and Battery Storage
2310.00744 Robust Feedback Control of Power Systems with Solar Plants and Composite Loads
2310.00745 Deterministic Langevin Unconstrained Optimization with Normalizing Flows
2310.00750 Identifying Copeland Winners in Dueling Bandits with Indifferences
2310.00751 Electronic properties of kagome metal ScV6Sn6 using high field torque magnetometry
2310.00752 TIGERScore: Towards Building Explainable Metric for All Text Generation Tasks
2310.00753 Study of Stylized Facts in Stock Market Data
2310.00754 Analyzing and Mitigating Object Hallucination in Large Vision-Language Models
2310.00755 Full-Low Evaluation Methods For Bound and Linearly Constrained Derivative-Free Optimization
2310.00757 Mind the Gap: Federated Learning Broadens Domain Generalization in Diagnostic AI Models
2310.00760 Uncertainty-aware hybrid paradigm of nonlinear MPC and model-based RL for offroad navigation: Exploration of transformers in the predictive model
2310.00761 Counterfactual Image Generation for adversarially robust and interpretable Classifiers
2310.00764 Equilibria and bifurcations in contact dynamics
2310.00766 A Preview of Open-Loop and Feedback Nash Trajectories in Racing Scenarios
2310.00767 Sobolev spaces for singular perturbation of Laplace operato
2310.00768 Anywhere & Everywhere: A Mobile, Immersive, and Ubiquitous Vision for Data Analytics
2310.00769 Critical Analysis and Countermeasures Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) that targeting civilians: A case study On Pegasus
2310.00771 Pre-training with Synthetic Data Helps Offline Reinforcement Learning
2310.00772 SMOOT: Saliency Guided Mask Optimized Online Training
2310.00774 High-temperature magneto-inter-chirality oscillations in 2D systems with strong spin-orbit coupling
2310.00775 Multi-market Optimal Energy Storage Arbitrage with Capacity Blocking for Emergency Services
2310.00777 Local well-posedness of the Vlasov-Poisson-Landau System and the Massless Electron System
2310.00778 Minimal diffeomorphisms with $L^1$ Hopf differentials
2310.00780 Numerical modelling of the lobes of radio galaxies -- Paper V: Universal Pressure Profile cluster atmospheres
2310.00781 Mining Java Memory Errors using Subjective Interesting Subgroups with Hierarchical Targets
2310.00783 Propagating Semantic Labels in Video Data
2310.00785 BooookScore: A systematic exploration of book-length summarization in the era of LLMs
2310.00786 Semidiscrete optimal transport with unknown costs
2310.00788 Web Image Formats: Assessment of Their Real-World-Usage and Performance across Popular Web Browsers
2310.00789 Testing the Limits of Unified Sequence to Sequence LLM Pretraining on Diverse Table Data Tasks
2310.00790 Quantum reservoir complexity by Krylov evolution approach
2310.00792 Rotation of a fiber in simple shear flow of a dilute polymer solution
2310.00793 Revisiting Link Prediction: A Data Perspective
2310.00795 A Comprehensive Review of Generative AI in Healthcare
2310.00796 Injecting a Structural Inductive Bias into a Seq2Seq Model by Simulation
2310.00797 Going Beyond Familiar Features for Deep Anomaly Detection
2310.00798 Object manipulation through contact configuration regulation: multiple and intermittent contacts
2310.00799 Semi-simple Lie algebras are determined by their Iwasawa subalgebras
2310.00800 GraphPatcher: Mitigating Degree Bias for Graph Neural Networks via Test-time Augmentation
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