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22 May 2024

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2311.00182 Local Max-Cut on Sparse Graphs
2311.00184 LATIS: Constraints on the Galaxy-halo Connection at $z sim 2.5$ from Galaxy-galaxy and Galaxy-Ly$α$ Clustering
2311.00185 Branch-and-Bound versus Lift-and-Project Relaxations in Combinatorial Optimization
2311.00186 Image Restoration with Point Spread Function Regularization and Active Learning
2311.00187 Decodable and Sample Invariant Continuous Object Encoder
2311.00188 A Two-Step Framework for Multi-Material Decomposition of Dual Energy Computed Tomography from Projection Domain
2311.00189 XAI-CLASS: Explanation-Enhanced Text Classification with Extremely Weak Supervision
2311.00190 Microscopic aspects of gamma softness in atomic nuclei
2311.00191 The ZFC analogue of the Halpern-Levy theorem
2311.00192 Large-Scale Multi-Robot Assembly Planning for Autonomous Manufacturing
2311.00193 Quantum coherence effects on inelastic thermoelectric devices: From diodes to transistors
2311.00194 Algorithms for Chip-Firing on Weighted Graphs
2311.00195 Effect of annealing in eutectic high-entropy alloy superconductor NbScTiZr
2311.00196 Machine learning for accuracy in density functional approximations
2311.00197 Design, Modeling, and Control of a Low-Cost and Rapid Response Soft-Growing Manipulator for Orchard Operations
2311.00198 A practical theoretical model for Ge-like epitaxial diodes: I. The I-V characteristics
2311.00199 On the alternating randomized block Kaczmarz method
2311.00200 An $(infty,n)$-categorical pasting theorem
2311.00201 Federated Natural Policy Gradient Methods for Multi-task Reinforcement Learning
2311.00203 Modeling subjectivity (by Mimicking Annotator Annotation) in toxic comment identification across diverse communities
2311.00204 Continuous Training and Fine-tuning for Domain-Specific Language Models in Medical Question Answering
2311.00206 ChatGPT-Powered Hierarchical Comparisons for Image Classification
2311.00207 Magmaw: Modality-Agnostic Adversarial Attacks on Machine Learning-Based Wireless Communication Systems
2311.00208 Transformers as Recognizers of Formal Languages: A Survey on Expressivity
2311.00209 Onsager Machlup functional for $ ext{SLE}_κ$ loop measures
2311.00210 Broken Adaptive Ridge Method for Variable Selection in Generalized Partly Linear Models with Application to the Coronary Artery Disease Data
2311.00211 Anachronic Tertiary Studies in Software Engineering: An Exploratory Quaternary Study
2311.00212 A Unified Framework to Enforce, Discover, and Promote Symmetry in Machine Learning
2311.00213 Consistent Video-to-Video Transfer Using Synthetic Dataset
2311.00215 An effective description of Laniakea and its backreaction: Impact on Cosmology and the local determination of the Hubble constant
2311.00216 FPGA-based residual amplitude modulation suppression and control for compact atomic clocks
2311.00218 On the solutions of nonlocal 1-Laplacian equation with $L^1$-data
2311.00219 The free boundary for a semilinear non-homogeneous Bernoulli problem
2311.00220 Generalized trace submodules and centers of endomorphism rings
2311.00222 Distributed Task Allocation for Self-Interested Agents with Partially Unknown Rewards
2311.00224 Domain decomposition-based coupling of physics-informed neural networks via the Schwarz alternating method
2311.00226 Transformers are Efficient In-Context Estimators for Wireless Communication
2311.00228 Performance limits to graphene single-photon bolometers by thermal transport
2311.00229 Orientation-preserving homeomorphisms of Euclidean space are commutators
2311.00234 Pulsar Timing Array Signature from Oscillating Metric Perturbations due to Ultra-light Axion
2311.00235 Implicit biases in multitask and continual learning from a backward error analysis perspective
2311.00236 Objectives and Key Results in Software Teams: Challenges, Opportunities and Impact on Development
2311.00237 The Mystery and Fascination of LLMs: A Comprehensive Survey on the Interpretation and Analysis of Emergent Abilities
2311.00239 Gravitational Waves from Preheating in Inflation with Weyl Symmetry
2311.00240 Intell-dragonfly: A Cybersecurity Attack Surface Generation Engine Based On Artificial Intelligence-generated Content Technology
2311.00241 1DFormer: Learning 1D Landmark Representations via Transformer for Facial Landmark Tracking
2311.00243 Hodge Classes in the Cohomology of Local Systems
2311.00244 A short-time drift propagator approach to the Fokker-Planck equation
2311.00245 Gauge Symmetry Breaking Lattice Regularizations and their Continuum Limit
2311.00247 Tuning of Berry Curvature Dipole in TaAs slabs: An effective Route to Enhance Nonlinear Hall Response
2311.00248 Complexity of Dynamical Dissipative Cylindrical System in Non-minimally Coupled Theory
2311.00250 Tunable p-n junction barriers in few-electron bilayer graphene quantum dots
2311.00251 On uniformly quasiconformal Anosov diffeomorphisms with two dimensional distributions
2311.00254 Low loss metasurfaces based on quantized meta-atom
2311.00256 How is Software Reuse Discussed in Stack Overflow?
2311.00257 AMSP: Super-Scaling LLM Training via Advanced Model States Partitioning
2311.00258 Noisy Exemplars Make Large Language Models More Robust: A Domain-Agnostic Behavioral Analysis
2311.00262 Plug-and-Play Policy Planner for Large Language Model Powered Dialogue Agents
2311.00263 The bottleneck and ceiling effects in quantized tracking control of heterogeneous multi-agent systems under DoS attacks
2311.00264 Splitting Algebraic Singular Fibrations via Perturbation of Branch Covers
2311.00265 Adaptive Latent Diffusion Model for 3D Medical Image to Image Translation: Multi-modal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
2311.00266 Constructing the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in antiferromagnetic insulator CrOCl
2311.00267 Rethinking Decision Transformer via Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
2311.00271 EdgeDis: Enabling Fast, Economical, and Reliable Data Dissemination for Mobile Edge Computing
2311.00272 ChatCoder: Chat-based Refine Requirement Improves LLMs' Code Generation
2311.00274 Generalization Bounds for Label Noise Stochastic Gradient Descent
2311.00275 Stochastic viability in an island model with partial dispersal : Approximation by a diffusion process in the limit of a large number of islands
2311.00276 LiDAR-based SLAM for robotic mapping: state of the art and new frontiers
2311.00277 OpenForest: A data catalogue for machine learning in forest monitoring
2311.00278 Re-Scoring Using Image-Language Similarity for Few-Shot Object Detection
2311.00279 Accelerating Maximal Clique Enumeration via Graph Reduction
2311.00280 RF-Enhanced Road Infrastructure for Intelligent Transportation
2311.00281 The origin of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos: new results and prospects
2311.00282 TLMCM Network for Medical Image Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification
2311.00283 Multiplicity of solutions for a nonhomogeneous quasilinear elliptic equation with concave-convex nonlinearities
2311.00285 Mixture-of-Experts for Open Set Domain Adaptation: A Dual-Space Detection Approach
2311.00288 Active Instruction Tuning: Improving Cross-Task Generalization by Training on Prompt Sensitive Tasks
2311.00289 Precise Error Rates for Computationally Efficient Testing
2311.00290 Inference of CO2 flow patterns -- a feasibility study
2311.00291 Graph Representation Learning for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion
2311.00293 Optical Properties and Variability of the Be X-ray binary CPD -29 2176
2311.00294 Multi-step ahead prediction intervals for non-parametric autoregressions via bootstrap: consistency, debiasing and pertinence
2311.00295 The estimate on the natural density of integers $n$ for which $σ(kn+r_1) geq σ(kn+r_2)$
2311.00297 Emergent equilibrium and quantum criticality in a two-photon dissipative oscillator
2311.00298 An Empirical Study of Frame Selection for Text-to-Video Retrieval
2311.00299 Predicting Ion Sequestration in Charged Polymers with the Steepest-Entropy-Ascent Quantum Thermodynamic Framework
2311.00301 Detecting Syllable-Level Pronunciation Stress with A Self-Attention Model
2311.00304 Stacking an autoencoder for feature selection of zero-day threats
2311.00305 Planets Across Space and Time (PAST). V. The evolution of hot Jupiters revealed by the age distribution of their host stars
2311.00306 Probing Explicit and Implicit Gender Bias through LLM Conditional Text Generation
2311.00308 From Image to Language: A Critical Analysis of Visual Question Answering (VQA) Approaches, Challenges, and Opportunities
2311.00309 Analysis for satellite-based high-dimensional extended B92 and high-dimensional BB84 quantum key distribution
2311.00312 Variational non-Bayesian inference of the Probability Density Function in the Wiener Algebra
2311.00313 Gaze-based Learning from Demonstration In Surgical Robotics
2311.00314 Federated Topic Model and Model Pruning Based on Variational Autoencoder
2311.00315 Probing the Physics of Reionization Using kSZ Power Spectrum from Current and Upcoming CMB Surveys
2311.00316 Accurate Kappa Reconstruction Algorithm for masked shear catalog (AKRA)
2311.00318 Flooding Regularization for Stable Training of Generative Adversarial Networks
2311.00319 Near-Horizon Collisions around Near-Extremal Black Holes
2311.00320 Semantic Hearing: Programming Acoustic Scenes with Binaural Hearables
2311.00321 HARE: Explainable Hate Speech Detection with Step-by-Step Reasoning
2311.00324 Correlation-induced Fermi surface evolution and topological crystalline superconductivity in CeRh2As2
2311.00326 Transport and electrical properties of cryogenic thermoelectric FeSb2: the effect of isoelectronic and hole doping
2311.00328 Fault-Tolerant Design Approach Based on Approximate Computing
2311.00329 The entropic origin of the enhancement of liquid diffusion at the confining wall
2311.00330 Latent Space Inference For Spatial Transcriptomics
2311.00332 SDF4CHD: Generative Modeling of Cardiac Anatomies with Congenital Heart Defects
2311.00333 Caseformer: Pre-training for Legal Case Retrieval
2311.00335 BGP Typo: A Longitudinal Study and Remedies
2311.00336 MALS discovery of a rare HI 21-cm absorber at $zsim1.35$: origin of the absorbing gas in powerful AGN
2311.00338 NOON-state interference in the frequency domain
2311.00341 The Open DAC 2023 Dataset and Challenges for Sorbent Discovery in Direct Air Capture
2311.00342 fMRI-PTE: A Large-scale fMRI Pretrained Transformer Encoder for Multi-Subject Brain Activity Decoding
2311.00343 Analyzing Head Orientation of Neurotypical and Autistic Individuals in Triadic Conversations
2311.00345 Some characterizations of $omega$-balanced topological groups with a $q$-point
2311.00347 Entropy solutions to the fully non-local diffusion equations
2311.00348 Wormhole Effective Mass and Gravitational Waves by Binary Systems Containing Wormhole
2311.00349 Elliptic surfaces and toroidal superalgebras
2311.00350 QCD Factorization from Light-ray OPE
2311.00351 Relativistic second-order dissipative and anisotropic fluid dynamics in the relaxation-time approximation for an ideal gas of massive particles
2311.00353 LatentWarp: Consistent Diffusion Latents for Zero-Shot Video-to-Video Translation
2311.00356 QFree: A Universal Value Function Factorization for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
2311.00358 Rethinking Samples Selection for Contrastive Learning: Mining of Potential Samples
2311.00359 Inverse identification framework for cohesive zone model incorporating failure mode based on multi-island genetic algorithm
2311.00360 Lower bound for large local transversal fluctuations of Geodesics in Last Passage Percolation
2311.00363 The Casimir Force between Two Graphene Sheets: 2D Fresnel Reflection Coefficients, Contributions of Different Polarizations, and the Role of Evanescent Waves
2311.00364 C2C: Cough to COVID-19 Detection in BHI 2023 Data Challenge
2311.00365 Deriving Characteristic Mode Eigenvalue Behavior Using Subduction of Group Representations
2311.00366 Machine learning meets Singular Optics: Speckle-based Structured light demultiplexing
2311.00368 Performance Optimization of Deep Learning Sparse Matrix Kernels on Intel Max Series GPU
2311.00369 Direct System Identification of Dynamical Networks with Partial Measurements: a Maximum Likelihood Approach
2311.00370 Discovery of five pulsars in a pilot survey at intermediate Galactic latitudes with FAST
2311.00371 Learning Cooperative Trajectory Representations for Motion Forecasting
2311.00374 Estimating distances from parallaxes. VI: A method for inferring distances and transverse velocities from parallaxes and proper motions demonstrated on Gaia Data Release 3
2311.00376 Descriptive properties of I2-embeddings
2311.00377 Uncertainty quantification and out-of-distribution detection using surjective normalizing flows
2311.00379 New results on $|V_{ub}|$ using inclusive and exclusive $B$ decays from the Belle experiment
2311.00380 Classification of odd generalized Einstein metrics on 3-dimensional Lie groups
2311.00382 Will Code Remain a Relevant User Interface for End-User Programming with Generative AI Models?
2311.00384 Impact of Investing Characteristics on Financial Performance of Individual Investors: An Exploratory Study
2311.00385 MolecularWebXR: Multiuser discussions about chemistry and biology in immersive and inclusive VR
2311.00386 On the Integration of Self-Sovereign Identity with TLS 1.3 Handshake to Build Trust in IoT Systems
2311.00387 Mapping electrostatic potential in electrolyte solution
2311.00388 Towards Automatic Sampling of User Behaviors for Sequential Recommender Systems
2311.00389 NeuralGF: Unsupervised Point Normal Estimation by Learning Neural Gradient Function
2311.00390 A Modular Pneumatic Soft Gripper Design for Aerial Grasping and Landing
2311.00391 Fixation-based Self-calibration for Eye Tracking in VR Headsets
2311.00392 An open-source, three-dimensional growth model of the mandible
2311.00393 Augmenting deep neural networks with symbolic knowledge: Towards trustworthy and interpretable AI for education
2311.00394 An analysis of large speech models-based representations for speech emotion recognition
2311.00395 Elasticity, plasticity and screening in amorphous solids: a short review
2311.00396 The SPT-Chandra BCG Spectroscopic Survey I: Evolution of the Entropy Threshold for Cooling and Feedback in Galaxy Clusters Over the Last 10 Gyr
2311.00397 Towards Omni-supervised Referring Expression Segmentation
2311.00399 Enhanced Knowledge Injection for Radiology Report Generation
2311.00401 A Spatial-Temporal Transformer based Framework For Human Pose Assessment And Correction in Education Scenarios
2311.00402 Singular fractional double-phase problems with variable exponent via Morse's theory
2311.00404 Starfish lemma via birational quasi-isomorphisms
2311.00405 Couples can be tractable: New algorithms and hardness results for the Hospitals / Residents problem with Couples
2311.00406 Black Hole in Discrete Gravity
2311.00407 Resolved Maps of the CO-to-H$_2$ Conversion Factor in 41 Nearby Galaxies
2311.00410 Ground-State Probabilistic Logic with the Simplest Binary Energy Landscape for Probabilistic Computing
2311.00411 Relative model completeness of henselian valued fields with finite ramification and various value groups
2311.00412 Feature-oriented Deep Learning Framework for Pulmonary Cone-beam CT (CBCT) Enhancement with Multi-task Customized Perceptual Loss
2311.00413 The $ ho(770,1450) o omegapi$ contributions for three-body decays $B oar{D}^{(*)} omegapi$
2311.00417 Multiple possible patterns can emerge from virus-immune coevolution
2311.00418 Intelligent Surface Empowered Integrated Sensing and Communication: From Coexistence to Reciprocity
2311.00419 Life and Death of a Thin Liquid Film
2311.00420 A cost-benefit source-receptor framework for implementation of Blue-Green flood risk management
2311.00421 Near-IR Spectral Observations of the Didymos System -- Daily Evolution Before and After the DART Impact, Indicates Dimorphos Originated from Didymos
2311.00423 LLMRec: Large Language Models with Graph Augmentation for Recommendation
2311.00425 Neural Implicit Field Editing Considering Object-environment Interaction
2311.00426 Enhanced Generalization through Prioritization and Diversity in Self-Imitation Reinforcement Learning over Procedural Environments with Sparse Rewards
2311.00428 NEO-KD: Knowledge-Distillation-Based Adversarial Training for Robust Multi-Exit Neural Networks
2311.00429 Crop Disease Classification using Support Vector Machines with Green Chromatic Coordinate (GCC) and Attention based feature extraction for IoT based Smart Agricultural Applications
2311.00431 Rigidity of bounded type cubic Siegel polynomials
2311.00433 Decentralized PI-control and Anti-windup in Resource Sharing Networks
2311.00434 Event-based Background-Oriented Schlieren
2311.00436 Enhancing Traffic Object Detection in Variable Illumination with RGB-Event Fusion
2311.00437 Untangling Graphs on Surfaces
2311.00439 Bounds on Treatment Effects under Stochastic Monotonicity Assumption in Sample Selection Models
2311.00440 Maximum $k$- vs. $ell$-colourings of graphs
2311.00442 Virtual-Peripheral-in-the-Loop : A Hardware-in-the-Loop Strategy to Bridge the VP/RTL Design-Gap
2311.00443 Quantifying stress distribution in ultra-large graphene drums through mode shape imaging
2311.00445 A Systematic Comparison of Syllogistic Reasoning in Humans and Language Models
2311.00447 On the Opportunities of Green Computing: A Survey
2311.00448 Artificial Intelligence-Facilitated Online Adaptive Proton Therapy Using Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
2311.00451 Discourse Relations Classification and Cross-Framework Discourse Relation Classification Through the Lens of Cognitive Dimensions: An Empirical Investigation
2311.00453 CLIP-AD: A Language-Guided Staged Dual-Path Model for Zero-shot Anomaly Detection
2311.00455 Progressive Recurrent Network for Shadow Removal
2311.00457 Single-view 3D Scene Reconstruction with High-fidelity Shape and Texture
2311.00458 Measurement of the Ratio of Partial Branching Fractions of Inclusive $overline{B} o X_u ell overline{ u}$ to $overline{B} o X_{c} ell overline{ u}$ and the Ratio of their Spectra with Hadronic Tagging
2311.00459 The algebraic and geometric classification of transposed Poisson algebras
2311.00460 Optimal Budgeted Rejection Sampling for Generative Models
2311.00462 Leveraging Hyperbolic Embeddings for Coarse-to-Fine Robot Design
2311.00463 Robust and Conjugate Gaussian Process Regression
2311.00464 Multi-target search in bounded and heterogeneous environments: a lattice random walk perspective
2311.00465 Asynchronous SGD on Graphs: a Unified Framework for Asynchronous Decentralized and Federated Optimization
2311.00466 Parameterized covering in semi-ladder-free hypergraphs
2311.00467 Hofer-Zehnder capacity of magnetic disc tangent bundles over constant curvature surfaces
2311.00468 Alternative Frenkel liquid Lagrangian
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