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22 May 2024

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2312.00241 The IACOB project X. Large-scale quantitative spectroscopic analysis of Galactic blue supergiants
2312.00242 Trace relations and open string vacua
2312.00243 Low Revenue in Display Ad Auctions: Algorithmic Collusion vs. Non-Quasilinear Preferences
2312.00244 The minimum number of peeling sequences of a point set
2312.00245 SPAM: Secure & Private Aircraft Management
2312.00246 Curvature Explains Loss of Plasticity
2312.00249 Acoustic Prompt Tuning: Empowering Large Language Models with Audition Capabilities
2312.00250 Advancements and Trends in Ultra-High-Resolution Image Processing: An Overview
2312.00251 Memory of shear flow in soft jammed materials
2312.00252 PyNeRF: Pyramidal Neural Radiance Fields
2312.00253 SN~2015da: Late-time observations of a persistent superluminous Type~IIn supernova with post-shock dust formation
2312.00254 Short Review of the main achievements of the Scalar Field, Fuzzy, Ultralight, Wave, BEC Dark Matter model
2312.00255 Restructuring a passive colloidal suspension using a rotationally driven particle
2312.00256 Titanium:Sapphire-on-insulator for broadband tunable lasers and high-power amplifiers on chip
2312.00257 Exploring the Interplay of Left Coronary Tree Anatomy and Haemodynamics: Implications for Plaque Formation
2312.00259 Scalable Cellular V2X Solutions: Large-Scale Deployment Challenges of Connected Vehicle Safety Networks
2312.00260 Quantum Multiple Kernel Learning in Financial Classification Tasks
2312.00261 Discovery of radio eclipses from 4FGL J1646.5$-$4406: a new candidate redback pulsar binary
2312.00262 Augmented Kinesthetic Teaching: Enhancing Task Execution Efficiency through Intuitive Human Instructions
2312.00263 Orbit decay in encounters between anisotropic spherical galaxies of equal mass
2312.00264 Skipper: Improving the Reach and Fidelity of Quantum Annealers by Skipping Long Chains
2312.00265 RoboSync: OS for Social Robots with Customizable Behaviour
2312.00266 Optimal Consumption--Investment Problems under Time-Varying Incomplete Preferences
2312.00267 Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback via Active Exploration
2312.00268 Academic competitions
2312.00269 Adaptability of Computer Vision at the Tactical Edge: Addressing Environmental Uncertainty
2312.00270 Insulator to Metal Transition, Spin-Phonon Coupling, and Potential Magnetic Transition Observed in Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate LiYbSe$_2$ under High Pressure
2312.00271 Towards Clinical Prediction with Transparency: An Explainable AI Approach to Survival Modelling in Residential Aged Care
2312.00272 Stochastic forward-backward-half forward splitting algorithm with variance reduction
2312.00273 Mark My Words: Analyzing and Evaluating Language Model Watermarks
2312.00274 On-Demand Single-Electron Source via Single-Cycle Acoustic Pulses
2312.00275 Finding $G_2$ Higgs branch of 4D rank 1 SCFTs
2312.00276 Automating Continual Learning
2312.00277 Text Attribute Control via Closed-Loop Disentanglement
2312.00278 Unreachability of $f{Gamma_{2n+1,m}}$
2312.00279 Age-Based Scheduling for Mobile Edge Computing: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
2312.00280 Middle terms of AR-sequences of graded Kronecker modules
2312.00281 A Scale-out Decentralized Blockchain Ledger System for Web3.0
2312.00282 Stochastic volatility models with skewness selection
2312.00283 Transition from quasi-unidirectional to unidirectional guided resonances in leaky-mode photonic lattices
2312.00284 Design of auxetic cellular structures for in-plane response through out-of-plane actuation of stimuli-responsive bridge films
2312.00285 On the residual nilpotence of generalized free products of groups
2312.00286 Complexity-theoretic foundations of BosonSampling with a linear number of modes
2312.00287 Explicit formula of boundary crossing probabilities for continuous local martingales to constant boundary
2312.00290 Learning to forecast diagnostic parameters using pre-trained weather embedding
2312.00291 The Existence the Solution of Nonlinear Discrete Schemes and Convergence of a Linearized Iterative Method for time-dependent PNP Equations
2312.00292 SEPSIS: I Can Catch Your Lies -- A New Paradigm for Deception Detection
2312.00293 PsyAttention: Psychological Attention Model for Personality Detection
2312.00294 aeons: approximating the end of nested sampling
2312.00296 Towards Aligned Canonical Correlation Analysis: Preliminary Formulation and Proof-of-Concept Results
2312.00299 QIENet: Quantitative irradiance estimation network using recurrent neural network based on satellite remote sensing data
2312.00300 A Large Sample of Extremely Metal-poor Galaxies at $z<1$ Identified from the DESI Early Data
2312.00304 Developmental Pretraining (DPT) for Image Classification Networks
2312.00305 Multiple Testing of Linear Forms for Noisy Matrix Completion
2312.00306 RadioGalaxyNET: Dataset and Novel Computer Vision Algorithms for the Detection of Extended Radio Galaxies and Infrared Hosts
2312.00307 VLBI detection of the AE Aqr twin, LAMOST J024048.51+195226.9
2312.00308 A knowledge-based data-driven (KBDD) framework for all-day identification of cloud types using satellite remote sensing
2312.00309 Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Weak-Lensing Mass Maps with a Sparsity Prior. II. Weighing Triaxial Cluster Halos
2312.00310 Spherically symmetric anisotropic strange stars
2312.00311 3D Face Reconstruction with the Geometric Guidance of Facial Part Segmentation
2312.00312 Segment Anything Model-guided Collaborative Learning Network for Scribble-supervised Polyp Segmentation
2312.00313 Improving Normalization with the James-Stein Estimator
2312.00314 A bilevel optimal motion planning (BOMP) model with application to autonomous parking
2312.00315 Multiple Control Functionals for Interconnected Time-Delay Systems
2312.00316 Improving Efficiency of DNN-based Relocalization Module for Autonomous Driving with Server-side Computing
2312.00317 New formula for the prepotentials associated with Hurwitz-Frobenius manifolds and generalized WDVV equations
2312.00318 Deflection of charged signals in a dipole magnetic field in Kerr background
2312.00319 The Magnetic Field Calibration of the Full-Disk Magnetograph onboard the Advanced Space based Solar Observatory (ASO-S/FMG)
2312.00320 On Multi-step Fuzzy Inference in Goedel Logic
2312.00321 Nucleon-Pion Spectroscopy from Sparsened Correlators
2312.00322 Simple homotopy types of even dimensional manifolds
2312.00323 Liouville theory and the Weil-Petersson geometry of moduli space: bordered, conic, and higher genus surfaces
2312.00324 Machine Learning for Actionable Warning Identification: A Comprehensive Survey
2312.00325 Universal Energy Functionals for Trapped Fermi Gases in Low Dimensions
2312.00326 Agent-OM: Leveraging Large Language Models for Ontology Matching
2312.00327 A Framework for Solving Parabolic Partial Differential Equations on Discrete Domains
2312.00328 On Novel Fixed-Point-Type Iterations with Structure-Preserving Doubling Algorithms for Stochastic Continuous-time Algebraic Riccati equations
2312.00329 Neutron Star in Quantised-space-time
2312.00330 StyleCrafter: Enhancing Stylized Text-to-Video Generation with Style Adapter
2312.00331 Effects of domain walls and chiral supercurrent in quantum anomalous Hall Josephson junctions
2312.00332 Matching Weak Informative Ontologies
2312.00333 Green Edge AI: A Contemporary Survey
2312.00334 UAV-Aided Lifelong Learning for AoI and Energy Optimization in Non-Stationary IoT Networks
2312.00335 Learning Anatomically Consistent Embedding for Chest Radiography
2312.00336 Hypergraph Node Representation Learning with One-Stage Message Passing
2312.00337 Dynamic Matrix of Extremisms and Terrorism (DMET): A Continuum Approach Towards Identifying Different Degrees of Extremisms
2312.00338 Merger rate of supermassive primordial black hole binaries
2312.00339 Propagation of chaos in path spaces via information theory
2312.00340 Anisotropic magnetoresistance in single cubic crystals: A theory and its verification
2312.00341 Convolution algebras of double groupoids and strict 2-groups
2312.00342 Efficient Off-Policy Safe Reinforcement Learning Using Trust Region Conditional Value at Risk
2312.00343 OpenStereo: A Comprehensive Benchmark for Stereo Matching and Strong Baseline
2312.00344 TRC: Trust Region Conditional Value at Risk for Safe Reinforcement Learning
2312.00345 IEEE 802.11be Network Throughput Optimization with Multi-Link Operation and AP Coordination
2312.00346 Supervised Factor Modeling for High-Dimensional Linear Time Series
2312.00347 RTQ: Rethinking Video-language Understanding Based on Image-text Model
2312.00348 Student Activity Recognition in Classroom Environments using Transfer Learning
2312.00349 The Case for Scalable, Data-Driven Theory: A Paradigm for Scientific Progress in NLP
2312.00350 The colored Jones polynomial of the figure-eight knot and an $operatorname{SL}(2;mathbb{R})$-representation
2312.00351 Manipulating the Label Space for In-Context Classification
2312.00352 Quantum Kernel t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
2312.00353 On Exploring the Reasoning Capability of Large Language Models with Knowledge Graphs
2312.00354 Thermodynamic bounds on the asymmetry of cross-correlations with dynamical activity and entropy production
2312.00355 Growth Diagrams for Schubert RSK
2312.00356 Transfer learning for predicting source terms of principal component transport in chemically reactive flow
2312.00357 A Generalizable Deep Learning System for Cardiac MRI
2312.00358 Impact of Data Augmentation on QCNNs
2312.00359 Temperature Balancing, Layer-wise Weight Analysis, and Neural Network Training
2312.00360 Efficient Multimodal Semantic Segmentation via Dual-Prompt Learning
2312.00361 Matrix representations of linear transformations on bicomplex space
2312.00362 Dancing with Images: Video Distillation via Static-Dynamic Disentanglement
2312.00363 Searching for discrete series representations at the late-time boundary of de Sitter
2312.00364 Benchmarking Multi-Domain Active Learning on Image Classification
2312.00365 TMD gluon density in nuclei versus experimental data on heavy flavor production at LHC
2312.00366 Unbounded Donoho-Stark-Elad-Bruckstein-Ricaud-Torr'esani Uncertainty Principles
2312.00367 Compensated Ferrimagnets with Colossal Spin Splitting in Organic Compounds
2312.00368 The upper bound of the spectral radius for the hypergraphs without Berge-graphs
2312.00369 A new approach for the implementation of contact line motion based on the phase-filed lattice Boltzmann method
2312.00370 Effect of interface quality on spin Hall magnetoresistance in Pt/MgFe$_{2}$O$_{4}$ bilayers
2312.00371 Hybrid Higher-Order Topological Skin Modes in the Two-Dimensional Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Model with Nonreciprocal Hoppings
2312.00372 Event-driven Real-time Retrieval in Web Search
2312.00373 Streaming Bayesian Modeling for predicting Fat-Tailed Customer Lifetime Value
2312.00374 Unleashing Cheapfakes through Trojan Plugins of Large Language Models
2312.00375 Text-Guided 3D Face Synthesis -- From Generation to Editing
2312.00376 Dynamics of a quantum system interacting with non-Gaussian baths: Poisson noise master equation
2312.00377 SynFundus: Generating a synthetic fundus images dataset with millions of samples and multi-disease annotations
2312.00378 Magneto-transport in the monolayer MoS2 material system for high-performance field-effect transistor applications
2312.00379 Optimal Sample Complexity of Contrastive Learning
2312.00380 Enhancing Explainability in Mobility Data Science through a combination of methods
2312.00381 Lung Imaging with UTE MRI
2312.00382 The effective potential of composite operator in the first order region of QCD phase transition
2312.00383 On the automorphism group of a distance-regular graph
2312.00384 T2 Relaxation during Radiofrequency (RF) pulses
2312.00385 Super Fermi polaron and Nagaoka ferromagnetism in a two-dimesnional square lattice
2312.00386 Local monotone operator learning using non-monotone operators: MnM-MOL
2312.00387 Partition-based K-space Synthesis for Multi-contrast Parallel Imaging
2312.00388 LinguaLinked: A Distributed Large Language Model Inference System for Mobile Devices
2312.00389 Sample path MDP for the current and the tagged particle in the SSEP
2312.00390 The Collatz map in polynomial rings and in completions
2312.00391 Inverse-Optimization-Based Uncertainty Set for Robust Linear Optimization
2312.00392 Study and Survey on Gesture Recognition Systems
2312.00393 Embeddings of infinite-dimensional spaces in the sets of norm-attaining Lipschitz functions
2312.00394 Optimal Reverse-Complement-Duplication Error-Correcting Codes
2312.00395 Dynamics of a diffusive predator-prey system with fear effect in advective environments
2312.00396 GFN-SR: Symbolic Regression with Generative Flow Networks
2312.00397 Incommensurate Spiral Spin Order in CaMn$_2$Bi$_2$ observed via High Pressure Neutron Diffraction
2312.00398 Learning to Estimate Critical Gait Parameters from Single-View RGB Videos with Transformer-Based Attention Network
2312.00399 GMM-lev estimation and individual heterogeneity: Monte Carlo evidence and empirical applications
2312.00400 Intertwining operators in the Takeda-Wood isomorphism
2312.00401 VIoTGPT: Learning to Schedule Vision Tools towards Intelligent Video Internet of Things
2312.00402 About universality of large deviation principles for conjugacy invariant permutations
2312.00403 Status and Prospects of Exotic Hadrons at Belle II
2312.00404 A Causality-Aware Pattern Mining Scheme for Group Activity Recognition in a Pervasive Sensor Space
2312.00405 Computation of Greeks under rough Volterra stochastic volatility models using the Malliavin calculus approach
2312.00406 Enhancement of CO2 conversion by counterflow gas quenching of the post-discharge region in microwave plasma sustained by gyrotron radiation
2312.00407 CoLLiE: Collaborative Training of Large Language Models in an Efficient Way
2312.00408 Beyond the Screen: Reshaping the Workplace with Virtual and Augmented Reality
2312.00409 White Paper and Roadmap for Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Era
2312.00410 Subsystem eigenstate thermalization hypothesis for translation invariant systems
2312.00411 A framework for mining lifestyle profiles through multi-dimensional and high-order mobility feature clustering
2312.00412 SCHEME: Scalable Channer Mixer for Vision Transformers
2312.00413 Abstract Syntax Tree for Programming Language Understanding and Representation: How Far Are We?
2312.00414 Large-scale Vision-Language Models Learn Super Images for Efficient and High-Performance Partially Relevant Video Retrieval
2312.00415 Parabolic subgroups in characteristics two and three
2312.00416 Towards Explaining Satellite Based Poverty Predictions with Convolutional Neural Networks
2312.00417 Geodesic slice sampling on Riemannian manifolds
2312.00418 On 2-bisections and monochromatic edges in claw-free cubic multigraphs
2312.00419 Diophantine transference principle over function fields
2312.00420 Measurement and interpretation of same-sign $W$ boson pair production in association with two jets in $pp$ collisions at $sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
2312.00421 A Semi-Tensor Product based Circuit Simulation for SAT-sweeping
2312.00422 Divides with cusps and symmetric links
2312.00423 Unravelling spontaneous Bloch-type skyrmion in centrosymmetric two-dimensional magnets
2312.00424 Momentum space oscillation properties of vortex states collision
2312.00425 A Low-Power Neuromorphic Approach for Efficient Eye-Tracking
2312.00426 Integral representations and zeros of the Lommel function and the hypergeometric $_1F_2$ function
2312.00427 From Mutual Information to Expected Dynamics: New Generalization Bounds for Heavy-Tailed SGD
2312.00428 A multivariate version of Polya-Carlson theorem
2312.00429 Polygraphs: From Rewriting to Higher Categories
2312.00430 Every Elementary Graph is Chromatic Choosable
2312.00431 Inertial (self-)collisions of viscoelastic solids with Lipschitz boundaries
2312.00432 Suppression of the Talbot effect in Fourier transform acousto-optic imaging
2312.00433 Sobolev improvements on sharp Rellich inequalities
2312.00434 PEFTDebias : Capturing debiasing information using PEFTs
2312.00435 Enhancing Image Captioning with Neural Models
2312.00436 Consensus group decision making under model uncertainty with a view towards environmental policy making
2312.00437 Investigation on data fusion of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and reflectance for photosynthetic capacity of rice
2312.00438 Dolphins: Multimodal Language Model for Driving
2312.00439 Modeling the Ratio of Correlated Biomarkers Using Copula Regression
2312.00440 Charge doping into spin minority states mediates doubling of $T_mathrm{C}$ in ferromagnetic CrGeTe$_3$
2312.00441 New Continuum Observations of the Andromeda galaxy M31 with FAST
2312.00442 BPMS for management: a systematic literature review
2312.00443 Business process management systems in port processes: a systematic literature review
2312.00444 Super Kähler structures on the complex Abelian Lie supergroups
2312.00445 Nonlinear interaction of two cross-propagating plane waves
2312.00446 Explicit representations and Azumaya loci of skein algebras of small surfaces
2312.00447 Jet quenching parameter in QCD kinetic theory
2312.00448 AdaptiveConformal: An R Package for Adaptive Conformal Inference
2312.00449 Unveilling Chaos in Particle Motion: Analyzing the Impact of Horizon in $f(R)$ Gravity
2312.00450 Quantum Schwarzschild geometry in effective-field-theory models of gravity
2312.00451 FSGS: Real-Time Few-shot View Synthesis using Gaussian Splatting
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