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22 May 2024

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2302.00139 Exploring numerical blow-up phenomena for the Keller-Segel-Navier-Stokes equations
2302.00140 Coulomb potential determining terahertz polarization in two-color laser field
2302.00141 Revisiting Bellman Errors for Offline Model Selection
2302.00142 Emerging Trends in Droplet Microfluidic Screens for Biotechnology
2302.00143 How many Dice Rolls Would It Take to Reach Your Favorite Kind of Number?
2302.00145 Controllability of discrete-time linear systems on solvable Lie groups
2302.00146 Gyri vs. Sulci: Disentangling Brain Core-Periphery Functional Networks via Twin-Transformer
2302.00147 Influence of the magnetic field topology in the evolution of small-scale two-fluid jets in the solar atmosphere
2302.00148 Detecting entanglement of unknown states by violating the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequality
2302.00151 Formalizing $π_4(mathbb{S}^3) cong mathbb{Z}/2mathbb{Z}$ and Computing a Brunerie Number in Cubical Agda
2302.00152 TwinExplainer: Explaining Predictions of an Automotive Digital Twin
2302.00153 Phase Separation Driven by Active Flows
2302.00154 Three essays on Machin's type formulas
2302.00155 How to Prove the Optimized Values of Hyperparameters for Particle Swarm Optimization?
2302.00157 Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis for Generalized Wigner Matrices
2302.00159 The Chromatic Lagrangian: Wavefunctions and Open Gromov-Witten Conjectures
2302.00160 Local transfer learning from one data space to another
2302.00161 A nonlinear relapse model with disaggregated contact rates: analysis of a forward-backward bifurcation
2302.00162 Continual Segment: Towards a Single, Unified and Accessible Continual Segmentation Model of 143 Whole-body Organs in CT Scans
2302.00164 Detection of Tomato Ripening Stages using Yolov3-tiny
2302.00165 A Brief Overview of Software-Defined Networking
2302.00167 Materia cuántica y dinámica por mediciones
2302.00169 Streaming Software Development: Accountability, Community, and Learning
2302.00170 Diffusion Models for High-Resolution Solar Forecasts
2302.00171 Active Uncertainty Reduction for Safe and Efficient Interaction Planning: A Shielding-Aware Dual Control Approach
2302.00172 From a superconductor NdNiO$_2$ to a Mott multiferroic BiNiO$_2$
2302.00173 Efficiency of neural-network state representations of one-dimensional quantum spin systems
2302.00174 Under the Bridge: Trolling and the Challenges of Recruiting Software Developers for Empirical Research Studies
2302.00175 Doubling of asymptotically flat half-spaces and the Riemannian Penrose inequality
2302.00176 Reanalysis of the X-ray burst associated FRB 200428 with Insight-HXMT observations
2302.00178 Program Generation from Diverse Video Demonstrations
2302.00179 Stable Attribute Group Editing for Reliable Few-shot Image Generation
2302.00180 CP Violation In Baryon Decays At LHCb
2302.00181 Dwarf Galaxies United by Dark Bosons
2302.00182 Fractional focusing peaks and collective dynamics in two-dimensional Fermi liquids
2302.00183 Criteria for Dynamical Timescale Mass Transfer of Metal-poor Intermediate-mass Stars
2302.00184 There are no extremal eutactic stars other than root systems
2302.00185 Optimal timing for power plant maintenance in the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas in a changing climate
2302.00186 Magnetochemical coupling effects on thermodynamics, point-defect formation and diffusion in Fe-Ni alloys: a theoretical study
2302.00187 Classification of time-reversal-invariant crystals with gauge structures
2302.00188 Deep Learning Approach to Predict Hemorrhage in Moyamoya Disease
2302.00189 Detecting Lexical Borrowings from Dominant Languages in Multilingual Wordlists
2302.00191 Shutter, the Robot Photographer: Leveraging Behavior Trees for Public, In-the-Wild Human-Robot Interactions
2302.00192 Density peak clustering using tensor network
2302.00193 $ m A^2Q$: Aggregation-Aware Quantization for Graph Neural Networks
2302.00194 Free Lunch for Domain Adversarial Training: Environment Label Smoothing
2302.00195 Weight Prediction Boosts the Convergence of AdamW
2302.00197 Minute-cadence Observations of the LAMOST Fields with the TMTS: III. Statistic Study of the Flare Stars from the First Two Years
2302.00198 A fuzzy adaptive metaheuristic algorithm for identifying sustainable, economical, lightweight, and earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls
2302.00199 Adjacency matrices over a finite prime field and their direct sum decompositions
2302.00200 A Transaction Represented with Weighted Finite-State Transducers
2302.00201 Bit-balance: Model-Hardware Co-design for Accelerating NNs by Exploiting Bit-level Sparsity
2302.00202 Semiclassical Electron and Phonon Transport from First Principles: Application to Layered Thermoelectrics
2302.00206 Electrode Selection for Noninvasive Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction using Mutual Information Criteria
2302.00207 Distributed Traffic Synthesis and Classification in Edge Networks: A Federated Self-supervised Learning Approach
2302.00208 Search for $B$ Mesogenesis at BABAR
2302.00210 Is Stubborn Mining Severe in Imperfect GHOST Bitcoin-like Blockchains? Quantitative Analysis
2302.00213 Approximating Red-Blue Set Cover
2302.00215 Spin relaxation dynamics with a continuous spin environment: the dissipaton equation of motion approach
2302.00216 EMV-LIO: An Efficient Multiple Vision aided LiDAR-Inertial Odometry
2302.00217 Residual-Based a Posteriori Error Estimator for a Multi-scale Cancer Invasion Model
2302.00218 An integral formula for the projection constant of the trace class
2302.00219 Knowledge Distillation on Graphs: A Survey
2302.00221 Studying phonon coherence with a quantum sensor
2302.00222 A converse to the Hasse-Arf theorem
2302.00223 Phase space analysis of the bouncing universe with stringy effects
2302.00224 Human Fall Detection- Multimodality Approach
2302.00227 A Projective Geometric View for 6D Pose Estimation in mmWave MIMO Systems
2302.00228 Extended MCDHF calculations of energy levels and transition data for N I
2302.00230 Doubly Robust Estimation of Causal Effects in Network-Based Observational Studies
2302.00231 Projection constants for spaces of Dirichlet polynomials
2302.00233 Asymptotic estimates of projection and Sidon constants for spaces of functions on the Boolean cube
2302.00235 Minimizing Change-Point Estimation Error
2302.00236 Generative Adversarial Symmetry Discovery
2302.00238 How to extend closure and interior operations to more modules
2302.00239 Filtering Context Mitigates Scarcity and Selection Bias in Political Ideology Prediction
2302.00240 Toward Efficient Transportation Electrification of Heavy-Duty Trucks: Joint Scheduling of Truck Routing and Charging
2302.00242 The Parametric Stability of Well-separated Spherical Gaussian Mixtures
2302.00243 Agility and Target Distribution in the Dynamic Stochastic Traveling Salesman Problem
2302.00244 Learning Cut Selection for Mixed-Integer Linear Programming via Hierarchical Sequence Model
2302.00245 Convergence of a quantum lattice Boltzmann scheme to the nonlinear Dirac equation for Gross-Neveu model in $1+1$ dimensions
2302.00247 TAP: Accelerating Large-Scale DNN Training Through Tensor Automatic Parallelisation
2302.00249 On the growth of high Sobolev norms of the cubic nonlinear Schr"odinger equation on $mathbb{R} imes mathbb{T}$
2302.00250 Quickest Change Detection for Unnormalized Statistical Models
2302.00251 Adaptive hedging horizon and hedging performance estimation
2302.00253 The Attractor of the Replicator Dynamic in Zero-Sum Games
2302.00255 Discovery of 37 new pulsars through GPU-accelerated reprocessing of archival data of the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey
2302.00256 Charged AdS black holes with higher derivative corrections in presence of string cloud
2302.00258 Extended R-matrix description of two-proton radioactivity
2302.00259 On the Schrödinger-Poisson system with $(p,q)$-Laplacian
2302.00260 Monitoring observations of SMC X-1's excursions (MOOSE)-II: A new excursion accompanies spin-up acceleration
2302.00261 Deep Learning Model for Inverse Design of Semiconductor Heterostructures with Desired Electronic Band Structures
2302.00262 Kpc-scale properties of dust temperature in terms of dust mass and star formation activity
2302.00263 Dictionary-based Manifold Learning
2302.00264 On Lower Bounds for Maximin Share Guarantees
2302.00265 Fitting the Distribution of Linear Combinations of t-Variables with more than 2 Degrees of Freedom
2302.00267 InQuIR: Intermediate Representation for Interconnected Quantum Computers
2302.00268 Compositional Prompt Tuning with Motion Cues for Open-vocabulary Video Relation Detection
2302.00269 On the use of temporal filtering for mitigating galactic synchrotron calibration bias in 21 cm reionization observations
2302.00271 CATFL: Certificateless Authentication-based Trustworthy Federated Learning for 6G Semantic Communications
2302.00272 W2SAT: Learning to generate SAT instances from Weighted Literal Incidence Graphs
2302.00273 Hardness of braided quantum circuit optimization in the surface code
2302.00274 Identifying the SN 2022acko progenitor with JWST
2302.00275 Learning Generalized Zero-Shot Learners for Open-Domain Image Geolocalization
2302.00276 Coherence Transfer and Destructive Interference in Two-Dimensional Coherence Maps
2302.00279 Quantitative KAM theory, with an application to the three-body problem
2302.00280 Threshold velocity for collisional growth of porous dust aggregates consisting of cohesive frictionless spheres
2302.00281 Informationally Robust Cheap-Talk
2302.00283 Evolution of interface magnetism in Fe/Alq3 bilayer
2302.00284 Selective Uncertainty Propagation in Offline RL
2302.00286 Jointist: Simultaneous Improvement of Multi-instrument Transcription and Music Source Separation via Joint Training
2302.00288 CoderEval: A Benchmark of Pragmatic Code Generation with Generative Pre-trained Models
2302.00289 Solar radio bursts observations by Egypt- Alexandria CALLISTO spectrometer: First results
2302.00293 A Survey of Methods, Challenges and Perspectives in Causality
2302.00294 The geometry of hidden representations of large transformer models
2302.00295 Self-supervised learning for gravitational wave signal identification
2302.00298 Light curve modeling of four short-period W UMa binaries
2302.00299 Learning from Stochastic Labels
2302.00300 Discovery of a spatially and kinematically resolved 55~kpc-scale superbubble inflated by an intermediate redshift non-BAL quasar
2302.00301 Covert Communication in Hybrid Microwave/mmWave A2G Systems with Transmission Mode Selection
2302.00302 A Deep Behavior Path Matching Network for Click-Through Rate Prediction
2302.00303 Specular electron focusing between gate-defined quantum point contacts in bilayer graphene
2302.00305 Constructions of Urysohn universal ultrametric spaces
2302.00306 Uniqueness and homogeneity of non-separable Urysohn universal ultrametric spaces
2302.00310 Particles on Demand method: theoretical analysis, simplification techniques and model extensions
2302.00314 Suppression of the antiferromagnetic order by Zn doping in a possible Kitaev material Na$_2$Co$_2$TeO$_6$
2302.00315 Multi-wavelength study of NGC 1365: The obscured active nucleus and off-nuclear compact X-ray sources
2302.00318 Quantum defects from single surface exhibit strong mutual interactions
2302.00319 Development of deep biological ages aware of morbidity and mortality based on unsupervised and semi-supervised deep learning approaches
2302.00320 Six Newly Discovered Eclipsing Binary Systems in the TESS field
2302.00322 First measurements of periodicities and anisotropies of cosmic ray flux observed with a water-Cherenkov detector at the Marambio Antarctic base
2302.00325 Privacy Dashboards for Citizens and GDPR Services for Small Data Holders: A Literature Review
2302.00326 Evaluating TCFD Reporting: A New Application of Zero-Shot Analysis to Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
2302.00327 Phonon-Dressed States of Rare-Earth Ions Generated by Surface Acoustic Waves
2302.00328 Learning Functional Transduction
2302.00330 Prioritizing Speech Test Cases
2302.00334 Hamiltonian Classification of toric fibres and symmetric probes
2302.00335 Contactless actuators and pyramid wavefront sensor, the SPLATT concept for space active optics: an overview of the project and the last laboratory results
2302.00336 Measurement of the production of a $W$ boson in association with a charmed hadron in $pp$ collisions at $sqrt{s} = 13,mathrm{TeV}$ with the ATLAS detector
2302.00339 A Hydrogenated amorphous silicon detector for Space Weather Applications
2302.00340 Attention Link: An Efficient Attention-Based Low Resource Machine Translation Architecture
2302.00341 Predicting CSI Sequences With Attention-Based Neural Networks
2302.00343 Flag-accurate arrangements
2302.00344 A Minimal Explanation of the Primordial Cosmological Perturbations
2302.00345 Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow: five altmetric sources observed over a decade show evolving trends, by research age, attention source maturity and open access status
2302.00347 Anderson Acceleration For Bioinformatics-Based Machine Learning
2302.00350 The Intermediate Jacobian fibration of a cubic fourfold containing a plane and fibrations in Prym varieties
2302.00353 Towards Label-Efficient Incremental Learning: A Survey
2302.00354 The Spatial Kernel Predictor based on Huge Observation Sets
2302.00357 Multidimensional Rogers-Ramanujan type identities with parameters
2302.00359 A modern-day Mars climate in the Met Office Unified Model: dry simulations
2302.00360 Faster maximal clique enumeration in large real-world link streams
2302.00361 K-D Bonsai: ISA-Extensions to Compress K-D Trees for Autonomous Driving Tasks
2302.00362 A Flexible Framework for Virtual Omnidirectional Vision to Improve Operator Situation Awareness
2302.00363 Implicit augmented Lagrangian and generalized optimization
2302.00364 The YODO algorithm: An efficient computational framework for sensitivity analysis in Bayesian networks
2302.00365 On Tests of the Quantum Nature of Gravitational Interactions in Presence of Non-linear Corrections to Quantum Mechanics
2302.00366 CzSL: A new learning paradigm for astronomical image classification with citizen science
2302.00367 FLYEYE family tree, from smart fast cameras to MezzoCielo
2302.00369 Memory Enabled Bumblebee-based Dynamic Spectrum Access for Platooning Environments
2302.00370 How to select predictive models for causal inference?
2302.00371 Simple yet Effective Gradient-Free Graph Convolutional Networks
2302.00372 Millimeter-wave spectrum of 2-propanimine
2302.00373 Scalar fluid in scalar-tensor gravity from equivalent picture of thermodynamic and fluid descriptions of gravitational dynamics
2302.00374 HOAX: A Hyperparameter Optimization Algorithm Explorer for Neural Networks
2302.00376 Boundary states and Non-Abelian Casimir effect in lattice Yang-Mills theory
2302.00377 Autobidding Auctions in the Presence of User Costs
2302.00378 An Empirical Study on the Transferability of Transformer Modules in Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning
2302.00379 Continuous Scatterplot Operators for Bivariate Analysis and Study of Electronic Transitions
2302.00380 Avoiding parameter fine-tuning in mass varying neutrino models of DE?
2302.00381 BotPercent: Estimating Twitter Bot Populations from Groups to Crowds
2302.00383 Long-time error bounds of low-regularity integrators for nonlinear Schr"odinger equations
2302.00384 Alphazzle: Jigsaw Puzzle Solver with Deep Monte-Carlo Tree Search
2302.00388 Short-term Prediction and Filtering of Solar Power Using State-Space Gaussian Processes
2302.00389 Multimodality Representation Learning: A Survey on Evolution, Pretraining and Its Applications
2302.00392 Delayed Feedback in Kernel Bandits
2302.00393 Self-Similar Pattern in Coupled Parabolic Systems as Non-Equilibrium Steady States
2302.00395 Integrability of the Dirac Equation in the Presence of Fluxes on Product Manifolds
2302.00396 Unrestricted quantum moduli algebras, III: Surfaces of arbitrary genus and skein algebras
2302.00399 Survey for Distant Solar Twins (SDST) -- III. Identification of new solar twin and solar analogue stars
2302.00400 Continuity bounds on observational entropy and measured relative entropies
2302.00402 mPLUG-2: A Modularized Multi-modal Foundation Model Across Text, Image and Video
2302.00403 Transposed Poisson structures on generalized Witt algebras and Block Lie algebras
2302.00405 Rudin-Shapiro Sums Via Automata Theory and Logic
2302.00408 Covering shrinking polynomials by quasi progressions
2302.00411 Smoothing Quantile Regression Averaging: A new approach to probabilistic forecasting of electricity prices
2302.00412 KNNs of Semantic Encodings for Rating Prediction
2302.00413 A dynamical mass for GJ 463 b: A massive super-Jupiter companion beyond the snow line of a nearby M dwarf
2302.00415 Disco Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces: Active Channel Aging for Fully-Passive Jamming Attacks
2302.00417 How exporters neutralized an increase in tariffs
2302.00419 For the Underrepresented in Gender Bias Research: Chinese Name Gender Prediction with Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network
2302.00420 On the follow-up efforts of long-period transiting planet candidates detected with Gaia astrometry
2302.00421 Instabilities near ultrastrong coupling in an optomechanical cavity
2302.00424 Safety-Critical Lane-Change Control for CAV Platoons in Mixed Autonomy Traffic Using Control Barrier Functions
2302.00425 Extreme rainfall propagation within Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation modulated by Pacific sea surface temperature
2302.00426 Magnetic topologies of two weak-line T Tauri stars TAP 4 and TAP 40
2302.00427 Infrared (in)sensitivity of relativistic effects in cosmological observable statistics
2302.00428 Lateral constraint for thin glass shell: analysis of the requirements and conceptual design for a segmented active mirror
2302.00430 A new model for dg-categories
2302.00432 Commissioning and Performance of the New ALICE Inner Tracking System in the First Phase of LHC Run 3
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