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24 June 2024

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2302.00433 Calibration of the Upgraded ALICE Inner Tracking System
2302.00434 Convergence of the Euler--Maruyama particle scheme for a regularised McKean--Vlasov equation arising from the calibration of local-stochastic volatility models
2302.00435 Sharp endpoint $L_p$ estimates of quantum Schr"{o}dinger groups
2302.00436 Gravitational-wave template banks for novel compact binaries
2302.00438 On the Robustness of Code Generation Techniques: An Empirical Study on GitHub Copilot
2302.00439 Accelerating the calculation of electron-phonon coupling by machine learning methods
2302.00440 Atomic electronic structure calculations with Hermite interpolating polynomials
2302.00443 Light-induced emergent phenomena in 2D materials and topological materials
2302.00445 Structure and Kinematics of Sh2-138 -- A distant hub-filament system in the outer Galactic plane
2302.00449 Yangian symmetry applied to Quantum chromodynamics
2302.00450 Sub-kiloparsec empirical relations and excitation conditions of HCN and HCO+ J=3-2 in nearby star-forming galaxies
2302.00452 f-Betas and Portfolio Optimization with f-Divergence induced Risk Measures
2302.00453 Width and Depth Limits Commute in Residual Networks
2302.00454 A multi-differential investigation of strangeness production in pp collisions with ALICE
2302.00456 Feed-Forward Blocks Control Contextualization in Masked Language Models
2302.00457 Simplicity Bias in 1-Hidden Layer Neural Networks
2302.00458 Improved Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Maximum Weight Clique
2302.00459 A polynomial analogue of Jacobsthal function
2302.00461 AMP-SBL Unfolding for Wideband MmWave Massive MIMO Channel Estimation
2302.00462 Pricing Multi-event Triggered Catastrophe Bonds Based on Copula-POT Model
2302.00464 Improving Models for Student Retention and Graduation using Markov Chains
2302.00465 The Spectral Gap and Low-Energy Spectrum in Mean-Field Quantum Spin Systems
2302.00466 Hypersurfaces of $mathbb{S}^2 imesmathbb{S}^2$ with constant sectional curvature
2302.00467 Review on Quantum Computing for Lattice Field Theory
2302.00468 LS-category and Topological complexity of several families of fibre bundles
2302.00469 Regression adjustment in randomized controlled trials with many covariates
2302.00470 Gate-tunable regular and chaotic electron dynamics in ballistic bilayer graphene cavities
2302.00471 Subgame-perfect equilibrium strategies for time-inconsistent recursive stochastic control problems
2302.00472 SWRC Fit and unsatfit for parameter determination of unsaturated soil properties
2302.00473 The tidal excitation of r modes in a solar type star orbited by a giant planet companion and the effect on orbital evolution I: The aligned case
2302.00474 Controlled emission of entangled multiphoton states from cascaded quantum wells
2302.00475 A geometric path towards excitonic insulators with purely orbital time-reversal symmetry breaking
2302.00478 Energy-Optimal Sampling for Edge Computing Feedback Systems: Aperiodic Case
2302.00480 Probing sub-galactic mass structure with the power spectrum of surface-brightness anomalies in high-resolution observations of galaxy-galaxy strong gravitational lenses. I. Power-spectrum measurement and feasibility study
2302.00481 Angular dependence of the Wigner time delay upon strong field ionization from an aligned p-orbital
2302.00482 Conditional Flow Matching: Simulation-Free Dynamic Optimal Transport
2302.00483 A Brillouin light scattering study of the spin-wave magnetic field dependence in a magnetic hybrid system made of an artificial spin-ice structure and a film underlayer
2302.00485 Equivariant Message Passing Neural Network for Crystal Material Discovery
2302.00486 The equation of state of a partly homogenized plasma of low-dense porous matter
2302.00488 Extending the Known Region of Nonlocal Boxes that Collapse Communication Complexity
2302.00491 Learning Prototype Classifiers for Long-Tailed Recognition
2302.00493 You Are What You Talk About: Inducing Evaluative Topics for Personality Analysis
2302.00494 Neutrino phenomenology, W mass anomaly & muon $(g-2)$ in minimal type-III seesaw using $T^prime$ modular symmetry
2302.00496 Hybrid Probabilistic Logic Programming: Inference and Learning
2302.00498 Classical Spin Gravitational Compton Scattering
2302.00499 Navigating in the Dark -- Designing Autonomous Driving Features to Assist Old Adults with Visual Impairments
2302.00500 Serious Games and AI: Challenges and Opportunities for Computational Social Science
2302.00503 Tracking People in Highly Dynamic Industrial Environments
2302.00505 On Pisot Units and the Fundamental Domain of Galois Extensions of $mathbb{Q}$
2302.00506 Decentralized Stream Runtime Verification for Timed Asynchronous Networks
2302.00508 Energy hierarchies governing quarkonium dynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions
2302.00509 Exploring Semantic Perturbations on Grover
2302.00511 Iterative Deepening Hyperband
2302.00513 Exact Probabilistic Inference Using Generating Functions
2302.00517 Synthesis-based Imaging-Differentiation Representation Learning for Multi-Sequence 3D/4D MRI
2302.00518 Probabilistic Search and Track with Multiple Mobile Agents
2302.00522 Multilevel Monte Carlo FEM for Elliptic PDEs with Besov Random Tree Priors
2302.00523 Uncertainty-Driven Dense Two-View Structure from Motion
2302.00527 A free boundary model for transport induced neurite growth
2302.00529 On the quasinormal modes in generalized Nariai spacetimes
2302.00530 Comparing the host galaxy ages of X-ray selected AGN in COSMOS: Obscured AGN are associated with older galaxies
2302.00531 Quantifying errors in 3D CME parameters derived from synthetic data using white-light reconstruction techniques
2302.00534 Strong mechanical squeezing in microcavity with double quantum wells
2302.00535 Input-to-state stability of distributed parameter systems
2302.00536 Quantum-inspired classical algorithm for graph problems by Gaussian boson sampling
2302.00538 Experimental observation on a low-rank tensor model for eigenvalue problems
2302.00539 Analyzing Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information in Language Models
2302.00543 $ exttt{DoCoFL}$: Downlink Compression for Cross-Device Federated Learning
2302.00544 Viscous heating and instability of the adiabatic buoyant flows in a horizontal channel
2302.00547 Upper bounds on the fluctuations of a class of degenerate convex $ abla ϕ$-interface models
2302.00548 Designing, Synthesizing and Modeling Active Fluids
2302.00553 Ferromagnetism of sputtered Fe3GeTe2 ultrathin films in the absence of two-dimensional crystalline order
2302.00554 Anomaly-Induced Quenching of ${g_A}$ in Nuclear Matter
2302.00555 On torus quotients of Schubert varieties in orthogonal Grassmannian-II
2302.00556 Correspondence-free online human motion retargeting
2302.00561 Trash to Treasure: Using text-to-image models to inform the design of physical artefacts
2302.00562 Local weak limits for collapsed branching processes with random out-degrees
2302.00563 A high-resolution pixel silicon Vertex Detector for open charm measurements with the NASixtyOne spectrometer at the CERN SPS
2302.00565 Controlling two-dimensional Coulomb crystals of more than 100 ions in a monolithic radio-frequency trap
2302.00566 Measurement-Based Quantum Clustering Algorithms
2302.00568 Halving formulae for points on elliptic curves
2302.00570 Occurrence of connected clusters in motility-induced phase-separated states of persistent active particles at zero temperature
2302.00571 Task Placement and Resource Allocation for Edge Machine Learning: A GNN-based Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Paradigm
2302.00572 Modeling barrier-top fission dynamics in a discrete-basis formalism
2302.00573 An automated, geometry-based method for the analysis of hippocampal thickness
2302.00574 Bismuth surfactant-enhanced III-As epitaxy on GaAs(111)A
2302.00575 Adaptive hp-Refinement for Spectral Elements in Numerical Relativity
2302.00576 Integrated Sensing and Communication for Joint GPS Spoofing and Jamming Detection in Vehicular V2X Networks
2302.00577 MB-DECTNet: A Model-Based Unrolled Network for Accurate 3D DECT Reconstruction
2302.00579 Ramification of complex magnetism in Nd$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ observed by Raman scattering spectroscopy
2302.00580 A Dynamical Systems Approach to the Theory of Circumbinary Orbits in the Circular Restricted Problem
2302.00581 A new method to find out the optimal neutron moderator size based on neutron scattering instrument parameters
2302.00582 Habitat transition in the evolution of bacteria and archaea
2302.00585 Temperature-independent ferromagnetic resonance shift in Bi-doped YIG garnets through magnetic anisotropy tuning
2302.00589 An exploratory study of diversity among computer science graduate students at top North American universities
2302.00590 Is it possible to construct asymptotically flat initial data using the evolutionary forms of the constraints?
2302.00593 Three-point functions of conserved supercurrents in 3D $mathcal{N}=1$ SCFT: general formalism for arbitrary superspins
2302.00597 Anomaly Inflow of Rarita-Schwinger Field in 3 Dimensions
2302.00600 Two for One: Diffusion Models and Force Fields for Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics
2302.00602 Tail Bounds for Tensor-valued Random Process
2302.00603 On the numerical approximation of Blaschke-Santal'o diagrams using Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
2302.00604 Pseudospin-selective Floquet band engineering in black phosphorus
2302.00605 The RHIC Cold QCD Program
2302.00606 The RW3D: A multi-modal panel dataset to understand the psychological impact of the pandemic
2302.00608 The Investment Management Game: Extending the Scope of the Notion of Core
2302.00609 Zero Shot Transfer of Legal Judgement Prediction as Article-aware Entailment for the European Court of Human Rights
2302.00610 Uniswap Liquidity Provision: An Online Learning Approach
2302.00611 The Morse index theorem in the case of two variable endpoints in pseudo-Finsler manifolds
2302.00612 Clinical Decision Transformer: Intended Treatment Recommendation through Goal Prompting
2302.00614 Lump and Soliton on Certain Spatially-varying Backgrounds for an Integrable (3+1) Dimensional Fifth-order Nonlinear Oceanic Wave Model
2302.00615 GFlowNets for AI-Driven Scientific Discovery
2302.00617 Efficient Meta-Learning via Error-based Context Pruning for Implicit Neural Representations
2302.00618 Synthetic Prompting: Generating Chain-of-Thought Demonstrations for Large Language Models
2302.00619 Sustainable pulling motion of an active scatterer
2302.00620 Local Exact-Diffusion for Decentralized Optimization and Learning
2302.00621 A first-order stabilization-free Virtual Element Method
2302.00624 Transforming CLIP to an Open-vocabulary Video Model via Interpolated Weight Optimization
2302.00625 Lossy Quantum Source Coding with a Global Error Criterion based on a Posterior Reference Map
2302.00626 Continuous U-Net: Faster, Greater and Noiseless
2302.00628 Training Normalizing Flows with the Precision-Recall Divergence
2302.00631 Large Eddy Simulations of Fully-Developed Turbulent Flows Over Additively Manufactured Rough Surfaces
2302.00632 Cosmic ER=EPR in dS/CFT
2302.00636 Are UD Treebanks Getting More Consistent? A Report Card for English UD
2302.00637 On equivariant smoothing of cusp singularities
2302.00638 Extremal distance and conformal mappings in Hardy and Bergman spaces
2302.00639 Q-score Max-Clique: The First Quantum Metric Evaluation on Multiple Computational Paradigms
2302.00640 Probing quantum correlations in many-body systems: a review of scalable methods
2302.00641 Dynamics and interaction of multiple evaporating droplets on compliant substrates
2302.00644 Axion-like Dark Matter Mediators
2302.00650 Multipartite Entanglement Detection via Correlation Minor Norm
2302.00657 Adding a Tail in Classes of Perfect Graphs
2302.00658 Graph Neural Operators for Classification of Spatial Transcriptomics Data
2302.00660 Extrinsic Calibration of 2D mm-Wavelength Radar Pairs Using Ego-Velocity Estimates
2302.00661 On the speed of light in a vacuum in the presence of a magnetic field
2302.00663 Dynamic Regret of Distributed Online Frank-Wolfe Convex Optimization
2302.00664 On the Auerbach bases of $l^{n}_p$ spaces
2302.00665 Necessary and sufficient conditions for posterior propriety for generalized linear mixed models
2302.00666 Rapid Identification and Classification of Eccentric Gravitational Wave Inspirals with Machine Learning
2302.00671 Efficient Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning via Selective Behavior Sharing
2302.00673 ADAPT: Action-aware Driving Caption Transformer
2302.00674 Improving Few-Shot Generalization by Exploring and Exploiting Auxiliary Data
2302.00675 NDJIR: Neural Direct and Joint Inverse Rendering for Geometry, Lights, and Materials of Real Object
2302.00678 Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Elliptic Inverse Problems with Besov Random Tree Priors
2302.00679 The Density Parity Model for the Evolution of the Galaxy Inner Spin Alignments with the Cosmic Web
2302.00681 Disorder-Free Localization as a Purely Classical Effect
2302.00682 Superconductivity from repulsive interactions in Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene
2302.00683 Bell inequalities and quantum entanglement in weak gauge bosons production at the LHC and future colliders
2302.00685 Recurrent Axinovae and their Cosmological Constraints
2302.00686 Superconductivity and strong interactions in a tunable moir'e quasiperiodic crystal
2302.00688 Theoretical approach to ferroelectricity in hafnia and related materials
2302.00689 Universal lower bound on topological entanglement entropy
2302.00690 Host Dark Matter Halos of WISE-selected Obscured & Unobscured Quasars: Evidence for Evolution
2302.00691 Post-dynamical inspiral phase of common envelope evolution: Binary orbit evolution and angular momentum transport
2302.00695 Versatile Energy-Based Models for High Energy Physics
2302.00697 Generating Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states using multiport splitters
2302.00698 Cascaded Optomechanical systems
2302.00699 An Earth-sized Planet around an M5 Dwarf Star at 22 pc
2302.00700 Multi-Carrier Wideband OCDM-Based THz Automotive Radar
2302.00701 Viewpoint: Vector meson spin alignment by the strong force field
2302.00702 High-redshift supermassive black hole mergers in simulations with dynamical friction modelling
2302.00704 Pathologies of Predictive Diversity in Deep Ensembles
2302.00705 Quantum circuits measuring weak values and Kirkwood-Dirac quasiprobability distributions, with applications
2302.00706 Deep reinforcement learning for the olfactory search POMDP: a quantitative benchmark
2302.00707 Why Combining Text and Visualization Could Improve Bayesian Reasoning: A Cognitive Load Perspective
2302.00708 Parity of the coefficients of certain eta-quotients, II: The case of even-regular partitions
2302.00709 Riemannian Stochastic Approximation for Minimizing Tame Nonsmooth Objective Functions
2302.00711 Generating Linear, Semidefinite, and Second-order Cone Optimization Problems for Numerical Experiments
2302.00716 CrazyChoir: Flying Swarms of Crazyflie Quadrotors in ROS 2
2302.00720 N-particle irreducible actions for stochastic fluids
2302.00721 $L^p-L^{q}$ estimates for non-local heat and wave type equations on locally compact groups
2302.00722 A Survey of Deep Learning: From Activations to Transformers
2302.00723 Precise Wigner-Weyl calculus for the honeycomb lattice
2302.00725 Multi-zone HVAC Control with Model-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
2302.00727 Sample Complexity of Kernel-Based Q-Learning
2302.00728 Data-driven Approach for Static Hedging of Exchange Traded Options
2302.00729 The Grothendieck Construction of Bipermutative-Indexed Categories and Pseudo Symmetric Inverse K-Theory
2302.00734 Revisiting Query Performance in GPU Database Systems
2302.00735 MTP-GO: Graph-Based Probabilistic Multi-Agent Trajectory Prediction with Neural ODEs
2302.00736 Approximating the Shapley Value without Marginal Contributions
2302.00737 A Universal Technique for Machine-Certified Proofs of Linearizable Algorithms
2302.00738 Quasars vs. Microquasars
2302.00739 Inference of Partial Colexifications from Multilingual Wordlists
2302.00740 Generating Software for Well-Understood Domains
2302.00744 A Formal Algebraic Framework for DSL Composition
2302.00745 ErdH{o}s-Ko-Rado theorem in Peisert-type graphs
2302.00746 Density of rational points on diagonal bidegree $(1,2)$ hypersurface in $mathbb{P}^{s-1} imes mathbb{P}^{s-1}$
2302.00749 Radial Laplacian on rotation groups
2302.00751 Analysis of RHC for stabilization of nonautonomous parabolic equations under uncertainty
2302.00753 High-precision regressors for particle physics
2302.00754 On the gamma-positivity of the Eulerian transformation
2302.00758 A Dynamical Systems Approach for Most Probable Escape Paths over Periodic Boundaries
2302.00759 Searching for a dark matter particle with anti-protonic atoms
2302.00760 Random walks on regular trees can not be slowed down
2302.00762 AmbiCoref: Evaluating Human and Model Sensitivity to Ambiguous Coreference
2302.00764 Eigenvalues and congruences for the weight $3$ paramodular nonlifts of levels $61$, $73$, and $79$
2302.00765 Visually Grounded Keyword Detection and Localisation for Low-Resource Languages
2302.00766 Privacy Risk for anisotropic Langevin dynamics using relative entropy bounds
2302.00767 ImageNomer: developing an fMRI and omics visualization tool to detect racial bias in functional connectivity
2302.00768 Leveraging task dependency and contrastive learning for Legal Judgement Prediction on the European Court of Human Rights
2302.00772 Meta-Analytic Operation of Threshold-independent Filtering (MOTiF) Reveals Sub-threshold Genomic Robustness in Trisomy
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