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24 June 2024

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2302.00773 Neural Networks for Symbolic Regression
2302.00774 Estimating the false discovery risk of (randomized) clinical trials in medical journals based on published p-values
2302.00776 Safe Interval Path Planning With Kinodynamic Constraints
2302.00777 Coupling a Cosmic String to a TQFT
2302.00778 User Study for Improving Tools for Bible Translation
2302.00779 An Eulerian finite element method for tangential Navier-Stokes equations on evolving surfaces
2302.00780 A non-standard Halo Mass Function as a solution to the structure-growth tension, application to KiDS-1000 and DES-y3
2302.00781 Brazilian tailing dam collapse, retrospective precursory monitoring of InSAR data using spectral analysis of time series
2302.00782 Evolving Flying Machines in Minecraft Using Quality Diversity
2302.00786 Autonomous Drone Landing: Marked Landing Pads and Solidified Lava Flows
2302.00787 FAVOR#: Sharp Attention Kernel Approximations via New Classes of Positive Random Features
2302.00788 Generative Modeling with Quantum Neurons
2302.00789 Variational Autoencoder Learns Better Feature Representations for EEG-based Obesity Classification
2302.00793 Inverse-designed low-index-contrast structures on silicon photonics platform for vector-matrix multiplication
2302.00794 Using Machine Learning to Develop Smart Reflex Testing Protocols
2302.00795 Applications and resource reductions in measurement-based variational quantum eigensolvers
2302.00796 Unsupervised Entity Alignment for Temporal Knowledge Graphs
2302.00799 Charting the Sociotechnical Gap in Explainable AI: A Framework to Address the Gap in XAI
2302.00800 Many-body multipole index and bulk-boundary correspondence
2302.00801 A tutorial on networks in social systems: A mathematical modeling perspective
2302.00802 Orbit-finite linear programming
2302.00805 Conditioning Predictive Models: Risks and Strategies
2302.00807 Deep neural operators can serve as accurate surrogates for shape optimization: A case study for airfoils
2302.00808 Average-Constrained Policy Optimization
2302.00809 A Survey on Convex Hypersurfaces of Riemannian Manifolds
2302.00812 Event-triggered Hybrid Energy-aware Scheduling in Manufacturing Systems
2302.00813 Goal Alignment: A Human-Aware Account of Value Alignment Problem
2302.00814 Stochastic Contextual Bandits with Long Horizon Rewards
2302.00817 Recurrent Graph Convolutional Networks for Spatiotemporal Prediction of Snow Accumulation Using Airborne Radar
2302.00818 Analyticity of Steklov Eigenvalues in nearly-hyperspherical domains in mathbb{R}^{d+1}
2302.00819 Introduction to Arithmetic Coding -- Theory and Practice
2302.00821 Designing a Hybrid Digital / Analog Quantum Physics Emulator as Open Hardware
2302.00826 Existence of exact solution of the Susceptible-Exposed-Infectious-Recovered (SEIR) epidemic model
2302.00829 Stochastic discrete dynamical model for the hydrodynamic analog of a quantum mirage
2302.00830 A note on connectedness of Blaschke products
2302.00831 A remark of the number of quasi-hereditary structures
2302.00833 RobustNeRF: Ignoring Distractors with Robust Losses
2302.00836 Improving Rare Words Recognition through Homophone Extension and Unified Writing for Low-resource Cantonese Speech Recognition
2302.00837 SHINE: Deep Learning-Based Accessible Parking Management System
2302.00838 Nonlinear Regge trajectories and saturation of the Hagedorn spectrum
2302.00839 Fast Online Value-Maximizing Prediction Sets with Conformal Cost Control
2302.00841 Longitudinal Canonical Correlation Analysis
2302.00842 Effective Random Test Generation for Deep Learning Compilers
2302.00843 Enactivism & Objectively Optimal Super-Intelligence
2302.00846 A time-dependent Markovian model of a limit order book
2302.00847 Low-Complexity Precoding for Extremely Large-Scale MIMO Over Non-Stationary Channels
2302.00848 Causal Effect Estimation: Recent Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities
2302.00851 Rainbow triangles sharing one common vertex or edge
2302.00853 Emergent phenomena from centre vortices in dynamical QCD
2302.00854 Learning PDE Solution Operator for Continuous Modeling of Time-Series
2302.00857 Algorithm Design for Online Meta-Learning with Task Boundary Detection
2302.00865 Enhanced repulsive Casimir forces between gold and thin magnetodielectric plates
2302.00866 Exploring the Relationship Between Softness and Excess Entropy in Glass-forming Systems
2302.00868 Speech Enhancement for Virtual Meetings on Cellular Networks
2302.00869 Disentanglement of Latent Representations via Sparse Causal Interventions
2302.00871 Using In-Context Learning to Improve Dialogue Safety
2302.00873 Predicting the Silent Majority on Graphs: Knowledge Transferable Graph Neural Network
2302.00874 Minimal homogeneous and noncrossing chain decompositions of posets
2302.00875 Vision Transformer-based Feature Extraction for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
2302.00877 Non-Hermitian Floquet-Free Analytically Solvable Time Dependant Systems
2302.00878 The Contextual Lasso: Sparse Linear Models via Deep Neural Networks
2302.00879 Nuclear response to dark matter signals in Ge and Xe odd-mass targets
2302.00880 Empirical Analysis of the AdaBoost's Error Bound
2302.00883 Synthesizing Physical Character-Scene Interactions
2302.00885 AOP-Net: All-in-One Perception Network for Joint LiDAR-based 3D Object Detection and Panoptic Segmentation
2302.00887 Kainate receptor modulation by NETO2
2302.00889 On a Class of Non-Univalent functions Associated with a Parabolic Region
2302.00890 Neural Common Neighbor with Completion for Link Prediction
2302.00891 Role of Bootstrap Averaging in Generalized Approximate Message Passing
2302.00893 MetaTKG: Learning Evolutionary Meta-Knowledge for Temporal Knowledge Graph Reasoning
2302.00894 How to choose "Good" Samples for Text Data Augmentation
2302.00895 Spin-Driven Stationary Turbulence in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates
2302.00896 Conditions implying the normality of $ast$-paranormal operators in the closure of $mathcal{AN}$-operators
2302.00899 KST-Mixer: Kinematic Spatio-Temporal Data Mixer For Colon Shape Estimation
2302.00900 Connectedness of friends-and-strangers graphs of complete bipartite graphs and others
2302.00901 Longformer: Longitudinal Transformer for Alzheimer's Disease Classification with Structural MRIs
2302.00902 Language Quantized AutoEncoders: Towards Unsupervised Text-Image Alignment
2302.00906 New Constructions of Optimal Binary LCD Codes
2302.00907 History-Aware Hierarchical Transformer for Multi-session Open-domain Dialogue System
2302.00908 GANalyzer: Analysis and Manipulation of GANs Latent Space for Controllable Face Synthesis
2302.00909 Phase transition of parallelizability in assembly systems
2302.00911 Conditional expectation for missing data imputation
2302.00912 Advances and Challenges in Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Registration
2302.00913 Degree of the 3-secant variety
2302.00914 Rigorous proof of a phase transition of parallelizability in a one-dimensional structure assembly
2302.00915 Low Frequency Quasi-periodic Oscillation in MAXI J1820+070: Revealing distinct Compton and Reflection Contributions
2302.00916 Cooperative Saliency-based Obstacle Detection and AR Rendering for Increased Situational Awareness
2302.00917 From Dyson Models to Many-Body Quantum Chaos
2302.00919 QCM-SGM+: Improved Quantized Compressed Sensing With Score-Based Generative Models for General Sensing Matrices
2302.00920 Certain Diagonal Equations and Conflict-Avoiding Codes of Prime Lengths
2302.00921 Ring Artifact Correction in Photon-Counting Spectral CT Using a Convolutional Neural Network With Spectral Loss
2302.00922 An algebraic algorithm for rank-2 ParaTuck-2 decomposition
2302.00923 Multimodal Chain-of-Thought Reasoning in Language Models
2302.00924 LMC: Fast Training of GNNs via Subgraph Sampling with Provable Convergence
2302.00929 A hook formula for eigenvalues of k-point fixing graph
2302.00931 Linear preservers on idempotents of Fourier algebras
2302.00932 Dynamic Ensemble of Low-fidelity Experts: Mitigating NAS "Cold-Start"
2302.00933 Simple method for detecting sleep episodes in rats ECoG using machine learning
2302.00934 High-dimensional variable clustering based on sub-asymptotic maxima of a weakly dependent random process
2302.00937 The Fewer Splits are Better: Deconstructing Readability in Sentence Splitting
2302.00938 An Enhanced V-cycle MgNet Model for Operator Learning in Numerical Partial Differential Equations
2302.00939 An optimization method for out-of-distribution anomaly detection models
2302.00941 Robust multi-item auction design using statistical learning: Overcoming uncertainty in bidders' types distributions
2302.00943 Does a radio jet drive the massive multi-phase outflow in the ultra-luminous infrared galaxy IRAS 10565+2448?
2302.00946 Mycielskian of Signed Graphs
2302.00948 Dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture for totally inseparable liftings of Frobenius
2302.00949 Classification of the Lie and Noether symmetries for the Klein-Gordon equation in Anisotropic Cosmology
2302.00950 Scalar induced gravitational waves from Chern-Simons gravity during inflation era
2302.00951 A Bayesian analysis of current duration data with reporting issues: an application to estimating the distribution of time-between-sex from time-since-last-sex data as collected in cross-sectional surveys in low- and middle-income countries
2302.00952 QR-CLIP: Introducing Explicit Open-World Knowledge for Location and Time Reasoning
2302.00953 Deep-Learning Tool for Early Identifying Non-Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage Etiology based on CT Scan
2302.00954 Curriculum-guided Abstractive Summarization for Mental Health Online Posts
2302.00956 Resilient Binary Neural Network
2302.00957 Effective actions in supersymmetric gauge theories: heat kernels for non-minimal operators
2302.00958 A Typed Lambda-Calculus for Establishing Trust in Probabilistic Programs
2302.00959 Tilings of damaged hexagons
2302.00961 Finite Convergence Criteria for Normalized Nash Equilibrium through Weak Sharpness and Linear Conditioning
2302.00962 FV-MgNet: Fully Connected V-cycle MgNet for Interpretable Time Series Forecasting
2302.00963 Carath'eodory Theory and A Priori Estimates for Continuity Inclusions in the Space of Probability Measures
2302.00964 Figurate numbers, forms of mixed type and their representation numbers
2302.00965 Visual Imitation Learning with Patch Rewards
2302.00967 Energy Efficiency of Training Neural Network Architectures: An Empirical Study
2302.00969 Strong completeness of a class of L2-type Riesz spaces
2302.00970 Hirzebruch-Milnor classes of hypersurfaces with nontrivial normal bundles
2302.00972 Trivialisable control-affine systems revisited
2302.00974 All Projective Measurements Can be Self-tested
2302.00975 Stone's theorem for distributional regression in Wasserstein distance
2302.00978 From bounded rationality to limited consideration: representation and behavioral analysis
2302.00980 Domain Generalization Emerges from Dreaming
2302.00982 Stochastic optimal transport in Banach Spaces for regularized estimation of multivariate quantiles
2302.00984 How to Compliment a Human -- Designing Affective and Well-being Promoting Conversational Things
2302.00985 Speed-Oblivious Online Scheduling: Knowing (Precise) Speeds is not Necessary
2302.00988 Hand Pose Estimation via Multiview Collaborative Self-Supervised Learning
2302.00989 Search for Nonthermal X-ray Emission in the Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster
2302.00990 Physics Informed Piecewise Linear Neural Networks for Process Optimization
2302.00991 On strongly $ϕ$-$w$-Flat modules and Their Homological Dimensions
2302.00992 Exposing the CSI: A Systematic Investigation of CSI-based Wi-Fi Sensing Capabilities and Limitations
2302.00993 Unpaired Multi-Domain Causal Representation Learning
2302.00994 Symmetries of the Woolly Hat graphs
2302.00995 Open-Set Multi-Source Multi-Target Domain Adaptation
2302.00996 Critical mass phenomena in higher dimensional quasilinear Keller-Segel systems with indirect signal production
2302.00997 Constrained Online Two-stage Stochastic Optimization: New Algorithms via Adversarial Learning
2302.00998 Convergence condition of simulated quantum annealing with a non-stoquastic catalyst
2302.00999 High-Probability Bounds for Stochastic Optimization and Variational Inequalities: the Case of Unbounded Variance
2302.01000 Series expansions in closed and open quantum many-body systems with multiple quasiparticle types
2302.01002 Over-parameterised Shallow Neural Networks with Asymmetrical Node Scaling: Global Convergence Guarantees and Feature Learning
2302.01003 Termination of linear loops under commutative updates
2302.01004 On the equivalence of the hybrid particle-field and Gaussian core models
2302.01006 Continuous images of closed sets in generalized Baire spaces
2302.01007 Content Adaptive Wavelet Lifting for Scalable Lossless Video Coding
2302.01009 String Compression in FA-Presentable Structures
2302.01010 Performance attribution with respect to interest rates, FX, carry, and residual market risks
2302.01012 A Near-Field Focused Phased-Array Antenna Design Using the Time-Reversal Concept for Weed Control Purpose
2302.01013 On Stability and Instability of Gravity Driven Navier-Stokes-Korteweg Model in Two Dimensions
2302.01014 Compression of Dynamic Medical CT Data Using Motion Compensated Wavelet Lifting with Denoised Update
2302.01015 OpenSpike: An OpenRAM SNN Accelerator
2302.01016 On the polytypism of layered $ extit{MX}_2$ materials
2302.01018 Graph Neural Networks for temporal graphs: State of the art, open challenges, and opportunities
2302.01019 Biophysical aspects of neurocognitive modeling with long-term sustained temperature variations
2302.01021 Faster Consensus via Sparser Controller
2302.01022 Finite-range bias in fitting three-body loss to the zero-range model
2302.01023 Intermixing-driven surface and bulk ferromagnetism in the quantum anomalous Hall candidate MnBi$_6$Te$_{10}$
2302.01024 SSO-Monitor: Fully-Automatic Large-Scale Landscape, Security, and Privacy Analyses of Single Sign-On in the Wild
2302.01025 Semantic Coherence Markers for the Early Diagnosis of the Alzheimer Disease
2302.01027 FCB-SwinV2 Transformer for Polyp Segmentation
2302.01028 Modeling opinion polarization on social media: application to Covid-19 vaccination hesitancy in Italy
2302.01029 On Suppressing Range of Adaptive Stepsizes of Adam to Improve Generalisation Performance
2302.01030 Vortices in a rotating holographic superfluid with Lifshitz scaling
2302.01031 Local implicit neural representations for multi-sequence MRI translation
2302.01032 A novel failure indexing approach with run-time values of program variables
2302.01033 An Operator Theory for Analyzing the Resolution of Multi-illumination Imaging Modalities
2302.01034 An Efficient Convex Hull-Based Vehicle Pose Estimation Method for 3D LiDAR
2302.01035 Deep Learning Based Predictive Beamforming Design
2302.01036 CREPES: Cooperative RElative Pose EStimation towards Real-World Multi-Robot Systems
2302.01038 Stable bubble formations in a Hele-Shaw channel
2302.01039 Explainable Human-Robot Training and Cooperation with Augmented Reality
2302.01041 TAPS Responsibility Matrix: A tool for responsible data science by design
2302.01042 Implementation of chiral two-nucleon forces to nuclear many-body methods with Gaussian-wave packets
2302.01043 The topology of stable electromagnetic structures and Legendrian fields on the 3-sphere
2302.01045 Effect of rigid body motion in phase-field models of solid-state sintering
2302.01047 Real-Time Evaluation in Online Continual Learning: A New Paradigm
2302.01048 Teaching MLOps in Higher Education through Project-Based Learning
2302.01049 Paced-Curriculum Distillation with Prediction and Label Uncertainty for Image Segmentation
2302.01050 Groupoid and algebra of the infinite quantum spin chain
2302.01051 Randomized prior wavelet neural operator for uncertainty quantification
2302.01052 Site-specific Deep Learning Path Loss Models based on the Method of Moments
2302.01054 Accurate recipe for predicting valley Linear Weyl phonons in two dimensions
2302.01056 Beyond Pretrained Features: Noisy Image Modeling Provides Adversarial Defense
2302.01057 Nonlinear Schrodinger equation for a two-dimensional plasma: the analysis of solitons, breathers, and plane wave stability
2302.01059 Elliptic Curves with positive rank and no integral points
2302.01066 Approximate Reversible Circuits for NISQ-Era Quantum Computers
2302.01068 Fed-GLOSS-DP: Federated, Global Learning using Synthetic Sets with Record Level Differential Privacy
2302.01071 Bayesian optimization of the layout of wind farms with a high-fidelity surrogate model
2302.01072 Some remarks on the ring of arithmetical functions
2302.01073 Learning in Multi-Memory Games Triggers Complex Dynamics Diverging from Nash Equilibrium
2302.01076 Convergence to the Equilibrium State in an Outbreak: When Can Growth Rates Accurately be Measured?
2302.01077 Chow's theorem for Hilbert Grassmannians as a Wigner-type theorem
2302.01083 Stable determination of an impedance obstacle by a single far-field measurement
2302.01084 Inequality on the optimal constant of Young's convolution inequality for locally compact groups and their closed subgroups
2302.01088 Sketched Ridgeless Linear Regression: The Role of Downsampling
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