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14 June 2024

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2302.01091 Vector Partition Identities for $2$D, $3$D and $n$D Lattices
2302.01092 Adaptive exponential multi-operator splitting for MHD
2302.01093 Energy savings under performance constraints via carrier shutdown with Bayesian learning
2302.01095 Hints at a relationship between friction and relativistic physics
2302.01098 A general Markov decision process formalism for action-state entropy-regularized reward maximization
2302.01100 Classifying topology of consistent thermodynamics of four-dimensional Lorentzian NUT-charged spacetimes
2302.01101 Spin-orbit torque switching in 2D ferromagnet / topological insulator heterostructure grown by molecular beam epitaxy
2302.01105 Phonon signatures in photon correlations
2302.01106 Incoherent diffractive dijet production in electron DIS off nuclei at high energy
2302.01108 The Infinity-loop microresonator: a new integrated photonic structure working at an exceptional point
2302.01109 GraphReg: Dynamical Point Cloud Registration with Geometry-aware Graph Signal Processing
2302.01110 A Simple Baseline for Direct 2D Multi-Person Head Pose Estimation with Full-range Angles
2302.01112 Polarisation of molecular lines in the circumstellar envelope of the post-Asymptotic Giant Branch star OH 17.7-2.0
2302.01114 On multidimensional Schur rings of finite groups
2302.01117 PASSerRank: Prediction of Allosteric Sites with Learning to Rank
2302.01119 Fractal aggregates of sub-micron-sized grains in the young planet-forming disk around IM Lup
2302.01121 Comparing regression curves -- an $L^1$-point of view
2302.01122 Superconducting phases of YH9 under pressure
2302.01124 On Bar-Natan - van der Veen's perturbed Gaussians
2302.01125 Metaverse: Requirements, Architecture, Standards, Status, Challenges, and Perspectives
2302.01127 Studying the Multi-frequency Angular Power Spectrum of the Cosmic Dawn 21-cm Signal
2302.01128 Mnemosyne: Learning to Train Transformers with Transformers
2302.01129 De Novo Molecular Generation via Connection-aware Motif Mining
2302.01130 Operator algebras of free wreath products
2302.01131 An Attack on The Speculative Vectorization: Leakage from Higher Dimensional Speculation
2302.01132 Real-time Remote Reconstruction of a Markov Source and Actuation over Wireless
2302.01133 SceneScape: Text-Driven Consistent Scene Generation
2302.01134 Nonlinear stability of the composite wave of planar rarefaction waves and planar contact waves for viscous conservation laws with non-convex flux under multi-dimensional periodic perturbations
2302.01137 Friendly paths for finite subsets of plane integer lattice
2302.01138 Spatial Markov property in Brownian disks
2302.01139 A Bayesian tune of the Herwig Monte Carlo event generator
2302.01140 The big challenge for livestock genomics is to make sequence data pay
2302.01141 Leveraging symmetry for an accurate spin-orbit torques characterization in ferrimagnetic insulators
2302.01143 Constraining rare B decays by $mu^+mu^- o tc$ at future lepton colliders
2302.01145 This Game Is Not Going To Analyze Itself
2302.01147 Growth modes and coupled morphological-compositional modulations in GaP1-xNx layers grown on nominally (001)-oriented Si substrates
2302.01148 Combining Deep Neural Reranking and Unsupervised Extraction for Multi-Query Focused Summarization
2302.01149 The $H^{infty}$-control problem for parabolic systems with singular Hardy potentials
2302.01151 Dynamical quantum phase transitions of the Schwinger model: real-time dynamics on IBM Quantum
2302.01152 A comparative study of statistical and machine learning models on near-real-time daily emissions prediction
2302.01153 Near-Field Integrated Sensing and Communications
2302.01156 No Phase Transition for the Nodal Length of Band-limited Spherical Random Fields
2302.01157 On the periodic homogenization of elliptic equations in non-divergence form with large drifts
2302.01159 A complete characterisation of the orbital shapes of the non-circular Kerr geodesic solutions with circular orbit constants of motion
2302.01160 Spectra of evolution operators of a class of neutral renewal equations: theoretical and numerical aspects
2302.01161 Vectorized Scenario Description and Motion Prediction for Scenario-Based Testing
2302.01162 Get3DHuman: Lifting StyleGAN-Human into a 3D Generative Model using Pixel-aligned Reconstruction Priors
2302.01164 Enhancements of Discretization Approaches for Non-Convex Mixed-Integer Quadratically Constraint Quadratic Programming: Part II
2302.01166 Faithful guiding-center orbits in an axisymmetric magnetic field
2302.01167 Strong decays of $T_{car s0}(2900)^{++/0}$ as a fully open-flavor tetraquark state
2302.01168 OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb: A Sub-Neptune Beyond the Snow Line of an M-dwarf Confirmed by Keck AO
2302.01170 Timewarp: Transferable Acceleration of Molecular Dynamics by Learning Time-Coarsened Dynamics
2302.01171 Boosting Low-Data Instance Segmentation by Unsupervised Pre-training with Saliency Prompt
2302.01172 STEP: Learning N:M Structured Sparsity Masks from Scratch with Precondition
2302.01173 Emergent Universe Model from Modified Heisenberg Algebra
2302.01174 Unsupervised Learning of Sampling Distributions for Particle Filters
2302.01175 Finite-time stability properties of Lur'e systems with piecewise continuous nonlinearities
2302.01176 Probing the Nonlinear Interactions of Supertidal Internal Waves using a High-Resolution Regional Ocean Model
2302.01178 Convolutional Neural Operators
2302.01179 Multi-Tour Set Traveling Salesman Problem in Planning Power Transmission Line Inspection
2302.01181 $mathcal{PT}$-symmetric effects in measurement-based quantum thermal machines
2302.01183 Grain-size effects during semi-brittle flow of calcite rocks
2302.01187 A Semi-Parametric Model for Decision Making in High-Dimensional Sensory Discrimination Tasks
2302.01190 On the Efficacy of Differentially Private Few-shot Image Classification
2302.01192 Tomography of pions and protons via transverse momentum dependent distributions
2302.01193 Imitating careful experts to avoid catastrophic events
2302.01194 Complex Dynamic Neurons Improved Spiking Transformer Network for Efficient Automatic Speech Recognition
2302.01196 Risk Budgeting Portfolios from Simulations
2302.01197 Boundary controllability for a 1D degenerate parabolic equation with drift and a singular potential
2302.01200 Automated classification of eclipsing binary systems in the VVV Survey
2302.01201 Injective ellipticity, cancelling operators, and endpoint Gagliardo-Nirenberg-Sobolev inequalities for vector fields
2302.01203 Online Bidding in Repeated Non-Truthful Auctions under Budget and ROI Constraints
2302.01204 Laplacian Change Point Detection for Single and Multi-view Dynamic Graphs
2302.01205 A characteristic mapping method for incompressible hydrodynamics on a rotating sphere
2302.01207 Spontaneous symmetry breaking without ground state degeneracy in generalized $N$-state clock model
2302.01208 Dynamical Cancellation of Polynomials
2302.01209 Top-down fabrication of bulk-insulating topological insulator nanowires for quantum devices
2302.01210 On the widths of $eta(1295)$ and $eta(1405/1475)$
2302.01211 On weak solutions to linear elliptic equations with $L^2$-drifts of negative divergence
2302.01212 Explicit two-sided unique-neighbor expanders
2302.01214 Accelerated $AB$/Push-Pull Methods for Distributed Optimization over Time-Varying Directed Networks
2302.01216 Towards Evology: a Market Ecology Agent-Based Model of US Equity Mutual Funds II
2302.01217 A Theoretical Justification for Image Inpainting using Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models
2302.01218 Laser-Induced Cavitation for Controlling Crystallization from Solution
2302.01220 SB-property on metric structures
2302.01221 A dynamical survey of the trans-Neptunian region I.: Mean-motion resonances with Neptune
2302.01223 Practical Bandits: An Industry Perspective
2302.01224 Propositional Logics for the Lawvere Quantale
2302.01225 Asymmetric Cryptosystem Using Careful Synchronization
2302.01226 Factor Fields: A Unified Framework for Neural Fields and Beyond
2302.01229 New threats to society from free-speech social media platforms
2302.01230 Transition to an excitonic insulator from a two-dimensional conventional insulator
2302.01231 On the limiting behaviour of the su(N) structure constants
2302.01233 Sparse High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressive Bootstrap
2302.01234 Symmetry plane correlations in Pb-Pb collisions at $sqrt{s_{ m NN}} = 2.76$TeV
2302.01237 Robust Estimation under the Wasserstein Distance
2302.01238 ALICE upgrades during the LHC Long Shutdown 2
2302.01239 The Solar System Notification Alert Processing System (SNAPS): Design, Architecture, and First Data Release (SNAPShot1)
2302.01240 On Nonlinear Black Hole Ringdowns from Gauge-Invariance and Measurements
2302.01241 Diagrammatization: Rationalizing with diagrammatic AI explanations for abductive reasoning on hypotheses
2302.01242 Neuro Symbolic Continual Learning: Knowledge, Reasoning Shortcuts and Concept Rehearsal
2302.01243 Human not in the loop: objective sample difficulty measures for Curriculum Learning
2302.01244 Is Model Ensemble Necessary? Model-based RL via a Single Model with Lipschitz Regularized Value Function
2302.01245 Whistler waves generated inside magnetic dips in the young solar wind: observations of the Search-Coil Magnetometer on board Parker Solar Probe
2302.01246 Behavioral Carry-Over Effect and Power Consideration in Crossover Trials
2302.01247 More on massive gravitino scattering amplitudes and the unitarity cutoff of the new Fayet-Iliopoulos terms
2302.01248 Avoiding Model Estimation in Robust Markov Decision Processes with a Generative Model
2302.01249 Proto-Neutron Star Convection and the Neutrino-Driven Wind: Implications for the r-Process
2302.01250 Explaining wall-bounded turbulence through deep learning
2302.01251 Modular symmetry of massive free fermions
2302.01252 Parallel Driving for Fast Quantum Computing Under Speed Limits
2302.01253 $6$-regular partitions: new combinatorial properties, congruences, and linear inequalities
2302.01257 Exciton ground-state energy with full hole warping structure
2302.01258 Magnetic Susceptibility of Andreev Bound States in Superfluid $^3$He-B
2302.01259 Geometric Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving: Unlocking the Power of Graph Neural Networks With CommonRoad-Geometric
2302.01260 Bayesian optimization of massive material injection for disruption mitigation in tokamaks
2302.01262 Deformed Heisenberg algebras of different types with preserved weak equivalence principle
2302.01266 A room-temperature moiré interlayer exciton laser
2302.01272 Quantal effects on thermonuclear reactions
2302.01274 Using k-means assistant event selection strategy to study anomalous quartic gauge couplings at muon colliders
2302.01275 ReLOAD: Reinforcement Learning with Optimistic Ascent-Descent for Last-Iterate Convergence in Constrained MDPs
2302.01277 Omori Law. To the 100th anniversary of death of the famous Japanese seismologist
2302.01278 Convolutional Autoencoders, Clustering and POD for Low-dimensional Parametrization of Navier-Stokes Equations
2302.01279 Time periodic solutions close to localized radial monotone profiles for the 2D Euler equations
2302.01280 Generalized optimal protocols of Brownian motion in a parabolic potentia
2302.01282 Bibliometric and social network analysis on the use of satellite imagery in agriculture: an entropy-based approach
2302.01283 Observation of single-top-quark production in association with a photon using the ATLAS detector
2302.01287 Multi-scale Feature Alignment for Continual Learning of Unlabeled Domains
2302.01293 QLP Data Release Notes 003: GPU-based Transit Search
2302.01296 Fault-Tolerant Connection of Error-Corrected Qubits with Noisy Links
2302.01298 High-precision determination of radiative-leptonic-decay form factors using lattice QCD: a study of methods
2302.01299 Optimal work of Brownian motion in a harmonic time-dependent stiffness potential. Effect of the initial position
2302.01300 Purcell-enhanced X-ray scintillation
2302.01301 MARLIN: Soft Actor-Critic based Reinforcement Learning for Congestion Control in Real Networks
2302.01302 Bayesian Inference on Binary Spiking Networks Leveraging Nanoscale Device Stochasticity
2302.01303 GA4QCO: Genetic Algorithm for Quantum Circuit Optimization
2302.01304 Observations of peak electric load growth in ERCOT with the rise of electrified heating and its implications for future resource planning
2302.01305 Toward Efficient Physical and Algorithmic Design of Automated Garages
2302.01307 The Non-Axisymmetric Influence: Radius and Angle-Dependent Trends in a Barred Galaxy
2302.01308 What Language Reveals about Perception: Distilling Psychophysical Knowledge from Large Language Models
2302.01310 Bayesian Optimization of Multiple Objectives with Different Latencies
2302.01312 Normalizing Flow Ensembles for Rich Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty Modeling
2302.01314 Universal Secure Source Encryption under Side-Channel Attacks
2302.01315 Super-frustration in a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate introduced by an optical lattice
2302.01316 Are Diffusion Models Vulnerable to Membership Inference Attacks?
2302.01319 A classification of the Wadge hierarchies on zero-dimensional Polish spaces
2302.01321 Signatures for strong-field QED physics in the quantum limit of beamstrahlung
2302.01323 The impact of frame quantization on the dynamic range of a one-bit image sensor
2302.01325 Certification of entangled quantum states and quantum measurements in Hilbert spaces of arbitrary dimension
2302.01327 Dual PatchNorm
2302.01328 $IC^3$: Image Captioning by Committee Consensus
2302.01329 Dreamix: Video Diffusion Models are General Video Editors
2302.01331 Evidence for suppression of structure growth in the concordance cosmological model
2302.01332 Bayesian Metric Learning for Uncertainty Quantification in Image Retrieval
2302.01333 Lower Bounds for Learning in Revealing POMDPs
2302.01334 STEPS: Joint Self-supervised Nighttime Image Enhancement and Depth Estimation
2302.01335 DAHe white dwarfs from the DESI survey
2302.01338 General perturbations in D+1 standard and brane cosmology revisited
2302.01340 The PDR fronts in M17-SW localized with FIFI-LS onboard SOFIA
2302.01344 LEX-EFT: The light exotics effective field theory
2302.01346 MultiCAM: A multivariable framework for connecting the mass accretion history of haloes with their properties
2302.01348 On the origin of UV-dim stars: a population of rapidly rotating shell stars?
2302.01350 How to determine the branch points of correlation functions in Euclidean space II: Three-point functions
2302.01352 A new dynamical modeling of the WASP-47 system with CHEOPS observations
2302.01353 SmeftFR v3 -- Feynman rules generator for the Standard Model Effective Field Theory
2302.01354 $Z^prime$-Tandem Mechanism for the Suppression of New Physics in Quark Mixing with Implications for K, D and B Decays
2302.01355 Full Counting Statistics of Charge in Chaotic Many-body Quantum Systems
2302.01357 A low frequency sub-arcsecond view of powerful radio galaxies in rich-cluster environments: 3C 34 and 3C 320
2302.01358 The miniJPAS survey: AGN & host galaxy co-evolution of X-ray selected sources
2302.01360 The power of Lorentzian wormholes
2302.01362 Signature SDEs from an affine and polynomial perspective
2302.01363 Topological data analysis reveals differences between simulated galaxies and dark matter haloes
2302.01364 Cycles in Impulsive Goodwin's Oscillators of Arbitrary Order
2302.01365 Contextuality and inductive bias in quantum machine learning
2302.01366 Exploiting Extensive-Form Structure in Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis
2302.01367 Augmented Learning of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects via Gradient Boosting Trees
2302.01368 Towards Attention-aware Rendering for Virtual and Augmented Reality
2302.01370 Impact of a Cold Control Plate on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer across an Isothermally Heated Rotary Oscillating Circular Cylinder
2302.01371 Perspectives on harm in personalized medicine
2302.01372 Light Hybrid Meson Mixing and Phenomenology
2302.01373 Optimal Heaviest Induced Ancestors
2302.01374 Neural Network Architecture for Database Augmentation Using Shared Features
2302.01376 Carnot rectifiability and Alberti representations
2302.01377 Learning with Exposure Constraints in Recommendation Systems
2302.01380 Universality of Koba-Nielsen-Olesen scaling in QCD at high energy and entanglement
2302.01381 Effective Robustness against Natural Distribution Shifts for Models with Different Training Data
2302.01383 Limiting Sets in Digital Topology
2302.01385 Hyper-parameter Tuning for Fair Classification without Sensitive Attribute Access
2302.01386 Continual Learning with Scaled Gradient Projection
2302.01387 Object Dimension Extraction for Environment Mapping with Low Cost Cameras Fused with Laser Ranging
2302.01388 Statistical Verification of Traffic Systems with Expected Differential Privacy
2302.01391 Macro-micro decomposition for consistent and conservative model order reduction of hyperbolic shallow water moment equations: A study using POD-Galerkin and dynamical low rank approximation
2302.01396 Overview of phase-field models for fatigue fracture using a unified framework
2302.01397 Waiting for Q: An Exploration of QAnon Users' Online Migration to Poal in the Wake of Voat's Demise
2302.01398 The unreasonable effectiveness of few-shot learning for machine translation
2302.01399 Accelerating Policy Gradient by Estimating Value Function from Prior Computation in Deep Reinforcement Learning
2302.01400 Personalized Understanding of Blood Glucose Dynamics via Mobile Sensor Data
2302.01401 A Transcontinental Analysis of Account Remediation Protocols of Popular Websites
2302.01403 Self-Supervised Relation Alignment for Scene Graph Generation
2302.01404 Provably Bounding Neural Network Preimages
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