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22 May 2024

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2304.00154 Hadron Structure using Continuum Schwinger Function Methods
2304.00155 Online Reinforcement Learning in Markov Decision Process Using Linear Programming
2304.00156 The Chemodynamical Nature of the Triangulum-Andromeda Overdensity
2304.00158 Distinguishing X-ray Stars vs. AGN through ML
2304.00161 Absence of barren plateaus and scaling of gradients in the energy optimization of isometric tensor network states
2304.00162 Homogeneity Tests and Interval Estimations of Risk Differences for Stratified Bilateral and Unilateral Correlated Data
2304.00163 Soft-Bellman Equilibrium in Affine Markov Games: Forward Solutions and Inverse Learning
2304.00164 A Gaia astrometric view of the open clusters Pleiades, Praesepe and Blanco 1
2304.00165 Significant Phonon Drag Effect in Wide Bandgap GaN and AlN
2304.00166 Thermal quantum gravity in a general background gauge
2304.00167 Towards "Anytime, Anywhere" Community Learning and Engagement around the Design of Public Sector AI
2304.00168 Subdiffusive Dynamics of Topological Vortex Strings of a Charge Density Wave
2304.00169 Data-Driven Output Regulation using Single-Gain Tuning Regulators
2304.00170 Fixation probability in evolutionary dynamics on switching temporal networks
2304.00171 Practical Conformer: Optimizing size, speed and flops of Conformer for on-Device and cloud ASR
2304.00173 Lego-Features: Exporting modular encoder features for streaming and deliberation ASR
2304.00175 Well-posedness and qualitative properties of quasilinear degenerate evolution systems
2304.00176 Improving extreme weather events detection with light-weight neural networks
2304.00179 Shedding Light on Rechargeable Na/Cl$_2$ Battery
2304.00182 Statistical Analysis of Chen Distribution Under Improved Adaptive Type-II Progressive Censoring
2304.00183 Investigating the Connection between Generalized Uncertainty Principle and Asymptotically Safe Gravity in Black Hole Signatures through Shadow and Quasinormal Modes
2304.00184 Common Seesaw Anchors for Neutrinos and Freeze-In Long-Lived Dark Matter with possible $W$ Mass Shift
2304.00187 Geometric phases of Topological Systems under Quench Process
2304.00188 Action of the Euclidean versus Projective group on an agent's internal space in curiosity driven exploration: a formal analysis
2304.00190 Enormous variation in homogeneity of room temperature superconductor samples: a Comment on Nature 615, 244 (2023)
2304.00193 Sector Bounds for Vertical Cable Force Error in Cable-Suspended Load Transportation System
2304.00194 Safe Perception-Based Control under Stochastic Sensor Uncertainty using Conformal Prediction
2304.00195 Abstractors: Transformer Modules for Symbolic Message Passing and Relational Reasoning
2304.00197 On information paradox and the fate of black holes
2304.00198 Sequential Learning from Noisy Data: Data-Assimilation Meets Echo-State Network
2304.00199 Applications of No-Collision Transportation Maps in Manifold Learning
2304.00200 Diffusion map particle systems for generative modeling
2304.00202 Improving Fast Adversarial Training with Prior-Guided Knowledge
2304.00203 Effect of the resonant ac-drive on the spin-dependent recombination of polaron pairs: Relation to organic magnetoresistance
2304.00204 Practically Enhanced Hyperentanglement Concentration for Polarization-spatial Hyperentangled Bell States with Linear Optics and Common Single-photon Detectors
2304.00208 Assessing stellar yields in Galaxy chemical evolution: observational stellar abundance patterns
2304.00210 Max-Plus Synchronization in Decentralized Trading Systems
2304.00211 Miniature insect flight
2304.00212 Devil is in the Queries: Advancing Mask Transformers for Real-world Medical Image Segmentation and Out-of-Distribution Localization
2304.00213 Human-Robot Interaction in Retinal Surgery: A Comparative Study of Serial and Parallel Cooperative Robots
2304.00214 Pulsed $^{87}$Rb vector magnetometer using a fast rotating field
2304.00215 Inductive Relation Prediction from Relational Paths and Context with Hierarchical Transformers
2304.00216 Cross-scale Multi-instance Learning for Pathological Image Diagnosis
2304.00217 DrDisco: Deep Registration for Distortion Correction of Diffusion MRI with single phase-encoding
2304.00218 Mask Hierarchical Features For Self-Supervised Learning
2304.00220 Macroscopic Dynamics of Entangled 3+1-Dimensional Systems: A Novel Investigation Into Why My MacBook Cable Tangles in My Backpack Every Single Day
2304.00221 Automatic High Resolution Wire Segmentation and Removal
2304.00222 ALMA View of the High-velocity-dispersion Compact Cloud CO 0.02-0.02 at the Galactic Center
2304.00223 Fundamental Limits of Holographic MIMO Channels: Tackling Non-Separable Transceiver Correlation
2304.00224 The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs -- A deep transfer learning method to determine Teff and [M/H] of target stars
2304.00225 Adaptive formation motion planning and control of autonomous underwater vehicles using deep reinforcement learning
2304.00226 Cluster aggregates surrounding Pismis 5 in the Vela Molecular Ridge
2304.00227 Tracker: Model-based Reinforcement Learning for Tracking Control of Human Finger Attached with Thin McKibben Muscles
2304.00230 On Fermat's Last Theorem for odd prime exponents
2304.00231 Using Overlap Weights to Address Extreme Propensity Scores in Estimating Restricted Mean Counterfactual Survival Times
2304.00233 libEMM: A fictious wave domain 3D CSEM modelling library bridging sequential and parallel GPU implementation
2304.00235 What Does the Indian Parliament Discuss? An Exploratory Analysis of the Question Hour in the Lok Sabha
2304.00237 Controllable Fano-type optical response and four-wave mixing via magnetoelastic coupling in a opto-magnomechanical system
2304.00238 Affinizations, R-matrices and reflection functors
2304.00239 Heat diffusions on holomorphic foliations with non-degenerate singularities
2304.00240 Synthesis and EOS study of orthorhombic (Fe,Ni)$_{7}$(C,Si)$_{3}$ and its importance as a possible constituent of Earth's core
2304.00241 Bipartite Graph Convolutional Hashing for Effective and Efficient Top-N Search in Hamming Space
2304.00242 GLT-T++: Global-Local Transformer for 3D Siamese Tracking with Ranking Loss
2304.00244 An active-set based recursive approach for solving convex isotonic regression with generalized order restrictions
2304.00245 Reusing Deep Neural Network Models through Model Re-engineering
2304.00246 Lectures on Ordinal Analysis
2304.00247 Experimental Investigation of Robotic virtual agent's errors that are accepted by reaction and body color selection
2304.00248 How Does Driver Non-compliance Destroy Traffic Routing Control?
2304.00249 From Conception to Deployment: Intelligent Stroke Prediction Framework using Machine Learning and Performance Evaluation
2304.00250 Study of new physics effects in $ar B_s o D^{(*)}_s au^-ar u_ au$ semileptonic decays using Standard Model lattice QCD form factors and heavy quark effective theory
2304.00251 From Smart to Intelligent Utility Meters in Natural Gas Distribution Networks
2304.00252 Recover Triggered States: Protect Model Against Backdoor Attack in Reinforcement Learning
2304.00255 Matchings, Squarefree Powers and Betti Splittings
2304.00256 Selection-recombination-mutation dynamics: Gradient, limit cycle, and closed invariant curve
2304.00258 Data Privacy Preservation on the Internet of Things
2304.00259 Compression of Exact Wavefunctions with Restricted Boltzmann Machine Auto-Encoders
2304.00260 Gaussian Mechanism Design for Prescribed Privacy Sets in Data Releasing Systems
2304.00261 On systematic criteria for the global stability of nonlinear systems via the Koopman operator framework
2304.00262 Variants of Bezout Subresultants for Several Univariate Polynomials
2304.00264 On the stability and instability of Kelvin-Stuart cat's eyes flows
2304.00265 Pointcheval-Sanders Signature-Based Synchronized Aggregate Signature
2304.00266 Hidden Layer Interaction: A Co-Creative Design Fiction for Generative Models
2304.00267 Digging into the Interior of Hot Cores with ALMA (DIHCA). III: The Chemical Link between NH$_{2}$CHO, HNCO, and H$_{2}$CO
2304.00269 Some qualitative properties of solutions to a reaction-diffusion equation with weighted strong reaction
2304.00270 A coupled magneto-structural continuum model for multiferroic $mathrm{BiFeO}_3$
2304.00271 Scalar curvature operator for loop quantum gravity on a cubical graph
2304.00272 Investigation of proton structure function $F_2 ^p$ at HERA in light of an analytical solution to Balitsky-Kovchegov equation
2304.00273 Zinbiel superalgebras
2304.00275 Automated Formation Control Synthesis from Temporal Logic Specifications
2304.00276 NPR: Nocturnal Place Recognition in Street
2304.00277 Energy Consumption Optimization in Radio Access Networks (ECO-RAN)
2304.00278 The logical strength of minimal bad arrays
2304.00281 The strange case of Negative Reflection
2304.00282 Fragments of $mathsf{IOpen}$
2304.00283 Multiple Silicon Dangling-Bond Charge qubits for quantum computing: A Hilbert-Space Analysis of the Hamiltonian
2304.00284 Sundman transformation and alternative tangent structuresSundman transformation and alternative tangent structures
2304.00285 Branch Identification in Passive Optical Networks using Machine Learning
2304.00289 A Pressure-Stabilized Continuous Data Assimilation Reduced Order Model
2304.00291 BioSequence2Vec: Efficient Embedding Generation For Biological Sequences
2304.00292 Matrix-Weighted Besov-Type and Triebel-Lizorkin-Type Spaces
2304.00293 Helium bubbles in liquid lithium: a potential issue for ITER
2304.00294 Energy flow in Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray interactions as a probe of thermalization and potential solution to the Muon puzzle
2304.00296 Center of mass momentum dependence of short-range correlations with the coarse-grained Granada potential
2304.00298 Two new $q$-supercongruences arising from Carlitz's identity
2304.00299 The 3D-DCT transform: didactic experiment and possible useful tool
2304.00302 Interference induced anisotropy in a two-dimensional dark state optical lattice
2304.00305 Predictive Heterogeneity: Measures and Applications
2304.00309 Degradable Strongly Entanglement Breaking Maps
2304.00312 Supercavity Modes in Stacking Identical Mie-resonant Metasurfaces
2304.00313 Cost and Reliability Aware Scheduling of Workflows Across Multiple Clouds with Security Constraints
2304.00314 Plasmon Enhanced Quantum Properties of Single Photon Emitters with Hybrid Hexagonal Boron Nitride Silver Nanocube Systems
2304.00316 Rheology of active fluids
2304.00317 Planetary relationships to birth (imputed conception) rates in humans: A signature of cosmic origin?
2304.00318 Numerical computation of transverse homoclinic orbits for periodic solutions of delay differential equations
2304.00319 Spontaneous Human Combustion rules out all standard candidates for Dark Matter
2304.00320 Doubly Stochastic Models: Learning with Unbiased Label Noises and Inference Stability
2304.00323 Company Competition Graph
2304.00324 Direct measurement of the scattering cross sections of liquid ortho-deuterium for ultracold neutrons and comparison with model calculations
2304.00326 The Greggs-Pret Index: a Machine Learning analysis of consumer habits as a metric for the socio-economic North-South divide in England
2304.00328 Perturbation bounds in the infinity norm
2304.00329 First ALMA maps of cosmic ray ionisation rate in high-mass star-forming regions
2304.00331 All-optical magnetization control in CrI$_3$ monolayers: a microscopic theory
2304.00332 Characteristic Modes Analysis of Mutually Coupled Log-Periodic Dipole Antennas
2304.00333 A high-efficiency model indicating the role of inhibition in the resilience of neuronal networks to damage resulting from traumatic injury
2304.00334 TalkCLIP: Talking Head Generation with Text-Guided Expressive Speaking Styles
2304.00337 Computing Maxwell eigenmodes with Bloch boundary conditions
2304.00338 Scientific Computing Algorithms to Learn Enhanced Scalable Surrogates for Mesh Physics
2304.00339 DISCRIMINANT and integral basis OF $mathbb{Q}(sqrt[12]{a})$
2304.00341 JacobiNeRF: NeRF Shaping with Mutual Information Gradients
2304.00343 Extrapolation from hypergeometric functions, continued functions and Borel-Leroy transformation; Resummation of perturbative renormalization functions from field theories
2304.00344 Flux-tunable supercurrent in full-shell nanowire Josephson junctions
2304.00346 Convergent iLQR for Safe Trajectory Planning and Control of Legged Robots
2304.00347 Grounding Robot Navigation in Self-Defense Law
2304.00348 Primordial black hole collision with neutron stars and astrophysical black holes and the observational signatures
2304.00350 When Crowd Meets Persona: Creating a Large-Scale Open-Domain Persona Dialogue Corpus
2304.00352 Universal approximation of flows of control systems by recurrent neural networks
2304.00353 Reviewer Assignment Problem: A Systematic Review of the Literature
2304.00358 Logic is Algebra
2304.00360 On a conjecture on a series of convergence rate $frac{1}{2}$
2304.00362 Spectroscopy of QUBRICS quasar candidates: 1672 new redshifts and a Golden Sample for the Sandage Test of the Redshift Drift
2304.00363 Automatic Authorship Attribution in the Work of Tirso de Molina
2304.00364 Mastering Pair Trading with Risk-Aware Recurrent Reinforcement Learning
2304.00365 Adaptive Failure Search Using Critical States from Domain Experts
2304.00367 Conveying Autonomous Robot Capabilities through Contrasting Behaviour Summaries
2304.00368 Advantages of one and two-photon inverse scattering
2304.00369 Physics-informed machine learning for moving load problems
2304.00370 Universal properties of truth
2304.00371 Understanding Concurrent Transmissions: The Impact of Carrier Frequency Offset and RF Interference on Physical Layer Performance
2304.00372 Auxiliary-Adaptive Control Barrier Functions for Safety Critical Systems
2304.00373 A Resilient Distributed Algorithm for Solving Linear Equations
2304.00374 Effects of Poly(styrene/pentafluorostyrene-block-vinylpyrrolidone) Amphiphilic Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors on the Dynamic Viscosity of Methane Hydrate Systems at High-Pressure Driving Forces
2304.00377 A Survey on Personalized Affective Computing in Human-Machine Interaction
2304.00379 Improved Multimodal Fusion for Small Datasets with Auxiliary Supervision
2304.00380 SN1987A cooling due to Plasmon-Plasmon scattering in the Randall-Sundrum Model
2304.00381 On the Sample Complexity of the Linear Quadratic Gaussian Regulator
2304.00383 Factorization Property in Rearrangement Invariant Spaces
2304.00384 Notes toward a Newtonian thermodynamics
2304.00388 Multilevel CNNs for Parametric PDEs
2304.00389 A Sufficient Condition for Gaining Belief in Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems
2304.00391 The communication complexity of functions with large outputs
2304.00394 A Large Scale Analysis of Semantic Versioning in NPM
2304.00397 Connected and Automated Vehicles in Mixed-Traffic: Learning Human Driver Behavior for Effective On-Ramp Merging
2304.00399 From Zero to Hero: Convincing with Extremely Complicated Math
2304.00400 The Rado Multiplicity Problem in Vector Spaces over Finite Fields
2304.00401 Canonical equivalence of a particle in a magnetic field to a simple oscillator
2304.00402 Resistance Management for Cancer: Lessons from Farmers
2304.00403 On statistical fluctuations in collective flows
2304.00404 GreenScale: Carbon-Aware Systems for Edge Computing
2304.00408 Hazard Analysis for Self-Adaptive Systems Using System-Theoretic Process Analysis
2304.00409 DiverseVul: A New Vulnerable Source Code Dataset for Deep Learning Based Vulnerability Detection
2304.00411 SolefulTap: Augmenting Tap Dancing Experience using a Floor-Type Impact Display
2304.00412 The Effects of Incentives on Choices and Beliefs in Games: An Experiment
2304.00413 The Archive Query Log: Mining Millions of Search Result Pages of Hundreds of Search Engines from 25 Years of Web Archives
2304.00414 Learning Dynamic Style Kernels for Artistic Style Transfer
2304.00415 Effective exponents for the diffusive coarsening of wet foams and analogous materials
2304.00416 Towards Healthy AI: Large Language Models Need Therapists Too
2304.00417 On a characterization of shifts of Haar distributions on compact open subgroups of a compact Abelian group
2304.00420 Experimentation Platforms Meet Reinforcement Learning: Bayesian Sequential Decision-Making for Continuous Monitoring
2304.00421 Signatures of discretization in quantum black hole spectra
2304.00422 Magnetic Field of Solar Dark Filaments Obtained from He I 10830 Angstrom Spectro-polarimetric Observation
2304.00424 Progressive Random Convolutions for Single Domain Generalization
2304.00426 Learning with Fantasy: Semantic-Aware Virtual Contrastive Constraint for Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
2304.00427 Finding Pareto Efficient Redistricting Plans with Short Bursts
2304.00428 Optical/UV Emission in the Tidal Disruption Event ASASSN-14li: Implications of Disc Modeling
2304.00429 Information Recovery-Driven Deep Incomplete Multi-view Clustering Network
2304.00432 Multi-Agent Reachability Calibration with Conformal Prediction
2304.00433 Ideal Observer Computation by Use of Markov-Chain Monte Carlo with Generative Adversarial Networks
2304.00436 Instance-level Trojan Attacks on Visual Question Answering via Adversarial Learning in Neuron Activation Space
2304.00437 Revisting high-resolution schemes with van-Albada slope limiter
2304.00438 The Focal Quantal Response Equilibrium
2304.00440 Near-Field Channel Estimation for Extremely Large-Scale Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (XL-RIS)-Aided Wideband mmWave Systems
2304.00441 Sharp rates of convergence for the tensor graphical Lasso estimator
2304.00442 Dynamic Flex-and-Flip Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects
2304.00444 High probability and risk-averse guarantees for stochastic saddle point problems
2304.00445 AMC-Net: An Effective Network for Automatic Modulation Classification
2304.00453 Laboratory Study of Antenna Signals Generated by Dust Impacts on Spacecraft
2304.00454 Variability of Antenna Signals From Dust Impacts
2304.00456 Life cycle costing analysis of deep energy retrofits of a mid-rise building to understand the impact of energy conservation measures
2304.00457 LLMMaps -- A Visual Metaphor for Stratified Evaluation of Large Language Models
2304.00458 Substitution drawing rules on the Fibonacci word
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