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22 May 2024

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2305.00589 The fate of time-reversal symmetry breaking in UTe2
2305.00590 Spatial dynamics of synergistic coinfection in rock-paper-scissors models
2305.00592 Automorphism groups of some 3-dimensional Leibniz algebras
2305.00593 Reliable Gradient-free and Likelihood-free Prompt Tuning
2305.00595 Impact of Deep Learning Libraries on Online Adaptive Lightweight Time Series Anomaly Detection
2305.00598 Quantum Internet: The Future of Internetworking
2305.00599 StyleGenes: Discrete and Efficient Latent Distributions for GANs
2305.00600 Containerization of a polyglot microservice application using Docker and Kubernetes
2305.00602 Feedback-driven anisotropy in the circumgalactic medium for quenching galaxies in the SIMBA simulations
2305.00603 Consolidator: Mergeable Adapter with Grouped Connections for Visual Adaptation
2305.00604 ISAAC Newton: Input-based Approximate Curvature for Newton's Method
2305.00605 Classification and Online Clustering of Zero-Day Malware
2305.00606 Low-Resourced Machine Translation for Senegalese Wolof Language
2305.00607 Boosting Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization with Text Information
2305.00608 Differentiable Neural Networks with RePU Activation: with Applications to Score Estimation and Isotonic Regression
2305.00614 Hint of a new scalar interaction in LHCb data
2305.00616 Thermodynamically ideal quantum-state inputs to any device
2305.00617 Unique continuation for a mean field game system
2305.00619 Self-supervised Activity Representation Learning with Incremental Data: An Empirical Study
2305.00620 Refined Response Distillation for Class-Incremental Player Detection
2305.00621 Proper Scoring Rules for Survival Analysis
2305.00622 Folding-Free ZNE: A Comprehensive Quantum Zero-Noise Extrapolation Approach for Mitigating Depolarizing and Decoherence Noise
2305.00623 A Simplified Framework for Contrastive Learning for Node Representations
2305.00624 Diffusion Models for Time Series Applications: A Survey
2305.00625 Wave breaking for the Kakutani-Matsuuchi model
2305.00626 On two-term hypergeometric recursions with free lower parameters
2305.00631 Existence and stability of solitary waves to the rotation-Camassa-Holm equation
2305.00632 Uncovering CWE-CVE-CPE Relations with Threat Knowledge Graphs
2305.00633 Decomposition Enhances Reasoning via Self-Evaluation Guided Decoding
2305.00635 Learning Self-Prior for Mesh Inpainting Using Self-Supervised Graph Convolutional Networks
2305.00637 Uncertainties in modeling the capture process in heavy-ion collisions
2305.00638 Nonsimple closed geodesics with given intersection number on hyperbolic surfaces
2305.00639 Security-Enhancing Digital Twins: Characteristics, Indicators, and Future Perspectives
2305.00640 Inferring the past: a combined CNN-LSTM deep learning framework to fuse satellites for historical inundation mapping
2305.00641 On extensions of partial priorities in school choice
2305.00642 Heralded quantum entangling gate for distributed quantum computation in a decoherence-free subspace
2305.00643 On the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for certain abelian varieties with a rational isogeny
2305.00644 Procedural Content Generation via Knowledge Transformation (PCG-KT)
2305.00648 Favorable phase transitions induced by spinful electron-electron interactions in two-dimensional semimetal with a quadratic band crossing point
2305.00650 Discover and Cure: Concept-aware Mitigation of Spurious Correlation
2305.00652 Detecting the secondary spin with extreme mass ratio inspirals in Scalar-Tensor theory
2305.00653 Quantum Solvable Nonlinear Differential Equations
2305.00654 Representations and Exploration for Deep Reinforcement Learning using Singular Value Decomposition
2305.00656 File Fragment Classification using Light-Weight Convolutional Neural Networks
2305.00659 Probing the electroweak $4b + ell + { lap{,/}{E}_T}$ final state in type I 2HDM at the LHC
2305.00660 An Iterative Algorithm for Rescaled Hyperbolic Functions Regression
2305.00662 Eigenstate thermalization and integrability-chaos transition base on the commensurate eigenvector basis and the correlations of adjacent local points
2305.00663 Activation Functions Not To Active: A Plausible Theory on Interpreting Neural Networks
2305.00665 Study of singly heavy baryon lifetimes
2305.00666 Part Aware Contrastive Learning for Self-Supervised Action Recognition
2305.00667 RISnet: A Scalable Approach for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Optimization with Partial CSI
2305.00669 Reservoir Computing with Error Correction: Long-term Behaviors of Stochastic Dynamical Systems
2305.00671 PRSeg: A Lightweight Patch Rotate MLP Decoder for Semantic Segmentation
2305.00673 Bidirectional Copy-Paste for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
2305.00675 End to End Lane detection with One-to-Several Transformer
2305.00677 Robustified Learning for Online Optimization with Memory Costs
2305.00678 Rethinking Boundary Detection in Deep Learning Models for Medical Image Segmentation
2305.00681 Towards ISAC-Empowered Vehicular Networks: Framework, Advances, and Opportunities
2305.00683 Newton Strata in Levi Subgroups
2305.00684 On the Complexity of Multi-Agent Decision Making: From Learning in Games to Partial Monitoring
2305.00686 Black Holes with Scalar Hair in Three Dimensions
2305.00688 Expressive Quantum Supervised Machine Learning using Kerr-nonlinear Parametric Oscillators
2305.00690 slytHErin: An Agile Framework for Encrypted Deep Neural Network Inference
2305.00695 Addressing Age-Related Accessibility Needs of Senior Users Though Model-Driven Engineering
2305.00696 TPMIL: Trainable Prototype Enhanced Multiple Instance Learning for Whole Slide Image Classification
2305.00699 Systematic application of the M3Y NN forces for describing the capture process in heavy-ion collisions involving deformed target nuclei
2305.00702 Arithmetic of D-Algebraic Functions
2305.00703 Rearrangement inequalities of the one-dimensional maximal functions associated with general measures
2305.00704 Multi-Species Prey-Predator Dynamics During a Multi-Strain Pandemic
2305.00705 Efficient dynamic model based testing using greedy test case selection
2305.00706 Full Scaling Automation for Sustainable Development of Green Data Centers
2305.00707 Multivariate P- and/or Q-polynomial association schemes
2305.00708 Routing Protocols for Quantum Networks: Overview and Challenges
2305.00709 A High-Speed Waveguide Integrated InSe Photodetector on SiN Photonics for NIR Applications
2305.00713 The $B_c$-meson decays into $J/ψ$ plus a light meson in the iPQCD formalism
2305.00714 Algebraic operad of SUSY Poisson vertex algebra
2305.00715 ZeroSearch: Local Image Search from Text with Zero Shot Learning
2305.00717 Quality of approximating a mass-emitting object by a point source in a diffusion model
2305.00718 Event Camera as Region Proposal Network
2305.00724 Strengthening structural baselines for graph classification using Local Topological Profile
2305.00726 Some examples of tame dynamical systems answering questions of Glasner and Megrelishvili
2305.00729 What Do Self-Supervised Vision Transformers Learn?
2305.00734 Convergence of processes time-changed by Gaussian multiplicative chaos
2305.00735 Unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms on real-world data: how many do we need?
2305.00736 The Effelsberg survey of FU~Orionis and EX~Lupi objects II. -- H$_2$O maser observations
2305.00739 Generating Process-Centric Explanations to Enable Contestability in Algorithmic Decision-Making: Challenges and Opportunities
2305.00740 Geometric rigidity on Sobolev spaces with variable exponent and applications
2305.00742 Impact of isovector pairing fluctuation on neutrinoless double-beta decay in multi-reference covariant density functional theory
2305.00743 An introduction to computational aspects of polynomial amoebas -- a survey
2305.00746 Energy-critical inhomogeneous generalized Hartree equation with inverse square potential
2305.00747 A Blueprint of IR Evaluation Integrating Task and User Characteristics: Test Collection and Evaluation Metrics
2305.00748 Equivariant Chow groups of a complexity one T-variety
2305.00749 Robust Low-Tubal-rank tensor recovery Using Discrete Empirical Interpolation Method with Optimized Slice/Feature Selection
2305.00750 Experimental features of emissions and fuel consumption in a car-following platoon
2305.00752 Temporal control of high-order harmonic cutoffs in periodic crystals
2305.00753 Crystalline Phase Effects on the Nonlinear Optical Response of MoS2 and WS2 Nanosheets
2305.00754 A note on generalized tensor CUR approximation for tensor pairs and tensor triplets based on the tubal product
2305.00756 Joint Modelling of Dust Scattering and Thermal Emission: The Spider Complex
2305.00757 Spontaneous magnetization of a vacuum in high temperature gluodynamics (two-loop approximation
2305.00758 On compact packings of Euclidean space with spheres of finitely many sizes
2305.00759 Multiplexing-based control of wavefront propagation: the interplay of inter-layer coupling, asymmetry and noise
2305.00760 Breaks and Code Quality: Investigating the Impact of Forgetting on Software Development. A Registered Report
2305.00761 Effect of depolarizing and quenching collisions on contrast of the coherent population trapping resonance
2305.00762 Efficient high-order Gradient-based Reconstruction for compressible flows
2305.00763 SGX Switchless Calls Made Configless
2305.00764 Molybdenum diselenide-manganese porphyrin bifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction and selective hydrogen peroxide production
2305.00765 Curious congruences for cyclotomic polynomials II
2305.00766 Montsalvat: Intel SGX Shielding for GraalVM Native Images
2305.00769 Multi-scale Transformer-based Network for Emotion Recognition from Multi Physiological Signals
2305.00770 Fractional and tempered fractional models for Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations
2305.00771 Towards Unbiased Training in Federated Open-world Semi-supervised Learning
2305.00772 Higher-order time domain boundary elements for elastodynamics - graded meshes and hp versions
2305.00773 Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
2305.00775 Ultrafast electron-phonon scattering in antiferromagnetic Dirac-semimetals
2305.00776 Characterizing Exceptional Points Using Neural Networks
2305.00777 Signaling With Commitment
2305.00778 Symmetry groups, fundamental solutions and conservation laws for conformable time fractional partial differential system with variable coefficients
2305.00779 Invisible Decays of a Non-SM-like $H_2$ to Dark Matter in the N2HDM and the NMSSM
2305.00780 AI-based Radio and Computing Resource Allocation and Path Planning in NOMA NTNs: AoI Minimization under CSI Uncertainty
2305.00782 The role of microscopic friction in statistics and scaling laws of avalanches
2305.00783 Explicit Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Conversational Recommendation
2305.00785 Compatibility of Kazhdan and Brauer Homomorphism
2305.00789 A construction of the polylogarithm motive
2305.00791 Wave functions for quantum integrable particle systems via partial confluences of multivariate hypergeometric functions
2305.00793 Feshbach-Villars oscillator (FVO) in Kaluza-Klein Theory (KKT)
2305.00794 An Approach to Circuit Lower Bounds via Bounded Width Circuits
2305.00795 SelfDocSeg: A Self-Supervised vision-based Approach towards Document Segmentation
2305.00796 Some comments on piecewise-projective groups of the line
2305.00797 Lower bounds on the energy of the Bose gas
2305.00798 Performance and Energy Consumption of Parallel Machine Learning Algorithms
2305.00800 A Dynamic Model for Frequency Response Optimization in Photovoltaic Visible Light Communication
2305.00802 Theoretical analysis of multi-magnon excitations in resonant inelastic x-ray scattering spectra of two-dimensional antiferromagnets
2305.00803 Small Planets Around Cool Dwarfs: Enhanced Formation Efficiency of Super-Earths around M dwarfs
2305.00806 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Location and Capacity Allocation for Fixed-Route Networks
2305.00807 A comparison of methods to eliminate regularization weight tuning from data-enabled predictive control
2305.00809 Star-Planet Interaction at radio wavelengths in YZ Ceti: Inferring planetary magnetic field
2305.00810 Shuffle algebras and their integral forms: specialization map approach in types $B_n$ and $G_2$
2305.00816 Flowing fields and optimal RG-flows
2305.00818 On-demand Mobility-as-a-Service platform assignment games with guaranteed stable outcomes
2305.00819 Hopf PBW-deformations of a new type quantum group
2305.00820 Experimental Realization of Entangled Coherent States in Two-dimensional Harmonic Oscillators of a Trapped Ion
2305.00822 The compressible Navier-Stokes equations with slip boundary conditions of friction type
2305.00823 Numerical Approximation of Stochastic Volterra Integral Equation Using Walsh Function
2305.00825 Covering grids with multiplicity
2305.00826 Discovery and construction of surface kagome electronic states induced by p-d electronic hybridization
2305.00827 Fractionalization paves the way to local projector embeddings of quantum many-body scars
2305.00828 Subgradient estimates for a nonlinear subparablic equation on complete pseudo-Hermitian manifolds
2305.00830 On quasi-Frobenius pairs of finite Morley rank
2305.00831 BlueWalker 3 Satellite Brightness Characterized and Modeled
2305.00832 First- and Second-Order Bounds for Adversarial Linear Contextual Bandits
2305.00833 Learning to Reason and Memorize with Self-Notes
2305.00834 Hilbert-Schmidt Estimates for Fermionic 2-Body Operators
2305.00835 A unified theory of strong coupling Bose polarons: From repulsive polarons to non-Gaussian many-body bound states
2305.00837 LCAUnet: A skin lesion segmentation network with enhanced edge and body fusion
2305.00838 Cascading failures: dynamics, stability and control
2305.00839 Global existence and optimal decay of solutions to the incompressible Oldroyd-B model with only stress tensor dissipation and without damping mechanism
2305.00842 Estimating the properties of single positive air streamers from measurable parameters
2305.00843 Strategic Resource Selection with Homophilic Agents
2305.00844 Automated Paper Screening for Clinical Reviews Using Large Language Models
2305.00847 Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Afterglows of GRB 201015A and GRB 201216C
2305.00849 (1+1)-CMA-ES with Margin for Discrete and Mixed-Integer Problems
2305.00850 John Keith Stuart McKay: 1939 - 2022
2305.00851 Revisiting Robustness in Graph Machine Learning
2305.00852 Weighted (residual) varentropy with properties and applications
2305.00853 Gaussian boson sampling with click-counting detectors
2305.00854 The Yamabe Invariant of $mathbb{RP}^3$ via Harmonic Functions
2305.00855 Jointly Managing Electrical and Thermal Energy in Solar- and Battery-powered Computer Systems
2305.00857 On the Impact of Outlier Bias on User Clicks
2305.00859 A Bishop-Phelps-Bollobas theorem for disc algebra
2305.00860 Inference in Threshold Predictive Regression Models with Hybrid Stochastic Local Unit Roots
2305.00861 SHAMPOO: A stochastic model for tracking dust particles under the influence of non-local disk processes
2305.00862 What's in a name? Parallel Universes
2305.00865 Charge instability of JMaRT geometries
2305.00869 Estimating the Density Ratio between Distributions with High Discrepancy using Multinomial Logistic Regression
2305.00870 Microscopic superexchange model for moiré bilayer in chromium trihalides
2305.00871 No One Size (PPM) Fits All: Towards Privacy in Stream Processing Systems
2305.00872 Population Protocols with Unordered Data
2305.00873 Towards the Flatter Landscape and Better Generalization in Federated Learning under Client-level Differential Privacy
2305.00874 The Optimization and Application of The Propagated Riemannian Wavefield Extrapolator in VTI Media- Pseudo-Depth Domain Least-Squares Reverse-Time Migration
2305.00876 Exactly Tight Information-Theoretic Generalization Error Bound for the Quadratic Gaussian Problem
2305.00877 Novel high-frequency gravitational waves detection with split cavity
2305.00878 Continuous embeddings of the fractional order Orlicz-Sobolev spaces on metric-measure spaces
2305.00879 Baryon-meson scattering amplitude at tree level in the $1/N_c$ expansion
2305.00880 Sequentially constrained Hamilton Cycles in random graphs
2305.00881 Ground state representation for the fractional Laplacian with Hardy potential in angular momentum channels
2305.00883 Milestones on the Quantum Utility Highway
2305.00884 Hypernuclear event detection in the nuclear emulsion with Monte Carlo simulation and machine learning
2305.00887 Disturbance Effects on Financial Timberland Returns in Austria
2305.00888 Composite metamorphic relations for integration testing
2305.00890 Search for dark photons with synchronized quantum sensor network
2305.00892 A Novel Low-Rank Tensor Method for Undersampling Artifact Removal in Respiratory Motion-Resolved Multi-Echo 3D Cones MRI
2305.00893 Cartesian cubical model categories
2305.00896 Prime spectrum and dynamics for nilpotent Cantor actions
2305.00897 Ground states for p-fractional Choquard-type equations with critical local nonlinearity and doubly critical nonlocality
2305.00898 On strict isometric and strict symmetric commuting $d$-tuples of Banach space operators
2305.00899 Deposition and alignment of fiber suspensions by dip coating
2305.00903 A conservative stochastic Dirac-Klein-Gordon system
2305.00914 Inverses of Product Kernels and Flag Kernels on Graded Lie Groups
2305.00916 The complete Kaluza-Klein spectra of $mathcal{N} = 1$ and $mathcal{N} = 0$ M-theory on $AdS_4 imes ( ext{squashed } S^7)$
2305.00921 The STAG Code: A Fully Relativistic Super Transition Array Calculation Using Green's Functions
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